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Anal Fiends

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 12/11/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal






Cast: Sara Luvv/Mandy Muse/Megan Rain/Silvia Saige/Xander Corvus/Chris Strokes/Mr. Pete

Director: Kevin Moore

DVD Extras: Trailers/BTS

Release Date: 12/7/2015

Runtime: 2 Hrs 26 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Kevin Moore's 'Anal Fiends'!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review for Kevin Moore's Anal Fiends; The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. The audio elements are very basic, and the Evil Angel watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen being mostly unnoticeable to viewers. This review is based on the 1080p HD streaming video, showcasing Kevin Moore giving us a more simplified take on gonzo porn, as opposed to some of his scenario driven setups that we've seen a lot of in his recent releases. Each scene started with a straightforward tease set to music, unraveling nicely into the action, with some masturbatory tease giving a nice contrast to some of the opening segments as well. The camerawork was noticeably strong as opposed to your more rudimentary gonzo themed release, and there was no noticeable distortion or inaudible moments in the audio portion. 


*Scene 1:

Sara Luvv/Chris Strokes

Dildo DP, Anal, ATM

The premiere scene in Kevin Moore's Anal Fiends sets up with a soft and sensually themed tease from a girl that seems to be everywhere these days and with good reason, Sara Luvv. The intro tease is somewhat abbreviated, set to a slower musical tone before we get some generous views of our featured starlet dittling her anus with a red vibrator to warm up for the upcoming events. Sara's dressed in a classic black lingerie inspired number to start out, stripping out of her clothes in the midst of the solo ass-play festivities before Chris Strokes steps in to lend a helping hand. The action gets underway pretty quickly here, with Strokes taking a dick-first plunge into Sara's love tunnel for some intensified fucking, before she slops up his knob to bridge the next position switch. Butt sex sets in at around the 15 minute mark, with Sara taking an anal cowgirl dick-ride on Strokes' schlong, complementing him egregiously on his size as he thrusts her anus with purpose. Action is pretty strong through most of the scene, with few slowdowns or breaks in the action and an overall solid vibe, even tossing in some hand-gags from Strokes at sporadic times for added effect. Things ultimately reach their end coming out of a spoon style buttfuck, where Strokes blows a fairly sizable load of dong sauce over Sara's adoring face, as she plays with her reward for a few moments before the screen fades. Sara seems to never have a dull moment in her scenes, and this is one of the many that showcases her noticeably strong sexual talents. Strokes did his thing here as well, solid stuff. 



*Scene 2: 

Mandy Muse/Chris Strokes

Dildo DP, Anal, ATM


Mandy Muse is the centerpiece of the second scene in the film, opening things up in a classic Kevin Moore-esque style of tease that's set-up outdoors as she's dressed in a sheer black one piece swimsuit style lingerie get-up, with some black stockings and heels to complete the look. The tease is set to the sounds of a more upbeat tempo than the previous scene, focusing on Mandy's longing looks into the camera and her tiny body and curvaceous ass, showcased wonderfully through a variety of walkshots and ass-grabs for added effect. The intro here is shot and edited beautifully to be honest; I'd definitely place it on one of my favorites in recent memory. There are a ton of rolling camera shots that make the whole thing translate in a sort of music video style, and Mandy adds the perfect pop to make it all come to life. It runs for around 4 minutes before Mandy blows a kiss to the home viewers, then moving indoors for some extra tease with a side of masturbatory play. Mandy greases up her hole and whips out a dildo to start, with Chris Strokes making his second appearance in the film shortly thereafter, blasting her ass and pussy with some dildo DP action to warm her up for the action. Mandy gives thanks by way of a solidly slopped up throatfucking blowie, bunching up her co-stars cock n' balls like a sandwich that's too big to fit in her mouth, but she still gives it her best efforts anyways. Sex eventually sets up with Mandy lunging her ass into Chris' jizz-whistle, setting up a solid pussy slamming that gives the viewer some great views of her ass in the process. Anal comes into play at around 20 minutes in, with Mandy taking a butt-ride on Stroke's throbber like a seasoned vet, before he whips her around and flips her over like a pancake, throttling her in a missionary style ass-blasting as she moans to the anal gods above. The scene progresses nicely up until the latter parts, having some breaks and an awkward cut that Mandy helps to alleviate by giving her co-star some hard ATM cock chugs to keep him going. Things ultimately run for around 43 minutes in total, and although it seemed to me that it might not have ran as smoothly as the overall viewing makes you think, most people watching are likely to see past all of that. Perhaps it's my liking to Mandy Muse that did that for me, but either way I enjoyed the scene for what it was. It eventually closes out with Strokes unloading his balls over Mandy's face while she smiles adoringly, then tossing her back up on the couch and giving her some proper ass-fucks in the closing segment before she gives some finale ATM dick chugs as the screen fades. Overall, there seemed to be some technical issues with lighting and perhaps even a few performance flubs from the "reviewing" side of things; but I think it was covered up well enough to still allow viewers to appreciate the scene as it is. It's always tough reading into certain issues that might be happening on-set but that's my take on it nonetheless. Either way, the tease was fantastic and I absolutely love watching Mandy Muse show us her stuff; I fully enjoyed this scene. 



*Scene 3: 

Megan Rain/Mr Pete

Anal, ATM

One of porn's more recent it girls, Megan Rain, is the focal point of the third scene in the film, opening up with a simplified tease sequence where she's dressed beautifully in a bright pink fishnet top, a tiny pink skirt and silver heels to complete the look. The web version has a bit of an editing issue where a weird frame pops up during one of the walkshots, but the tease is solid aside from that; It's set to an upbeat electronic musical piece that adds volumes to the overall feel, chock full of solid views before Mr Pete steps in to take matters into his own hands. The action begins in the same outdoor setting where the tease takes place, starting with Pete taking a head first dive into Megan's asshole, as she returns the oral favor with some slopped up blow-j fun and her co-star uses her head like a fleshlight.  The blowie is a strong opener to the scene, progressing as Pete lifts her up for some standing 69 action, with Megan never missing a beat as she chokes and swallows his hog with a relentless energy. Things move indoors soon after, with the oral festivities continuing wonderfully as Megan continues sucking Pete's dick like she's dying of starvation and his dong is the last source of food left on earth. The sex sets up with Pete plunging his plonker in Megan's pink, tossing in some hand-gags for good merit as well as a break where he jostles his hand in her pussy for some added slop to throw into the mix. The buttfucks begin at the midway point of the scene, adding a heightened intensity that bodes well to the overall feel, with a few hard smacks and chokes from Megan's co-star thrown in to keep things interesting. Things ultimately cap off after a spoon style buttfuck where Megan hops down to accept her facial reward, ending after Pete drops his load over her smiling face to close things out. Another good scene here that had a bit of an inaccuracy on the technical side of things during the tease, but nothing that I felt was detrimental to the scene. Megan is always a fun watch and this one had some strong energy laced into it. Cool!



*Scene 4: 

Silvia Saige/Xander Corvus

Anal, ATM


The final scene in Kevin Moore's Anal Fiends sets up as we see thin, leggy, big-titted brunette beauty Silvia Saige, kicking things off with another tease sequence where she shows off her goods in an outdoor setting, set to an upbeat musical piece as she wears a black fishnet number that leaves little to the imagination. The tease is somewhat abbreviated, lasting for around 3 minutes before Xander Corvus makes his first appearance in the film. Silvia welcomes him with some solid mouth-to-cock resuscitation where her eyes water and the dickspit drips down her face, moving indoors shortly thereafter where Xander returns the oral favor. Sex eventually begins with Xander taking a dick-first dive into Silvia's cooter, slamming her with purpose before feeding her his schlong to bridge position switches. There's somewhat of a decreasing energy as the scene moves forward, with anal coming into play at around the 15 minute mark as Xander gives our featured starlet some doggie style dick lunges while her tits sway to the ass-pumps in the midst of it. Things ultimately cap off after a 32 minute runtime, ending as Xander pumps his dong and fires off a load that lands directly between Silvia's eyes, as she stares into the camera and the screen fades. Overall, this might have been one of the less memorable scenes in this collection; it started well and had some decent stuff wrapped into it, but there were a lot of breaks and some lag in the later parts that tends to decrease the viewing. 




Kevin Moore's Anal Fiends from Evil Angel Video had some solid moments packed into it's comprehensive viewing, showcasing a simplified grouping of tease-and-fuck anal scenes with strong camerawork and solid intros to bulk up it's overall value. Mandy and Megan were probably the most memorable for me personally, but I think most fans would agree that the first 3 scenes in this movie are well worth a watch or two. There's no question that there were some minor editing issues with the cut of the movie that I reviewed on the Evil Angel website, and while those issues were definitely noticeable I still think that the collective viewing of the film is strong. Extras on the DVD include Kevin's standard form of BTS with post scene candid talk from the stars, as well as a grouping of trailers from his recent works. Overall, this one's well worthy of a recommendation for reason's already stated; I think fans of a no-filler style of gonzo are likely to enjoy it, and the cast speaks for itself. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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