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Whore'ers of Halloween

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/28/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Whore’ers Of Halloween

Kelly Madison Media/Juicy Entertainment

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Genre: Halloween, Compilation, Web-to-DVD

Directors: Kelly Madison (art direction) & Ryan Madison


Cast: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison, Casey Calvert, Natasha Vega, Staci Silverstone, Luna C. Kitsuen, Veruca James, Tysen Rich

Length: 303:47 minutes (162:33 minutes & 141:14 minutes)

Date of Production: 10/7/2015

Extras: The first disc held the movie itself and some trailers, the second disc offering the second half of the movie and more trailers only.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Whore’ers Of Halloween was shot in anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media. The production was a compilation of previously released scenes from DVDs and the web, appeared to shot using a single camera most of the time, the lighting an effort to combine some artistic touches with a bit more realism than those that go too far in that sense. Likewise, the editing could be a bit too noticeable at times but the lighting was better on average than early company productions, the improvements of late not impacting these scenes as they weren’t native to 4k. The aural components were decent though, few vocals outside of the usual moaning to be had as the music played during the tease sequences and stopped afterwards. The 2.0 Dolby Digital in 192 Kbps audio bit rate was added in post production from what I could determine, very little to speak about other than a few instances where the vocals were low.

Body of Review: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison have been impressing many with their recent work at Kelly Madison Media, their latest release in for review called Whore’ers Of Halloween. The premise of this title was to provide a spotlight showcase on Halloween themed scenes from company archives. The back cover described the show like this: “What goes bump in the night? Why its the headboard banging on the wall as the demon man pumps his evil cock into his unsuspecting victims. Check out all these sexy "Whores" getting their devilish desires fulfilled in traditional Halloween style. Don't be afraid of the dark my pretties, just hold on to your cocks and enjoy the midnight witching hour. Fear only the death of your spewing semen as you revel in all the haunting fun!”

The company press release described the show like this: “ Kelly Madison Media puts the whore into horror, combining fear and sex in the studio’s holiday treat, “Whore-Ers of Halloween.” The freaky, fun film stars Kelly Madison and Ryan Madison, along with six gorgeous starlets. The two-disc DVD is now shipping from Juicy Entertainment. “Whore-Ers of Halloween” stars Casey Calvert, Natasha Vega, Staci Silverstone, Veruca James, Luna C. Kitsuen, and Tysen Rich in a variety of fun Halloween scenarios and hardcore sex scenes. The sexy cast of adult stars transform their fear into arousal, as they role play with assorted ax murderers, slashers, and psychopaths. With Halloween around the corner, award-winning filmmaker/performer Ryan Madison scares up some horrific characters, as he takes on director and producer duties, while he performs with wife and business partner, Kelly Madison. Kelly co-produces and serves as the movie’s art director. “There’s something strangely hot when you mix fear and sex,” Kelly Madison said. “The blend is erotic and disturbing at the same time. It’s a unique and very erotic adult movie I know our fans are going to love!” The mix of fear and sex is not very unusual according to a 2011 article in Psychology Today. In fact, such a mix is often very gratifying: “The sex that can emerge from the considerable trepidation and anxiety… can be unusually passionate,” Dr. Leon F. Seltzer wrote. Moreover, fear and sex has gone together for a millennia, according to sex therapist Dr. Susan Block who wrote an essay on the subject in 2005. She said “Prehistoric sex often put lovers in dangerously vulnerable positions, in the midst of predators ready to pounce on them. Our Reptile Brain, locked in that mindset, often associates sex with fear.” Evolution aside, “Whore-Ers of Halloween” is now available to order through distributor Juicy Entertainment. The movie mayhem begins when young Casey decides to conjure up a ghost in a séance, but when the ghost appears, it takes its lustful desires on Casey’s tight body! Lithesome Natasha is next as she and Kelly share their passion in a hot girl-on-girl tryst when a mysterious stranger in a mask watches and harasses them on the phone, then joins the fun with orgasmic consequences! In scene three, pretty blonde Staci has a recurring nightmare of an ugly man wearing metal gloves with long sharp razors on the fingertips. It’s only a dream, her boyfriend tells her, as he calms her with a hard banging! Sexy Veruca and Kelly are intrigued by black magic, so when they summon a spirit they get one horny specter who comes packin’ and won’t take no for answer as he gives them mind-blowing orgasms! Scene five features punk rock vixen Luna, who likes hanging out at the cemetery. One night a backwoods psycho kidnaps her and unleashes his sexual frustration on her soft and supple body! Young Luna screams in fear at first then in pure ecstasy, as he climaxes inside her! Sexy trick-or-treater Tysen is next when she pays a visit to an old house on Halloween, where the dead owner traps the young teen in inside and ravishes her to mutual orgasms! “I loved working with Kelly and Ryan in such a spooky, Halloween movie!” said Casey Calvert. “It’s not often that you see a horror movie where the cute girl gets to have great sex with a ghost! That’s really the best part!” “I always have a great time shooting with the Madisons, but it's even more amazing when I get both of them together in the same scene,” Veruca James said. “As if being passed back and forth between Kelly and Ryan wasn't sexy enough, we added in Venetian masks and elements of the occult - it was like a scene out of 'Eyes Wide Shut' - only kinkier!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Jason Cums Again: Kelly Madison, her enormous boobs hanging out of her shirt (as seen on the right side of the front cover), was up first in a camping scenario out in the woods with Ryan Madison at night. They cracked open a few beers and worried about noises but kissed and started getting frisky so they went into the tent where she slobbed his knob and nuzzled his nuts, Ryan gobbling her gash. The action continued with a “Jason” tribute, Ryan disappearing while investigating a noise to end up bloodied when the horror icon appeared and chased Kelly in the woods. The campy approach worked well and while it was clearly Ryan behind the mask, it didn’t take long before the sex resumed, Kelly draining his dragon of sperm as he applied hand to gland friction to nut all over her crotch. The company website described the scene like this: “Ryan and I took off for the lake before it got too cold out. We just wanted to get away from it all. We set up camp and drank some beers and roasted some marshmallows and just really enjoyed being "together" with no one around. We started making out by the romantic fire and decided to take our "romance" into the tent. Ryan had a tent of his own going on in his pants! I unleashed the beast and we started to make love when we heard a noise outside. Ryan, my hero, went out to see what it was but then stumbled into camp covered in blood! To my horror I realized he was hurt and then discovered who did it. It was Jason Voorhees! Fuck, I ran and I ran and I screamed and I screamed but finally he caught up to me. I can't believe he killed my pussy like that!” 10/25/2012


Scene Two: Dark Perversions 2: Necromantic: Casey Calvert, a sexy brunette cutie with a lean hardbody, was up next with Ryan Madison in scene 496 from the company archives. Her attraction to dark elements led her to summoning demon Ryan in the darkened house, a great many macabre aspects added to the scene to make it extra creepy though the sex itself was oral and vaginal only. Casey was an active rider though and maintained solid eye contact, her bald beaver milking his turgid pecker of semen which he spewed into a cut before using a syringe to insert it in her cookie. He then got her off with a wand vibrator and his hand to get her extra juicy, Casey tasting some of his manly juices off her fingers. The company website described the scene like this: “Casey Calvert was curious about the other side. She decide to hold a seance all by herself and got more than she bargained for. Ryan is an evil spirit, hellbent on filling the innocent with his ectoplasmic cum, in hopes that he could someday return to this plain of existence to fuck as many women as he possibly can and plant his evil seed. Casey has the unfortunate pleasure of being unlucky number one. Some women are content with getting their desires fulfilled on this Earthly plane but Casey Calvert was never quite satisfied and in this Porn Fidelity update entitled Necromantic, she just couldn’t resist opening a doorway to the dark side and summoning an evil presence (Ryan Madison, of course) to fulfill her every wicked fantasy! He answers the call and proceeds to tie her down, sliding his huge cock deep inside her wet eager hole and then squirting a load of his seed inside with a syringe! Mark my words, someday he’ll get out of his demonic prison and then we’re all fucked.” 6/28/2013


Scene Three: Dress Up 1: Moan: Natasha Vega, a busty babe with a terrific ass and wonderful tits, was up next in a bright pink top and skimpy booty shorts as she joined Kelly Madison on the couch for some Halloween fun. Kelly tested a silly smart phone application on her that creeped her out so Kelly made it up to her by pulling her close and kissing the curvy cutie, a lot of breast play for both of them as well as fingering and oral sex before they were interrupted by another creepy phone call. Ryan Madison then took advantage of the opportunity to ravish Natasha as Kelly left out front of the house, Ryan diving into Natasha’s juicy cookie before a brief hummer led to her mounting his turgid rod to actively ride him. Her tight pussy milked his balls dry and he plastered her face with sperm, going back in to fuck some more for a torso shot and then some post coital head. This was episode 461 for the company. The company website described the scene like this: “Natasha has a mysterious admirer out to get her and stab her with his cock. When Kelly leaves after she eats out Natasha's box, Natasha waits for her boyfriend to come over so she can have some safe unprotected sex with a nice hard dick that doesn't want to kill her. Little does she know, he kills her pussy and cums all over her precious body. This update from Porn Fidelity is meant to be a horror flick but from the looks of things it’s more of an action movie…with all this hot hardcore action you’ll be on the edge of your seat, but not from fright! Natasha Vega is featured and she’s got magnificent huge tits and good looks as she gets her pussy eaten out in a lesbian scene before getting her pussy pounded by Ryan’s big hard cock. I think there’s a lot more creaming going on than screaming with this hot video clip!” 10/26/2012


Scene Four: Deep Creampies 3: Nightmare On Teen Street: Staci Silverstone, a skinny blond with an all natural body, was up next with Ryan Madison in episode #57 from the Teenfidelity website, a hilarious cameo by Kelly in granny glasses adding to the camp value. Some clips of a certain horror icon with knives attached to his gloved hand (“Freddy” played by Ryan), led to Ryan saving her in her bed for a moderately romantic tryst where they kissed and caressed before boning actively in various vaginal positions, ample oral applied as well. Her shaven slit took the realistic looking vaginal creampie, Ryan diving back in her tight little snatch as it clenched the life out of him for a second crotch pop and a perverse ending. The company website described the scene like this: “Staci's home alone tonight and has been having night terrors about this guy named Freddy Krueger. But Ryan come's just in time in more ways then one. He ravishes her teen body and ends up giving her the fucking she's always dreamed of, leaving her with a cum filled pussy and even more on her sexy petite body!”


Scene Five: Insane Clown Pussy: Kelly Madison, all dressed up in what I’d call circus attire, was then up in the last scene of the first disc in a solo masturbation scene where she pummeled her pussy raw with a dildo as she was surrounded by some very creepy clown figures, her personal clown not performing with her in the scene this time (I’m kidding). The company website described the scene like this: “Stop your clowning around. It is Halloween season and it is my favorite time of year so join me in all the creepy fun. I can't help but get all excited and horny with all the ghouls and goblins. I like to add a bit of "spookiness" to my sex life and these scary looking guys really do it for me. I can't help but pleasure myself all the while imagining I am being chased and seduced by a man with a big, fat, red cock, er, I mean, NOSE!” 10/11/2012


Scene Six: The White Room 3 (also Dark Perversions 2): White Room With Luna Kitsuen: Luna C. Kitsuen, dressed in black like a goth chick, was up next in the first scene of the second disc while she hung out in a graveyard. Admittedly, this was creepier than most of the ideas from Ryan Madison but he soon grabbed her, bound her in his house, and took her as he saw fit, the sex included anal and a lot of oral, the bulk of the action taking place in a white room. While she remained a largely passive anal rider and rarely indicated she was having a good time, this seemed to fit well with the scene and it ended with a realistic anal creampie, the scene also labeled episode 491 in the company archives. The company website described the scene like this: “Luna Kitsuen is on the streets, heart broken from the loss of a lover. She hangs out in the graveyard, reminiscing of what it was like to be touched. She's soon reminded when Ryan picks her up, throws her in a trunk, takes her to the infamous "White Room" and pounds her tight asshole until he fills it with cum. If you like it hardcore you'll be very satisfied with this crazy ass fuck-a-thon.” 5/24/2013


Scene Seven: Dark Perversions 1: Secret Porn Society: Veruca James, a fetching brunette with a smoking hot body, was up next with curvy porn matron Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison joining them in episode 464 of the company archives. It began with hints of a secret society, the trio wearing masquerade styled masks and attire before they ended up doing each other on the old fashioned furniture one might see in an old folk’s home. Both ladies gave it up to Ryan and each other, ample gash gobbling and active vaginal riding before Veruca’s youthful goodies unleashed his seed into Kelly’s mouth for them to cumswap. The company website described the scene like this: “Have you ever wondered how the Madison's get to fuck such hot and horny girls? Well, we'll let you in on our secret! Welcome to the Secret Porn Society where today we get Veruca James to come in and fuck the Madison's as our porn ritual. She sucks on Kelly's magical tits while Ryan rams his staff into her pussy until he cums in Kelly's mouth so she can swap the magic juice with Veruca.” 11/16/2012


Scene Eight: Bone Job: Kelly Madison, wearing a tight black body suit with a pattern of bones and heart on it, was up next as she brewed an “elixir”, a lot of knee slapping jokes about bones applied before Ryan Madison joined her to have sex. I’m sure I’ve seen this scene on DVD before but couldn’t think of it off the top of my head (as an extra perhaps, I could be wrong as I’ve seen a lot of the company’s scenes in the past few years). This was another oral only though Kelly gave Ryan a titty fuck too, her glorious bosons wonderfully efficient at eliciting a load of male fluids when assisted by her mouth and hands to plaster her mouth. The company website described the scene like this: “Boo boo, Boobies! Scary skeleton to scare your balls off! Something just isn't right about this skeleton. I have never ever seen a skeleton with 34HH breasts! Boy, that is a stacked skeleton if I ever saw one. Hey, what is up with that boy skeleton? He's got the biggest boner I've ever laid my eyes of Newt upon. I like to watch these two "bone", hee hee. Happy Halloweenie, or at least his weenie appears to empty and hallow after he's done with that SKelly Madison Skeleton!” 10/18/2012


Scene Nine: Dark Side 1: Trick Or Trap: Tysen Rich, a tiny little cutie wearing a Disney styled mouse costume, was up last with Ryan Madison, her ears and familiar attire supporting the Halloween theme as much as the inflatable ghoul on his front yard. She walked in the house when no one answered, a bad idea under the best of circumstances, a chain appearing out of nowhere reeling her back in before a supernatural Ryan kept dragging her back to the house when she ran off. He tits came into view and he bit her neck, the gal afraid of the circumstance but eventually going along with it as he warmed her up with some oral and fingering. They were still naked on the porch but she didn’t seem overly troubled by the fact, Ryan taking her pussy in a standing doggy before some additional positions and a solid blowjob led them inside the house. He teased her shaven snatch and caressed her frame as he ate her, more boning and a very long ending hummer where she used both hands glazing her open mouth as she swallowed his seed, Ryan drilling her some more before she sucked him clean and the ending credits rolled. The company described this scene like this: “Tysen Rich is trick or treating solo this year for the first time. When her neighbors aren't makin' with the goods, she heads to the old Madison house to see what kind of sweet things she can wrap her mouth around. When she meets Ryan's ghost, she gets a mouthful of more treat than she bargained for.” 10/25/2013

Summary: Whore’ers Of Halloween by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media was a fun show with a lot of entertainment value, the Madison’s having come up with some amusing, and sexually appealing, scenes for the upcoming holiday over the years. As a compilation, the extras were weak but the extra scenes had good replay value and strokability, making this one another solid Recommended to look for, though I admit that I expected the scene with Romi Rain in it to be included (it wasn’t, nor several other stronger Halloween themed scenes I’d have included). In short, Whore’ers Of Halloween was well worth picking up, the movie a nice tribute to one of the favorite holidays for the young at heart that enjoy “candy” of one sort or another, so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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