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Massive Facials 7

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/7/16

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Category: Blowbang/Bukakke



Cast: Chanel Preston/Jennifer White/Layla Price/Jenna Ivory

with: All Male Talent Uncredited

Director: Elegant J

Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 10/19/2015

Runtime: 142 mins 

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Audio/Video Levels: Elegant J's Massive Facials 7 from Elegant Angel was enhanced for widescreen viewing, with a less than crisp viewing on the DVD that definitely pales in comparison to it's previous installments. The camerawork is equally lessened, lending a primarily middle of the road viewing to put it kindly. There's no company watermark on the screen at any time through the course of the movie, and all of the scenes carried a mainly uniform feel with an intro tease leading into the blowbang/sex when applicable. The tease intros were accompanied by some canned music that you're sure to have heard before if you've watched a few gonzo porn movies in your day, and there was no distortion or inaudible moments on the audio portion of the DVD from what I could tell.


*Scene 1:

Chanel Preston 

w/ Uncredited [Blowbang Only]

The premiere scene in the seventh installment of the Massive Facials series kicks off with a hypnotizing tease from the always incredible Chanel Preston, looking lush in her bright colored lingerie set as she shakes and sways to the sounds of a cheesy porn jam lying in the background. The tease is as solid as most that we see from Chanel, unraveling nicely as we see her at the bottom of a staircase while her 9 male co-stars stand at the top of the steps beating their respective meat. Some quick words from our director get the action underway, with the guys marching down the steps to set up the blowbang action. Early moments consist of Chanel's suitors lining up across from one another other as she gives them some vibrant throat throttles, exaggerating her cock chugs very well to make for a better viewing before she lies as the centerpiece of a 9 schlong brigade and hammers down dongs like the true professional that we've all come to know and love. Throughout the action we see Chanel getting her pussy toyed with in a variety of ways, masturbating herself with a Hitachi wand throughout much of the scene to help keep her eyes on the prize. The latter stages give us the seemingly mandatory "head hanging over the couch" facefuck, to which all of the guys get the opportunity to ream her cakehole before the finale faceload sets in. In the closing minutes Chanel wears a giant sized dog cone over her head to capture all of the remnants of the loads should they miss her face, rounding up nine loads in total before she uses some sort of scraper to rake up the excess dicksauce and swallow it up. A pretty solid blowbang scene here for the most part; Chanel's energy was top notch, and even though I felt the camerawork could have given us some better views of the action, it still accomplishes what it sets out to do quite well. Chanel's got a true beauty about her that really makes her stand out in most everything she does, when you combine that with the overall nastiness of this particualr scene I think fans of the genre will be pleasantly fulfilled with it. 



*Scene 2: 

Jenna Ivory

w/ uncredited [Sex]


Jenna Ivory encapsulates our view for the second scene in the film, looking lush in a white neglige number throughout an early tease that focuses nicely on her perfectly round ass. Jenna's vibe is strong through the introductory sequence, leading into a short segment where the director tells us what he has in store for her as she looks into the lens determined to conquer. Early action focuses primarily on the blowbang festivities, then at midway point a few of the guys plunge out her pussy while the others load her with a facefull of dong. Jenna's energy is solid through the course of it all, carrying a truly animalistic vibe, egging on her co-stars to go harder and harder as she ransacks through porn cock like it's just another day at the office. Once the sex sets in it continues almost through the entire course of the rest of the scene, capping off with Jenna's stunt cocks churning out their sauce over her face in the closing moments. Afterwards, the guys give Jenna a much deserved round of applause for her efforts, titling her the 'Queen of the Whore Troopers', before the screen fades into the next scene. A solid effort for certain here which has become all too common when I see Jenna Ivory performing. She's a great performer who I'd love to see more of and this is one of the many scenes that serves as a testament to that. She also had some great one liners to help boost the viewing, staying attentive to the fans at home, in turn making this scene a better overall viewing than the first one, in my opinion. The lighting was a bit of an issue, but I don't think it really hindered the viewing since the action was strong. Jenna Ivory is a rockstar. 



*Scene 3: 

Jennifer White

w/ uncredited [Sex]


Gorgeous superslut Jennifer White is the primary focus of the third scene in the film, opening things up with another ass-inspired tease where the brunette beauty shakes her various pieces and parts, mixing in some pussy and asshole spreads for added contrast. The tease is solid, shortened and to the point before Jennifer welcomes her 8 stunt cocks into the room, with Ralph Long leading the pack. Early moments consist of our featured starlet lying as the centerpiece of an 8 cock hoedown, slurping through dick like the seasoned vet that we all love before whipping out a trusty hitachi wand for some much needed assistance. There tends to be a bit of slowness through some of the early stages, but Jennifer's vigor and commanding demeanor toward her male talent balances it out pretty well, as J. Crew takes a dick-first dive into her pussy for some doggie style fucking to get the sex underway. Sex lasts through most of the scene, with a few of the guys giving it a go as she gets mouthfucked pretty well simultaneously. The finale consists of Jennifer's various co-stars making it rain jizz over her face, slathering her entire head with cum before our director rounds up the crew to help her catch her bearings. Another well done fuck-sesh here with a large emphasis on blowbang, having a few slower moments and some lighting issues, still making for a good enough watch to recommend nonetheless. 


*Scene 4: 

Layla Price

w/ uncredited [Blowbang Only]


The final scene in Massive Facials #7 kicks off with always beautiful Layla Price, showing off her amazing ass through the early tease sequence as she's dressed in a gorgeous porn inspired fishnet number that perfectly accentuates her glorious assets. Layla's nails and bright colored accessories add volumes to the look, ultimately welcoming her stunt cocks as they mosey up the staircase. Layla gets down to business in a hurry here, slamming dick down her throat like a pro, while her co-stars use her head like a fleshlight their tossing around in a prison ward. Eric John lends a helping hand by slurping up Layla's pussy, as she straddles his head and continues choking down dick in the process. The guys continuously poke and prod at Layla's holes through the course of the scene, but ultimately it likens itself to the first scene in that it's a non-sex blowbang effort. At any rate, Layla keeps the viewers attention quite well through the runtime of the scene, giving her quintessential supecharged effort before withstanding a a facefull of dicksauce in the closing moments. It's a solid scene overall that features a personal favorite who literally never disappoints; Again there was some careless camerawork and lighting that caused the scene to tranlsate far worse than it possibly could have but aside from tech specs it was pretty strong. 




Elegant J's 'Massive Facials 7' from Elegant Angel Video took a significant step down from it's previous intstallments, having a noticeably diminished overall effect that seemed a lot more unrefined in terms of it's comprehensive viewing. The picture was shoddy for the most part when you consider what the norm is these days, making for a somewhat annoying viewing because of all the possibility there seemed to be with this great cast. The performances were still pretty strong, but the poor technical aspects outweigh most of the good, and it just stifled the entire viewing for me personally. Pretty much every girl in the movie gave a solid run, with Layla and Jenna being the primary draw, but Jennifer and Chanel not slouching in any way either. Extras include a slideshow photo gallery, two trailers and web access for those interested, rounding out the basis by which I'd be wary of recommending this one; If you're not concerned about a clear picture or technical aspects then you'll probably enjoy it a lot more than I did, but it deviates largely from the high quality series it once was. Rent it. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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