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Anal Beauty 2

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 12/8/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Anal/Gonzo



Cast: Aubrey Star/Anna Morna/Kacey Jordan/Kate England/Cristian Devil/Mick Blue/Manuel Ferrara

Director: Greg Lansky

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 12/16/2015

Runtime: 170 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Greg Lansky's 'Anal Beauty 2'!


*Audio/Video Levels: Greg Lansky's 'Anal Beauty II' from Tushy.com was enhanced for widescreen viewing, with Lansky's authentic style of filming adding to the vibe quite nicely, showcasing an imaginative take on sexual imagery that mixes nicely with the specific scene setups. The DVD opens up with a vignette preview from each of the scenes, rolling into the the first segment at around 4 minutes in. The viewing was crystal clear as you can see from the screen grabs below, with a bit of ambient music thrown over top of the introductory sequences, adding some nice contrast to the scenes with no recognized distortion or inaudible moments in the audio portion of the DVD. 


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*Scene 1:

Anna Morna/Mick Blue


The premiere scene in Greg Lansky's second installment of his Anal Beauty series kicks off as we see Anna Morna getting dolled up while having a chat on the telephone about an apparent client she's due to meet with, played by Mick Blue. After the brief introductory sequence, we see Anna walking down the steps of a luxurious loft in a tight blue body skirt to meet up with her co-star, with the action unraveling shortly after he gives her a quick rundown on what he's expecting from her. A quick makeout sesh starts it off, as Mick lifts her over his head for some abbreviated pussy munches, before things again break and he tells her to go get dressed in the attire that he's prepared for her. The screen then fades, opening back up as things move upstairs, with Anna now dawning a classic blue lingerie number, setting up with Mick dittling her asshole before she returns the oral favor by way of a sensually themed blowie to get the ball rolling. The blowjob is pretty is solid, giving us primarily a side angle viewing, with Anna making her best efforts to jam Mick's entire shaft into her throat while tossing in a few dick-spits for added effect. The sex ultimately sets up in classic Lansky fashion, with a slow and sensual doggie style fuck as Anna tells her co-star to go slow on her. There's a gradual feel to it all continuing forward, moving through two separate position switches before the anal comes into play at around the 25 minute mark of the scene. The buttfucking goes through a few different positions, with the scene ultimately running the course of upwards to 40 minutes, capping off as Mick unloads his balls over her face before she gives him a few final sucks to close it out. Overall, I thought there were some sluggish parts to this scene; the action was somewhat sporadic and intermittent in the introduction and although it generally provided a decent bangout, some of the slowness tended to get a little tiresome to me as a viewer. 



*Scene 2: 

Aubrey Star/Cristian Devil

Anal, ATM

Aubrey Star is next on the list, playing the part of a devilish young girl who blatantly seduces her tennis instructor, played by Cristian Devil. After a few attempts she finds success, mentioning that her parents are gone for the day so he needn't worry, overtly showing her body off in the short introductory sequence before taking a face-first dive on his cock to initiate the action. Aubrey's dressed in some classic women's tennis apparel, with a tiny skirt and no panties for added effect, as early moments take place on the tennis court where Cristian ravages Aubrey's hole in a short but effective romp, moving indoors shortly thereafter for the remainder of the scene. Some assplay and oral antics take place to get the ball rolling, with Aubrey looking convincingly horned-up as she slurps her co-stars schlong while staring into his eyes as the dickspit drips down her chin. Action is top-notch through the early moments, with Aubrey embodying the mischievous teen to a tee, continuing to chug on her instructor's knob to set up an intense missionary fuck to begin the sex. The vibe in this scene is leaps and bounds above the previous one, translating beautifully to the viewer as Cristian incessantly ruts Aubrey's pussy, with buttsex beginning at around the midway point of the scene. Aubrey's expressions and overall presence is vital to how good it all plays out, and Cristian's consistent abilities certainly don't hurt. While the scene definitely resonates a more hardcore type of feel than the last one, the sensuality is still a compelling part of it all; it never gets to the point of an all out anal fuckfest, but there's a great energy shown that Aubrey's natural beauty helps catapult into an outstanding scene. After some mild gaping and a solid anal plunging to close out the sex, Cristian busts his nuts over Aubrey's face before she gives him a few final sucks while the screen fades. Bravo! I loved it. I feel like the energy in this one was right on the cusp of what Lansky tries to capture in much of his films, wavering nicely on the brink of hardcore with a great ongoing energy and a believable intensity. Wonderful. 



*Scene 3: 

Kacey Jordan/Manuel Ferrara

Anal, ATM

5 time Male Performer of the Year Manuel Ferrara opens up the third scene in the film, chatting on the phone as he thanks his friend for allowing him to stay at his place while he's in town. Kacey Jordan plays the part of Manuel's friend's sister, eventually coming downstairs and professing that she's been wanting to fuck him for quite some time. Kacey's dressed in sort of a business casual type of get-up to open the scene, and after Manuel's initial hesitance about fucking his friend's sister, he ultimately takes the bait. Go figure. The action sets in on the kitchen counter where the scene began, with Manuel ravaging Kacey's pussy and asshole with his face as she eventually strips out of her clothes while the camera gives us some generous angles of her tiny ass in all of it's glory. The muff and ass munch runs for a relatively extended period of time, rolling into the blowie that takes place after the couple moves into the bedroom. There's a believable passion through the early parts that make the more drawn out moments translate quite well, focusing much on the fetish of tiny Kacey Jordan making some solid efforts to jam Manuel's throbber down her throat before sex sets in with a spoon style fuck to initiate. Energy is on-point, gaining steam in a gradually sensual manner as the others did, staying in the spoon position as Manuel plunges his dong into her asshole at the midway point. Camera angles give us a variety of separate views considering the few positions that are showcased, but either way the scene unfolds well and stays mainly true to form in the process. It all caps off with Manuel unleashing a ferocious load of jizz like only he can, absolutely covering Kacey's face as she giggles in delight through the course of it. Righteous. Overall, another winner here from Lansky; much like the previous scene, I enjoyed the teetering effect it had on the brink of hardcore sex. Kacey withstood a solid anal bangout with all the fixins throughout this 46 minute barrage. Cool!



*Scene 4: 

Kate England/Manuel Ferrara

Anal, ATM, Anal Creampie

The final scene in Greg Lansky's Anal Beauty #2 sets up as we see Kate England playing the role of a newly hired business woman of sorts, getting directions by phone to deliver some paperwork to one of her firm's top clients, played by Manuel Ferrara. Things open in Kate's office, moving forward as she goes to Manuel's home, timidly approaches his door and eventually goes in upon his advisment. Manuel has a chat with Kate to kickstart the introductory segment, eventually letting her know that he's attracted to her, and after some initial hesitance the action sets in. The acting segement throughout the intro is noticeably strong, unraveling as Kate drops to her knees and pumps his cock into her mouth, mixing in some solid sloppiness for good merit. The blowie here is easily the most well-performed one of the entire film, with Kate adding a nice effect to it all by saying, "You like fucking my mouth you pervert?!", while the dickspit drips down her face. Anal comes into play at around the midway point of the scene, with both stars staying in character convincingly well in the midst of this outstanding assfucking. Kate tosses in some solid gapes, a flurry of nozzle-plunging ATM deepthroats, and a pretty intense energy that really drives this scene into being a memorable one. It all caps off with the uncommon anal creampie, as Manuel throttles Kate's asshole before she drizzles out some of the remnants in the closing moments. A great scene here; Kate's energy was nothing short of magnificent and Manuel did his thing. I loved the added perviness of it all from both parties, and while it still managed to stay true to the Lansky vibe it definitely seemed to take things a step further than the rest of the scenes in the movie. Great stuff.




Greg Lansky's Anal Beauty 2 from Tushy.com had a characteristically strong comprehensive viewing that fans of the meticulous filmmaker are sure to enjoy, capturing the more aesthetic parts of gonzo porn with a sensually driven vibe that corresponds very nicely to the sex acts themselves. Lansky is probably the only director in the industry that can pull off the style of porn that he does, noting his ability to provide a stylish and elegant take on anal porn that really makes everything that he does stand out. This particular film is primarily another strong effort, with my only dilemma being parts of the first scene that tended to drag at times. However, the rest of the film made up for those parts in droves, tossing in a bit more "edge" than we're used to seeing in a lot of Lansky's efforts while still staying true to form and managing to be a compelling collection of scenes. Extras on the DVD are fairly sparse, but I guess typical in today's market, only having a photo gallery from each respective scene as well as web info for those keeping score. Overall, this one's well worthy of a solid recommendation based on the above info. Fans of attentively filmed, scenario-driven gonzo are likely to be impressed with this one; the sex was strong and there was a nice amount of creativity laced into the scenes. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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