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Anikka's Bootycise

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/27/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Anikka’s Bootycise

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Evil Angel/Bam Visions

Genre: Lesbian, Gonzo, Anal

Director: Anikka Albrite


Cast: Mia Malkova, Anikka Albrite, Jenna Sativa, Bree Daniels, Abigail Mac

Length: 248:58 minutes (118:22 minutes & 130:36 minutes)

Date of Production: 2015



Extras: There was a cast list, filmographies, trailers, photogalleries for each scene, and the best of all being the 55:56 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Mick Blue. There was a lot of extra sex and nudity, Anikka explaining her perspectiveof the differences between performing and directing.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anikka’s Bootycise was presented in aanamorphic widescreen as credited to director Anikka Albrite for Evil Angel via “Bam Visions” (who are better known for Mick Blue and Claudio Maestro in the directing role). This being Anikka’s directorial debut, the ending credits did not mention any of the crew responsible for capturing the visuals so well or the great lighting, the BTS showing Claudio Maestro hard at work via reflections in windows as Mick wielded the BTS camera so capably. The framing and editing were strong too, the show reminding me of one of Mike Adriano’s flicks before Claudio left for BAM Visions to enhance the works of Mick and Anikka. There were few compression artifacts observed on the big screen when I watched the movie, the bitrate high enough that less compression was used. The resolution of the DVD was also strong enough that I could see a wealth of detail such as fine body hairs or waves of oil pouring over bodies, a quick look at the website’s high definition version looking even better. The aural qualities of the show were a basic 2.0 Dolby Digital but even listening via headphones, there did not seem to be any separation between the two channels, the vocals crisp and minimal music not getting in the way of the fun.


Body of Review: Anikka Albrite is the industry’s reigning female performer of the year, the lovely blond bombshell possessing a delicious ass, great boobs, and a face with pretty eyes so entrancing that I was looking for to seeing her directorial debut under the Bam Visions label at Evil Angel. I’ve already found the works by company co-founders Claudio Maestro and Mick Blue (Anikka’s husband and current male performer of the year) to stand out in terms of technical values and broad appeal, the anal and oil centric fun the trio tends to focus on showing a great deal of care. Anikka now enters the directing world with Anikka’s Bootycise The company website described the movie like this: “Spectacularly ass-blessed blonde Anikka Albrite, AVN’s Female Performer Of The Year and a partner in the BAM Visions production company, presents her directing debut: “Anikka’s Bootycise” is a visually sumptuous all-girl marathon (over four hours) in which the charismatic performer/director coaches hot-assed natural beauties through sphincter-expanding workouts and torrid lesbian lovemaking. In blonde Mia Malkova’s virgin girl-girl anal scene, bikinis accentuate phat bubble butts. The ladies share anal toys including sword-shaped dildos filled with suds for blowing bubbles. Anikka licks labia while sodomizing Mia with a thick glass dilator. They get off on naked scissoring and desperate mouth kissing. Petite Jenna Sativa and Anikka play in an infinity pool, twerking and squirting water into assholes. They melt a vanilla popsicle in their butts, licking frothy labia, tonguing sweet bunghole, sucking popsicle ATM-style and sharing an ass-cream kiss. Redhead Bree Daniels and Anikka admit they’ve masturbated to each other’s porn scenes. The blonde applies nipple and labia clamps to Bree. Anikka rims her, eats bald pussy and stuffs three fingers in her gash. Anikka and bikini brunette Abigail Mac pour oil all over each other and caress glistening glutes. The grease lubes butt plug play and a gorgeous ass-to-ass fuck with a slick, thick double-headed dong. Abigail rides a strap-on as Anikka slaps her tits, orgasmic wails echoing.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Mia Malkova, the attractive young lady featured on the right side of the front cover in pink booty shorts, was up first with sexual dynamo Anikka Albrite, her blond counterpart on the left side of the cover in yellow booty shorts. They were out by the pool and Mia declared she was excited bercause this was her first girl on girl anal scene, my personal belief being that the rush to make a big deal over every conceivable “first” is getting out of hand, many fans not including any lesbian scene to include true “anal” in the first place. I have mixed feelings over the semantic issue but frankly, both ladies showed an appropriate amount of physical attraction to one another and each was smoking hot to boot, the footage out by the pool made even better as they started using tons of oil on each other. There was some foot worship for those of you into it but I liked the way their asses clenched on their anal plugs and the caresses included between rounds of major oral exploration of gash gobbling and rimming alike. They were even layful enough to blow bubbles but it was a windy day so that didn’t work too well, the ladies moving inside to the white couch to continue their sexual tryst together, the heavy toy use culminating in an inflatable plug and a large black strap on dildo to be actively ridden by Mia, both tribbing rapidly at the end to mix their juices before an ending kiss. The company website described the scene like this: “Pretty, natural-bodied Mia Malkova's first girl-girl anal scene is with bodacious performer/director Anikka Albrite. Both blondes look delicious 'bootycising' poolside in bikinis that accentuate their phat bubble butts -- Mia's has a jeweled plug inserted. She twerks and sports a wedgie. They caress greased, glistening asses, finger shaved holes and share anal toys including sword-shaped dildos filled with suds for blowing bubbles! Inside, Anikka tongues Mia's bunghole, looking joyfully into the camera. She licks labia while sodomizing Mia with a thick glass dilator that makes her pink anus gape. Mia rides Anikka's black strap-on and sucks it ass-to-mouth. Naked, greased scissoring gets the girls off; they climax a picturesque anal marathon (over an hour!) with desperate mouth kissing.”



Scene Two: Jenna Sativa, a perky brunette cutie in a tiny pink bikini, was up next in the pool with Anikka Albrite wearing a green version of the outfit that could be seen through when wet as they both floated in the large pool. Anikka outlined the coming action as a bootycise exercise, Jenna being warmed up with a jeweled anal plug as she twerked to stir the water for the director. Anikka then blasted Jenna in the face with a squirt gun toy, claiming to have aimed for the ass as she apologized and corrected her shooting skills. Anikka then positioned Jenna to suck her anal plug clean (as a self admitted pervert), Anikka tongue fucking her friend before pushing the plug back inside her friend. Anikka then used the water squirter to stimulate Jenna’s ass crack and perfect pucker, the anal gape allowing the moment to act as an enema of sorts before Anikka started fingering the pucker and massaging it between licks. Jenna then followed suit by doing the same to Anikka for awhile until Anikka took a bigger toy to Jenna’s ass both inside and out of the pool. The ladies switched gears outside the pool though to engage in some ice cream play, sharing the confection and using it to flavor their goodies for more oral, some insertion leading to them eating the resulting goo out of each other before moving inside to play with larger toys. I liked the oiling up and the double headed dildo play, each gal mounting one end anally to actively ride it, pressing their fleshy asses together to get off. They then used more toys like a strap on dildo in a myriad of positions before rubbing their neatly trimmed crotches together in a most strokable moment before some seductive ending kisses finished off the first disc. The company website described the scene like this: “Wearing sheer string bikinis, bubble-butt blonde Anikka Albrite and petite brunette Jenna Sativa play in an infinity pool, sucking nipples, twerking and squirting water into assholes. Anikka sucks the metal plug Jenna had hidden in her anus and cranks it open with a big, glass dilator. They melt a vanilla popsicle in their sphincters, licking froth from labia, tonguing creamy bunghole, sucking popsicle ass-to-mouth and sharing an ass-creamy mouth kiss. Inside, Anikka sodomizes masturbating Jenna with a double-headed dildo, and they suck the big toy ass-to-ass. The marathon 'bootycise' workout includes vibrating dildos, strap-on fucking, tit slapping, ass gaping, breathless mouth kissing and scissoring.”



Scene Three: Bree Daniels, a fine looking redhead with a juicy ass and pale skin to go with her brilliant eyes, was up next in the first scene of the second disc with wonderful Anikka Albrite. Bree was dressed in sheer purple with mesh and stripper shoes as she hung out in the game room area by the pool table, Anikka extolling her many virtues as they discussed what they were going to do together that day. Bree admitted to doing “lots of toy stuff” when it came to anal sex, Anikka telling her new partner how she was going to work out her ass (“bootycise” it), before Bree bent over to show her terrific ass which already had an anal plug in it to warm her up, Anikka lightly exploring Bree’s neatly coiffed patch of pubic hair and bosoms. Anikka attached nipple clamps on Bree’s tits and the other end to her clit hood, gently tugging to provide a mixture of pleasure and pain leading to them kissing at length. Anikka then gobbled her gash and fingered her, tugging on the anal plug aand savoring the taste as she continued exciting Bree. More toys were inserted into Bree’s perfect pucker and Anikka was very devoted at orally stimulating her new friend, Bree then reciprocating in kind with her mouth and hand to gland friction. Anikka then donned pink medical gloves as she grabbed a speculum to open Bree up with, the pliable pucker spit into and an inflatable anal plug used to further delve into the kink of lesbian anal sex. Their personal chemistry was off the charts of course, both of them soon mounting the opposite ends of a large black double headed dildo to ride it, Anikka the more active of the two though Bree improved when Anikka put on a strap on dildo to plunder the pucker deeper. I thought they got each other off and their kissing at the end punctuated the action nicely, tanned Anikka and paler Bree tribbing aggressively while kissing to finish up the heated moment. The company website described the scene like this: “Pretty, all-natural redhead Bree Daniels and butt-blessed blonde Anikka Albrite are nervous -- each admits she's masturbated to the other's porn scenes! Anikka aims to 'bootycise' the gap-toothed cutie, working out her ass and stretching her sphincter to the max. The blonde applies nipple and labia clamps to Bree, who has a butt plug inserted. Graphic close-ups show intense eye contact as Anikka tongues bunghole, eats bald pussy and stuffs three fingers in Bree's gash. Masturbating Bree gets her anus expanded by a glass dilator, metal speculum, vibrator and Anikka's strap-on. They go ass-to-ass with a huge, black double-headed dildo. The marathon climaxes with passionate lovemaking, ravishing mouth kisses and desperate scissoring.”



Scene Four: Abigail Mac, a perky little brunette hardbody from Baltimore, was up last as her scene opened up to find her warming up in the bathroom as Anikka Albrite walked in to assist her. Abigail had a skimpy blue bikini with g-string panties and Anikka sported a pink outfit with as little fabric, a jeweled anal plug slowly stretching Abigail’s shapely ass as Anikka massaged her. They were no strangers to each other, Anikka said to be Abigail’s “first” awhile back, the blond teasingly licking Abigail’s ass and pussy before it was discovered that Anikka also had a plug in her glorious ass, Abigail reciprocating at length before they moved to a small, inflatable pool in the living room to get oiled up and pop balloons together. They included using candy in the ass for food fetish fans and then lots of toys, the plentiful oil easing the passage of the toys in their respective asses though the inflatable plug seemed most pleasing to Anikka to use on her friend. This led to a double headed dildo that was flesh colored being ridden by both on opposing sides and a strap on dildo splitting Abigail’s shitter as the gal demanded Anikka get rougher with her, the ladies all over each other in the oily pool gobbling gash and ass as well as kissing The company website described the scene like this: “Ass-blessed blonde Anikka Albrite and hot bikini brunette Abigail Mac are ready for a session of anus-expanding 'bootycise' -- both have butt plugs inserted. Each sucks the other's plug ass-to-mouth and each deeply tongues bunghole (making eye contact with the camera). They make out in an inflatable pool full of balloons, eat gummy candies from pink sphincters and share them mouth-to-mouth. The girls pour oil all over each other and caress glistening butts. The grease lubricates bald pussy fingering, butt plug play and a gorgeously captured ass-to-ass fuck with a slick, thick double-headed dildo. Abigail rides Anikka's strap-on as Anikka slaps her tits, orgasmic wails echoing. The marathon climaxes with passionate, oil-slathered lovemaking.”

Summary: Anikka’s Bootycise by new director Anikka Albrite for Evil Angel was a great deal of fun as the director and her female friends explored each other at great length with an emphasis on ass play. If you like oil and toys used by hotties on other hotties, you will appreciate this one a great deal, the levels of chemistry and genuine affection enhancing the founr scenes that all lasted close to an hour each. That the technical values were sharp and way better than average was a bonus and the myriad of extras, especially the nearly hour long Behind the Scenes feature by Mick Blue, all combined to make Anikka’s Bootycise worth a rating of Highly Recommended for me. The inclusion by gorgeous director Anikka of ladies such as Bree Daniels, Mia Malkova, Jenna Sativa, and Abigail Mac really worked well to round out the ass centric fun too, each young lady earning their legion of fans so check this one out and join in on the fun!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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