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Taboo Family Matters

Studio: Desperate Pleasures » Review by Sex Reed » Review Date: 12/19/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Taboo (incest fantasy), star showcase

Director: JW Ties

Running time: 90 minutes

Condoms: No

Production date: 5/3/2015

Cast: Camille Black, JW Ties, Loki Black, and Philmore Gapez

DVD Extras: Extras were limited to a slideshow.

Video and audio: Video was shot in anamorphic widescreen with a 16/9 ratio. Audio quality was satisfactory and video relied on a lot of handheld cameras.

Scene one: Camille Black and JW Ties

Camille Black plays a young woman who gets caught by JW Ties (playing her father) watching the porn videos he’s starred in. She has a nerdy Suicide Girl/Burning Angel look that I find really irresistible. She has thick glasses, jet black hair and lots of tattoos. And she’s wearing Dr. Who slipper-boots. JW Ties is more schlubby with a beer belly and balding hair, but he’s built a business around catering to people’s most taboo fantasies, so much respect. In the scene, he confronts Camille about what she’s watching and the scene is playful, if a little forced. But when she admits she’s watching porn, it’s not long before JW is inviting her to suck on his cock, which she spends little time getting hard. I liked watching her grinding on his cock while he spanked it, but also found the talk of laundry off-putting because it’s one of the least sex things I could think of, this side of nuclear disarmament. Beyond that, I liked the dirty talk and interplay between JW and Camille.

Scene two: Camille Black masturbation

Camille sets up a webcam focused on her bed and masturbates. She first rubs her bush with her fingers, then takes off her panties and gives them a nice sniff before getting her Hitachi and using it to stimulate her hairy pussy for several minutes. I found her really attractive, so it was hot to get the chance to masturbate with her, instead of to. The scene felt too short (only about seven minutes), and wouldn’t have been hurt with some dirty talk to the camera, but as far as projecting our own fantasies onto pretty Camille, it was nice.

Scene three: Camille Black and JW Ties

Camille is holding a handheld camera when she calls her “father” into the room because she wants to make a video for when he’s out of town. The scene is largely POV. She gets to sucking on his cock and he immediately asks if she’ll get him a copy, too. She gives him a handjob and escalates the action to penetrative. When he again asks to be reassured she’s not going to share the video, she tells him, “It’s not like I’m shooting a mass-marked porn DVD” and then climbs on top of him and bounces on his cock. They also fuck reverse and doggy-style. I loved the POV shot from Camille holding the camera and getting fucked in doggy.

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Scene four: Camille Black and Loki Black

Loki Black plays Camille’s brother and according to the scene, they had fucked before. It was in a motel and Camille didn’t think it was too big of a deal. But Loki is kind of sort of hoping they could do it again. She’s busy taking photos of herself in stockings for a customer but she decides that it’s easier if she gives in to him and invites him to take off her panties. She gives him a blowjob for a few minutes and then she rides on his cock for a bit. He barely moved throughout most of the scene, but it was great watching her grind on his cock, or bounce on it, taking control of her own pleasure, and catering to a taboo fantasy with her dirty talk at the same time.

Scene five: Camille Black and JW Ties

Camille wakes her sleeping “father” up because she tells him she wants to get in to videography and wants some tips. She undresses further as she’s questioning him about her new hobby. He teases it out and gets her to admit that she wants to meet women to have sex with them. “You just want to shoot women so you’ll have something to masturbate to,” he accuses. She says she’s not going to shoot porn, but wants a fancy camera to act as her “wingman.” Then she’s sucking on his cock while he talks about filters and image stabilization. Finally, she asks, “Daddy, can you just fuck me?” She climbs on top of him and rides him before letting him fuck her doggy-style. She uses the possibility of a creampie to get her camera, which works out in both their favor.

Scene six: Camille Black, Loki Black, and JW Ties

Camille is masturbating on her father’s bed (though it’s in a different room than the previous scene), with her Hitachi Wand, when Loki Black, playing her stepbrother enters the picture. He says he heard her moaning for her father and it leads to her giving him a blowjob and him fingering her. They fuck a little bit with her grinding on top of him. The sex gets more intense with Camille on her back, getting fucked missionary, before JW enters the picture after a few minutes. The bedsprings almost drown out the moans. When he enters, he asks “what the fuck?” But it leads to a taboo threesome when Camille invites him to join. The two guys take turns with first JW being sucked while Loki fucks Camille, then they reverse for a few minutes. When Loki gives Camille a facial, JW sends him away so he can get some alone time with his “daughter” and they fuck missionary, with her on her back.

Scene seven: Camille Black and JW Ties

Camille opens another scene watching porn on her laptop. She’s checking out a girl that he pornographer father will soon have the pleasure of fucking, and she’s turned on. When JW Ties reenters the picture, Camille shows him what she’s watched, and when she describes an ATM, she asks if she can fuck her with him. It leads to Camille sucking on his cock and then riding it. They both continue to watch the porn on her laptop (it’s a big shift from scene one, where Camille is hiding that she was watching her father’s porn on her laptop). They also do some doggy-style.

Scene eight: Camille Black and Loki Black

Loki Black is in another scene with Camille, and she’s blackmailing him. The plot is that he’s so naïve that he thinks her father is actually a plumber, not a pornographer. She tells him that she wants to also do porn and he’s going to be her stunt cock. She shows him the webcams she set up around the room and says that if he doesn’t fuck her, she’ll edit the videos to make it look like his idea. They fuck doggy-style and missionary. The scene is pretty short (like nine minutes) and he shoots on her bush. It’s okay.

Scene nine: Camille Black and Philmore Gapez

Finally, someone new. Camille Black is paired off with Philmore Gapez (lol) and he plays her Uncle Phil. He enters the room while she’s watching “Dr. Who” (though not in her Tardis boot-slippers from scenes one and two). He’d rather get blown by his niece, because it’s a rerun. She agrees, though says she’s going to fantasize about someone from the TV show, and sucks on his cock for a few minutes. She also strokes him and it leads to a big cumshot. She asks him, “Uncle Phil, have you not come in like a millennium?”

Scene ten: Camille Black and Loki Black

I was hoping the final scene would be with someone other than Loki Black. He’s been fairly inanimate and Camille has done most of the work in their scenes together (this is their fourth in this movie). Camille finds him relaxing and says that she needs a favor. She was turned on by watching a couple work out together and he’s the only one around, so she asks if he would please fuck her. He obliges. After the requisite blowjob, he fucks her in doggy and missionary. After the cumshot she takes on her ass, she says, “If you see daddy, tell him my ass is ready.”

Final thoughts:

When I was watching this movie, I was aware of all of the flaws: the reliance on handheld cameras, the occasional overwrought acting, the schlubbiness of the older male costars, and the boringness of the younger male costar. Yet, I didn’t seem to mind it. I suppose the men gave the movie a sort of everyman quality that professional stunt cocks don't have. Here’s the thing: if my life was like in Weird Science and I was tasked with creating a woman based on my fantasies, it would be something very similar to Camille Black. She’s cute, tattooed, wears glasses, has a hairy pussy, an overactive libido, and few inhibitions. The movie had a lot of short scenes (averaging about 12 minutes in length), but I think I enjoyed that, seeing Camille in a different taboo fantasy every few minutes. The movie hinted at a few things, like Camille’s willingness (or eagerness, according to some interviews) to do anal, and another sister or stepsister, Hope (who I assume will be Hope Harper, who also stars in a lot of Desperate Pleasure releases). I hope that leads to a sequel that is even more taboo. I’m not saying that this movie is for everyone, but I liked it and recommend it because I would gladly watch Camille Black fuck anytime. 

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