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Real Buttwoman Returns, The

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/22/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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The Real Buttwoman Returns

Elegant Angel

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Genre: Gonzo, Big Ass, Alexis Texas

Director: Alexis Texas


Cast: Alexis Texas, Jules Jordan, Abella Danger, Mick Blue, Blair Williams, Ramon Nomar, Anthony Rosano, Marcos Banderas, Scotty Lyons, Tommy Pistol, John Strong

Length: 150:54 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The extras started off with a 21:19 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, a photogallery, some trailers, and web info. Alexis was taking stills of Abella Danger and asking Derek if she was doing it right to open, Alexis commenting how she only had three different guys (refusing to even speak former fiancée Mr. Pete’s name, Jules Jordan, and now Mick Blue), then interviewing Abella and Blair. For a related interview, click here.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Real Buttwoman Returns was presented in anamorphic widescreen as directed by Alexis Texas for Elegant Angel. The camera work was handled by Derek Dozer as “Dreadneck” (Alexis doing a little herself though not much as she was in each scene) and Craig “CD” Daze handled editing and other post production tasks to enhance the look of the production, the rich flesh tones not hampered like other productions I’ve watched of late. The lighting was a good balance here with enough to light things up and provide detail without washing out the cast, the picture typically clear enough to see the fine hairs on the legs of the ladies under the sun, a fair amount of the action taking place in the house where things looked pretty solid too. The bitrate was high enough to minimize some of the resulting compression artifacts observed on my big screen television and there was no company watermark. The aural components were handled in stereo English using the AC3 codec and a 192 Kbps audio bitrate, the sampling rate of 48 kHz sufficient for the generic but limited music and the otherwise clear vocals. some whispered comments heard at times but no obvious dubbing.


Body of Review: Alexis Texas is a blond Texan with a delicious ass that now directs for Elegant Angel. The latest movie she is being credited as directing is called The Real Buttwoman Returns, a set of four scenes starring Alexis in two anal scenes, one gangbang, and even includes Jules Jordan as the director called in her marker for making another spotlight showcase with him recently. Also notable was the inclusion of a “Buttgirl” in training of sorts, the lovely Abella Danger, the director laying claim to the title of being “the universally recognized Buttwoman” a bit of a stretch though she has certainly earned her place in the pantheon of performers graced by the title. The company website described the movie like this: “Elegant Angel presents "THE REAL BUTTWOMAN RETURNS - ALEXIS TEXAS". In The Real Buttwoman Returns our girl Alexis Texas reprises her role as the greatest Buttwoman of all time!. Alexis is back after an almost 3 year break from the biz. Since her porn debut in 2007, the curvy Texan has been know for her amazing colossal booty, voluptuous body, and beautiful face. This latest installment brings Alexis' huge comeback featuring 2 ANAL scenes and HER 1st GANGBANG!!!!!!!. Not only does Alexis star but she also directs this big budget masterpiece bringing her vision of what Buttwoman should be. Alexis takes the viewer on a visually stunning, playful and passionate journey featuring extended teases, intense hardcore sex and climaxing in her 1st Gang Bang!! For the true Alexis Texas and big booty fans out there! Starring Alexis Texas, Abella Danger and Blair Williams. Enjoy!!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Alexis Texas, the bodacious booty queen featured on the front cover, was up first during the credits in a patriotic bikini walking along roadways before a curiously shot opening montage on a balcony in her black mesh bikini and black thigh high boots. Her perfect pucker was already being stretched as she bent over and gyrated, a jeweled anal plug getting her ready to be anally plundered by the infamous Jules Jordan, the man a rarity outside his own productions for a very long time (presumably present because he had already tapped her ass in a spotlight showcase, Alexis calling in the marker). While the tease was far too short for my tastes, I’ve always adored Alexis’ ass, even for all those years when she kept it tightly shut from any action, Jules diving in deep to rim her and gobble her gash before playing with the plug a bit. Alexis then dropped down to slob his knob while keeping good eye contact with Jules, Jules face fucking her almost to the hilt as she took 75% of his turgid rod in the semi-pubic area (the glass balcony was pretty high up in the tall building). This led to Jules pounding the pussy in a standing position, slapping her ripe rump and giving more head while she shook the money maker, her generous curves rippling delightfully well before she peeled her panties down for more active riding. He then sat in a chair as she mounted him, her labia tightly wrapping around his raging boner as the remainder of her lingerie was ditched and Jules rimmed her some more, the couple moving inside to continue with the advertised anal. They started off very slowly, Jules doing all the work as she held her cheek open and moaned extremely loudly, Alexis cleaning off his cock with her hand before doing some ATM. Alexis then laid on her stomach and Jules porked her pussy some more, Alexis bouncing again until she drained his dragon of sperm, Jules unleashing his manly juices all over her back and ass with some hand to gland friction. The company website described the scene like this: “Alexis Texas is back as the saddle in The Real Buttwoman Returns... the most fuckable thing ever grown in Texas, ready to be ridden from beginning to end of our October 2015 release! We start her nearly naked on a balcony overlooking the big city, where Jules Jordan kisses her ass and watches her work a butt plug. The neighbors then get treated to wet anal sex... if they happen to be able to see into the living room, that is!”



Scene Two: Alexis Texas, up next in a tiny green bikini top and black booty shorts, then paired up with the industry’s latest booty babe, Abella Danger, whose tanned body was adorned by a black top and skimpy orange panties. There was a lot of slow motion footage as the ladies played by the pool’s waterfall, each given a short clip of solo tease to show their relative physical merits before rejoining and then moving inside for some lesbian play on the white living room couch. Alexis had a handheld camera to explore Abella’s ass with, slapping the younger hotty’s ass and fingering her perfect pucker far slower than she needed to (Abella is already an accomplished analist way beyond her years) as Abella sat in doggy with her knees spread wide. It was a welcome and playful moment, Derek’s primary camera catching Alexis watch Abella quite well, Alexis helping lube up a black anal plug to insert into Abella’s amazing ass. Alexis ate Abella’s pussy and then played with the anal plug using her mouth, feeding it to Abella before diving back to the younger gal’s bald beaver, Abella reciprocating with a great degree of energy and enthusiasm. Alexis had a plug in her own ass and shook her glorious ass as Abella’s face was half way lost, the lesbian antics continuing until Mick Blue entered the picture. The ladies both sat on his face at the same time, Alexis jerking him off before the ladies took turns sharing his pecker orally, Alexis even nuzzling his nuts and licking his taint ever so briefly before they switched positions so he hovered over Abella as she gave more full taint oral service and sucked his balls as Alexis worked the head of his cock. This led to Mick porking Alexis’ passive pussy as Abella gave head, more oral by the ladies leading to Abella getting plowed as Alexis fingered her ass. Mick then took turns fucking the ladies in the ass, Alexis taking the head of his cock as he did the work while Abella was slightly more active, each lady assisting the other orally and with fingers before the ending oral milked his balls dry of semen to drench Alexis’ face, her post coital head filling her mouth so the ladies could cum swap in sexy fashion. Neither gal rode as actively as I’ve seen them but the whole booty footage was still pretty sexy, Alexis claiming this was the third guy she’d done anal with (after Mr. Pete and Jules Jordan). The company website described the scene like this: “Alexis Texas sees Abella Danger and knows a super powered ass when she sees one... how could she not, being who she is? The Real Buttwoman Returns, in this 46 minute hardcore scene... and she's got the tools to look deep inside Abella in ways you may have never seen before! Mick Blue steps in and serves the ladies his cock and cum, to make this a threesome to remember...”



Scene Three: Alexis Texas, wearing a skimpy pink bikini out by the pool, was up next with blond newcomer cutie Blair Williams, the sunlight making both ladies look very appealing. Blair currently has a few other titles out but this was her biggest release to date, her pretty eyes and pleasing boobs making her a welcome participant even as her polished dancing moves looked good in the short tease. Alexis and Blair played for a moment before Ramon Nomar joined them, Alexis sporting her hand held camera again to help capture a different looking point of view from Derek’s better equipment (higher resolution, better contrast). Blair proceeded to slob the knob of Ramon as Alexis rimmed the younger cutie, Ramon already fingering Blair’s pucker, the gal tighter looking but with a smaller booty than Alexis, her pretty eyes focusing more on the camera than her partners unfortunately. As she continued to inhale Ramon’s modest boner, the guy kissed Alexis, the director beating his meat and feeding it to Blair before they double teamed him orally, Ramon pulling down Alexis’ panties which signaled Blair to start eating her idol’s snatch and ass out, the permutations evolving before Ramon was balls deep in Blair’s surprisingly hairy crotch, Alexis clean shaven as she took her turn on Ramon’s cock vaginally. Alexis was most active at riding when she was sitting on his rod as he sat on the top step of the pool, the water churning as Blair gave some head intermittently, the gal taking a turn on the cock more actively as she and Alexis kissed, Alexis taking the final position in doggy which caused Ramon to nut all over her ass for Blair to lick clean and swallow his seed. The company website described the scene like this: “Alexis Texas inspects Blair Williams from tits to ass before Ramon Nomar steps up to kick off the action, in this 38 minute hardcore scene. There's no threesome like a pornstar threesome under the sun and in the pool... can you imagine your body floating in the water while Alexis and Blair take turns riding your dick? After this mind blowing romp, Blair licks the cum off Alexis's epic ass!”



Scene Four: Alexis Texas, Anthony Rosano, Marcos Banderas, Scotty Lyons, Tommy Pistol, and John Strong, were up last in her first reported gang bang. Alexis gave a short interview while dressed in her patriotic bikini again, a camera catching her talking to a stationary camera before the scene picked up to show her on a white ottoman in bright blue classic lingerie that rode nestled deep in her amazing ass. The surreal camera effect was deployed off and on a bit as she teased in the contemporary living room setting, her bra leaving her erect nipples exposed as she lightly caressed her body and bent over to display her fleshy ass, the g-string pressed taunt against her pucker as she beckoned the camera to come closer. It was a very slowly paced tease sequence but the mopes poured in to grope and paw her, Alexis blowing one at a time as the guys gave her some head and beat off while waiting their turns, Alexis holding the stupid camera again which took her focus away from the guys, the gal sucking the heads of the cocks as other men would start tapping her pussy in the doggy position. This was another fairly passive ride most of the time, Alexis oiled up to look great even if her oral did not look like she was going very deep, the guys dropping loads of spew on her ass and mouth, Alexis allowing most of the goo to slide out of her mouth rather than swallow it before addressing the camera again. The company website described the scene like this: “Alexis Texas has been sharing the dick for days... enough of that! Time to remind all those bitches that Buttwoman is more woman than several men can handle! Get ready for 32 hardcore minutes in this ball draining gang bang from The Real Buttwoman Returns! There's no limits when Alexis is on her knees and grinning for more... just like there's no limits to how much fun it is to bounce off that sweet ass!”


Summary: The Real Buttwoman Returns by director Alexis Texas for Elegant Angel was a fun tribute to a woman that has come a very long way in portraying what was originally a role suited only for the most outrageous, hardcore female performers over the past 25 years, this version certainly hot enough to merit a rating of Recommended for most fans. Alexis took a break and toured the country dancing in many popular venues, her return to the industry showing she is willing to learn what works behind the camera as well as shake that glorious moneymaker of hers to the delight of guys like me, making The Real Buttwoman Returns one of the better titles coming out of the company earlier this year so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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