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Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/23/15

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Skow For Girlfriends Films

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Genre: Feature

Writer/Director: David Stanley


Cast: Karla Kush, Ryan McLane, Karen Fisher, Tommy Pistol, Danica Dillon

Length: 131:28 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Extras: The extras included some trailers and an unrelated bonus sex scene between Dana DeArmond and Chastity Lynn from the movie Paint (their second tryst in the flick) that lasted 24:08 minutes, not the scene between Dana and Veruca James as the press release mentioned. I described the scene below from the movie, the flick a popular one when it came out for good reason.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Princess was presented in widescreen color as credited to director David Stanley for Skow For Girlfriends Films. David worked the underwater camera and was assisted by B. Skow & Mike Towers on regular cameras, Gabrielle Anex serving as the editor while Bina handled the audio, the lighting and other chores left uncredited. While the lighting was decent, the framing of some scenes seemed weak and both the video & audio had issues including false starts, imprecise cuts, and just stopping at times that were particularly noticable, things that would not be as big a deal in a gonzo outing but stood out as jarring for those of us that actually watch the movie at regular speed. The sex scenes were too short and edited in a choppy manner too, the lack of polish making me think the production was rushed for some reason. There were compression artifacts when viewed on a high definition television but it was much less noticable when I watched the flick a second time to get screen captures and such so your mileage may well vary, the 2.0 stereo audio track showing little separation between the channels though I could hear the vocals well enough in the minimalist outing.


Body of Review: David Stanley has long struck me as one of the most creative directors in porn, his often dark stories appealing to a select group of his fans even if his budgets rarely allowed him the time to present his ideas as well as he’d like. Having taken a lengthy break from porn for all the wrong reasons some time ago, David then hitched his wagon to Skow For Girlfriends Films to co-write for the infamous director many like myself have found inventive, the man given the reigns this time to direct a new feature called Princess with the help of his friends. The story involved a young woman played by hotty Karla Kush who believes she is visited by her future self (played by Karen Fisher) to warn her of a snake she is dating. The skeptical younger gal discards the advice given at first but then follows through on a whim, the resulting impact on her life a spoiler I won’t reveal. The quick version of this review is that an interesting idea suffered from all the usual porn elements not combining as well as they could have (should have), cute Karla looking best on the front cover and fluffy babe Karen both sexually showcased in mediocre manner with a “happy ending” that fell markedly flat. The back cover described the movie like this: “Daphne is a self-proclaimed 20 year old "Princess" who thinks she needs a sugar daddy to survive. The only problem is, her Sugar Daddy, "Paolo" (not his real name) is a jerk who doesn't love her. And worse, a married jerk. But the 20 year old version of Princess is too love blind to just straight up leave him. It takes the 40 year old version of herself, a woman that used to be Daphne who now calls herself Darlene, to convince Daphne to kick Paolo out of her life for good.”

The company press release then described the movie like this: “Acclaimed writer and director David Stanley takes time travel in another direction as he defies the space-time continuum in Skow for Girlfriends Films’ “Princess.” The erotic tale of a naïve girl’s love for her sugar daddy gone haywire is now available from Girlfriends Films. With a decided twist on the sci-fi time travel theme, “Princess” shares Skow’s notion that this reality may not be all there is, as a naïve 20-year-old Daphne (Karla Kush) finds herself in the throes of romantic love with Paolo (Ryan McLane), a no-good sugar daddy womanizer who pledges his love to her despite being married. But it takes Daphne’s 40-year-old self (Karen Fisher) to pay her a visit from the future and show her how she’s being used by the cunning Paolo. “It’s a wild story about the naiveté and entitlement of youth and how wisdom is not something you can easily find or achieve,” Stanley said. “Thanks to our amazing cast, ‘Princess’ is definitely one of our more notable movies with strong sexual performances from a talented group of girls who don’t hold back! It’s definitely going to be a favorite for many of our fans!” In addition to Kush, Fisher, and McLane, the cast of “Princess” includes Danica Dillon and Tommy Pistol. The all-new release also includes a bonus girl/girl scene with Dana DeArmond and Veruca James. This newest release from David Stanley for Skow for Girlfriends Films brings him back to his eclectic storytelling persona that delves into a girl’s struggle for love, while adding a strong dose of the unusual and bizarre in a world wrought by sexual yearning and confusion. “It’s nice to think that there could be a way to give us a do-over, so to speak, for all those big mistakes we make,” Stanley said. “It’s what this movie is about – a chance to give a young, sexually active girl a chance to avoid romantic pitfall that could ruin her life!” Through the Skow for Girlfriends Films label, B. Skow and David Stanley are quietly reshaping the landscape of the adult industry, as the award-winning directors help usher adult entertainment into a new movement being labeled Progressive Porn. Skow’s Progressive Porn Movement demonstrates how unique his style is, whether in how he approaches gonzo or feature porn movies, along with Stanley.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Karla Kush, the fine young blond featured in the pink dress on the right side of the front cover, was up first in a scene with Ryan McLane, their respective roles established quickly as a sugardaddy and his brainless “princess”, each about as charming as the other. Ryan lorded it over her as she lounged in a blue bikini by the pool, just how he was paying for her college, the luxurious home he had her in, the car and all her other expenses as he tried to get her to slob his knob, the hotty wanting more than he was willing to offer her on her birthday. The unintentionally funny situation set the stage for a later argument as he unzipped his pants to offer her his pecker, the man thinking his cock was the genetic gift of a lifetime while she acted like it was a huge burden to pleasure him after he handed her several other gifts in brightly colored packages. One thing led to another and they ended up in a mighty generic bedroom given the awesome pool and landscaping, the gal changing into one of her gifts (classic white lingerie) before easily throating him. She gave him some hand to gland friction in the hand assisted hummer, Ryan pawing her crotch as he reached over her body, soon unfastening her camisole as she continued inhaled his modest member until it was fully turgid. Her eye contact was minimal even as they kissed, her panties removed so he could briefly gobble her gash, the neatly trimmed cookie quickly getting puffy from the oral and Karla actively riding him vaginally in some of the positions. There was additional head before their ending 69 led to her handjob that drained his dragon of sperm, his manly juices flying all over before he bailed on her.



Scene Two: Karen Fisher, the much fluffier blond featured in the tight blue dress on the left side of the front cover, was up next as she portrayed the same woman supposedly ten years from the future, the reality being she looked substantially older. Without explanation, she was magically thrust back in time to warn her younger self about the loser she was going with, the action then picking up on a comfy white chair with sleazy Tommy Pistol all over her. She wore an animal print blouse and short black skirt, looking worried as he gave her various compliments, his character appearing to be a redneck trucker of sorts. After exchanging plesantries, the two kissed as Tommy’s hand groped her to an upbeat hillbilly styled score, Karen remaining passive as he lifted off her shirt to such her ginormous boobs, giving each portion of her giant rack some attention as he leaned over her, soon pulling her large blue panties to the side as she spread her leg so he could muff dive, peeling them off for better access as he moved from her feet to her snatch, the bald beaver of considerable size. He then positioned her in doggy to eat her ass, the music changing as the heavily tattooed mope serviced both of her holes and fingered her, Karen remaining very still until the expected blowjob, the second batch of music just as droning as the first. She focused most of her attention on the head of his turgid boner, then laying on her side for him to spoon fuck vaginally though she remained passive, a titty fuck and other positions eventually showing her work it a little in reverse cowgirl (but only a little), Karen kneeling for him to milk his balls dry of semen as he beat off on her open mouth. His generosity for her birthday present was kind of sadly funny, Tommy’s improv showing her try to keep it together before she burst out laughing.



Scene Three: Danica Dillon, a fetching brunette, was up next in a dumpy living room setting as she berated moper Ryan McLane, the location not making much sense given the rest of the story as she spead her legs to let her bitch boy service her with his tongue. She had a neatly trimmed crotch and he wore a wifebeater t-shirt as she drank his beer during the oral, the downbeat music ending as their hollow vocals continued, Danica directing him to do as she demanded while they removed more clothing. She grabbed him by the balls as she aggressively blew the guy, the modest member easily throated by the talented lady as she readied him for some vaginal positions. Before that happened, she used her feet to jerk him off, her pantyhose ripped at the toes before they bumped uglies on the cheap brown couch as she berated him with dirty talk. Both gave more head and she impaled herself on his cock before the ending 69, a single camera’s point of view showing her on his rod sucking away but limited amounts of him reciprocating before more vaginal plowing led to him busting a nut on her open mouth, the guy sent for a towel to clean her up once they finished.



Scene Four: Karla Kush and Karen Fisher, both naked out by the pool, then finished the sexual portion of the movie in a lesbian tryst on a blanket in the shade. Karla was pale and Karen was tanned, the smaller gal initiating the tryst with some boob play before they fingered and ate each other, some slight whispers to each other barely made out as they tried to figure what would work best. They tribbed and each gave head but there was no sexual tension between them, no clear desire, only Karla pouring on the pornish moans expected of her before the feature elements took over after Karen sat on her face, the reality check by Danica almost as preachy as the confrontation between the two versions of the lead.


Bonus Scene: Paint: Dana DeArmond, all dressed up and coming to terms with her adoration of Chastity Lynn, was up last with the blond cutie after Chastity’s disillusionment with the art world put her at a new low. A few feature elements later they were on the love seat in the studio embracing, realizing what was important as the soft music played. They kissed and laughed at length, peeling off attire as they came to grips with their feelings for one another on a deeper level, Chastity joining Dana as an equal more than as yet another conquest, the character growth central to the director’s stated vision of the movie. While they engaged in the same plethora of oral and fingering tricks as before, the scene showed them in a completely different state of mind, the orgasms looking real and their attraction and chemistry even stronger. The two ended up on the floor and kissed a lot before reflecting on their newfound status in frisky fashion, a catchy tune playing at the end (but uncredited).


Summary: Princess by director David Stanley for Skow For Girlfriends Films fell short for me in several areas, the interesting idea not fleshed out half as well as I would expect from the director but worth a look or two to merit a rating of Rent It. The ladies looked their parts well enough, Karla Kush portraying the lead as a young sugarbaby while much fluffier Karen Fisher was presented as the “ten years later” version of the same gal, the situations and dialog just not working for me as well as it should have. The sex was okay but a relative lack of chemistry between the performers hindered the replay value too, making Princess a project that looked better on paper than it was as realized, perhaps David’s next project will be better polished up than this one was so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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