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Anal Intoxication

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/14/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal




Cast: Marsha May/Rachael Madori/Jade Jantzen/Trisha Parks/Chris Strokes/Jessy Jones/Mick Blue/Xander Corvus

Director: Kevin Moore

Extras: Trailers/BTS

Release Date: 11/2/2015

Runtime: 2 Hrs 33 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Kevin Moore's 'Anal Intoxication'!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review for Kevin Moore's Anal Intoxication; The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. The audio elements are very basic, and the Evil Angel watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen being mostly unnoticeable to viewers. This review is based on the 1080p HD streaming video, showcasing Kevin Moore's meticulous style of filming, with each scene kicking off with a tease, then rolling into a scenario that adds a nice contrast to the action, some better than others. Camerawork was solid, being uniform to a lot of Kevin's recent stylings, never shying away from giving the viewer an up-close glimpse of the action, with no noticeable distortion or inaudible moments in the audio portion. 


Scene 1:

Marsha May/Jessy Jones

Anal, ATM


The premiere scene in Kevin Moore's Anal Intoxication kicks off wonderfully with a girl who might just be the next "it" girl in porn, Marsha May. The scene opens with Marsha looking sensational right off the rip, dressed in a wonderfully porn-inspired one piece swimsuit that covers little if anything, white leg warmers, and classic clear stripper heels to complete the look. The intro is loaded with walkshots and tit grabs from Marsha, showcasing the cocky attitude that we all love her for before rolling into the scenario after a mere 3 minutes. The scene sets up when Marsha approaches Jessy Jones, both of them having a scene that day and talking about how their talent has yet to show up. Marsha eventually seduces Jessy into showing her his cock, enthralled at it's "fatness" as she grips it and continuously compliments him before having a quick taste as they both worry about being caught by the director since they have a scene to shoot. Early moments show some nice creativity in the setup, having all of the typically laughable acting from Jessy and Marsha that you'd expect, but translating really playfully and having a fun vibe because of it. Sex eventually sets in after a short blow-j segment, as Marsha hops on Jessy's lap for a cowgirl dick-ride whilst moaning and continuing to admire his dong in the midst of it. Position switches are bridged nicely with Marsha going full-on bonkers on Jessy's jizz-nozzle, with camera angles giving us some great views of the action as her eyes well up and the dickspit drips down her chin like a flowing river. The better half of the scene is geared toward vaginal sex, but Marsha's such a blast to watch that it doesn't even matter; the way that this girl deepthroats a cock is likely to put any porn pervert into a masturbatory trance. Anal sets in at about 22 minutes in, with Marsha giving out some exaggerated moans as Jessy shovels his plonker into her anus, gradually picking up steam as they both stay in character wel throughout the entire course of the 35 minutes that this scene runs for. Things ultimately cap off after a missionary themed pussy plunge, with Marsha dropping to her knees as Jessy blasts some solid streams of jizz over her face before she gives him a few final sucks and stares into the lens in the closing moments. Righteous. Great scene here; if you're not yet aware of Marsha May then you must be sleeping under a fucking rock. This girl is the real deal and the future WILL be bright for her. Cooool!



*Scene 2: 

Rachael Madori/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM

Brunette beauty Rachael Madori is next on the docket, opening up the scene in a black see through fishnet skirt, with a matching glove over her left hand, black high heels, and a pentagram belt buckle to complete the look. The intorductory segment runs for about 2 minutes, taking place outdoors and flowing nicely as Rachael walks up to the door and looks into the camera saying, "This guy's going to freak out when he sees me." The scenario sets up with Rachael playing the role of a local stripper who's seeking donations to help fund her club; Mick answers the door befuddled at the fact that this girl is walking around the neighborhood dressed like this and asking for money, but kindly obliges when she offers to dance for him, setting up a short secondary tease segment that fluently rolls indoors where Rachael grinds on her co-star to get the ball rolling. There's a bit of a flub as things move forward, with the viewer being able to perfectly overhear our director asking them to 'play up the donation vibe' before getting into the action, as the stars do exactly that before Rachael sternly tells Mick that she wants to suck his cock. The blowie sets up nicely, with Rachael going ham on Mick's cock as he thrusts her cakehole like a horny jack-rabbit, giving us a great view of the action as her eyes water and she continues to test the limits of her throat as it all unfolds. Mick returns the favor by taking a face-first dive into Rachael's hamhole, with some more throatfucking fun following suit before Rachael hops on Mick's wanker for some good ol' fashioned cowgirl dick ridin'. Sex is solid through the scene to say the least, showcasing a beautiful intensity from both parties with anal coming into play at the 20 minute mark by way of a doggie style dick-dunk from Blue. In these moments the action picks up even more, featuring Mick relentlessly pummeling Rachael's anus while we get some choice views of the action. The scene's loaded with gapes and monster deepthroats from Rachael, capping off at 35 minute as she hungrily takes a face-load of cock sauce and blows a kiss into the camera before the screen fades. *sigh* Great fucking scene; probably my favorite I've seen of Rachael's overall to be honest. The action was solid, the tease was great and although there was a minor flub in the early moments sexual perfromance always rules all and it was fucking top notch here. Word!



*Scene 3: 

Jade Jantzen/Xander Corvus


Jade Jantzen encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, looking lush as she sways and shakes to the sounds of one of the tracks from Kevin Moore's arsenal of porno jams. Jade's dressed in a porn-inspired neon green fishnet number with a white fishnet biker glove over her right hand and high heels to complete the look, as the sun radiates perfectly off of her olive-skinned complexion. The tease is solid, flooded with close-ups and walkshots of Jade's tiny booty before cutting to the scene setup as we see Xander Corvus on the phone with an apparent client of some sort. In the scenario, Jade's dressed down, looking casual and playing the role of a girl who's auditioning for an upcoming role in one of Xander's movies. After expressing her initial discontent with always being offered the "cute girl" role, Xander decides to humor her, having her dress up in the same outfit that we saw in the tease, while her auditioner mentions that if she wants to play the bad girl role, then she's going to have to do bad girl things. Of course Jade is up for the challenge, with early moments having a fetish inspired theme as we see her changing into her outfit in it's entirety. Action sets in with Xander poking and prodding at Jade's holes, almost immediately after she's gotten dressed, as Jade retuns the favor with some hefty deepthroats that give way to the introductory sex beginning in a standard cowgirl positioning. The sex is strong right off the rip thanks to some generous views of Jade's body, rolling into a solid doggie style fuck that eventually flows into the anal sex. Jade's expressions make everything translate pretty well through the course of the scene's 37 minute runtime, moving through a couple of different positions on the anal side of things before Xander makes it rain cum over her face and she tries to her best to make it look like she's enjoying it. A pretty good scene here up until the final moments; Jade was pretty convincing in making this a pretty memorable watch, but the last seconds seemed a little awkward even so. Either way, it's probably the best scene i've watched Jade in and Xander did his thing. 



*Scene 4: 

Trisha Parks/Chris Strokes

Anal, ATM

The final scene in Kevin Moore's Anal Intoxication begins with a tease from brand new porn hottie Trisha Parks, giving us a quick 2 minute look at her in an outdoor setting as she struts her stuff in a tiny black porno-esque skirt with the ass cut out, loaded with generous walkshots and some overly flirty looks into the camera. The tease rolls into the scenario, setting up indoors as Trisha plays the role of a porn model, with co-star Chris Strokes playing the role of a male pornstar. Hmm. The scenario is relatively uneventful in terms of noteworthiness, getting better once the talking stops and Chris convinces Trisha to do a "content exchange" in order to help Trisha feel better about cheating on her boyfriend. It takes about 11 minutes for the scene to actually start, happening as Trisha grinds on Chris' unsheathed throbber before slopping up his slurpstick, making some solid efforts before she hops onto him for a cowgirl dick ride to initiate the sex. Things are pretty solid once they get moving, with anal setting up at around 22 minutes in as Trisha points her ass to the sky and Strokes takes a dick-first dive inward. The goosebumps on Trisha's thighs are all the viewer needs to see how much she's enjoying it (or maybe she's cold?), but there's still an unavoidable slowness to the scene that makes everything translate as pretty dull. Things eventually cap off after a seemingly endless missionary themed fuck where Trisha is begging for Chris to cum, finally letting loose a solid load in the closing moments before she slurps up the goods and blows a kiss to the home viewers in the final moments. This one wasn't great; much to the juxtaposition of the previous scenes, this is probably one of the worse scenes I've watched Trisha in, and I think she's done some great stuff. Sometimes the chemistry just isn't there and unfortunately it seemed like that might have been the case for this one. Trisha's still on a short list of some of the better girls I've seen in the new crop, but I don't think this is really her best work. 




Kevin Moore's Anal Intoxication from Evil Angel Video had some great stuff wrapped into it's context, with a consistently decreasing vibe in the overall viewing but still a few scenes that are certainly worth checking out. Marsha kicked it off with a bang, giving her usual 110 percent effort and the rest of the cast followed suit well, with a closing scene that unfortunately didn't have the push that it needed to make this one a collectively solid effort. With all that being said, I still wouldn't shy away from giving this one a solid recommendation based on the first three scenes in the film; Marsha and Rachael absolutely killed it, both of their scenes were top-notch and although Jade's scene didn't really blow me away I still think it was probably the best I've personally seen from her. Tech specs were as solid as expected when watching Kevin's flicks, noting a small flub in the second scene that didn't really make a difference unless you're watching it for the plotline. So overall I'll go ahead and give this one a recommendation based on the above information; it's a solid tease and fuck anal flick with some nice contrast that I think fans will enjoy. Recommended.  


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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