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Family Therapist

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 11/22/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Alex Chance

Cast: Alex Chance, Karlee Grey, Keisha Grey, Dani Jensen, Kimberly Brix, Hollie Mack, Xandra Sixx, Alison Rey

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 2 hours, 7 minutes

Extras: Strip Teases, Orgasms, Photo Gallery, Trailers

Release Date: 9/9/2015

Condoms: No

Overview: First time directors are normally hit or miss but when you have a still hungry performer making her directorial debut, you can expect something that was put together with great care. Fortunately, Family Therapist will give you your lesbian fix. Virtually every scene is a winner and contains plenty of good stroking moments. Best part are the tight camera shots really get in there when the girls are giving each other’s labia’s a workout. It’s got taboo, hot chicks, and lesbian sex, just what you need to give your hand a workout.

Scene 1 Alex Chance, Alison Rey

After Alex introduces the audiences to her character and how she came to be a therapist, Alex then recalls the exact moment when she realized her specialty. As she lays in bed fingering her holes, fully nude, Allison is watching her step-sister whacking off and getting turned on. After Alex sees her and they start to talk, Alison admits that she’s always been into Alex. Alex begins kissing her a bit reluctantly and Alison convinces her to continue making out. The two then begin to get down and dirty on one another, with Alison sucking on Alex’ big titties. Alex takes it upon herself to eat her step-sister’s hot pink holes, with the two 69’ing each other, Alex’ tongue probing Alison’s pussy and trying to reach her sister’s butthole.

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Scene 2 Xandra Sixx, Hollie Mack

Xandra and Hollie start making out in the kitchen going fully nude and admiring their great, athletic bodies. While physically they seem into each other, their sexual connection isn’t too strong here. Both ladies do go through the scene with plenty of kissing, titty sucking and pussy eating but the scene just isn’t up to par with any of the other scenes. It appears a bit too choreographed for my own personal taste, a sign that the ladies were doing the scene more for a paycheck than to really get each other off.


Scene 3 Kimberly Brix, Dani Jensen

Alex’ advice to Dani is to do more stuff with her step-sister so Dani and Kimberly meet up after not seeing each other for a while. They then have a game of Truth or Dare and when they get to the dare, Kimberly dares Dani to post a pic of her tits online. Then Dani dares Kimberly to walk around their parents room nude which she’ll only do if Dani does the same. So they do and seeing how each other looks so hot naked, the two are quickly all over each other. The chemistry here is the strongest of any couple in the film with girls loving tasting each other’s pale white skin and firecrotches. Here, the camera really goes in tight on both ladies eating each other out, capturing their wetness as it freely flows from their pink holes. Lots to jerk it to here, the girls look so good pressed against one another the only bad thing here is that you feel it’s over too soon.


Scene 4 Keisha Grey, Karlee Grey, Alex Chance

When the Grey sisters show up, in micro shorts and their boobs front and center, Alex doesn’t waste much time prescribing a solution to their sisterly issues. She has both girls kiss, get undressed, rubbing their pussies, then Alex joins and she starts to kiss and makeout with both girls individually. She then has both girls suck on her tits before she starts sucking on their big soft titties, and rubbing their clits to get them wet and ready. When Alex orders Keisha to lick her sister’s pussy, Alex gets behind Keisha and starts really probing her butthole, getting her and Keisha’s pussy wetter. Karlee then sits on top of Alex’ face while Keisha eats Alex out. Finally, Karlee gets to eat Keisha out but at that point Alex leaves, a really disappointing move as the scene would have been hotter with all three going at it until the end. Still, Keisha and Karlee, who’s dynamic sexual chemistry is clear, definitely end things with a hot 69 and again, the camera shots are amazing as we see plenty of pink being spread wide open and licked by all three ladies. An amazing closing scene and again, amazing cinematography all throughout the film.


Summary: Alex Chance scores an impressive debut with Family Therapist. She keeps the dialogue to a minimum but keeps it sexy and seductive, and the sex is sizzling. Some of the sex seemed a bit choreographed especially with Xandra and Hollie, who’s sexual chemistry just didn’t seem as strong as the other couples. The opening scene nicely sets the taboo tone that’s present throughout the film and seeing Alex’ fully nude curvy body while she rubs herself down is plenty to get viewers off. The rest of the scene will make it hard to keep guys from blasting off. Kimberly and Dani also deliver a good solid scene and despite Alex leaving a bit too early, Keisha and Karla demonstrate how to properly eat pussy when you’re really into a chick. Also, great camerawork here, especially when it got in tight on seeing Alex tongue fucking Keisha’s butthole. It’s good stroke material for sure, definitely worth keeping around for a couple of views, and worth Recommending.

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