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Dirty Old Man

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/3/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Click for Trailer; individual scene trailers and bonus scene linked below

Dirty Old Man

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Kelly Madison Media

Genre: Teen, Web-to-DVD

Director: Kelly Madison (art direction) & Ryan Madison


Cast: Alina West, Ryan Madison, Iris Rose, Nina North, Iggy Amore; Chastity Lynn and Kelly Madison (last two in bonus scene only)

Length: 184:12 minutes

Date of Production: 11/4/2015


Extras: The first disc held the movie itself and some trailers with a list of the second disc’s contents. The second disc also began with trailers until the selection screen came up to show a POV Fluffing Camera/BTS series of clips for the ladies, the combined running time amounting to 39:02 minutes. There was then a series of text questions and answers by the ladies, a photogallery of stills (polaroids with comments written on the sides), a true photogallery, a BTS photogallery, some trailers, and website spam. Of particular interest was a 40:38 minute long scene starring Kelly and Ryan Madison with Chastity Lynn called “Teen Play” from 12/23/2010 (originally released in “Teen Fidelity 3” years ago) where the company described the scene like this: “Chastity picks up a basketball that rolls right in front of her. She falls for Kellys bait. Little does this naive teen know that it’s no longer child’s play but a grown up game called fuck the shit out of this little girl. Kelly rips the cock out of Chastity’s pussy and fills her mouth with jizz!”

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dirty Old Man was shot in anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media. It should be noted that the first scene was very quirky about freezing up, as was some of the BTS footage, reports from others mentioning this as well (though not a peep from less credible reviewers. These were newer scenes shot using ultra high definition cameras (4K) so when things went right, the picture looked very crisp. The camera work was hit or miss as was the lighting at times but the flesh tones tended to look accurate and the editing kept in what seemed to be the relevant portions of the scenes. The aural components were decent though, few vocals outside of the usual moaning to be had as the music played during the tease sequences and stopped afterwards. The 2.0 Dolby Digital in 192 Kbps audio bit rate was added in post production from what I could determine, very little to speak about other than a few instances where the moans seemed slightly out of synchronization but it wasn’t bad either.


Body of Review: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison have been upgrading their work at Kelly Madison Media, the company moving to shoot all new scenes in ultra high definition (4K) format. Their latest release in for review is called Dirty Old Man, the premise of the show was to provide a spotlight on four attractive young ladies getting frisky with “dirty old man” Ryan in scenes derived from the company website. With newcomers like Iggy Amore, Nina North, and Iris Rose, and more seasoned cutie Alina West, Ryan was in good form acting like a pervy old dude hitting on women a third his age. The double disc set included a full disc of extras to appreciate and four lengthy vignettes, old multi-pop Madison boning the ladies in all sorts of settings before repeatedly letting loose with his ball juice, much to the appreciation of his partners.

The back cover and press release described the show like this: “The American Dream: 2.5 kids, a white picket fence? Nah! To Ryan Madison that means dumping his load into as much teenage snatch as he can! Whether he's cruising around in his RC picking up teen babes or taking a girl out on his boat before fucking her in the ass. There's nothing stopping this Dirty Old Man from living his American Dream, one young wet pussy at a time... The white picket fence is torn down, as Kelly Madison Media shows off the “real” American Dream in “Dirty Old Man.” Produced by TeenFidelity, the two-disc DVD features one man’s pursuit of happiness – to have sex with as many sexy teens as possible. “Dirty Old Man” begins shipping from Juicy Entertainment on November 11, Veterans Day. “Dirty Old Man” tells the story of horny, patriotic stud Ryan, who despite the passage of time, still loves to bed hot teens – his notion of the “real" American Dream. Shot entirely in 4K Ultra High Definition and made in the USA, the movie features a sexy cast of adult stars who show their passion and sexual prowess in four hot scenes! A bonus scene is included on the DVD. Award-winning filmmaker/performer Ryan Madison takes on director and producer duties, while performing as the Dirty Old Man opposite Alina West, Iris Rose, Nina North, and Iggy Amore in this sexy ode to America, U.S. veterans, and the American Way. Kelly Madison co-produces and serves as the movie’s art director. “Ryan had a great time channeling his dirty old man persona, while living out a wild version of the American Dream with these gorgeous girls,” Kelly Madison said. “TeenFidelity fans will find a lot to love in this movie, and we hope all red-blooded Americans will enjoy their freedom to have hot, consensual sex with whomever they want this holiday!” “Dirty Old Man” opens with sexy Alina meeting up with Ryan on his boat. The young blonde drops her bikini bottoms and rides her man hard. Next, busty Iris relaxes by the fishing pond when she meets Ryan and his trusty pole. His gift of gab soon draws her in and into his bed for an old school banging. Young Nina follows in scene three, when she catches Ryan’s gaze on her lithesome body. The all-American man’s warm smile and confident vibe are an instant panty dropper for the young teen, who is eager to feel his rough hands on her most intimate parts. Petite Iggy is next when Ryan joins her for some chitchat. The pretty blonde’s interest is piqued by this older bad boy, who shares his American Dream with her by giving her the orgasms she deserves! “Working with Kelly in the beginning was uplifting and fun! She brightened up my day,” said Iris Rose. “Ryan was fantastic! It was just me and him and the camera guy, so I got to get to know him and connect more with him. Plus, the scene altogether was more like who I really am. Only because I love fishing. I love the outdoors!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: The American Dream: Alina West, a perky little blond, was up first in a tank top, tight pink booty shorts, and a blue patterned bikini as she twerked and teased on a small boat with Ryan Madison. There was some cool footage of huge cruise ships and the bay in the background, though the shitty camera work and jumpy editing distracted from the high fun factor moments between the couple, Alina all over the old guy as she slobbed his knob, gave people in the distance a good look at her goodies, and otherwise worked him over in the nearly hour long scene. There were some issues with the movie locking up at times but it was a high energy scene all the same, Alina giving Ryan some hand to gland friction, nuzzling his nuts, and spreading her legs for him to gobble her gash. Her eye contact was minimal but the flesh tones were accurate, Ryan playing with her perfect pucker a bit during some fairly active riding, the couple even skinny dipping before he reclined to drink a beer as she inhaled his modest member. The couple were then shown in what appeared to be the larger ship’s cabin in a small room to consummate the rest of the scene with a bunch of oral and vaginal porking, Ryan oiled up to pound her pucker in some more passive anal positions before it ended with a realistic vaginal creampie that was allowed to ooze out of her bald beaver (Ryan diving back into her to fuck as the scene cut out). The company website described episode 607 like this: “Ryan is living the American Dream out on the ocean, a cold beer in his hand and Alina West's mouth wrapped around his cock! After a quick hard fuck they go below deck to get to the real fucking. He pounds her young cunt and fucks her mouth before filling her tight asshole making her scream for me until she begs him to cum in her snatch.” 9/4/2015



Scene Two: Iris Rose, a sexy little blond cutie in blue jean shorts, a loose shirt and a skimpy bikini was up next with Ryan Madison as they watched each other while he was fishing. Her sweet ass looked great in the shorts and he caught a bunch of fish, impressing the flirty gal from nearby until she came over to catch his attention by running along the bank with her boobs bouncing. The choppy warm up footage could have been edited smoother but by the time they hooked up, his beer seemed to be taking effect of him and the scruffy older dude managed to leave with her as a couple, some physical flirtation by the trees and children’s jungle gym showing them drive off together. The scene picked up on a sportsman cabin bedroom where booze bottles were strewn about, Iris pulling out her juicy tits for Ryan to suck and bending over a bunch to show her delicious ass nicely as her clothing slowly fell to the wayside. He pawed her bosoms and crotch too, whipping out his raging boner for her to stroke and suck, some kissing and decent eye contact enhancing the replay value for me. She was frisky and an active rider much of the time, her shaven slit easily taking care of him as she drained his dragon of sperm for a vaginal creampie that he helped stimulate out of her cookie by hand as it ran down her ass crack. The company website described episode 605 like this: “Ryan is relaxing by the lake, looking to make the big catch of the day. When Iris Rose shows up and catches his eye, fishing is no longer a priority. He gets her back to the cabin where he dangles his worm in her face and she takes the bait. He fucks her deep and hard leaving pearly cum in her clam.” 8/21/2015



Scene Three: Dirty Old Man: God Bless America: Nina North, the alluring young newcomer featured on the front cover, was up next showing off her pronounced tan line as she sun bathed out by the motor home with Ryan Madison, the skinny gal caressing herself before moving over to tease him more overtly. This led to Ryan exploring her body slowly, no vocals during the tease again though the action was self explanatory for the most part as he turned on the outdoor shower to give her the wet look so many of us adore. She was topless for him to play with her rack and then he peeled her bikini bottom off so she could stand over him, Nina sitting on his face so he could munch her yummy slit and ass which led to a hand assisted hummer before they moved inside to vaginally fuck in various positions. She wasn’t the most active rider of the day but she liked her ass massaged and played with, the couple moving around the inside of the RV to end up on the bed boning. The ending vaginal creampie looked real enough but given the camera work I couldn’t promise it wasn’t faked, a sizable stream of semen coming out of her after she milked his balls dry of his manly seed. The company website described the scene like this: “This dirty old man takes his tight young teen on a vacation in his RV. Ryan's robbing the cradle with Nina North and her perky natural tits are just what he needs to keep feeling young. Nina fucks him outside and in the RV and happily takes his cum inside her snatch. He might be getting old but he still knows how to fuck like a young buck! Beautiful little teen Nina North accepted the invitation of this dirty old man (Ryan Madison, natch) to go on a vacation in his RV and of course they spend most of the time on the road fucking inside the thing and also just banging away on the side of the road for any passersby to see! Pounding a young tight pussy like Nina’s helps keep Ryan feeling young and he must have knocked off 20 years from his tally in this Teen Fidelity scene as he fucks that sweet snatch and cums inside her for a creampie.”



Scene Four: Made In America: Iggy Amore, a hotty built for speed over comfort, was up last wearing a sheer yellow top and blue jean shorts on her glorious ass, Ryan Madison pouring some of his beer on her cheeks to savor the taste of his two favorite things. Under her shorts her blue bikini panties were nestled deep inside her ass crack, the gal flashing her breasts and bending over a bunch as the generic (and very loud) score played, the scene bouncing around like the first one in terms of locking up at times. The couple made use of a small plastic inflatable wading pool as it rained, scruffy Ryan kissing and pawing her as she reciprocated. her knob slobbing abilities looking good before they jumped on a conveniently placed mattress to vaginally fuck. He did much of the work but she seemed to known how to bend over and twerk as part of the tease, Ryan keeping his goofy hat and sunglasses on as he eventually drilled her to completion with a vaginal creampie to seep out of her puffy pussy. The company website described the scene like this: ”Iggy Amore has an all American ass that looks amazing when bouncing on this Dirty Old Man's cock. Ryan can't resist this teen's big booty while relaxing outside. She rubs her body all over his cock teasing him until he fucks her every which way, even in the kiddie pool! Get ready for a nice hot all-American good time as beautiful blonde teen Iggy Amore shakes that juicy booty right in the face of Dirty Old Man, Ryan Madison! He can’t resist a sexy ass and sure enough, he’s soon pulling off her little shorts and those cute bikini bottoms to lick Iggy’s ass and pussy before fucking that dripping wet hole of hers from behind in this Teen Fidelity update…it’s part 2 of the Dirty Old Man series and this blonde hottie gets her snatch absolutely smashed! Ryan takes her down to the ground and pounds that slit, sliding his big dick in and out before blasting a load of cum inside for a nice creampie!”

Summary: Dirty Old Man by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media was a fun show with a good entertainment value, the youthful performers engaging Ryan Madison quite well in each case. The extras were again impressive, adding a great deal to the fun factor involved here, which enhanced the replay value and strokability, making this one another Recommended for me courtesy of seeing Iggy Amore, Nina North, Iris Rose, and Alina West seemed to hit some sparks with him. In short, Dirty Old Man was worth checking out despite some of the annoying camera work, the movie a nice tribute to sexy young ladies getting boned by a truly “dirty old man” in nautical settings so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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