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Sorority Sister Showdown

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/31/15

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Sorority Sister Showdown

Girlfriends Films/Girlsway

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Genre: Feature, Lesbian

Directors: Stills By Alan & Matt Holder


Cast: Cassidy Banks, Keira Nicole, Adriana Sephora, Abby Lee Brazil

Length: 98:43 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: There were three trailers and slideshows but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sorority Sister Showdown was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to directors Stills By Alan & Matt Holder for Girlfriends Films. The cameras were operated by Alan, Matt Holder, Shallow Hal, and MoReese, the scenes edited by Zombie, and various others pitched in to help as needed. The four scenes looked okay but the editing wasn’t always smooth and some of the close up shots lacked enough light to optimize resolution, the minimalist nature of the feature elements not standing out compared to some of the director’s other recent works. The flesh tones usually looked accurate and some care was given to the framing, the visuals of the sex scenes looking pleasant. There was a company water mark on screen all the time and a number of establishing shots were included to further the story elements. The aural 2.0 stereo aspects (in 192 Kbps at 48 kHz) were similarly handled with care, the vocals easily heard, the musical score not standing out much, and the textures to the sounds less developed than some of Alan’s bigger projects with producer Bree Mills.


Body of Review: Stills By Alan and Matt Holder are known for their lesbian erotica scenes, both contributing to sceneson Girlsway that are then distributed by Girlfriends Films. The name of their latest movie is Sorority Sister Showdown, a lesbian feature with a college theme to it, the established sisters taking advantage of their new pledges in the expected sexual ways. Given cuties like Cassidy Banks, Keira Nicole, Abby Lee Brazil, and Adriana Sephora were the star attractions, I figured it would be worth a look but it was clearly a basic set of scenes lightly strung together this time. The back cover described the movie like this: “What was your first week at college like? I don't know about you but, dogfood and mustard slip and slides have nothing on what these tender young college babes are about to go through. We all wish we could have been initiated the way these beauties are. The sorority's new pledges, hot fresh young ladies with big boobs and tender wet pussies are in for a serious treat! Returning members are excited too, because they know that it's finally their turn to show the pledges what it'll be like living among some of the hottest lesbians they've ever met. How will these freshly initiated lesbian pledges feel when they learn the older babes are eager to guide them through a whole year's worth of sister on sister love and hot lesbian encounters behind every wall in their new house? I'd be quivering with excitement!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested by there are numerous company written spoilers so proceed with caution:




Scene One: Cassidy Banks, the busty babe with amazing eyes featured in a yellow shirt on the front cover, was up first wishing for a way to make her mark on her new sorority so she could escape some of the mundane chores she was assigned. Keira Nicole, a lean, perky blond, took the gal under her wing to explain the pecking order and how it was tied to sex so inexperienced Cassidy went along with the program and joined her new “sister” in the bathroom to start making out. Keira took the initiative as she pawed her new pal, molesting tits and gobbling gash, some fingering and rimming included as she worked over Cassidy’s bald beaver. Cassidy reciprocated to a degree but not nearly as polished as Keira was at the lesbian acts, some hand to gland friction and decent eye contact helping them both get off. The company website described the scene like this: “Being the newbie is a sorority house sucks. You end up having to do all the dirty work, and in this case, Cassidy Banks is the victim. She scrubs the bathroom floor with a toothbrush but fed up being treated like garbage by her sorority sister Abby, Cassidy asks Kiera Nicole for some help. Kiera sheds some light on how to advance as a pledge, but it wasn't something that Cassidy expected...Kiera says if Cassidy wants to advance in the sorority house, she's gonna have to help out with sexual favors! Kiera wants to help Cassidy with her dilemma with Abby, so she offers to show her a few things she's learnt with other girls in the house. Cassidy can't refuse such an opportunity as she has never been with another girl. If this is the only way that she can win Abby's heart and not have to scrub bathroom floors anymore, its worth the sacrifice. Kiera places her lips over Cassidy, moving her way down Cassidy's chest kissing her breasts and lower abdomen. Kiera unzips Cassisy's shorts fingering her through her panties making her nice and wet. Removing her tight blue panties, Kiera opens up Cassidy's legs licking her shaved pussy, rubbing her puffy labia until she pants from her first lesbian orgasm. Kiera removes her clothes and has Cassidy turn around exposing her huge round ass, and with great power fingers her tight pussy until she ejects cum on her ass. Cassidy thinks shes ready to satisfy Kiera's pussy. Kiera spreads her legs exposing her soft labia to Cassidy's mouth. Gently teasing her pussy lips, Cassidy is able to successfully provide an epic orgasm for the first time! And as promised, Kiera will aid Cassidy with her little predicament.”



Scene Two: Adriana Sephora, the attractive blond on the front cover in the blue shirt, was then up with Keira Nicole, as Kiera tried to get Cassidy some help in moving up the ladder at the sorority. At first, Adriana was not receptive but as Keira reminded her of their early days in the sorority, conveniently dropping her towel to reveal her hairy snatch and lean ass, Adriana came around, the two kissing and caressing each other as they jumped on the bed. These two were a lot more balanced sexually for each other, curvier Adriana looking better to me from the neck down but neither gal adverse to the eyes as they ate pussy and played with some energy together, definitely more chemistry than the first tryst of the show. The company website described the scene like this: “As promised, Kiera Nicole approaches her sorority sister Adriana Sephora to talk about the new pledges, but more so regarding Cassidy. Adriana reminds Kiera that all the girls went through hell here, so the newbies will just have to go through it too if they want to live in this house. But Kiera reminds Adriana that she pulled some strings and was on top of the sisterhood. Adriana not budging on her decision to help out, Kiera has to figure out some other way to persuade her in changing her mind. Kiera unveils her naked body, dropping her towel on the floor. Adriana reacts quickly, rethinking that she could in fact do something to help out. As Kiera picks up the towel from the floor, Adriana reacts quickly forbidding Kiera to pick it up. There was no way Kiera was getting away from her now that she was completely naked and hot as hell. Adriana spreads her legs, exposing her butt hole and pussy, Kiera dripping spit inside her butt hole, placing two fingers inside of her, juices flowing over Kiera's fingers. Fingering Adriana with force, Kiera continues to please her sister until she hears her juices flowing inside her pussy waiting to explode. Both sorority sisters stimulate each other's pussies, resulting in a simultaneous orgasm. Will Kiera's efforts have enough influence on Adriana to re think her decision? Or should they go another time just to make sure? Watch and find out!”



Scene Three: Abby Lee Brazil, the skinny brunette in pink bikini lingerie from the front cover, was up next as the head of the sorority chastising pledge Cassidy Banks. Cassidy was doing all the silly tasks demanded of her but as she brushed the pool balls clean, she was also sitting on the pool table which drove grumpy Abby, a fiery Brazilian to begin with, up the wall. Abby then verbally abused Cassidy before ordering her to strip naked, writing various things on the curvier gal’s body in lipstick as the scene soon reverted to a lesbian tryst with Cassidy doing most of the oral work pleasuring Abby. Over the course of the scene, Abby lightened up somewhat but this was the weakest scene of the bunch for me, neither gal doing it for me given the plotted elements and manner in which it was captured. The company website described the scene like this: “Cleaning the pool balls with a measly toothbrush, Cassidy Banks scrubs to the best of her ability, but almost giving up hope that she will never become a full sister in the sorority. Even after doing exactly what she was told, giving herself physically and mentally, Cassidy couldn't catch a break and her day was about to get even worse... Head of the sorority, Abby Lee Brazil approaches Cassidy and in disgust asks her what in the hell was she doing. Abby was so furious seeing Cassidy sitting on the pool table while she cleaned the balls. That was a huge faux pas. Abby was right up in Cassidy's face bitching about every little thing. She wanted to know who even allowed Cassidy into the sorority in the first place. Cassidy was speechless being backed up in a corner, helpless as Abby mocked and scorned the poor girl. Abby had enough and demanded Cassidy remove the sorority's t-shirt, claiming she was not good enough to wear it. To make matters worse, Abby orders Cassidy to take off all her clothes, marking her with lipstick all over her body. Cassidy finds the courage to end Abby's little vicious game, asking her if there was anything she could do to make amends. Cassidy offers Abby to eat out her pussy which made Abby laugh but making her more furious than she already was. She writes 'lesbian' all over Cassidy's leg just to show everyone in the school what Cassidy was. Cassidy promised she could make her cum and pleaded with her not to be sent out for everyone to see and mock. Abby takes on Cassidy, dominating her to the fullest extend, making her do exactly what she's told. But will all of Cassidy's efforts convince Abby to let her into the sisterhood as one of them? Or was this all for nothing? Come and watch today!”



Scene Four: Abby Lee Brazil, up last as Adriana Sephora reversed roles to remind Abby who was the one in charge, making the abusive lady service pussy like she had done to the pledges for so long. Abby denied her misconduct at first but soon got into giving head, Adriana relishing the role of tormentor as she spanked Abby and treated her like she had been treating everyone else when Adriana wasn’t around. Adriana sat on Abby’s face as the brunette chowed down on shaven slit and they rubbed pussies together as was a common refrain in the flick’s four scenes, both coming to terms with regard to future plans without the shitty attitude. The company website described the scene like this: “The time has come to pass for those who deserve punishment and repent in the sorority house. Adriana Sephora, being the president of the sisterhood, confronts Abby Lee Brazil with her tactics and mistreatment over the pledges, taking absolute advantage of her title. Adriana speaks to Abby softly, trying to get her to understand they are here to show discipline to the newbies, but not to take it overboard like she was. It didn't seem like Abby took what Adriana had to say to heart, being nonchalant and denying any wrong doing. Adriana has had enough of Abby acting like she was the boss around here, and needs to teach her a lesson and show her where she stands. Adriana demands that Abby remove her sorority shirt, voicing that she isn't good enough to wear what the house represents. Abby was getting a taste of her own medicine, bending down on all fours, being spanked hard on the ass. Abby is really feeling the pain now, pleading with Adriana that she isn't that bad to the girls. Adriana doesn't care, she is going to teach her a lesson Abby will never forget. Feeling the pain through the redness of her ass, Abby moans in agony at every slap Adriana gives. But Adriana is far from being over with this strict sister. Abby had the pledges lick her pussy blackmailing them. It is the only way into the house. Abby denies, but Adriana knows the truth and is ready to give Abby a taste of her pussy juice. The only way Abby is staying in this sorority is by eating Adriana out and making her orgasm more than once. Let's see if Adriana teaches this hard ass a lesson!”

Summary: Sorority Sister Showdown by directors Stills By Alan & Matt Holder for Girlfriends Films was really basic compared to sme of the titles associated with them previously but the ladies were physically attractive even if they were not as clearly into each other as I’ve seen so the movie earned a rating of Rent It from me, the lack of pacing and balance in the scenes holding it back a notch. The ladies were hot, especially Cassidy Banks with her smoking hot ass and juicy boobs, but this was a paint by the numbers endeavor so don’t expect as much from Sorority Sister Showdown, the four trysts worth a look but hold off on spending the dough until you see it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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