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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/1/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Evil Angel/Kevin Moore Productions

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Genre: Gonzo, Big Ass

Director: Kevin Moore


Cast: Luna Star, Chris Strokes, Kendra Lust, Kelsi Monroe, A.J. Applegate, Jessy Jones, Ryan Conner, Xander Corvus

Length: 180:30 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The best extra was the 21:58 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that gave the cast an opportunity to chat after their scenes. There was also a pop shot recap from the scenes, a company trailer, a cast list of the ladies, filmographies, and some websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Asstastic was presented in a fine looking anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel/Kevin Moore Productions. The camera was steady, the framing well done, and the abundance of light (especially the sunlight for parts of the show) helped make the resolution stand out as crystal clear. The editing by Mel Phoenix seemed to pace things slightly differently, not anything specific that I can point to but the tease montages and the action itself varied more than usual, no surprise when some scenes were markedly longer than others. My only real complaint in that regard was how some of the scenes showed the footage more prominently washed out, as if the camera settings weren’t correctly adjusted here and there but none of that was bone killing, more of an annoyance to me for limited periods of time. There was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen at all times but care seemed to be taken to keep the bulk of action away from that area of the screen so it was not a big factor for me. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English and sounded as clear as ever, Kevin allowing for the ladies to be heard when desired and keeping his own whispered comments to a minimum.


Body of Review: Kevin Moore has been a top quality director for years now, his works distributed by Evil Angel under his Kevin Moore Productions label among his most focused and appealing. Recently, he released Asstastic, a collection of scenes focusing on ladies with extra curvy asses, the kind I find especially stimulating if you catch my drift. This time, I was particularly interested in seeing AJ Applegate, Ryan Conner, and Kendra Lust in action but even a glance at the front cover showcasing Luna Star and Kelsi Monroe with the others left a favorable impression of their assets as well.

The company website described the movie like this: “In “Asstastic,” director Kevin Moore’s masterful camera captures butt-blessed babes stripping and hypnotically undulating their scenic rears as they share orgasmic sex with heavily hung studs. Tattooed Chris Strokes lifts bodacious Luna Star bodily and carry-fucks her. The thick-lipped slut turns out to be a talented deep-throater, swallowing his huge prick whole, slobber flooding his meat. And Luna twerks on his face. In matching slutwear, stacked MILF Kendra Lust and natural-bodied, hot-assed Kelsi Monroe look like mother-and-daughter whores. Each eats pussy and rims girl-ass as the other gets boned. Kelsi takes a butt fuck and sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Chris thickly spunks Kendra’s tongue and Kelsi’s crack; the ladies share a cum kiss. Thick, blue-eyed blonde AJ Applegate joyfully sucks Jessy Jones’ big boner and he pumps his prick in her ample rear cleavage. “Are you gonna stretch out that little asshole?” she begs. Yes. Sodomized with her legs bent way back, her bunghole gapes. Hyper-voluptuous blonde MILF Ryan Conner takes a standing, dog-style fuck right in the open front doorway. Inside, Xander Corvus spreads her big, reddened rump, filling the screen with pumping butt sex, and Ryan gasps through an anal climax.” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Luna Star, the wonderfully curvy Cuban hotty featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover bending over, was up first in her first scene with lucky Chris Strokes, the scene starting off with a fast paced montage of footage from outside and in the front covered area where she shook her glorious ass and enhanced boobs in her white bikini. She had that sultry Latina look so many men adore and the thumping beat of the music as she showed how firm her ass was really worked though the tease was too short by half (or more). Her body glistened with a light coating or sweat and oil too, not so much as to be garish but to stand out nicely as she caressed herself and gave those “fuck me” looks to the camera. Chris entered to help shake her ass as the music began to fade out, slapping her perfect posterior and rubbing her holes, stimulating her pucker though this was reported to be a vaginal scene. She responded quite well to his touch though and seemed to delight in using her ass to rub against his growing bulge inside his pants, Chris whispering to her as his turgid pecker came out to play. He masturbated using her ass crack as she bent over before she knelt down to aggressively slob his knob, throating him enthusiastically to the hilt and applying some modest levels of hand to gland friction as her saliva ran down to her tits. That she left lipstick along the entire length of his shaft and nuzzled his nuts were just the icing on the cake, Luna actively riding him in a standing doggy vaginal before their kisses led them inside for more oral. She excelled in the oral again and Chris reciprocated by gobbling her gash like she was the best tasting treat available, more oil and additional positions draining his dragon of sperm all over her mug as his wealth of manly juices glazed her entire face, her superior eye contact a nice touch too. The company website described the scene like this: “Outdoors, bodacious, shapely Luna Star teases the camera, swaying in a tiny, bejeweled bikini that can't contain her jugs. She makes out with Chris Strokes, who rubs his gigantic boner in her gorgeous butt crack. Luna kneels for a blow job and stands to give a vigorous hand job; he eats her shaved pussy from behind and stuffs his face up her ass. Chris lifts Luna bodily and carry-fucks her, then hauls the tan, thick-lipped slut inside. Luna proves to be a talented deep-throater, swallowing his huge prick whole, with slobber pouring out around his meat. She twerks on his face. He thrills her with a skin-slapping fuck before spunking streaks of semen over her face. Sperm spackles closed her eyelashes.”



Scene Two: Kendra Lust, the super intense brunette MILF from Michigan featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was then up with less seasoned Ft. Lauderdale cutie Kelsi Monroe, the gal grabbing her ass on the cover while wearing a slightly greener dress, the two of them enjoying what I believe was not only their first scene together but the first Kelsi worked with Chris Strokes. Kendra’s had some strong scenes with Chris though not as many outstanding threesomes, yet both ladies sported the kind of bombshell booties guys love to watch, the tease largely limited to the living room where the ladies booty clapped and bent over a lot on their own, some mutual displays of lesbian affection included to flesh it out even if I again would have appreciated more tease. The cougar meets kitten dynamic of the ladies aside, Kelsi seemed really into playing with Kendra, her bald beaver glistening with juices from Kendra’s first touches just as Kendra appeared to be flattered by the extra attention her equally curvy counterpart gave her during some devoted oral pleasuring, the two initially directing a lot of their attention toward the camera though once warmed up, their eye contact with Chris and each other was solid. When Chris walked over to the ladies, they dropped down to actively double team him orally, providing some titty fucking and ample handjob work while sucking his balls. The technical aspects were a little off this time though the mutual chemistry might have distracted the director as the trio seemed so eager to pleasure one another, even Chris diving into their asses to warm them up. While Kendra only did vaginal here, highly flexible Kelsi gave up both pussy and ass, her leg lift against the wall showing she was the perfect fuck bunny for the role. Of special interest here was that the ladies seemed so devoted to assisting each other get off with Chris, their active riding and constant participation for the bulk of the scene (not leaving one off to the side waiting as the other was taking cock) enhanced the scene, Kelsi’s clenching snatch milking his balls dry of semen for him to direct into Kendra’s mouth, the experienced woman licking the “hot load” off his raging boner and Kelsi’s ass crack to share it with her newfound friend, some ass shaking included at the end of the energetic encounter. The company website described the scene like this: “With long, dark hair, huge hoop earrings, hooker dresses and high heels, Kendra Lust and Kelsi Monroe look like mother-and-daughter sluts. Tan, natural Kelsi sports a fantastic ass; Kendra is a stacked MILF. They flash shaved holes and make out. Tattooed Chris Strokes' erection protrudes from his fly. The girls lap balls and get face-fucked; he rims their buttholes. Each slut takes a standing fuck with her leg stretched onto Chris' shoulder, and each tastes pussy juice on cock. Kelsi rides the bone, gorgeous ass flexing, as she Frenches Kendra. Each eats pussy and rims girl-ass as the other gets boned. Kelsi takes a butt fuck and sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Chris stacks the hot asses for rimming and pussy pounding. He thickly spunks Kendra's tongue/face and Kelsi's ass/crack; the ladies share a cum kiss and a good-bye twerk.”



Scene Three: A.J. Applegate, the all natural and beautifully blue eyed hotty featured on the upper left corner of the cover (and lower right corner in her yellow lingerie), was up next with Jessy Jones in what I believe was their second time working together. AJ has been nominated for many awards and won various awards such as Best New Starlet from XCritic and XRCO in the recent past, her apple shaped ass and perfect pucker complimenting her sex positive attitude and good looks more than a little bit. She had a tease montage mixed with footage outside on a perfectly cloudless day and in the front foyer, her yellow cover lingerie pulled up her ass as she bent over, walked away from the camera, and otherwise showed why she is always in such high demand, the light a bit bright on her at times (washing out her flesh tones) though her coy mannerisms as she caressed her body certainly generating more interest in her. The music ended early this time and the director saw fit to allow her to look directly at the camera with those entrancing eyes more than usual, her generous ass and strong legs building up some sexual tension as she peeled her outfit out of her ass crack for Jessy to grope her fleshy cheeks hard enough that he left marks. As he kneaded her ass, the couple kissed, Kevin wisely remaining with her ass as Jessy knelt down and dove into her ass to rim her, diddling her juicy kitty or pulling her lingerie in and out of her ass to show her firm rump in all it’s glorious nature. Her nipples responded when he sucked on them and AJ then knelt down to reciprocate, savoring his rock hard cock by licking up and sucking the head before slowly teasing him as she went deeper with polished motions. She then lightly jerked him off as she sucked his balls, looking up at him for approval as he whispered to him with praise. He then fucked her mouth which led to her throating the bulk of his boner, AJ then giving the head of his cock extra attention as he moaned in appreciation, the gal occasionally taking a no-hands approach to switch things up before they moved into the house on the white couch. At first, he rubbed his cock along her labia to slick it up with her juices, bending her over to rub similarly against her divine ass cheeks leading into the active vaginal penetration. AJ was an active rider and provided a stream of dirty talk here as she impaled herself on his erection, the gal making those pouty faces she makes when she is getting off while pushing back to meet his thrusts. The couple then moved to anal as she rubbed her dripping snatch, her shaven slit getting extra puffy as Jesse probed deeper into her ass, the myriad of positions including extra head as she slobbed his knob and showing her cowgirl variations as the most active of the bunch, Jesse nutting on her face at the end as she diddled herself. His manly fluids went on her face and in her mouth as she looked up at him with a smile, AJ appearing to swallow before the camera pulled away. The company website described the scene like this: “Blue-eyed blonde AJ Applegate, natural-bodied and big assed, does an outdoor striptease and makes out with tattooed stud Jessy Jones. In the front doorway they French, he rims her butthole and she joyfully sucks his big boner. Inside, he pumps his thick prick in her ample ass crack and fucks her shaved pussy doggie-style. AJ rides the meat, ass pumping, hard breathing, whimpering. 'Are you gonna stretch out that little asshole?' she begs. Yes. AJ masturbates as she sodomized and enjoys an ass-to-mouth face fuck. With her legs bent back for more butt fucking, her bunghole gapes. AJ laps balls and fucks more, telling Jessy she wants his cum 'all over my fucking slutty face.' She gets it, and makes gorgeous, sexy eye contact with the camera as she tastes finger-lickin' good sperm.”



Scene Four: Ryan Conner, the busty blond bombshell booty babe featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, was up last as she continued impressing fans on her comeback tour before working with Xander Corvus. She wore neon pink stretch pants and a matching mesh top as well as a white bra, the tease again shorter than I care for though taking a different approach as she wore much more clothing than most do in Kevin’s scenes. The tease itself bounced between footage out front on a cloudless day and in the shade of the front entryway, her pretty eyes, delicious ass, and bountiful bosoms all highlighted though the beat of the music again seemed too fast for the pacing of the montage (as with AJ’s scene in particular), the adorable blond as alluring as ever while she displayed her goods for the camera until Xander came over to greet her. Xander is best in features and vignettes over gonzo but he seemed to shine here, his desire to make his first scene with the cougar a good one coming true and they kissed and caressed each other. He was particularly fascinated by her terrific ass and breasts but he went out of his way to pleasure her with his hands and mouth, sucking her tits and diddling her juicy slit before she coyly teased his cock out of his pants to slowly devour it. She alternated by blowing him with and without hand assistance, throating him when he whispered to her his request but her superior eye contact showed a lust connection between them that only a blind man could miss, the couple communicating with each other as to what they wanted enhancing the outcome as well. Her oral and titty fucking led to some standing fucking before they moved inside the house on the white couch, Xander rimming her at length before tapping her hard in various positions that started with vaginal but led to anal, the man choking her with her pants and using them as a bridal for a bit. She encouraged him to slap her ass and boobs, Ryan getting into his ministrations quite a bit as they explored each other. The last fifteen minutes focused mainly on anal positions of varying sorts, her bald beaver still looking tasty as she maintained great eye contact with the guy, Xander furiously beating off all over her face before she gave him some post coital head and declared his splooge “yummy”, thanking him for his efforts at getting her off believably. The company website described the scene like this: “Hyper-voluptuous blonde MILF Ryan Conner poses and strips outdoors, attracting Xander Corvus with flowing locks, elaborate tats, giant jugs and huge ass. He fingers her meaty, shaved pussy and Ryan kneels, looking into his eyes as he fucks her face; she licks balls and strokes shaft, slobbering. Right in the open front doorway he gives her a standing, dog-style fuck. Inside, he fingers her holes and rims her tight anus. He gags and fucks her, and Ryan sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. She drops onto his dick and rides, first in her twat, then up her ass. As his balls slap her skin, Ryan gasps through an anal orgasm. Xander spreads her big, reddened rump, filling the screen with pumping butt sex. The irrepressible MILF sucks cock ass-to-mouth and sits on his face. He creams her tongue, face and boob with cum she calls 'yummy.'”

Summary: Asstastic by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel/Kevin Moore Productions was a stronger set of scenes than I’d heard previously, the flick devoted to women with shapely asses, each of the ladies not only shining in their skills but appearing to have fun as well. The strokability and amount of fuck for the buck earned it a rating of Highly Recommended for fans of heated trysts starring booty babes of high quality, Kendra Lust, Ryan Conner, and AJ Applegate leading the pack though Luna Star and Kelsi Monroe were not slackers either. In short, Asstastic was truthfully advertised as having a high quality cast of ladies, solid technical values, and decent extras; my review of the physical DVD reminding me that different people look for different things in porn so do yourselves a favor and check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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