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Kaitlyn Gender

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Sex Reed » Review Date: 12/5/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Transsexual, parody

Director: Josh Stone

Running time: 117 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Production date: August 16, 2015

Cast: Jonelle Brooks, Kylie Maria, Wendy Williams, Angelina Castro, Ramon, Toby Springs, Hanna Reese (non-sex), and Duncan Black (non-sex).

DVD Extras: DVD extras include a behind-the-scenes video and a photo gallery.

Video and audio: Video is shot in anamorphic HD widescreen with a 16/9 ratio. Video and audio quality are both clear and good overall.

Scene one: Kylie Maria and Ramon

The movie opens with Kylie Maria and Ramon mid-coitus. She’s getting pounded in reverse cowgirl and she looks and sounds like she enjoys every moment of it. He has on one of his ridiculous wigs, and he’s playing a coach (evident from transbabe Kylie shouting “fuck me, coach” on occasion). It is a short scene, and it cuts away every few moments for a shot of “Juice Gender” (Duncan Black) on a field, waiting for his coach. There is some humor when Ramon asks Kylie the time and he realizes he’s behind schedule so he starts fucking her harder and faster. They go then from spooning to doggy-style. They wrap up with a facial then Ramon runs out the door.

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Scene two: Jonelle Brooks masturbation

The plot has a few key elements where Ramon tells “Juice” about the transsexual he had just fucked, making him late for training, and that plants the idea into his head. After an aborted attempt to fuck biological female Hannah Reese, the plot moves forward several years and Juice has transitioned into Kaitlyn Gender and is being interviewed by reporter Diana Sword, played by Wendy Williams.

It sets up a solo masturbation scene with Jonelle’s Kaitlyn. Jonelle looks great as she performs a striptease and then she’s laying across a bed and stroking her large cock. She’s mostly on her back with her legs spread, and uses a glass dildo in her ass while tugging on her cock. It’s a hot scene and one that showcases Jonelle’s fine body. It’s also a great opportunity to masturbate with one of the hottest transsexual babes in porn today.

Scene three: Jonelle Brooks and Angelina Castro

Angelina Castro plays Kimmie, one of Kaitlyn’s stepdaughters, who greets her to present Kaitlyn with a gift, a corset, to wear in her upcoming photoshoot. Kaitlyn is about to get in the shower, so her tits are out and she doesn’t bother to cover them up. Angelina is a big, beautiful, biological woman (is BBBW a term?) and she has an impressive set of tits. I love the idea of Kim Kardashian being reimagined as a BBW. They start to make out and soon Jonelle is licking Angelina’s pussy. Angelina is next seen sucking on Jonelle’s erect cock. It was incredibly hot watching Jonelle putting her cock in Angelina’s mouth as the BBW is lying on her back on the bed and the transbabe is over her. They move into titty fucking. It is an extended fuck scene that includes some doggy-style too. I wish the TS porn movies I’m sent for review had more TS babes fucking cisgender women, so I was delighted to see this scene. The taboo and celebrity aspect of it only made it hotter. It’s the highlight of the movie.

Scene four: Wendy Williams masturbation

TS porn legend Wendy Williams is reminiscing about her interview with Kaitlyn Gender and talking about all of the things that made it hot, like how Kaitlyn talked about Ramon fucking Kylie Maria. Wendy is deliciously curvy and looks great as she puts on a body stocking and starts to masturbate. It is a very short scene, but it was hot while it lasted. I wish it went on longer so I could continue to ogle Wendy’s gorgeous tits, but it ended with a nice cumshot.

Scene five: Jonelle Brooks and Toby Springs

Toby Springs plays a photographer, imagining the photoshoot where Caitlyn Jenner came out publicly on the cover of Vanity Fair. Jonelle has a similar outfit, but looks many times better (I suppose Jonelle has an advantage of about forty years on Caitlyn, so that comparison isn’t all that fair, inevitable as it is). As Jonelle’s Kaitlyn gets undressed as the shoot goes on, she invites Toby to suck on her erect tool when she says she wants to appear really hard in the photos. He’s also given the opportunity to lick her backside. Toby also gets his ass fucked in a couple of positions from Jonelle while on the pedestal that was part of the photoshoot. Jonelle gave some great dirty talk. One thing I found grating in the scene is that it was entirely (or almost entirely) shot from one camera angle. But the sex was hot and Toby made a good bottom, and Jonelle made a better top.

Final thoughts:

When Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair and won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY Awards, I assumed a porn parody was inevitable and I was cautiously optimistic that it would be good for transsexual porn in the same way that Leaving Las Vegas was good for Nicolas Cage. My apprehension was, I think, due to a fear that this would be the porn equivalent to Oscar-bait mainstream films (AVN-bait?) and that it would be a mess of middlebrow smarm disguised as profundity. That was mostly for naught. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but this a very good film. Jonelle Brooks gives us her star turn here, and in a just world, this performance would make her a household name among a more mainstream crowd. The movie is great because it doesn’t lose focus away from being a porn movie. It even had a scene where Caitlyn Jenner’s porn caricature is fucking Kim Kardashian’s! This is one of the movies where I find Ramon’s persona (and his outlandish wigs) a little much, so it’s not perfect. It is, though, highly recommended.

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