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Interracial Gloryhole Teens

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/20/15

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Category: Gonzo/Interracial/Gloryhole



Cast: Abby Rain/Amelia Rose/Ashlynn Leigh/Britney Young/Kasey Warner/Mary Jane Mayhem/Roxanne Rae

Director: Uncredited

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 8/24/2015

Runtime: 124 Mins

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*Audio/Video Levels: Dogfart.com's Interracial Gloryhole Teens was enhanced for widescreen viewing, with a mostly standard style of gonzo-themed porn that does all that it really needs to for the specific type of movie that it is. The preface of the film was fairly minimal, with a quick viewing of the 7 scenes set to some music, while the movie itself featured no music through the scenes and no company watermark or logo on the screen at any time. All of the audio in the film translated pretty well with no inaudible moments or recognized distortion. You can also click on any of the photos below to check out their trailers on the Dogfart website to give you a more comparative look. 


*Scene 1:

Abby Rain



The premiere scene in Dogfart.com's Interracial Gloryhole Teens kicks off as we see a fairly casually dressed Abby Rain (also credited as Abbey Rain, Abby Rains, and Abbey Rains in some scenes) entering a grungy peep show room in the back of an adult theatre, opening up with our featured starlet talking on the telephone with her significant other about the groceries she's supposed to be picking up from the supermarket. Action sets in with Abby popping a squat on a chair that's located directly in our view, dittling her cooter for a few moments before a random black cock pops out of the wall. Without hesitation, Abby takes a face first dive onto it, giving some solid sucks for an abbreviated period of time before making her best attempts to shield it with a condom. Ultimately Abby gets annoyed with realizing that it's not going to fit and tosses it onto the ground, lunging her ass against the wall for a quick fuck anyways. That a' girl. The sex features only doggie style, and understandably so since there isn't much she could do with a dick in a wall, as the viewer gets a decent view of the action with tons of excessive close-ups through the course of the scene. It runs for about 18 minutes in total, capping off as Abby's stunt cock dumps his dong sauce directly into her pussy before she makes her best efforts to drizzle it out onto the floor while saying, "God I hope I'm not pregnant." Lol. Afterwards she gets dressed, exits the room, and the screen fades. A decent little scene here for the most part; Abby's a definite beauty, and while the overall viewing was just so-so, the fetish is what's important for scenes like this so I think it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. 



*Scene 2: 

Amelia Rose

Amelia Rose is next up, starting things off as she walks us through what's about to happen, telling us that she's going to walk into this adult movie store, buy a movie, and play with herself while she watches it. Sounds like a plan, Amelia. After she purchases her movie, she walks to the back room of the store, and after a pretty lackluster effort in acting she realizes that her movies not playing. Amelia's not too upset though, eventually deciding to play with herself anyways before seeing a "gigantic black cock" pop out of the wall. Amelia's first instinct is to shove it into her mouth of course, with the blow-j setting things up before she stands up and bends over for some doggie style dickin'. The sex is fair I suppose, being mostly forgettable but only running for mere minutes before Amelia drops to her knees and pumps the fluid over her face by way of a handjob. For a 15 minute scene I wouldn't say that this one was ALL bad, calling it 'good' would be a stretch though; Amelia's definitely not going to win any Oscar's for her acting here, but again, it is what it is. 



*Scene 3: 

Ashlynn Leigh



Former porn cutie Ashlynn Leigh is next on the list, opening up the scene much like the last one as she walks the camera into a dingy bathroom to see what kind of trouble she can get herself into. Ashlynn talks with us through much of the intro, entering the bathroom stall as she gets a phone call from her boyfriend, quickly telling him what he wants to hear before two black dongs pop out from each side of the stall. Action is easily the best of the movie thus far, featuring Ashlynn Leigh giving a throat-throttling blowie to each of her stunt cocks, letting out some massive dick chokes and generously slopping them up in the midst of it all. She continues devouring her dicks like a vagrant eating Thanksgiving dinner in a homeless shelter, moving forward with some doggie style dick plunges from each of her random suitors, making an absolute mess of herself while looking wonderful in the process. She continues to get phone calls from her boyfriend through the entire scene, adding to the fetish aspect of it all quite well, as things ultimately close out with both of her cocks unleashing the contents of their balls, one in her pussy and the other one busting out a healthy stream of nut sauce over her face. Solid! This was a pretty great scene; the camera interaction was on-point, the fetish aspect was played up extremely well, and Ashlynn was fantastic in the most whore-ish of ways. I dig it!



*Scene 4:

Britney Young


Britney Young encapsulates our view for the fourth scene, playing the role of a prissy white girl in the same location as the last scene. The scene opens with Britney walking into the bathroom, saying how unbelievably "grewsss" it is while she takes a leak. Much to her surprise three black cocks protrude out of the wall. Who'd have thunk it?! Anyways, after Britney's initial discomfort she decides to forget about it, go ham and start sucking them, lifting up her shirt so we can get a better view while she works her magic. Action is pretty solid, with a lot of talk from the peanut gallery in hopes of getting Britney to give up the pussy, which of course, she eventually does. Most of the scene consists of Britney pumping her ass against the stall and fucking each of her black stunt cocks, moving forward with a creampie from each of them, and ending as she sits on the toilet, dumps the cum out of her pussy and says, "Wow! Three loads of cum! That was awesome!" Jeez, Talk about a quick change of heart. Overall, this scene was just okay, I feel like it could have translated a little better if it were done differently but either way, Britney was a babe and always worth a watch. 



*Scene 5: 

Kasey Warner

Deepthroat specialist Kasey Warner is next on the docket, starting off as she approaches the camera and tells us about how she recently learned about what a gloryhole is and she wants to try it out. Cool! In the early moments she walks into the same seedy area that we saw in the first scene of the film, popping a squat on the chair and averting her eyes to the television on the wall while dittling her pussy. Eventually a dick pops out of the wall, and Kasey dives on it face-first to start in on the fun. The blowie is solid, with nothing to really note aside form some solid dick-gulpning from Kasey, before she leans up and takes a pussy plunge to move forward. Kasey, being the caring and concerned person that she is, makes sure to ask the guy behind the wall if he's clean, to which he replies, "Uh yeaa..". Good enough for her I guess. The sex is primarily a carbon copy of the other scenes in the film, having some decent intensity that's bolstered well by Kasey staying attnetive to the fetish angle through some excessive dirty talk. The scene re4aches it's finale with Kasey furiously jerking her wall cock to completion, getting a few droppings of ball snot as her reward before she gets dressed and exits the room. This scene is mainly uniform to the rest of the film, as I'm guessing the rest will be as well. If you like the typical gloryhole stuff that Dogfart shoots then I'm sure you'll enjoy parts of it. 



*Scene 6: 

Mary Jane Mayhem


Our next gloryhole teen is Mary Jane Mayhem, looking glorious in the opening moments in a colorful outfit that comes off faster than you can bat an eyelash, with the scene again taking place in the same locale as the one before it. Mary's portrayal of horny teen looking for black cock is spot-on here, dittling herself in the early moments while watching a porno movie play on the screen above her before much to her chagrin, a mammoth black sausage pops out of the wall. Early blowjob action is good, giving us some brief glimpses at Mary's round ass while she points it into the camera in the midst of slopping up her random black penis. The sex happens after Mary makes her best attempts to put a condom on him, failing miserably but deciding to fuck him anyways. Things finish after Mary tells her wall-cock that he's going to have to cum in her mouth because she's fearful of her husband seeing the cum if he doesn't, and of course he obliges by buting a nut directly down her esophagus to close out the scene. Cool!



*Scene 7: 

Roxanne Rae

The final scene in Dogfart.com's Interracial Gloryhole Teens sets up with Roxanne Rae giving us a quick rundown on the upcoming events, once again walking into the same place that we've seen a few times already, entering the bathroom stall where a black cock eventually meets her acquaintance. Roxanne's adorable looks take center stage here, stripping out of her clothes before kneeling down to suck her anonymous cock and tossing in some sloppified throat chokes for added contrast. The fucking sets in shortly thereafter running for an abbreviated period of time before she milks the cum out of her co-star, calls her boyfriend to dump him, and puts her clothes on to leave. Overall, I probably enjoyed this scene most of all of them; I always enjoy watching Roxanne do her thing because above all it seems like she really has fun with whatever specific role is chosen for her. Add all that to the fact that she's adorable and seemingly willing to do whatever, and you definitely have one of the more underrated girls in the industry. Good stuff. 




Dogfart.com's Interracial Gloryhole Teens is much like one would expect if they've watched previous releases from the highly acclaimed interracial studio, concentrating primarily on the fetish of white girls with white boyfriends who'd much rather fuck black guys instead. There's no reinvention of the wheel here, but the film still accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, as most viewers who are familiar with the Dogfart name should consider it suitable for some solid stroke material if they're looking for it. Recommending Web-to-DVD stuff is always so tough for me though; I mean, these scenes translate a thousand times better if you just subscribe to the website where you can browse thousands of them that are highly comparative to these. If you click on the pictures there is also a mission statement of sorts that all of the girls do in the web version, which is yet another feature that isn't on the DVD. Extras include only a rather meager photo gallery with a few pics from each scene, rounding out the basis by which I'd probably tell you to simply subscribe to the Dogfart site if you see something you really like. The cast is mainly pretty good, but it's nothing in comparison to the gaggle of girls that they feature on the site. However, if you're one of the few people left on the planet who only watches DVD's then I'd simply tell you to go ahead and rent this one. Rent It.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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