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100% American Teens

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/31/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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100% Teen American Teen

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

Genre: Gonzo

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Director: Joey Silvera


Cast: Ashley Adams, Xander Corvus, Liza Rowe, Ritchie Black, Iris Rose, Bradley Remington, Trillium, Miranda Miller, Joey Silvera

Length: 199:10 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The extras included a cast list, filmographies, a popshot recap, and some websites, and trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: 100% Teen American Teen was presented in the usual anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. The composition of the shots was flattering to the women although much of that would still be an artistic call on my part so I can safely say that the overall visual aspects of the movie were decent but there were compression artifacts when viewed on a big screen television. Like many of the director's at Evil Angel, Joey seems to prefer concentrating on capturing the raw energy over giving the viewer technical perfection, the end results sometimes varying a bit but not nearly as much as some of his previous releases thanks to awesome lighting this time. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio was presented in the usual stereo English but there wasn't any significant dynamic range or separation between the channels. The voices were sometimes hollow but like seeing the occasional shadow in the movie, this is to be expected in order to preserve the nearly realistic manner in which the scenes took place.


Body of Review: Joey Silvera is a talented director at Evil Angel known for expanding sexual boundaries with a wide variety of kink. His latest release coming in for review is 100% Teen American Teen, a set of four and a half scenes of carnal action starring a wealth of fairly new young ladies having sex on camera. To be open about the matter, many newcomers are boring fucks until they learn a few things, at least in most such shows, but Joey managed to assemble some that were clearly learning their trade for some time now, the director even getting a hummer from one of them in the last scene (but only a hummer and a foot job hence my designation of “four and a half scenes” instead of a full five).

The company website described it like this: “Dirty, old director Joey Silvera captures the spirit and sass of bratty sexuality in “100% American Teen.” Self-assured smart-ass Ashley Adams, 18, admits it’s fun to be a slut. Dominant Xander Corvus mashes and manhandles her little bod, binding her wrists and slapping her big, real boobs, cute ass and pouty face. She lewdly extends her tongue under his balls as she deep-throats, and she takes a sweaty fuck. Girly Liza Rowe, 18, has puffy lips, braces, wispy pubes and little titties. Richie Black spanks her hot, greased ass. Liza blows dick like she means it, gagging and slobbering. She closes her eyes in reverie as she rides meat, grunting in bliss. Silly, giggly blonde Iris Rose, 18 and a former cheerleader, yelps and whines as she’s fucked, her big, natural boobs blushing in orgasm. She howls as she’s butt-fucked and sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Strawberry blonde Trillium seduces a workman into dominating her. Gag-spit drips from her nose, which her stud pinches closed. After a fuck, she jerks his jism into her mouth and declares herself “cum-drunk.” Joey shoots POV-style as freckle-faced, barefoot Miranda Miller goes down on him. “You like when I do that, Daddy?” she asks. After her French-manicured fingers jack out his jism, she tells him she’s 18.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used on for those still interested:



Scene One: Ashley Adams, an adorable 18 year old from Tampa Florida, was up first having about 40 other scenes under her belt at this writing, Xander Corvus lucking out to score the curvy cutie. She began in the usual living room while wearing a pink dress with black polka dots, her crotchless black panties showing her perfect pussy and her amazing boobs coming out to play early. She was oiled up and roughed up a little by Xander, his hand in her mouth and her hands bound before she complied with his commands. There was a side bit of how she got Liza from scene 2 into porn but I have to admit that Ashley was my primary reason for checking this one out. She prayed for a turgid pecker and Xander gave her what she wished for, fingering her juicy slit with several fingers to excite her before she slobbed his knob. He showcased her delicious ass really well and her oral skills on Xander’s modest member were well applied, the gal nearly throating him before actively riding his raging erection with her bald beaver. He spanked her, thumbed her ass, and gave her all the cock she could handle, the eye contact was good and the levels of fun factor were way better than expected as she continued by using a wand vibrator and large pink toy to masturbate with as Xander beat off nearby, the gal draining his dragon of sperm as he tried to hit her face with his ejaculate. The company website described the scene like this: “Brown-eyed brunette Ashley Adams is one sassy, self-assured 18-year-old -- the smart, ambitious girl admits it's fun to be a slut. Director Joey Silvera puts her in submissive poses, and dominant stud Xander Corvus manipulates, mashes and manhandles her little, all-natural bod. Xander binds her wrists and slaps her big, real boobs, cute ass and pouty face. Ashley's into a face fuck, lewdly extending her tongue under his balls as she deep-throats. Spit coats her face. After sucking cock pussy-to-mouth, she takes a sweaty, skin-slapping fuck in multiple positions -- Xander porks her right into the couch. She gets herself off on two vibrators at once and stretches her tongue to catch jism.”



Scene Two: Liza Rowe, a cute 18 year old in her fifth reported scene on the IAFD, was then up with Ritchie Black. She was tiny and sported braces, the youngster possessing a “flawless” body according to the director, her attractive face appealing to the director as much as the fact that she comes from Philadelphia. She had tiny tits and a perky ass, the gal already oiled up as she checked out Ritchie while he pumped some tiny weights for her, the newcomer male sporting a lot of ink and towering over her as she helped him out of her clothing. She looked younger to me given her neatly trimmed pubic patch and tan line, coming after Ashley (a much curvier chick) not helping either. The couple warmed up with kisses this time, Joey stopping his chatter as they started focusing on each other while Ritchie rubbed her crotch and peeled off her panties, her labia looking particularly appealing as he gobbled her gash. She then took the bulk of his boner in her mouth as she blew him, pumping his shaft as she throated the guy surprisingly well (especially for a newcomer) as she made those annoying glub glub noises. Liza reminded me of a young Uma Thurman too with her doe eyes, her experienced oral leading to some solid vaginal riding, Liza even using a small wand vibrator at times to enhance the experience as they went at it on the bed. In the end, he launched most of his load on her torso, getting some on the face though she licked much of it up in a way that caused Joey to burst out laughing at how good she was. The company website described the scene like this: “Tan, trim Liza Rowe is a girly 18-year-old with puffy lips, braces, wispy pubes and little titties. Tattooed, muscular Richie Black spanks her hot, greased ass, and Liza says she likes it rough. He eats her pink, meaty pussy; she blows dick like she means it, gagging herself till spit flows. Liza closes her eyes in reverie as she rides meat, then grunts and squints in bliss. She masturbates with pink painted fingernails as she's fucked, wailing when she adds a vibrator. After a slobbery, pussy-to-mouth suck job, Richie fucks her with her leg up on his shoulder. He yanks out his prick and cums on her chest; Liza scoops up the semen and tastes it.”



Scene Three: Iris Rose, the happy blonde cutie featured on the entire left side of the front cover, was up next in her 5th reported scene on the IAFD, working with Bradley Remington. She was in her patterned white top and blue jean shorts as on the front cover as the SUV drove down the public roadway, Iris pulling out her bosoms and peeling back her shorts to show her sheer black panties as she teased the director. She was enjoying the semi-public display of her goodies, telling Joey how she wanted to fuck (and blow him and have him suck her feet), Joey handing her the camera for her own version of “boob cam”. When they pulled over, Brad was soon kissing her feet, commenting how she had just “had them done”, the pedicure apparently exciting him too. Of course this set her off even more since it was what she wanted him to do, the lengthy bout of foot fetish leading to them kissing and moving inside to continue their carnal activities. They ended up on the white couch where “Diva” pillows were strewn about, his pants sporting that tell tale bulge as they kissed some more and caressed. She groped his goodies and throated him like a seasoned slut, her mouth as a cock socket shown before she mounted him for some active vaginal riding. Her black lace panties were crotchless so she left them on as she impaled herself on his cock, some oil on her body remaining though not as much as the others had. After some vaginal fun she was rendered naked except for a blue bandanna, the gal using a small wand vibrator as Brad fingered her perfect pucker. His finger was soon replaced by his cock as the penetrative sex moved to anal, the sensations overwhelming her though she was not active at riding the cock in her ass, the act pushing him over the edge to nut on her face, all his manly fluids released for her to savor orally (Joey calling her “Iris Spears” due to her slight resemblance to a much younger Britney). The company website described the scene like this: “Pale, blonde Iris Rose, a silly, giggly 18-year-old former high school cheerleader, flirts with and flashes Joey Silvera's camera as he drives. Tattooed stud Bradley Remington sucks her toes before she even gets out of the car. Inside, he plays with the puffy pussy lips poking from her crotchless panties. She blows him happily and her shaved pussy creams his cock as she rides. Iris yelps, whines and simpers as she's nailed, big, natural boobs blushing in orgasm. A doggie-style fuck drills her into the couch and their sex sounds echo as she rides meat. Bradley fucks her tight butthole, and she howls as she adds a vibe to her clit. After ass-to-mouth cocksucking, he pumps wads of cream from Iris' forehead to her chest.”



Scene Four: Trillium, a blondish gal who is reported to be 20 years old and has seven scenes so far in porn, was up next with Ritchie Black, her name always reminding me of some fictional element found only in science fiction stories. By this point in the movie, I thought it stood apart from most “teen” flicks of late, all the ladies having proven to be exceptional, Trillium giving a little tease dance out by the pool in her teal top and muff buffer skirt, a collar around her neck and black panties with matching stripper shoes giving her the kind of slut appeal Joey loves the most. Ritchie was working nearby as she kept grinding her ass for the camera in a delightful manner. She had other ideas as to the best use of his time, flirting with him and sending out the usual signals before getting overt about it, her small but natural breasts appealing to him as they showed some mutual affection toward one another. A special effect with her magic wand resulted in the scene picking back up in the living room, Trillium continuing her ass shaking as he kicked back on the couch to enjoy her show, his hands reaching out for her as the lean gal smiled with her brilliant eyes at the camera. There was even some stereo separation in the soundtrack to appreciate via some beats put in, the sounds fading away to their voices soon as her panties flew off and she was warmed up with a vibrator before blowing him energetically. Unlike most of the others, the pale gal did not remove all her attire though, her bra ditched last as her skirt remained on her waist, the collar also firmly in place as she gave him some sloppy head between the vaginal positions she seemed to appreciate so much. It was an active ride with some good eye contact, her ending blowjob eliciting a small wad of goo but she swallowed it all the same. The company website described the scene like this: “Pale, strawberry blonde teen Trillium has natural tits, fleshy ass, facial piercings and a dog collar. She strips seductively by the pool, inducing tattooed workman Richie Black to follow her inside. They kiss as she buzzes her bald pussy with a vibrator. In a messy BJ, gag spit drips from her nose, which dominant Richie pinches closed. He fingers her clit as he fucks her to wailing and spanks her thick cheeks pink. The workman plows her pussy and then her mouth. There's doggie-style rutting and a breathless, butt-bouncing ride. Finally, satisfied Trillium jerks Richie's rich jism into her mouth and licks up the excess. And then teen Trillium declares herself 'cum-drunk.'”



Scene Five: Miranda Miller, a seriously cute 18 year old brunette from Orange County California that director Joey Silvera used in his “Teenaholics 5” title recently, was up last in a partial scene to give him a blowjob and foot job. While most directors would use such a scene as a bonus scene, she did seem to have fun slobbing his knob, nuzzling his nuts, and applying plenty of hand to gland friction to milk his balls dry of semen, the scene the shortest by far (no pun intended to Joey’s size mind you). She gave good eye contact and was enthusiastic beyond what I’ve come to expect a gal in only her 13th scene would be. The company website described the scene like this: “Freckle-faced teen Miranda Miller's natural tits show from a tiny bikini. Wearing a dog collar, the barefoot brunette fingers her nipples and pink pussy ... turning on director Joey Silvera, who busts out a boner and shoots camera POV-style as she goes down on him. 'Tastes amazing,' says Miranda. Brown eyes looking into the camera, she asks, 'You like when I do that, Daddy? ... Want it all in my mouth?' She kneels between his legs, stroking and sucking dick, servicing balls, pressing her little titties around his adult meat. Her French-manicured hand milks him, jacking out syrupy semen she tastes on her fingers. 'So yummy, Baby,' coos Miranda. Joey's timely question about her age brings the reply, 'Eighteen.'”

Summary: 100% Teen American Teen by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel was very appealing to watch, the strokability, replay value, and fun factor entertainment value meriting a rating of Highly Recommended. The cast showed chemistry and enthusiasm for their partners, the casting inspired in certain cases for how well they worked out, each gal giving the kind of performance I usually don’t expect until the ladies are far more experienced so I’ll be keeping an eye on this bunch to be sure. In short, 100% Teen American Teen had substantial amounts of splendid teen fuck for the buck, using a cast of lovely young ladies that fans should appreciate as very new so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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