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Wet Food 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/11/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Blowbang/Gonzo




Starring: Saya Song/Aria Alexander/Samantha Rone/Mia Li

With: Ryan Mclane/Scotty Lyons/Justin Hunt/Axel Aces/Jake Jace/Donny Sins/Justin Hunt/Tony Everready/Isiah Maxwell/Alex Davis/Moe Johnson/Brad Knight/Chad Alva/Filthy Rich/Eric John

Director: Jonni Darkko

Extras: BTS/Trailers

Release Date: 11/2/2015

Runtime: 3 Hrs 7 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Jonni Darkko's 'Wet Food #7'!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review for Jonni Darkko's Wet Food #7; The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. The audio elements are very basic, and the Evil Angel watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen being mostly unnoticeable to viewers. This review is based on the 1080p HD streaming video, showcasing a comparable likeness to the previous installments of the series, opening with a tease set to some Darkko jams, and rolling into the blowbang action after a short introductory segment. Camerawork was strong, never shying away from putting the viewer right up into the action, and the girls interaction added a nice vibe although I'd have personally liked to see a little more of it. 


*Scene 1:

Saya Song w/

Ryan Mclane/Justin Hunt/Jake Jace/Axel Aces/Scotty Lyons/Eric John

The premiere scene in Jonni Darkko's seventh installment of his Wet Food series features brand spankin' new Asian porn cutie Saya Song, unfortunately opening with a pretty uneventful tease that lasts upwards to 6 minutes before the blowbang fun sets in. Saya's butt naked from the start of the action, giving some A+ efforts to jam whichever jizz-nozzle is within a one foot radius of her mouth down her esophagus, gradually gaining steam as the guys egg her on from the peanut gallery throughout much of the scene. Saya's stunt cocks are provided by a group of six guys, most of them flooding the background when they're not involved in the action, while a few of them try their hand at helping her get off with a conveniently placed Hitachi wand. Saya's consistent energy is certain to keep the porn pervs eyes locked on her through most of the scene, going into an intense state of masturbatory bliss in the later stages thanks to the trusty Hitachi that these dudes continue to blast her pussy with. Positions are mostly typical of what we're used to seeing in Jonni's recent blowbang efforts, starting with Saya as the centerpiece of a 6 cock salute and finishing up with the famous "head-hanging over the bed" cock-slamming as the guys take turns on her throat while she moans incessantly whenever there isn't a penis lodged in her cakehole. The scene's finale consists of Saya getting her face slathered with jizz from each of the guys, 6 in total with some solid facial coverage as Saya continuously drives herself to orgasm simultaneously while they drip their cocksauce over her entire noggin. Overall, this was a pretty good scene; there's some solid blowbang action through the course of it making for a strokeworthy effort that fans of Saya's are likely to find pleasantly fulfilling.



*Scene 2:

Aria Alexander w/

Scotty Lyons/Donny Sins/Justin Hunt/Tony Everready/Jake Jace/Axel Aces/Isiah Maxwell/Alex Davis/Eric John

Gorgeous fair-skinned beauty Aria Alexander is the focal point of the second scene in the film, looking sensational from the second we see her, dressed in a porn-inspired stringy black number that covers essentially nothing before some quick masturbation action gets the ball rolling. Action ultimately sets in at around 5 minutes in with Eric John grabbing her by her collar and creepily briefing her on her expected duties, before she drops to her knees and becomes the centerpiece of a 9-cock salute. Aria slops up her dongs nicely in the opening moments, going full-on bonkers on whichever jizz-nozzle is nearest to her face while keeping a keen eye on her co-stars and maintaining some nice camera interaction as it all unravels. Positioning gives us a few different looks at the action, starting with the standard circle blowbang and finishing up as Aria hangs her head off of the couch for easier access, allowing all of the guys to blast her face with their cocks as she slurps and spits over herself while they throttle her throat. The facial finale features Aria dittling herself with the Hitachi at the same time as she receives her reward, driving herself to orgasm as her face gets riddled with dicksauce and finishing as she stuffs her panties into her mouth while the guys give her a round of applause. Aww. Good stuff here; I've only watched Aria a handful of times but she's been solid in all of the stuff I've watched her in. Add that to how attractive she is and I think we could have a big star on our hands. Cooool!



*Scene 3: 

Mia Li w/

Scotty Lyons/Alex Davis/Tony Everready/Donny Sins/Justin Hunt/Jake Jace/Chris Cock/Moe Johnson/Eric John

Mia Li encapsualtes our view for the third scene in the film, dressed fantastically in a dark colored lingerie number as the camera gives us some choice views of her various pieces and parts through the introductory segment. Mia's hypnotic stares into the lens make this intro my favorite of the film so far, slowly unveiling her tits and playing with herself early on before taking centerstage to 9 cocks. Camera interaction is strong right off the rip, with a bit less banter from the stunt cocks making for a much nicer viewing as Mia giggles and rifles through dick like a seasoned vet. Mia keeps it sloppy from beginning to end, hammering every jizzwhistle down her throat like she hasn't eaten a meal in weeks and getting loads of lube squirted into her mouth before spitting it over her stunt cocks while it perfectly rolls over her tits for added effect. Her expressions are the real icing on the cake in this scene though, constantly smiling devilshly whenever a dick isn't crammed down her throat and testing her limits while letting out some massively exaggerated cock chokes. Mia's tits also play a large part in this scene's overall effect, constantly oiled and perked up for whichever dick wants to give em' a smack in the midst of this blowbang free-for-all. Mia's face gets absolutely wrecked with jizz in the final moments, knocking off her eyelashes as she keeps her happy-go-lucky attitude until the screen fades, as the guys give her a round of applause for a job well done. A fun scene here that some may like more than others; I personally enjoyed Mia's attitude throughout the 45 minutes that the scene ran, and thought she gave a solid effort. Good stuff. 


*Scene 4: 

Samantha Rone w/

Scotty Lyons/Brad Knight/Jake Jace/Filthy Rich/Alex Davis/Chad Alva/Axel Aces/Eric John

The final scene in Jonni Darkko's Wet Food #7 kicks off with a quick tease from blonde porn cutie Samantha Rone, looking lush in a black lingerie inspired porn get-up as she shows off a bit for us in the opening moments. The tease is short and to the point here, moving forward as the camera cuts and we see Samantha as the centerpiece of an 8 cock brigade. Samantha's already in mid-throating once the camera fades in, giving some massive cock chugs to whichever dick she can manage to get her mouth around while staying attentive to sloppiness early on. Her big eyes and "never say die" attitude drive this scene to being one of the more memorable efforts in the film, jamming jizz-nozzles down her throat like a seasoned vet while looking adoringly into the lens while they pummel her throat. Things wrap up with an extended finale, ending as the guys separately blast their ballsacks over Samantha's face throughout the last ten minutes of the scene while she dittles herself to multiple orgasms with a Hitachi in the midst of it. Overall, this scene had some great stuff wrapped into it; Samantha's fun-loving and overly slutty attitude will make the porn pervs love her even more than they already do, and her energy was spot-on. Good stuff. 




Jonni Darkko's Wet Food 7 from Evil Angel Video had some good stuff wrapped into it, packing far less of a punch than the previous installments but still not warranting any less than a recommendation even so. The movie started out with what might have been the most intense action of the film with Saya Song, but Samantha Rone closed it wonderfully in a scene that I believe will probably serve as the fan favorite of the movie. I gotta be honest, I didn't love the cast for this film when I first saw it, and although it still didn't blow me out of the water I was a bit surprised at the overall effect it had on me. I suppose it's just further proof that Darkko's one of the best director's out there. DVD extras include a BTS segment with pre and post scene interviews from each of the girls in the film, as well as a grouping of trailers to round it out. In closing, I'd still give this one a recommendation even though it's one of the less prominent Darkko movies I've seen in recent memory, noting that those who enjoy some solid blowbang porn should definitely give this one a look if they have yet to do so. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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