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Coming of Age

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/4/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Romance/Teens



Cast: Alina West/Piper Perri/Marley Brinx/Josie Jagger/James Deen/Seth Gamble/Logan Pierce/Danny Mountain

Director: Mason

Extras: Slideshow

Release Date: 8/18/2015

Runtime: 117 Mins

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*Audio/Video Levels: 

Mason's Coming of Age from Erotica X was enhanced for widescreen viewing, with sensually driven camera shots throughout each of the introductory segments that give a slower vibe to the action than much of what we've seen from Mason on the Hard X side of her directing. Second and third camera credits are given to "JT" and AVN Hall of Fame inductee James Avalon, although not specifiying which scenes they were a part of shooting. There was some music thrown in throughout all of the intro segments, giving a nice effect to the given scenario, translating well with no recognized distortion or inaudible moments. 


*Scene 1:

Alina West/Seth Gamble

The premiere scene in Mason's Coming of Age kicks off in the midst of a sensual encounter between Alina 
West and Seth Gamble, with some light piano playing in the background as they kiss and caress each other through the opening moments before slowly rolling into the introductory blowie. The oral portion of the scene runs for around 10 minutes, consisting mostly of Seth being the primary giver, focusing more on Alina's reactions than the act itself. The sex ultimately makes it's way into the scene at around 11 minutes in, starting in the missionary position as Alina moans to the beat of her co-stars thrusts, while switching up authentically as the scene progresses. Things ultimately close out with Seth pulling out of Alina and pumping himself over her stomach, as they share some passionate kisses while the screen fades. A nice scene here that had some head-scratching moments for me personally; while I agree with our director's attempt at capturing a more expressive feel to the sex, I almost think that it's done somewhat to a fault here. Angles give the viewer a lot of body views and facial shots throughout the scene and few moments that really allow the viewer(s) to fully emobdy the experience. Alina seemed to be holding a bit back from the typical gonzo girl that I've come to know her as, and while I don't think that that's necessarily a bad thing I do believe it took the scene down a notch in terms of it's appeal.



*Scene 2: 

Marley Brinx/James Deen

Marley Brinx and James Deen are the focal points of the second scene in the film, opening up as they share in some light kisses with each other while James gropes Marley's backside and the soft piano theme music floods the background. The oral portion of the scene follows, with the music fading nicely as Marley gives some generous sucks to her co-star before he returns the favor, then going into a missionary fuck that initiates the sex. There's a believable feel to the passion as the scene moves forward, rolling through a variety of different positions as Marley's adorable presence takes center stage and the intensity has a gradually heightened feel to it all. Things continue well, ending as James jerks himself over Marley's stomach, unleashing a massive load of seminal fluids while they stare into each others and share a kiss before the screen eventually fades. A nice scene here that managed to capture and maintain a really nice vibe through it's 30 minute runtime; Marley's lovable expressions made the scene well worth a watch, and it seemed to have the perfect amount of passion to make it stand out. 



*Scene 3: 

 Piper Perri/Logan Pierce

New teenage porn sensation Piper Perri encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, looking adorable as always in a tiny white top, knee high tube socks and sneakers, and a tiny pair of red shorts to complete the look. The scene opens with Piper doing a disco-esque dance to the musical sounds of a more upbeat style intro than the rest of the scenes have showcased thus far, soon introducing Logan Pierce into view with the music slowly fading after around 4 minutes as they endulge in an extended makeout sesh to get the ball rolling. Logan is the first to give oral favors, with things sticking to a soft and sensual theme as the sex sets in shortly afterwards in a missionary positioning. Things progress well through the course of the scene, with Piper tossing in a couple of hefty deepthroats for added effect, giving us a nice view of the action and showcasing a flurry of different positions through the course of it all. Things finish with a solid missionary fuck in the closing moments, ending as Pierce pumps out a generous load over Piper's stomach, almost landing on her face in the process, before they share a kiss and the screen fades. Another nice scene here that serves as a mainly identical style of sex with a bit of contrast thrown in during the intro. Piper is always a fun watch and those who enjoy watching a softer style of porn will likely enjoy it. 



*Scene 4: 

Josie Jagger/Danny Mountain

The final scene in Mason's Coming of Age begins as we see Josie Jagger and Danny Mountain already in mid-grope, reverting back to the slower style of intro music as they lay on a bed together and makeout as the camera captures many atmospheric close-up shots of Josie's face and body. Oral acts are exchanged in the coming moments, with Mountain being the first to give and Josie following suit as her co-star reaches over her and dittles her pussy simultaneously. There's a nice energy through much of the early moments, progressing into Josie hopping on Danny for a cowgirl style dick-ride, pounding her incessantly as she moans to the heavens throughout. There's some solid intensity at sporadic points within the scene, but it has a pretty identical feel to the rest of the movie, even in it's final moments when Danny sprays a load over Josie's stomach as the scene concludes. Although I found it all to be pretty monotonous by this stage in the film, this scene still had it's moments, noting Josie's gorgeous looks being a personal focus of mine. The overall feel to it could perhaps be dull to those who don't find themselves to be big fans of the stars featured though. 




Mason's Coming Of Age from Erotica X, distributed by Mile High Distribution was much like I expected it to be, having a lot of the elements that seem to take precedent for those who try to formulate the perfect mixture of romance and eroticism in their porn flicks, while still attempting to combine passion and intensity that will merit the solo watcher to be as gratified as couples. While I certainly don't think that it does the job in accomplishing the latter, I do believe that the film serves as a modest take on couples themed porn, and without reinventing the wheel it still has a fair amount of action that those who are watching a little less closely could find appealing in small doses. Some of the camerawork in the film was a little perplexing at points, making attempts to capture a more sensual mood through close-up face shots or hands caressing body parts, and while I think it may serve it's purpose for this type of movie, it seemed to be done rather extensively in certain scenes. The style of direction was certainly far different from what we're used to seeing in Mason's more hardcore efforts, but I felt the cast was pretty solid and the comprehensive viewing is sufficient for those couples who are looking for something to watch after a long day of horseback riding and/or picnicking. Extras are sparse, only including a slideshow with a few pictures of the girls featured in the film, a couple of solo shots and a couple of action shots. Overall, I'll give this one a low-end recommedation based on the particular group that I think it's focused toward. So if you find yourself in that demographic give this one a look, but solo watchers looking for an all-out fuckfest probably already know that this isn't going to be their cup of tea. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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