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Rogue Adventures 41

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/3/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Transsexual  

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Sienna Grace, Kendra Sinclaire, Gabriella Andrade, Vivian Rockwell, Trillium, Gisele Bittencourt, Robert Axel, Alex Victor, Mike Panic, Tony Lee 
Length: 192 minutes

Extras: There is a cum shot recap, filmographies, and a cast list.     

Condoms: None
Date of Production: 2015

Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is fine and the video quality is very good. The film is very clear and the women look very beautiful. This is a web-based review for Rogue Adventures 41. The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. There is a logo on the bottom right-hand side of the screen stating EvilAngel.com. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Rogue Adventures 41 is a film directed by Joey Silvera and from the studio Evil Angel. In this film, Sienna Grace graces the DVD cover. She has the potential of being the top transsexual performer in the industry.

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Scene One: Vivian Rockwell teases the camera in her tiny bikini beside a mirror. She does a nice job staring at the camera and rubbing her groin and dick. Later, her handsome partner Robert Axel joins her. This tranny loving guy fondles her briefly and sucks her nipples, but it's the woman's big dick that he really wants. So, a blow job follows. Even though his oral massage was fine, Vivian's own oral massage on him was hotter. It's just something about a pretty face giving oral that makes the turn-on factor more desirable to the viewers. Then, Robert gets her asshole lubricated with his romantic mouth before he inserts his manhood into it for the doggie fuck. The spooning screw and cowgirl ride provide the most emotion from Vivian as her expressive face punctuates how she feels. The missionary moments show her spent. However, her joyfulness gets resurrected when she applies solid oral work on his sexual package before receiving his cum shot at her receptive open mouth.
Scene Two: Kendra Sinclaire is showing off her toned body as she lifts barbells. Blonde female cutie Trillium acts sensual towards the woman with her soft touches and sexy mouth on her body. Her tender oral play shifts very well onto Kendra's appealing dick and balls. The tight close-ups of her bj work is hot since her pretty soft lips on that penis will get many viewers hard. The energy level rises when the mouth fucking moments occur. It's pretty cool seeing her try to shove Kendra's penis and her balls into her mouth. It makes this blow job session feel more nastier. A nice shot of Trillium's pussy is shown when the trans lady is playing and stretching the woman's pussy. Later, their doggie fuck is very heated. Her pale body looked looked hot especially her perky tits during the vaginal spooning session. Afterwards, she licks and sucks Kendra's asshole with solid horny effort. Later, while she continues to orally stimulate the lady's butthole, Kendra is applying a vibrator on Kendra's hairy pussy. When the mish occurs, Kendra humps her partner vaginally with heated passion. The tranny stares up at the camera with much joy. Good juicy toe worship by Trillium follows as her tongue goes in between Kendra's toes. A heated doggie screw follows and I enjoyed that Trillium added some of her own humping activity too. Kendra looks so comfortable being the swordswoman and her blonde beauty looks so delicious being the recipient of their hard fucking performance. A very lengthy oral session by the blonde cutie follows as she thoroughly works Kendra's sexual package with her mouth and hands. I like the blend of passion and sensuality that Trillium provides. Her eye contact with the trans babe enhances the sensual moments. Later, she strokes off the well pampered Kendra and takes in the tasty cum in her luscious mouth. 

Scene Three: Pretty Sienna Grace is lounging comfortably on a couch in her black cocktail dress while her partner Mike Panic acts affectionately towards her by caressing her breasts and giving her a glass of white wine. Then, she sucks his dick with nice desire. However, the trans lady really gets more turned on when Mike sucks her cock and fingers her butthole. She really moans with much rapture when the man licks her asshole. Next, Sienna's body looks so gorgeous while giving head on her hands and knees. Her oral demeanor is a mixture of playfulness and naughtiness. She deep throats him easily. I loved the tight close-up shots of her perky titties when Mike resumed in pleasuring her. Although it's always a much greater turn-on watching Sienna give head than receiving it. The following spoonful of pleasure had good chemistry. The trans babe really enjoyed his slow and steady humping motion while the man added good hand stroking action on her appealing hard dick. Good close-ups of Sienna's asshole region are provided during the spooning. A big surprise occurs when she fucks Mike since it's the first time for her topping someone. Her stroking delivery is steady. She looked quite comfortable in that role. Her beautiful body really stands out while she mished her partner. Sienna needs to do more top stuff in the future. Later, the woman pulls and jacks off on his groin. Then, Mike cums a lot on her receptive face and open mouth.


Scene Four: Gabriella Andrade and Alex Victor are standing together near a couple of mirrors in a room. He caresses her groin and takes out her dick so he can suck it. His horniness gets it nicely wet and shiny. Then, she turns around and he eats her asshole deeply. The upcoming doggie screw is steady. Some back and forth cocksucking activity occurs with Gabriella staring at the camera quite a bit. Her body looked very hot while she laid on her side while mouthfucking Alex. During the spooning screw on Gabriella, she looked so cute while stroking her attractive dick. She sucked his fingers a bit. Later, the man's fingers get very wet as he fingerfucks her asshole. A good spooning screw follows that leads to Gabriella cumming on herself. Then, Alex jacks off at her very receptive and wide open mouth. 
Scene Five: Gisele Bittencourt performs her tease in her black bra and lace panties. She makes a big smile when she shows off her hard dick at the camera. The attractive blonde mouthfucks Tony Lee with good effort. Tony creates a lot of saliva. Later, Gisele applied a heated bj on the man while providing good masturbating effort on her own pecker. The sight of her attractive dick made me want to suck it. Next, Tony does a very good job sucking Gisele's sexual delights. He really gets into it. Then, the woman fucks the man with much desire and horniness. When Tony fucks her, Gisele's beautiful body is showcased well. While riding him, she cums on him. Then, the trans babe strokes her partner off which produces his cum.
Final Thoughts: This film will always be remembered for having the first performance of Sienna Grace in the top position. She looks very comfortable as the person doing the screwing. She needs to do more of them. The most exciting performance however, is the Gisele Bittencourt-Tony Lee one where this trans lady fucks with a whole lot of energy and drive. The trans-girl scene of Kendra Sinclaire and Trillium added a tremendous amount of turn-on factor with the very hot oral work. This film had a nice amount of passionate fucking and sensuality throughout this production. I highly recommend it.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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