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Anal Beauty 2

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/26/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production: November 22, 2015

Genre: Anal; All Sex; 18+ Teens; Anal Creampie

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Aubrey Star with Anna Morna, Kacey Jordan, Kate England, Mick Blue, Christian Clay, Manuel Ferrara

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Info


Anal Beauty 2 is director Greg Lansky’s 2nd installment in his memorable anal series. This movie stars Aubrey Star who turns her tennis lesson into a lesson about anal stroking that sends her to new heights. This 4 scene flick also features Anna Morna, Kacey Jordan and Kate England introducing their ass holes to the cocks of Mick Blue, Christian Clay and Manuel Ferrera. In addition to Lansky’s flicks being shot well in high definition, this movie adds great chemistry, passion and heightened sexual tension that add to the smoldering heat of this film. Aubrey’s on-court playfulness and innocence make her outdoor sex scene even hotter and Kacey’s aggressive take down of Manuel’s meat keeps her scene hot. Overall, I highly recommend this movie for the sexual heat, great production quality, hot on-camera anal sex and the beautiful, memorable girls you’ll enjoy watching more than once.

Scene 1:  Anna Morna and Mick Blue

The scene opens with Anna getting dressed in the bathroom and talking on the phone about meeting up with a new, European client. She’s not so sure about this whole anal thing, but she’s ready to meet with the guy. She makes her way down the stairs where Mick is waiting for her. He can’t believe how beautiful Anna is and he starts pulling on her dress and kissing her, telling her that she will do exactly what he tells her to do. She answers submissively, saying yes sir. They kiss passionately up against the stairs and Anna is sexy in her tight blue dress. In the passion and heat between these 2, Mick rips her dress open at the seams and starts gripping and pinching her nipples, turning her on. He kisses his way down her stomach and body and starts eating her pussy, holding her legs up over his shoulders and tonguing her snatch. He tells her to change into her lingerie and they pick up the action in the bedroom now. Anna is even more sexy in her purple lingerie. He makes her bend over on the bed and starts licking her ass, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper in her hole while she bends in doggy position on the bed. After tonguing her hole, he fingers it. Anna decides she is ready to suck his cock and she gets into a sloppy cock sucking job that has her gagging on Mick’s meat. She looks up at him while deep throating his dick then gets back on all fours, in doggy position so Mick can stuff her pussy.

He starts fucking her from behind, slowly at first and the look of ecstasy is all over Anna’ face. Mick starts pumping her pussy faster and faster, keep Anna in deep pleasure. Anna’s pussy is wet and warmed up and she moves into cowgirl position, riding Mick’s dick. Anna wasn’t so sure in the beginning of the scene whether she wanted to try anal with this client and now the moment of truth is here. She lies on her back near the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide open. Mick kneels in front of her and penetrates her ass hole, stretching it out as he thrusts in and out of her sphincter. Anna is enjoying this backdoor pounding as Mick fills her hole up. Next she takes it up the bum while lying on her side and keeping her eyes on Mick and a smile on her face. She can’t believe she is getting fucked up the ass as Mick drills deeper in her tight hole. She tells him to make her take it. Mick pumps harder and harder then pulls out quickly while Anna races to her knees just in time to take a face load of cum from as he shoots off.

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Scene 2:  Aubrey Star and Christian Clay

Aubrey starts her scene on the tennis court, taking lessons from Christian. The lesson soon turns to a focus on strokes and hip pivoting and Aubrey is horny. She can feel Christian’s hard cock up against her body while he helps her practice her swing and she wants him to pull down her panties. This scene turns into an outdoor fucking session that satisfies Aubrey and she is begging Christian for his cock, telling him that her parents are out of town and they have the whole tennis court to themselves. The passionate kissing quickly turns into deep throat cock sucking on the court. Aubrey licks Christian’s balls, telling him she doesn’t want to play with tennis balls anymore. She wants to play with his balls. She opens her mouth wide and gets her throat fucked, making her gag and dribble all over his dick. This outdoor, on the court fuck lesson gets even hotter as Aubrey bends over in standing doggy position and gets fucked from behind. Christian stuffs her pussy then Aubrey turns up the volume and puts one leg up on the net while Christian keeps fucking her hard. She looks back over her shoulder in ecstasy as she gets her pussy pumped.

These two bring great chemistry to their scene as they take their lovemaking to the bedroom. This is where we really get a good look at Aubrey’s ass. She gets on all fours doggystyle and Christian gets to work on her ass hole, tonguing and fingering it, making it gape for the camera. This ass play is hot to watch. Aubrey goes back to sucking Christian’s cock and she takes her time doing it, deep throating his meat on her knees and on the bed. Her pussy is wet and ready now and she lies back on the bed missionary style with her legs wide open. Christian kneels and thrusts deep in her snatch while she fingers her clit. The real action begins when Christian moves in to her ass hole, plunges slow and deep, stretching her ass hole wider and wider. The camera zooms in close on Aubrey hole as Christian opens it up with his cock. She gets spoon fucked up the ass then swallows his meat in ATM action before sitting on his dick, taking it up the ass in reverse cowgirl position. She moves back into doggy position for more anal pounding and with the close up angles, you’ll enjoy watching Aubrey get her hole stuffed. Christian pulls out of her ass hole and jerks off in her mouth, leaving her with loads of cum on her tongue and face.

Scene 3:   Kacey Jordan and Manuel Ferrara

Manuel is really grateful to his friend for letting him stay at his place. He calls his friend to thank him and asks what he should do with the keys when he leaves. His friend says his sister, Kacey, is there so he can leave the keys with her. As Manuel is finishing his call, Kacey walks in and is happy to see him. She’s doing great except that she just broke up with her boyfriend. Manuel is sorry to hear that, but Kacey assures him it was for the best especially because her boyfriend couldn’t satisfy her. Kacey decides to take this opportunity to tell Manuel that she really wants to fuck him. She lunges at him, kissing him and at first Manuel resists because he’s shocked, but Kacey wins him over. These two enjoy passionate foreplay on the kitchen counter, kissing each other and stripping out of their clothes. Kacey lies back on the counter while Manuel licks her body from her navel up to her neck, driving her crazy. She grips him behind the head as he fingers her pussy and kisses her neck. She lies on her stomach and Manuel starts eating her pussy from behind, fingering her snatch and ass hole and keeping a smile on Kacey’s face. The camera gets just the right angle to see Manuel’s thumb stuck up Kacey’s ass. He continues fingering her holes, making her shiver. The pussy eating and ass hole fingering gets more intense as Kacey lies on her back on the kitchen counter while Manuel buries his face in her wet pussy and stuffs 2 fingers in her ass hole. They make their way off the counter and up against the wall for more passionate kissing and foreplay.

With the pair in the bedroom now, Kacey takes control, straddling Manuel and then taking his cock out of his pants and sucking it. She spits on it, lubing it up then starts jerking it in and out of her mouth. She grips his balls while licking his dick, bent over in doggy position. Manuel spanks her ass and plays with her pussy while she eats his meat. He beats her face with his cock in between fucking her throat. Kacey lies on her side, spooning with Manuel. He stuffs her pussy with his hard cock, stroking her wet hole slowly at first, but he soon speeds up, keeping her pleased. She fingers her clit while Manuel fucks her. He introduces his cock to her ass hole while spooning. Kacey’s moaning gets louder while Manuel drills deeper and deeper in her ass, stretching it out until he’s able to pump her harder, faster and deeper. Kacey lies back in ecstasy as her back door gets slammed. Kacey grabs his dick while it slips in and out of her ass and she stuffs it deeper in her anus. The anal romance between these 2 is heating up as Kacey’s ass hole is readily accepting Manuel’s full cock. She gets into ATM then sits her ass hole on Manuel’s cock in reverse cowgirl position. The anal pounding continues and the camera work gets in close on the ass pounding action. Kacey screams louder and louder in total pleasure as she hosts Manuel’s dick. After 3 rounds of ATM followed by reverse cowgirl anal fucking, Kacey gets on all fours in doggy position for more anal action, taking Manuel’s cock and loving it. The balls deep ass fucking get hot in this part of the scene as the camera looks on from behind the action. Manuel pumps harder and faster then pulls out and literally bombs her face with cum, shooting his load all over her forehead, cheeks and mouth. She grabs his cock and sucks it off as the scene ends.

Scene 4:  Kate England and Manuel Ferrara

Kate is busy typing up an agreement for her boss. Her boss needs her to take the papers over to Manuel’s house and get them signed right away. Kate knows that Manuel is one of the company’s biggest clients and she needs to get the paperwork done immediately. She goes over to Manuel’s house and rings the doorbell a few times. He doesn’t answer so she opens the door and calls for him. He’s upstairs finishing an email and he beckons her to meet him upstairs. She joins him on the couch and gives him the papers. Everything is in order and Manuel feels the papers are just fine. He puts the paperwork down and starts to work on Kate. It's clear that Kate isn’t aware of Manuel’s reputation with the company. Because he is one of their best clients, he gets a number of privileges and he explains this to Kate while he unbuttons her blouse. Kate is nervous and uncomfortable but Manuel explains that if she doesn’t fuck him, he just might not sign those papers. Kate really understands now that Manuel is a really important client and she needs to make him happy. She stands up and strips for him, undressing down to her sexy lingerie as he walks around her admiring her body. With him so close to her, she reaches for his cock and drops to her knees to grab hold of it in his pants. Manuel unzips his pants and puts his cock in her mouth. Kate does the rest, slurping and sucking on his meat while keeping her eyes fixed on him.

For several minutes, Kate works Manuel’s cock in and out of her mouth until she works up gobs of spit that drains from his cock and her chin, making this cock sucking scene one of the hottest of this flick. Kate blows bubbles all around Manuel’s cock as he grips her behind the head and fucks her throat. She lies back on the couch and gets her pussy eaten before Manuel starts spoon fucking her. He fingers her clit while drilling her pussy then moves to drilling her ass hole slow and deep. He fingers her pussy hard and fucks her ass hole hard. The action moves to reverse cowgirl anal fucking which Kate does very well with her legs spread wide as she bounces up and down on Manuel’s meat. Her ass hole devours his cock, making his shaft disappear up her hole with each stroke. Kate moves to doggystyle anal fucking and finishes her anal adventure with her legs spread wide missionary style while Manuel splits her hole and shoots his load in her sphincter, leaving her with an anal creampie.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I highly recommend Anal Beauty 2 for the way it puts hot, well shot ass fucking on film that’s a turn on to watch no matter how many times you see one of the scenes. Director Greg Lansky’s 2nd installment in his relatively new anal series sets the stage for more exciting installments to come. This movie stars Aubrey Star who is so horny for her tennis instructor that she fucks him on an outdoor tennis court while her parents are away.  The other starlets featured in this flick include Anna Morna, Kacey Jordan and Kate England and their anal introductions to the cocks of Mick Blue, Christian Clay and Manuel Ferrera are just as hot. This movie has great chemistry, passion, heightened sexual tension and rounds of anal pounding that will get you off.

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