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Couples Seeking Teens 18

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/17/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 21 minutes

Date of Production:  June 2015 


Genre: Threesomes; All Sex, 18+ teens, Couples, Mature, Old and Young Females (18+), Older Men

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Bobby Manilla

Cast: Danica Dillon, Bliss Dulce, Dava Foxx, Kasey Warner, Rachel Roxx, Nickey Huntsman, Nina Elle, Brianna Brown, Erik Everhard, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, Tommy Gunn

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Behind the Scenes with over 22 minutes of footage featuring interviews with each starlets; Trailers for Babysitter Diaries 12, Filthy Family 10, Too Big for Teens 13


The horny couples in Bobby Manilla’s Couples Seeking Teens 18 know how to scheme their way into the panties and pussies of the unsuspecting teens in this 2 hour and 21 minute movie. The unsure teens quickly become part of a threesome fuckfest that keeps them screaming in ecstasy and happy they met these swinging couples. The horny couples, Danica Dillion and James Deen, Dava Foxx and Erik Everhard, Rachel Roxx and Ramon Nomar and Nina Elle and Tommy Gunn have fun fucking the young, tight teen pussies of Bliss Dulce, Kasey Warner, Nickey Huntsman and Brianna Brown. There is great chemistry between these couples and their teen prey as the MILFs and teens share in cock sucking and in eating each other’s pussies. Some of the hottest parts of the flick feature these MILFs and teens getting stacked and fucked on top of each other doggystyle and in reverse cowgirl. Every scene has a hot spot, but one of the best scenes is Nina Elle and Tommy Gunn fucking Brianna Brown. The pussy stacking in this threesome is hot. The scenes are shot well with great production quality, especially the lighting and each scene has a short set up storyline that develops into sizzling sex. I highly recommend this flick for the hot teens and MILFs and the hard fucking and great chemistry in each scene.

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Scene 1:  Danica Dillon, Bliss Dulce and James Deen

Danica Dillon is busy doing yoga in the living room when her husband James Deen walks by on his way off to work. Danica stops him and tells him that she has a new trainer coming by the house and she is very eager to get new clients. James decides to hang out at the house for a while. Bliss Dulce, the new trainer, stops by and introduces herself to Danica. Bliss starts training Danica right away, telling her to get on her hands and knees. She helps Danica get into different poses, stretching her body and asks James to bring her a glass of water. He shows up with the water and grabs his crotch, flaunting it in Bliss’ face. Danica apologizes for James’ behavior but Bliss tells him it’s OK. Danica tells Bliss to suck his dick or she’ll do it. It’s not long before both girls are getting their mouths worked out by James’ cock as he fucks their throat. These girls are hungry for cock, slurping and sucking of James’ meat while he grips their hair and guides their head back and forth. Danica takes over the cock sucking duty, spitting on James’ dick while Bliss stands up and starts kissing him.

Danica works his cock into Bliss’ pussy while the 2 are in standing doggy position. Bliss looks back at James telling him how much she loves his cock. Danica spanks her ass and stands by for pussy to mouth cock sucking action. The standing doggy fucking between Bliss and James continues and gets harder, rougher and faster as Danica shoves her tits in Bliss’ face. One of the best parts of the scene is when Danica bends over in standing doggy position, putting her pussy in Bliss’ face. Bliss eats her pussy while she gets fucked in standing doggy position. James helps both girls over to the couch, stacking them on top of each other doggystyle and keeping the pussy stuffing going, fucking Bliss from behind. He moves down to Danica, fucking her in a downward doggy then this threesome turns things around as Bliss sits on James’ hard cock in reverse cowgirl position, getting her pussy pumped hard and fast. The girls share in the cock sucking and ball licking again before Danica rides James cowgirl style. Bliss stays close by, watching Danica’s pussy get fucked then sucking his dick as soon as it slips out of Danica’s pussy. Bliss sits her pussy on James face while Danica rides him cowgirl style, but James soon has both girls lying on the backs in missionary position with their legs wide open as he moves his tongue from 1 pussy to the next, burying his face between their legs and eating their pussy. The fucking action goes back to doggy position and then to missionary style before James titty fucks Danica and spoon fucks Bliss, which she loves. Danica sits on Bliss’ face and while she’s in that position, James sticks his dick in her pussy and fucks her. He pulls out and both girls rush to their knees where James stands over them and jerks his dick until he shoots his load all over their big round tits.

Scene 2:  Dava Foxx, Kasey Warner and Erik Everhard

Kasey shows up at Erik and Dava’s house to help out with the back sale. She asks Erik about it but he doesn’t know anything about a bake sale. He sends her upstairs to the bedroom where is wife Dava is to find out about the sale. As soon as Kasey walks into the bedroom, Dava asks her what size she is. She gives Kasey lingerie to try on, telling her not to be shy. Kasey strips in front of Dava to try on the clothes and Dava helps her fit into her clothes. Kasey comes clean and tells Dava that she has always wanted to try something with her and she thought today would be a good day to make a first move, but she got cold feet when she saw Dava’s husband Erik. Dava assures her that her husband actually enjoys this. Dava calls Erik into the bedroom and in no time, both Erik and Dava help Kasey into the bed. Dava undresses Kasey while Erik kisses her tits, rubs her body and spanks her ass. Kasey is fully naked now and she helps Dava get out of her clothes. Kasey can’t believe this is actually happening as she starts licking Dava’s tits.  With both girls lying naked in bed, Erik makes his move on Kasey, spreading her legs missionary style and eating her pussy, lashing her clit with his tongue while Kasey tongue whips her nipples. Kasey is in ecstasy from all this oral pleasure.

She turns her sights to Erik’s cock, sucking him off and sharing his meat with Dava. The 2 girls jerk his cock in and out of their mouth and Dava is getting her pussy eaten at the same time as she lies on top of Erik in 69 position. One girl sucks his dick while the other licks his balls. Kasey is the first to get fucked, sitting on Erik’s prick cowgirl style while Dava sits her pussy on Erik’s face. Kasey rides Erik’s meat while Dava spanks and grabs her ass. Her pussy is wet as Erik’s prick slips in and out of her hole. Kasey is moaning as Erik’s cock stuffs her pussy and Dava is moaning as Erik’s tongue licks her clit. Kasey turns Erik’s meat over to Dava who sits on in reverse cowgirl style and rides it. Kasey spanks her tits and rubs her clit while Dava takes Erik’s dick. Kasey is ready for more cock and she gets into doggy position on the bed for a hard pounding from Erik. The girls stack up on top of each other in doggy position and Erik fucks each pussy from behind. Dava hosts more of Erik’s cock in her pussy in spoon position and then Kasey takes it again from behind in doggy. After more reverse cowgirl fucking and getting her clit rubbed by Kasey, Dava cums. Kasey takes it doggystyle again and Dava gets fucked in standing doggy. Erik pumps her until he’s ready to pop, pulling out and ordering Dava on her knees. She opens her mouth wide and Erik blows his load directly down her throat. Dava and Kasey play a game of cum swap with Erik’s load.

Scene 3:   Rachel Roxx, Nickey Huntsman and Ramon Nomar

Nickey Huntsman is home alone. Her parents aren’t there and she is surprised that Rachel Roxx and her husband Ramon Nomar show up wanting to take a look at the house. They are interested in buying it. Nickey reluctantly agrees to show them the place even though her parents aren’t there. She shows them the living room and then decides to take them on a tour of the rest of the house. She walks them up to her bedroom to show them around but is embarrassed to when they see her dildos sitting on the bed. Nickey grabs it and apologizes to Rachel and Ramon. Rachel tells Nickey not to be embarrassed because she loves playing with dildos herself. Rachel picks up the dildo and starts using it on Nickey, turning her on. The couple sits Nickey on the bed and starts undressing her. Rachel starts sucking Nickey’s nipples, telling her how much she loves them. Nickey is really getting into the action now, enjoying Rachel’s beautiful tits, grabbing and sucking on them. The couple works on Nickey from both ends with Rachel sitting her pussy on Nickey’s face 69 style and licking her clit and Ramon spreading her Nickey’s legs open missionary style and eating her pussy. As Ramon strips, Rachel says she can’t wait to watch his cock gets stuffed into Nickey’s little pussy.

Before Ramon starts fucking Nickey, Rachel sucks his cock, lubing it up. Ramon sticks it in Nickey missionary style and starts fucking her. The missionary fucking gets hot as Rachel lies on top of Nickey 69 style, sitting on Nickey’s face and licking Nickey’s clit while Ramon fucks her pussy. The girls decide to share his cock and start sucking it, running their tongues up and down the sides of his shaft then stuffing his dick down their throats. Rachel then gets on top of his cock in reverse cowgirl position as Nickey sucks her nipples. Rachel yells for Ramon to fuck her pussy. Nickey sucks his dick right out of Rachel’s pussy then sticks it back in Rachel’s snatch. Rachel gets fucked spoon and missionary style while Nickey licks her clit.  One of the hottest parts of this scene is when Rachel is lying in missionary position and both Nickey and Ramon start eating her pussy and licking her clit at the same time. Ramon helps Nickey into doggy position and starts fucking her as she lies on top of Rachel. The fucking soon turns to cowgirl and then Rachel gets spoon fucked while she kisses Nickey. The spoon fucking goes on but this time it’s Nickey who takes Ramon’s cock in her pussy spoon style. Ramon fucks her hole then pulls out and cums all over both girls tits.

Scene 4:  Nina Elle, Brianna Brown and Tommy Gunn

Brianna Brown is stressed. She is working hard to finish her exam on her laptop but she isn’t getting anywhere. She calls Nina Elle from an ad she saw in the school forum. Nina specializes in political science and that’s just the help Briana needs on her exam. Briana meets Nina at her house and in no time, she helps Briana get all the answers she needs. Tommy Gunn, Nina’s husband, joins them in the living room just as its time for Brianna to pay Nina for her services. The trouble is that Brianna doesn’t have the $150 that Nina requires and she doesn’t know what to do. Luckily, Nina is willing to accept an alternative payment plan and it involves fucking her and her husband. The two girls quickly set their sights on Tommy’s cock, helping him out of his clothes as he sits on the couch. The share in the cock bounty, sucking his dick. Nina holds his cock and drives it into Brianna’s mouth, telling her to suck it. They go back and forth, jerking and sucking his dick and balls. Brianna spits on his dick, keeping it wet as they deep throat his meat, shoving it further and further down their throats.

Nina tells Brianna to sit on his cock and she is glad to do it, riding his meat cowgirl style as Nina spanks her ass. Nina tells Brianna to ride her husband’s cock really good. Brianna bounces harder and faster up and down on Tommy’s meat while Tommy grabs and spanks her ass. Nina decides to taste Brianna’s pussy right off of Tommy’s cock, pulling his dick out of Brianna’s snatch and sucking it. Brianna keeps riding him, moaning in pleasure while Nina kisses her. The chemistry between Nina and Brianna is hot to watch. Nina sits on Tommy’s face and gets her pussy spanks with Tommy’s tongue then she rides him in reverse cowgirl position, telling her husband to fuck her real good. Brianna takes her turn, riding Tommy reverse cowgirl style and the hard pounding really turns her on, making her scream louder and louder on top of Tommy’s cock. The doggystyle action comes next as Tommy helps both girls into a stack with Brianna on top and Nina on the bottom, both in doggy position. Tommy starts fucking Brianna first, slamming deep into her wet pussy from behind. He pulls out and moves down to Nina’s snatch, fucking her doggystyle. This double stacked doggystyle fucking is the hottest part of this scene. The girls are having so much fun in the double stacked position that they turn things around into a double stacked reverse cowgirl with Nina on the bottom and Brianna lying on top. Tommy fucks from one pussy to the other reverse cowgirl style, keeping a big smile on their faces. Brianna takes more doggystyle pounding and Nina really gets fucked in spoon position on the couch while Brianna fingers her clit, driving her crazy. Brianna gets pinned and fucked in spoon position too and Nina gets in missionary position for more pussy pounding. Tommy stretches her pussy then pulls out and cums on both girls tongue and all over Nina’s tits.

Final Thoughts:

The shy, unsuspecting teens in Bobby Manilla’s Couples Seeking Teens 18 have the group sex experience of their lives when 4 horny couples scheme their way into the panties and pussies of these teens. The movie runs for 2 hour and 21 minutes over 4 hot scenes that feature sex hungry MILFs and their husbands fucking the tight teen pussies of Bliss Dulce, Kasey Warner, Nickey Huntsman and Brianna Brown. The swinging couples, Danica Dillion and James Deen, Dava Foxx and Erik Everhard, Rachel Roxx and Ramon Nomar and Nina Elle and Tommy Gunn, all have a plan to fuck these teens and they tell them anything to get them in the sheets. From fake cookie sales to pretending to buy a house, these couples have these teens right where they want them and it’s not long before the cock stuffing and pussy eating has these teens glad they met these horny couples. There is great chemistry throughout this movie as these MILFs and teens pleasure each other and share in the cock sucking and fucking bounty. The pussy stacking is hot and James Deen and Tommy Gunn take advantage of this, stacking and fucking MILFs and teens doggystyle. Bobby Manilla wrote and directed this flick and each scene is shot well. The lighting and HD quality are great and the storyline for each scene is fun to watch. I highly recommend this flick for the hot teens and MILFs and the hard fucking and great chemistry in each scene.

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