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Lex's Pretty Young Things #2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 12/2/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Teens/Gonzo/Interracial





Cast: Sara Luvv/Alexis Rodriguez/Hollie Mack/Dani Jensen/Lexington Steele

Director: Lexington Steele

Extras: Trailers/BTS

Release Date: 11/24/2015

Runtime: 2 Hrs 36 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Lex's 'Pretty Young Things #2'!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review for Lexington Steele's Pretty Young Things #2; The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. The audio elements are very basic, and the Evil Angel watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen being mostly unnoticeable to viewers. This review is based on the 1080p HD streaming video, showcasing much of what we've come to know from Lex's recent efforts, with producer Kevin Moore adding volumes to it through his creative setups and scenarios. Each scene has a tease sequence mixed into it, set to music, then rolling into a post intro scenario before the action. Camerawork was strong as usual from the films director of photography, with a crystal clear viewing, and no noticeable distortion or inaudible moments in the audio portion. 


*Scene 1:

Sara Luvv/Lex Steele

The premiere scene in Lexington Steele's second installment of his Pretty Young Things series kicks off nicely with a quick tease from quickly rising starlet Sara Luvv, dressed fantastically in a pair of skin tight yoga pants, black high heels, and a tiny bright colored top to complete the look. The intro is chock full of walkshots and the like, giving us some glorious ganders at Sara's playful expressions and pint-sized body as she shakes it up nicely before progressing into the scenario. The scenario is minimal, but solid, with Sara playing the role of a young fitness instructor of sorts, and Lex as her student. Sara keeps the heels on throughout her "stretching" (which doubles quite well as a tease as she just shows off her body as opposed to any real fitness activities). The action sets up without much rhyme or reason, as Lex lets his cock do the thinking for him while Sara kindly obliges his overt come-ons. Eventually, action gets underway with some fetish-themed panty play, followed by some footjob action that predicates Sara going face-first on Lex's throbber for some slopped up cocksucks. The sex sets up with a doggie style nozzle plunging' from Lex, as the dickslop dribbles off of Sara's chin while her co-star reams her from the back. Some more cocksucking fun bridges the gap of the next position switch, as Lex oils up Sara's tushy before she hops on for some cowgirl style dick rides to continue forward. Things ultimately go pretty well as the scene moves forward, having one or two camera angles that I wasn't too fond of but nothing detrimental. Lex puts the finishing touches on it when he churns out a load of dick sauce over Sara's face in the closing moments, ending as she slurps up the goods and plays with her food as the screen fades. A nice scene here overall; Sara is a certain beauty who continues to impress in nearly everything she does, and Lex did his thing. 



*Scene 2: 

Alexis Rodriguez/Lex Steele


Latina vixen Alexis Rodriguez is next up, starting things off in a one piece blue swimsuit as she fills it out quite well, shaking her deliciously plumped up ass for the home viewers through a 3 minute intro that quickly moves into another fitness inspired scenario. Lex tells Alexis that he's looking to film a workout sesh with a triple x vibe to it, and Alexis does her thing with some extra tease that leads into the introductory bj. The blowie evolves into a fantastic cowgirl style dick romp where our featured starlet uses Lex's dick to her full advantage by relentlessly bouncing her beautifully chunky ass on it like a pogo stick, switching positions shortly thereafter with the action tending to decrease in energy as it goes on. Although there's a bit of slowness, the scene still translates really well; Alexis' expressions really carry it, coming off in a more submissive way than I've ever seen her. The fact that she most definitely was having a bit of trouble withstanding Lex's dong was probably a large part of that, but either way, she stood in there and took it like a champ. A doggie style fuck closes out the sex, with Alexis giving just about all she has left before Lex pulls out and dumps his jizz into her mouth before she blows a kiss to the home viewers and the screen fades. Overall, the scene was solid; Alexis has this way about her that makes her on-camera presence really strong. She has this beautiful face and she just seems to be genuine in every sense of the word. Normally it's not something that I really look for when I'm watching porn, but she's really charasmatic without even trying, and I think that's a large part of why people will like her if she sticks around. This was a fun scene with a solid amount of fuck-for-the-buck. Cool! 



*Scene 3: 

Hollie Mack/Lex Steele


Hollie Mack is the next "pretty young thing" on the list, opening up the scene in a meet-up with director Lex as he tells her what movie he's thinking of casting her for. Hollie explains that she's sick of playing the young girl role in movies, and hopes to play a sluttier role, as she's brought a change of clothes in case Lex agrees. The scene opens with Hollie looking adorable in some casual clothes, moving forward well after Lex agrees to let her have a go at the sluttier role she's been hoping for. The tease is creatively blended into the segment where she changes into her other outfit, unraveling perfectly throughout it's context; Hollie's tight body is showcased wonderfully throughout these moments, rolling perfectly into Lex approaching her from behind to set up the action. It all begins shortly thereafter, with Hollie now dressed to the nines in a yellow porn-inspired fishnet get-up, bending over the counter while Lex plunges his dong inside of her for a doggie style fucking to initiate the sex. Hollie drops to her knees after mere moments, shoveling Lex's jizz nozzle into her throat for some nicely slopped up cocksucks to thank him, eventually moving over to the couch as she hops onto him  for some cowgirl dick rides. Hollie handles Lex's cock like a champ in the coming moments, riding him like a full on thoroughbred while he struggles to catch his bearings at various points throughout. The scene moves forward wonderfully, running through a flurry of different positions as Lex ruts her hole and she continuously encourages him in various ways to go harder. It all caps off with Lex unloading his sauce over her kisser in the closing moments, as Hollie blows a kiss to the home viewers before the screen fades. Overall, I loved this scene for more than simply what I would consider a pretty solid performance on both accounts. The imaginative way that it was set up is something I've seen few directors do, especially in such a flawless manner. It managed to keep it's simplicity while still giving the viewer something that's just distinct enough to notice, and Hollie made it all come together really well. It doesn't hurt that she's absolutely adorable to look at either. Great scene here. 



*Scene 4: 

Dani Jensen/Lex Steele

The final scene in Lex's Pretty Young Things #2 features Dani Jensen in her first interracial on-camera tryst, (unfortunately I've since learned that she may have done another last year - but either way) opening up nicely with a tease segment where Dani's dressed in what I might consider to be one of the best porno plays on a schoolgirl outfit I've seen in recent memory. The tease is solid, presenting itself much like the others in the film, with lots of heavy flirting from Dani, chock full of walkshots and some tit-play as her tiny plaid skirt hangs just above her bottom for the perfect viewing. The scenario follows up the 4 minute intro, with Lex playing the role of a friend to Dani's father, who unfortunately isn't at home after Lex knocks on the door. Rats. Dani of course invites her co-star in to hang out for a bit, with Lex being a little gun-shy because she's dressed so suggestively, but Dani simply states that it's her school outfit and she just got home. Good enough  for me. Lex continues playing up the timid role throughout the intro as Dani eventually twists his arm by saying that he's her favorite of all her dad's friends, pulling out his meat mallet and dropping to her knees for some blow-j fun to set things up. Action is fairly slow in the early moments, still translating pretty well as things stay at that pace when Dani hops on Lex's plunger for a reverse cowgirl dick ride to start up the sex. It all has a pretty gradual feel to it that probably isn't going to blow fans out of the water, but has some strong moments that rely much on Dani's reactions to Lex's various antics making for a primarily solid watch. Things ultimately close out with Lex blasting the most prominent jizz-lacing of the film, making it rain cum over Dani's face before he makes a quick exit in hopes that her dad doesn't come home. A good scene again that played well to the viewer for various reasons; there was a nice contrast that helped it remain predominantly gonzo while still mixing in the scenario for added effect. The fact that it's Dani's first interracial scene is a selling point in itself but regardless of that it's a good one. 



Lexington Steele's Pretty Young Things #2 from Evil Angel Video had some good stuff wrapped into it, with some creative intros that are sure to impress viewers, pulling itself away from the typical tease-and-fuck gonzo that seems to be growing tired to more than just a small sector of fans. When looking at some of his recent releases, this might be the beginning of something pretty monumental from the film's producer Kevin Moore, adding creative twists into typical gonzo scenes for a much needed departure from the norm. The way that the scenarios are spliced into the scene while the girl still breaks the fourth wall and stays attentive to the camera is something that is pretty revolutionary in terms of gonzo, and while that may sound excessive to some, I definitely think there's something to be said about adding a creative touch in a standard setting to make it stand out. This particular film opened with what some might consider it's swan song, featuring Sara Luvv in her typical top form showing, but the unexpected third scene might be what I'd consider to have been the most memorable of the bunch. The set-up worked to perfection, and I loved the overall viewing of it. None of the scenes stood out in a noticeably bad manner, and while fans may skim through parts of it, there are still strong points to each and every segment that are likely to have viewers convincingly satisfied with the comprehensive viewing. Extras on the DVD include a BTS segment with post scene interviews from each scene, rounded out with some trailers from Lex's recent Evil Angel works. I'd be crazy to say that this one's any less deserving than a full recommendation, but I'll even go a step further on it; I look forward to Lex's future releases for Evil and think fans would agree with me on that. So give it a look! Highly Recommended. 



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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