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Teens Like It Rough

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/7/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 55 minutes

Date of Production:  October 2015



Genre: Rough Sex; Domination; Fetish; 18+ Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Featuring Aubrey Gold with Melissa Moore, Joseline Kelly, Rachel James, Tommy Pistol, Xander Corvus, Karlo Karrera and Mark Wood

Bonus Scenes: Bonus scene 1 featuring Rachael Madori and Bruce Venture from Down the Throat 3; Bonus scene 2 featuring Aidra Fox and James Deen from Meet Aidra.

Extras: Scene Selection; Photo Gallery; Behind the Scenes with over 21 minutes of candid interviews with the flick’s starlets after their rough sex; Pick Your Pleasure with choices for tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl and popshot; Trailers for Dirty Girls Do It Better, Down the Throat 2, From Both Ends 2; Fantasy Lingerie, Company Info


The starlets in Paul Woodcrest’s Teens Like It Rough push past their boundaries and open the door to rough, hard sex.  Aubrey Gold is the featured star of the movie and she’s joined by Melissa Moore, Joseline Kelly and Rachel James. These women have always wanted to experience being manhandled in the bedroom and Tommy Pistol, Xander Corvus, Karlo Karrera and Mark Wood get hard and serious with these girls, fucking them rough just the way they want it. Melissa’s rough sex romp with Tommy in the opening scene is one of the hottest scenes of the flick. She is into complete submission and follows orders well as Tommy controls her pussy lips and body. Featured starlet Aubrey Gold heats up her scene with Xander who shows her the rough ropes in bed, skull fucking her and spanking her tits, helping her experience sex in a way that her boyfriend couldn’t. Overall, I recommend this movie. The production quality is high and these starlets each bring good chemistry to their scenes. After this 1 hour and 55 minute flick ends, it’s clear that these girls know who’s in charge.

Scene 1:  Melissa Moore and Tommy Pistol

Melissa’s dad, who is Tommy’s boss, left to go golfing and he left a lot of paperwork for Tommy to finish. Tommy is frustrated about how much work he has to do. Melissa tells Tommy he should take a break because he has been working so hard. Tommy doesn’t want to leave the house and get stuck in traffic. Melissa tells him they don’t have to leave the house. They can have fun right here are home. She reminds him of how much fun they had last weekend when they were home alone. This time, she says, she wants the sex to be even rougher than it was last week. Tommy grabs her around the throat and tells him he’s going to do whatever he wants to do with her. He slaps her tits, stuffs his fingers down her throat and starts fingering her pussy, making her wet. Melissa spreads her legs open wide so Tommy can finger her really good. He spanks her pussy lips and tells her they will be all swollen by the time he’s finished with her. They make their way to the bedroom where things start heating up. They kiss passionately on the bed and Tommy rips her blouse down and starts pinching and kissing her nipples then spanking her pussy lips. He gets into spanking her ass cheeks next, making them cherry red. Melissa is bent over doggystyle and is enjoying the rough treatment. Her pussy is really wet now.

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With her hands held tightly behind her back, Tommy keeps spanking her. Next he punishes her throat with his cock, making her deep throat and gag on his meat and telling her to keep her eyes wide open while she sucks him. She follows order well, covering Tommy’s cock in spit. Melissa wants discipline and she gets it just the way she wants it. The deep throat cock sucking and gagging continues and Melissa is leaving trails of spit everywhere. She lodges Tommy’s cock in her mouth, pushing it back against her cheeks then she slaps her face with his dick in her mouth. Tommy fucks her mouth hard after she asks to get her face fucked. After all the hard cocksucking and pussy play, Melissa is ready to get fucked. She straddles him cowgirl style and starts riding his cock, but Tommy takes over by slamming her pussy hard and fast, filling her up with his meat. This keeps Melissa screaming. She holds her ass cheeks open while she rides him. She takes order through her whole fuck session with Tommy, lying on her side when he instructs her too. With her in spoon position now, he penetrates her pussy from the side and stuffs his fingers in her snatch while he fucks her. This makes Melissa’s eyes roll back into her head. She gets stuffed balls deep as Tommy pinches her pussy lips. He slaps her face as she transitions to reverse cowgirl. The hard rough sex continues as Tommy pounds her pussy, making her lips quiver. She takes the last round of cock pumping in doggy position and then missionary style. Tommy fucks her then pulls out as she begs for his cum. She opens her mouth wide and Tommy shoots his load down her throat.

Scene 2:  Aubrey Gold and Xander Corvus

Aubrey tells Xander that her boyfriend hasn’t been able to fulfill her sexual desires. She tells him that she heard all about the way Xander makes his girlfriend cum over and over again and she wants to know if it’s true. She invites him into her bedroom and tells him that she wants him to give her boyfriend a few pointers. Xander says no way because Aubrey’s boyfriend just doesn’t have that kind of fire in him. Xander tells her that she needs someone who is just going to grab her and make her feel a certain way. They look deep into each other’s eyes and Xander grabs Aubrey and pushes her back on to the bed then starts spanking her tits and fingering her pussy. This all puts a big smile on Aubrey’s face as Xander strips her out of her clothes and starts fingering and spanking her pussy. She never gets treated like a dirty little whore by her boyfriend and Xander is making her feel this way and it’s getting her off. He rough houses her snatch then asks her if her boyfriend ever shoves his cock down her throat. She says no. Xander pulls out his cock, makes her get on her hands and knees and starts fucking her throat. He tells her to open her eyes and keep them on her while her throat gets fucked. He forces his cock all the way down her throat balls deep and it makes her gag. She really gets into sucking his dick and experiencing this kind of rough sex for the first time. She tells him to treat her like a whore, then she starts sucking his balls.

She sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and Xander wastes no time fucking her pussy hard. He stuffs his fingers in her mouth while she rides his meat. Aubrey loves getting spanked all over her body from her ass to her tits, all of it is turning her on, so much so that she starts squirting almost as soon as Xander fucks her. Her pussy is wet and her body is shaking again and again before she squirts. The camera zooms in close on Aubrey’s pussy as it gets filled with cock. She screams louder and faster with each pass in her pussy. When Xander starts fingering her clit she squirts again then she licks up her pussy juices off his dick when he fucks her throat. She gets on all fours in doggy position, holds her ass cheeks open and moans in ecstasy as Xander pile drives her snatch from behind, gripping her arms tightly behind her back and spanking her ass. Xander gags her with her shirt, stuffing it in her mouth and pulling back on it while she takes his cock. Aubrey starts fingering her ass hole while her pussy gets worked over. Balls deep spoon fucking is followed by more pussy to mouth cock sucking that makes her gag. Xander spits down her throat then makes her suck his cock some more. They spoon fuck which leads to more squirting then Aubrey rides Xander’s dick in cowgirl position, getting her ass spanked and being called a good girl as she bounces up and down on his meat. Aubrey screams out for Xander to fuck her. He pumps her harder and faster then pulls out and cums all over her tits and face.

Scene 3:  Joseline Kelly and Karlo Karrera

Joseline has a really awkward question for Karlo. She heard her sister making these really weird noises last night in her bedroom when Karlo was there and she wants to know what was going on. Karlo tells Joseline that her sister likes really rough sex and she really likes to be dominated. Joseline looks at Karlo and tells him that she has never had anyone treat her that way. Karlo can’t believe it. He grabs her by the hair and asks her if she never had anyone treat her like this. She says no. Karlo pulls up her shirt and tells her she’s going to do exactly as she’s told. He wonders if she will scream louder than her sister. Joseline starts sucking Karlo’s finger then she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. She looks up at him while he thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth. He keeps a strong grip on her hair, pulling it back tightly behind her head. She really gets into sucking his dick, jerking it and sucking on it, moving it in and out of her mouth. Karlo feeds her his cock, making her gag and telling her this is the way her sister like it. He beats her tongue with his cock then skull fucks her and makes her lick his balls. He spanks her tits, making her giggle then she bends over the couch doggystyle so Karlo can finger her pussy from behind. Her pussy is wet and Karlo takes his finger from her wet pussy and stuffs it in her mouth. After spanking her ass, he sticks his cock in her snatch from behind, gripping her tightly around the neck.

They fuck doggystyle and Karlo keeps spanking her ass and pulling her hair. Joseline is in ecstasy and she raises one leg up high while Karlo keeps stretching her pussy out from behind. She lies back in missionary position on the couch and holds her legs open wide. Karlo lashes her pussy with his tongue then sticks his dick in again. Joseline says his cock is too big as he stuffs it deeper and deeper into her hole, gripping her hair while he stuffs her. He pulls out and eats her pussy then starts fucking her again. She is soon gagging on his dick, sucking up her wet pussy juices off his cock. Joseline goes on a cowgirl ride on top of Karlo’s cock and she screams out that she fucking loves it. After sucking him off again, she rides him in reverse cowgirl position and then gets fucked missionary style until Karlo pulls out and jerks off on her tits.

Scene 4:  Rachel James and Mark Wood

Mark comes home after a long day at work and starts to undress when he hears moaning coming from the bedroom. He walks in to see what she’s doing and finds his neighbor, Rachel, lying on the bed with her legs wide open, fingering her pussy. She looks up at him seductively and says hi. She saw his wife leave and decided to invite herself in and wait for him. Rachel tells him she’s a naughty neighbor who broke in to pleasure herself and she needs to be punished. Mark agrees and grabs hold of her and fingers her snatch, telling her she’s going to get fucked. Rachel says yes, fuck me. She lies back on the bed and yells out that she wants Mark’s fucking cock. Mark rubs his dick across her clit then plugs her pussy, stretching it out. Rachel moans, telling him this is why she came here. He wraps his tie around her throat and pulls it tight while he fucks her missionary style. Rachel fingers her clit while she gets fucked and grabs hold of Mark’s arms, telling him she’s been naughty. All this naughty fucking leads to Rachel cumming all over Mark’s cock.

She tells him to stroke her just like that. Mark grips her around the neck then goes deep in her pussy. She tells him right there, right there as he spanks her clit. Rachel yells that she’s going to cum again. They start spoon fucking and Mark orders her to look at her pussy while it gets fucked. She tells him it’s so hot. The fucking is hard and fast in this scene and Rachel’s eyes roll back in pleasure. She sucks his cock, looking up at him while she works his dick in and out of her mouth. After gagging on his meat and licking his balls, she gets on all fours near the edge of the bed and gets fucking doggystyle. She tells Mark his dick feels so good as he works his meat in and out of her snatch. Mark licks her wet pussy then helps her on top of him in reverse cowgirl position. She rubs her clit while Mark stretches her pussy. She begs him for cum and Mark fucks her mouth again then pulls out and shoots his load directly in her mouth, calling her a naughty neighbor.

Final Thoughts:

Skull fucking, throat gagging and pussy spanking are some of the highlights of Paul Woodcrest’s Teen Like It Rough flick. This 1 hour and 55 minute flick features Aubrey Gold joined by horny starlets Melissa Moore, Joselin Kelly and Rachel James. What these girls all have in common is they want to experience rough sex and Tommy Pistol, Xander Corvus, Karlo Karrera and Mark Wood are on hand to show them the ropes. Before it’s all over, these submissive sluts know exactly who’s in charge in the bedroom. Featured starlet Aubrey Gold has a hot scene with Xander. These 2 develop good chemistry together as the sex gets rougher and harder. Adding more heat to Aubrey’s scene is her squirting and cumming that happens the harder and rougher the sex becomes. Melissa Moore’s opening scene with Tommy Pistol is another hot one to watch. The rough foreplay is hot and it goes on for a long while with Tommy pinching and gripping Melissa’s pussy lips while he spanks her. Overall, I recommend this movie. These girls are a pleasure to watch and they push the limits as their pussies get manhandled.

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