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Best of Deeper, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/2/15

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The Best of Deeper: A Compilation

Digital Playground

Genre: Compilation, “Deeper” series

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Director: Robby D.


Cast: Stoya, James Deen, Lacie Heart, Scott Nails, Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Hannah Harper, Katsuni, Steve Holmes, Audrey Bitoni, Katja Kassin, Marco Banderas, Holly Morgan, Mikayla, Ben English, Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Jean Val Jean, Charlotte Stokely

Length: 210:01 minutes

Date of Production: 10/16/2015


Extras: There was a short photogallery and web access but that was all.

Condoms: One

Audio/Video Quality: The Best of Deeper: A Compilation was presented in the same aspect ratio the scenes were originally shot by Robby D. for Digital Playground. Unlike some compilations on the market, this one cut right to the sex so each scene was edited to a degree, nothing crucial for the majority of rain coaters and no company watermark onscreen at all times but parts of the buildup missing. Each scene looked fairly similar with decent lighting, solid camera work, and respectable flesh tones but the scenes were shot quickly so your mileage may vary. The video bit rate varied considerably but the scenes looked much like I remember the originals otherwise if that helps your decision. The aural components were presented in Dolby Digital but there was no headspace, special effects, or anything else that made me think the sound was rendered in anything except for monaural or basic stereo and then had a surround track encoded in post production. Regardless, I could hear most of the cast just fine, including those behind the camera when I paid attention.


Body of Review: Robby D. was long the coolest director at Digital Playground, the range of his projects as wide as any in the industry. His latest release from DP is another compilation of his older works called the The Best of Deeper: A Compilation, a variety of 11 scenes starring a wealth of popular ladies in scenes taken from volumes of the “Deeper” series shot between 2006 and 2008. The single disc release included eleven scenes, much of it reasonably strokable with a good cast in the scenes, the scenes not always the best the series had to offer but generally pretty fun. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that one condom was used for those still interested:


Scene One: Deeper 11: Stoya, James Deen: Stoya dressed in black lingerie looks quite the knockout as she teases James into wanting to have sex with her. The dark curly hair and very pale skin of this girl provide a nice contrast that just drives me crazy. To put it in perspective this girl is so pale that she makes the whitest boy on earth James Deen look tan. Before long Stoya is on the bed sucking off James Deen's cock as the camera pans up and down this girls body. Stoya eventually lands on her knees where she continues to take an oral fucking. Before you know it the pale skinned beauty is back on the bed in doggy getting fucked from behind and she really seems to enjoy it. After getting taken from behind the couple fuck in missionary and boy does the action look hot. Stoya gets her nice bald slit filled and moans such a sexy voice while getting fucked. The couple then do some spooning followed by some reverse cowgirl. Stoya then does a bit of cock sucking before getting penetrated in cowgirl The couple go through a few more positions until she takes a pops shot to the mouth and swallows. (review by Jennifer the Horny Housewife) Note that the couple is currently involved in a big controversy over sexual consent, this scene from their glory days certainly a more refreshing tryst by comparison.


Scene Two: Deeper 10: Lacie Heart, Scott Nails: Lacie Heart, the beauty featured on the front cover, was up next as she crawled around the living room floor with a fluffy bunny tail toy in her ass. She was teasing partner Scott Nails and he played along as her master, offering her a carrot (yes, the vegetable) before replacing it with his cock. She gave him a hearty hummer, looking into his eyes to enhance the effect as well as show a greater bond between them than usual, the gal practically glowing as she satiated his need to unleash seed. Scott pulled her anal toy out before going down on the cutie, taking his own sweet time to tease her as she had done to him. They engaged in a few positions of passive vaginal sex before she took his large dick in her ass; the gal barely holding on as he did all of the work. I find her to be exceptionally cute but her ability to actively handle his penis is rarely good enough for my tastes so the scene had marginal value for me even when she willingly took the load he rubbed out to her mouth (as she sucked the carrot again).


Scene Three: Deeper 9: Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn: Kayden Kross, a major hotty with curves to match, was up next in something of a grudge fuck with muscular Tommy Gunn. They fought a little as he tried to get her pissed off, resulting in her slapping him while he scoffed. Tommy then dropped down to eat her out, the somewhat over the top panting by Kayden tempered by the way her body glistened with sweat (as though turned on). She gave him a hand assisted hummer and they ended up screwing on the shaggy carpet on the floor. He did most of the work at first but she was soon pumping herself a little as they bumped uglies; the beauty never living up to her potential but still looking good (fans will note that she sounded into it even if it took her too start actively riding his cock in her cookie). The camera work was even more devoted to close ups this time and the ending pop shot to her titties looked decent, even if I‘d have pulled back a little to see her in all her glory.


Scene Four: Deeper 8: Hannah Harper, Scott Nails: Hannah Harper, the hotty featured on the front cover, was up first in what originally looked like it would be another stark artistic attempt to confound me with Scott Nails applying some lipstick to her mouth. Thankfully, the colors were restored before the sex began, Hannah putting lip prints all over his rode before sucking him off at his feet. The no-hands hummer kept him happy as her wrist restraints blocked her natural tendency to jerk him off (a porn standard) and fans of smeared lipstick will undoubtedly enjoy her efforts to color his cock red as he teased her with his dick (threatening to withhold it from her hungry mouth). He then pulled down her panties and tossed her to the red couch, eating and fingering her in such a manner that her body glistened with sweat and demanded he start penetrating her puffy pussy. It wasn’t an overly active ride on her part but given her slave status, this made more sense; at least until she was on top and already flowing with juices. The scene became one of her better ones for the company at this point, Scott reapplying her lipstick at the end for her facial. The population pudding he gave her was moderate in quantity and she seemed to swallow some of it down.


Scene Five: Deeper 7: Katsuni, Steve Holmes: Katsumi, role playing in her undies as though she were a little piggy for Steve Holmes in the bedroom, made grunting noises as required until she was inhaling his dick with her usual flair. Her submissive attitude made him very happy and she seemed fixated on getting his cock even as he wanted to taste her cookie a bit too. She looked kind of tired here but the camera rarely stayed static long enough for me to worry about it as she poured on the charm while deepthroating him. The hand assisted oral led to him taking her from behind in the ass, the gal pushing back to meet his thrusts as she warmed up. The other positions showed her embracing the cock nicely too; a toy and even some choking taking place as he pounded her in the spoon position for variety. She largely finished him off orally with a handjob, a few more pumps of penetrative sex causing his balls to swell and release their payload onto her crotch.


Scene Six: Deeper 6: Audrey Bitoni, Scott Nails: Audrey Bitoni, the curvy brunette featured on the front DVD cover, was up next as she played the happy bride on her honeymoon in bed with Scott Nails. Still wearing her veil, she fantasized a bit about the gardener (Marco) but found Scott's tongue working her perfect pucker to be more than enough to keep her happy as she moaned in harmony with his touch. As with the other scenes, the director was strangely quiet, not a factor for me but one that a lot of you have complained about in the past, Audrey showing she needed no assistance in slobbing Scott's knob like she was trying to suck his balls through his cock. The bed was the best place for these two and apart from what could be construed as choking by more sensitive types online (he held her head up as he fucked her face; one hand around her lower throat), this was short and led to her aggressively impaling herself on his cock. The way her ass cheeks rippled was a sight for sore eyes, both parties sharing the responsibility of the ride as much as the pleasure. She managed to grind her hips into him nicely while on top of him, her bra staying on as the nipples poked out so readily from their openings. She made reference to the title of the movie by yelling out "deeper" about 6 times, limiting her dirty talk but coming off like she was having fun nonetheless. The scene ended when she stroked his balls as he rubbed out a load, Scott pushing her hand away to douse her with semen as she looked up at him.


Scene Seven: Deeper 5: Katja Kassin, Scott Nails, Marco Banderas: Katja Kassin, the reigning German anal queen, was up last as she walked into a bar in her schoolgirl outfit spouting off her native tongue to Marco Banderas/Duato and Scott Nails. Her lack of English language skills did little to slow their desires down, and despite her obvious age not playing into the theme too well, her love of cock overcame it all as they felt her up and she returned the favor. Her tighty whitey men's underwear looked strangely appealing and while I prefer ladies in lingerie, she looked almost as good as Jana did in the first scene of the movie. While not known for exceptional oral skills, she bounced back and forth between the two cocks; sucking them with a certain flair before the men took turns on her pussy and ass. She did not do a DP here (fine by me) and was not as sexually aggressive during the penetrative sex as she usually is but she did not shy away from the facials they gave her either, ending the movie on a moderately high note as a result.


Scene Eight: Deeper 4: Holly Morgan, Mikayla, Ben English: Holly Morgan, a cute girl next door blonde, exotic brunette Mikayla, and studly Ben English, were up last as the ladies got possessive over Ben on the couch. The concept that sharing is caring was foreign to the gals, adding a bitchy dynamic that he barely kept under control; allowing him to enjoy the friction generated between them all the more (adding in a competitive angle where they were competing for his affections) until he forced them to learn to cooperate. They shared his cock orally and soon found themselves enjoying each other as much as they appreciated his cock, providing a very active (nearly aggressive) ride by both ladies. The intensity of the action might not have been the peak of the movie but it was as good as any of the secondary scenes, even if Ben looked like he was going to explode (he was drenched in sweat and red as a beet). All three of them played an equal role in making this a great scene though, with only some minor audio glitches in need of polishing up. It ended with a double facial shared by the ladies under the slightly harsh light, ending a title I enjoyed twice this week (a rarity when I have so much going on).


Scene Nine: Deeper 3: Jesse Jane, Tommy Gunn: Jesse Jane, having opened the show by flipping through cable channels and playing with a Ouija board on her bed in some sexy white undies (face it, anything she wears is sexy by virtue of her presence), fussed at studly Tommy Gunn until the two of them started playing with each other. The playful banter and bedroom antics led to her slobbing his knob, jerking him off as she straddled his face for a 69. She was very vocal about getting banged and did some PTM with him as well; her most active position being the cowgirl where she impaled herself soundly. The positions continued through to include a doggy bit where he held her throat (I'm sure someone will accuse him of choking her), their bodies glistening with sweat before he rubbed out a load to her face.


Scene Ten: Deeper 2: Teagan Presley, Jean Val Jean: Teagan Presley, the well known Houstonian hotty featured on the front DVD cover, was up first in some fetching red lingerie as she teased the camera on a couch in slow motion to a piano-heavy score that invoked a minimalist jazz feel. As soon as the credits finished up, the music went to a faster tempo and she was playfully working with pretty boy Jean Val Jean as she answered the phone. The vocals were not present (though a vocal loop of sorts was incorporated into the music) and he started working her over with fingers and tongue. She blew him for a very short time before he started nailing her pussy with a condom-clad cock in doggy style. There was some choking and eventually the screams of her passion were allowed into the audio track (sounding hollow but stylishly appropriate) and she actively rode his cock as he spanked her (looking best in reverse cowgirl). It ended when he popped a nut on her face and she sucked him clean with PTM. The first time I watched it, the "Celesteque" look of the photography bugged me but I like Teagan enough that I watched it a few times over the weekend and it grew on me quickly.


Scene Eleven: Deeper 1: Charlotte Stokely, Scott Nails: Charolette Stokely, a lean bleached blonde wearing a maid's outfit, was up next with Scott Nails, who watched her attend her duties as he rubbed himself into a turgid state. Admittedly, Charolette is no Jesse Jane but she looked like she could've been a cousin to the famous starlet here and the tease footage of her bending over was pleasing to watch. Scott acted like a dickhead, unhappy with the cleaning job she performed on the railing of the stairs, eventually spanking her naked ass before engaging in some vaginal hammering. She was initially passive as he porked her but she oral slobbing of the knob was substantially better than average and led to her getting more into the sex (crying out "deeper") as the scene progressed. The two met each other thrust for thrust until she tried to finish him off orally, letting him jerk off on her face at the close.

Summary: The Best of Deeper: A Compilation by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a dedicated compilation of scenes focusing on scenes taken from the “Deeper” series coming out of the company between 2006 and 2008, earning a very solid Rent It. In short, The Best of Deeper: A Compilation was advertised as having a plethora of scenes from the once popular series, the couples oriented fare often sexually charged so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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