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Barebacking Fuck Buddies 15

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 11/17/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Running Time: 1:50
Director: Jack Cruise
HD: Shot in HD
Studio: Cocksure Men
Number of Discs: 1
Year: 2015
Watermarks: No
Condoms: No

"Barebacking Fuck Buddies 15" is a fine compilation of some of the hottest men fucking one another and going full bareback on each other. The Disc itself is a compilation of segment from the Cocksure Men website, though there are no actual watermarks on any of the segments. This might prove to be a good thing for folks that want to appreciate the segments on their own without acting as an advertisement. The segments are split up according to chapter, and are four of the best segments I've seen in this genre. The sex segments are heated and well performed and the men are sexy.

Hayden Barebacks Tex
This segment from 2010 features Hayden and Tex beginning their heat with making out and grabbing at one another vigorously. As they strip their clothes off revealing their taut bodies, they begin groping one another amorously. Tex goes down on Hayden slowly, kissing his stomach and undoing his pants to gobble his dick. He starts of slow and easy and then completely gets in to it, driving his cock down in to his throat. Hayden lays Tex down on to the bed and undoes his pants gobbling his large cock this time, and lies beside him jerking off as he sucks his dick. Hayden then takes over, bare backing Tex, fucking him slowly then realty giving it to him hard.

As Tex lies back with his hard dick, Hayden splits his legs apart fucking pumping him deep and fast, while Tex caresses his legs. Hayden then turns Tex over on to his knees and fucks him from behind as Tex takes it with loud groans and moans, and then dominates Tex’s ass pumping him hard and slapping his ass. Tex then begins masturbating his hard cock as Hayden kneels behind him rubbing him and groping him for the camera, Finally Tex sprays cum all over the sheets, groaning aloud as Hayden holds him tighter, and sucks on his cum soaked fingers, kissing Tex passionately.

Scotty Barebacks Derek

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This segment from 2015 features two really sexy buff men sucking one another and getting it on before we even get settled in. They begin kissing each other and rubbing each other’s hairy tattooed bodies, as Scotty kisses and begin to already dominate Derek who lies back with a hard long cock. Scotty goes down on him sucking him off as Derek watches and groans aloud, and the two move in to a 69 position, sucking one another off and licking their balls. Scotty leans over rimming Derek’s plump bare ass and grasps his cheeks with both hands, and gets on his knees as Derek leans over sucking him off. They lean down one another kissing deeply, and Scotty enters Derek slowly, splitting his legs apart, and easing in to his tight ass. Derek submits to Scotty, lying back with a hard cock as Scotty fucks Derek slowly and steadily, with one hand on his pecks, and speeds up faster and faster as they get in to the motion.

They get in to the bare backing as they lean down to kiss one another as Scotty has his way with Derek dominating his asshole. Scotty then slides down sucking on Derek’s hard cock, licking his shaft steadily, and then turns Derek over rimming his hole deeply. Prime for another fucking, Scotty dominates Derek fucking him from behind and straddles Derek, fucking him hard and fast. Finally they embrace kissing and Derek leans over sucking on Scotty’s dick, leaning over again to take it from Scotty hard and fast, enjoying as his hard dick dangles. Finally Derek straddles Scott riding him cowgirl style and takes him slow and deep, enjoying the motion, until finally cumming all over his chest.

Benjamin Barebacks Andrew
Benjamin and Andrew begin kissing one another and groping one another’s cocks, as well as stripping down, while embracing with deep tongue lashing. Benjamin strips down Andrew, taking his shirt off and kissing his chest, and Andrew leans over kissing Benjamin’s stomach and groping his crotch. Andrew leans over sucking on Benjamin’s cock and kisses him. They lay back side by side and naked with their hard cocks throbbing, as Andrew leans over again continuing to suck on Benjamin’s cock furiously. Andrew finally takes his underwear off as Benjamin leans over jerking him off and rubbing his hard cock, while Andrew sucks on Benjamin’s hard pecker. Benjamin then leans over sucking on Andrew’s cock furiously, and the two embrace kissing until Benjamin leans over once again and begins sucking on Andrew’s hard throbbing cock while jerking his own hard cock off.

Benjamin leans over sucking on Andrew, and the two form a 69 position with each other, sucking and jerking one another off. Andrew turns over and kneels down popping his bubble butt out to Benjamin who leans over rimming him and licking his hole furiously. Benjamin finally leans over on to Andrew, dominating him and rims him again ensuring a raw and moist entrance point. Andrew leans over taking in Benjamin who fucks his plump ass hard and fast, spanking him repeatedly. Benjamin then leans over dominating Andrew again, pounding on him, and straightens up as Andrew masturbates. Andrew straightens up taking Benjamin from behind and then leans down absorbing every thrust while jerking himself off. Benjamin lies down along the couch as Andrew straddles him riding him cowgirl style, and takes him in deep and slowly. Andrew then begins riding him fast and hard, groaning aloud as Benjamin pumps him from below with his hard cock. Benjamin spanks him repeatedly, as Andrew takes the pounding from below, and is thrown back by Benjamin who splits him apart and fucks his ass. Andrew jerks off cumming on himself, and Benjamin follows cumming all over Andrew.

Zohan Barebacks Park
Zohan and Park begin the segment kissing and groping one another in front of their bed, as Park takes off Zohan’s shirt. Zohan throws his shirt to the floor, and takes off Park’s shirt, grabbing at his buff body and holding him tightly to his crotch. Park leans down kissing Zohan’s pecks and stomach and grabs his crotch as they meet again kissing. They both manage to strip down to their white underwear revealing their large bulges, and embrace again kissing. Park then kneels down sucking on Zohan’s long hard cock, jerking him off and sucking him. Zohan guides his head with both hands taking his sucking with groans and moans, and lifts his leg up on the bed to open up for Park’s face as he licks his shaft and sucks on his balls. They finally drop on the bed kissing and embracing, rubbing their muscular bodies along one another, and Zohan lays on top of him straddling him as Park wraps his legs around him. He then enters Park from behind kissing him and slowly throbbing in to his hole, and they kneel along the bed kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. Finally Zohan bends Park over, and enters him form behind, thrusting him slow and steady and then speeding up, pumping harder and harder.

Park leans down taking the pounding, and jerks himself off as Zohan gains control of his mate. Zohan then leans over dominating Park, sliding his cock deep in to his ass as Park groans and moans aloud, and they spread along the bed fucking slowly and steadily. Zohan lifts one leg pounding on Park from behind, as Park submits, groaning and panting. Zohan then lies along the bed as Park straddles him and rides him reverse cowgirl style, jerking himself off as he takes in Zohan’s hard cock. They finally fall to the side as Zohan fucks Park from behind harder and faster, and they kiss deeply during the motioning. Zohan then splits Park and enters in to his ass as Park wraps his legs around Zohan’s waist, and then begins performing push up fucks on Park’s ass as Park takes it and moans. Park finally jerks himself off and cums all over his stomach, and Zohan continues fucking him until finally releasing all over Park’s cock and stomach. Zohan fucks Park some more and the segment ends with the two leaning down to make out some more.

There is really only a web preview for the Cocksure Men website.

The video is crisp and sharp with some bright and clear photography. The sound is also very good with much of the motion and sounds of the fucking coming through perfectly. It really adds to the experience. I did have a hell of a time finding a DVD player to play this DVD as the copy sent often malfunctioned. I tried three DVD players, and the last one barely played through the second segment. I wonder if this is on all the copies, but it was tough finding any machine to play the movie. The picture also kept flickering. I checked my DVD player thoroughly and inevitably accepted it was the copy itself.

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