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Interracial Icon 2

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/15/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Interracial/Gonzo



Cast: Kendra Lust/Chanel Preston/Jade Nile/Layna Landry/Angela White/Jason Brown/Flash Brown/Michael Williams

Director: Greg Lansky

Extras: Photo Gallery/Web Info

Release Date: 1/11/2016

Runtime: 150 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Greg Lansky's 'Interracial Icon Vol. 2'


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Audio/Video Levels: Greg Lansky's Interracial Icon 2 was enhanced for widescreen viewing, having a vibe that distinctly characterizes itself in the original format that we're used to seeing from the esteemed director, with strong setups and favorable acting from the stars hiking up it's overall appearance in multitudes. Each scene started with a setup involving the female leads either being propositioned by their male counterparts or propositioning them, with short stints of tease set to a soft underlying musical tone that fades out once the dialogue comes into play. As usual in Greg's films, direction played a large part in the scenes translating so well, having some beautiful shots of the girls throughout the scenes that again added nicely to the overall composition. There was no company watermark on the screen at any time during the film itself, and there was no noticeable distortion or inaudible moments in the audio portion. 



Scene 1:

Chanel Preston/Jade Nile/Michael Williams


The premiere scene in Greg Lansky's second installment of his Interracial Icon series kicks off as we see Jade Nile and Chanel Preston playing the role of two affluent wives who are unhappy with their current situation in the bedroom at home. The introductory sequence gives us a look at the girls having a drink out by the pool, with Chanel playing the primary instigator as she describes some of her recent adulterous sexual adventures. Jade is a little taken aback by Chanel's overt descriptions of her various trysts, but after Chanel tells her that she plans on having an afternoon delight with the waiter whose cock she sucked the day before, Jade's curiosity gets the best of her. Since Jade is still a little hesitant about taking the plunge she opts to watch Chanel and the waiter go at it, with the screen fading into the action at around 5 minutes into the scene. Michael Williams plays the role of Chanel's boytoy for the day, with the scene starting as we see Jade Nile sitting off to the side while Chanel gives him a wonderfully knob-slobbing blowie to get the pre-sex foreplay underway. After mere moments Jade decides that she absolutely has to get a taste of some black dick, kneeling next to Chanel and throating Michael's throbber like a pro while splitting the pole with her galpal. The blowjob gives viewers a pretty mind-blowing look at the action, with Chanel playing the coach as Jade makes her gravest attempts at jamming Michael's log into the nether depths of her throat while sharing kisses at various points throughout. Chanel is the first at the helm, taking a missionary themed penis plunge while Jade looks on in awe, with a consistently strong vibe throughout the scene that heightens even more once Jade has a go. Positions and camerawork are noticeably strong throughout the scene, ultimately capping off as Chanel takes a doggie style dicking from Michael and he pumps his jizz into her hole to wrap it up. A solid scene here with a strong setup that added volumes to the overall effect; it was enjoyable to see Jade open up from being the naive housewife we saw in the early moments, and Chanel was beautiful in her role as well. Add some solid sex into the mix and this one's a winner. Good stuff. 



*Scene 2:

Kendra Lust/Jason Brown

The always incredible Kendra Lust opens up the second scene in the film, looking sensational as she works up a sweat on the elliptical machine while Jason Brown plays her fitness instructor. Kendra dawns a fitness inspired wardrobe that perfectly accentuates her pieces and parts, with the sweat trickling down her body as the camera pans up to give the home viewers a better look. After the workout Jason helps her with her cool-down routine, complimenting her on the work that she's been putting in and asking if her husband has taken notice. Unfortunately Kendra's husband has been away on business for some time, unable to see how fucking insanely hot she's gotten, which is his loss more than anyone else's if you ask me. Eventually Jason's hog pokes through his shorts, bumping Kendra in the back during the cool down as he apologizes for being unprofessional - Of course this peeks Kendra's curiosity, to which the action ultimately unfolds. The blowie has a sensual vibe that adds volumes to how sloppy it is, as Kendra slobbers over Jason's dong generously before hopping on his lap and taking a cowgirl dick-ride. The sex continues to forge a more sensual vibe than the first scene, with a great energy and intensity that adds volumes to the overall viewing. Tan line fetishists are also likely to find this one quite stimulating, as Kendra's plush bod has the seemingly perfect imprints of her bikini line. The scene runs through a few different positions, but the camera angles here are what really make it stand out; the direction gives us multiple views of each different act, with a breathtaking final sequence where Kendra hops up on the window sill and Brown pummels her in a standing doggie while she lunges her ass into him for added effect. Things conclude with Kendra taking a seat in front of Jason, chugging his cock like the pro that she is until he drops his load over her face to finish. Great scene; Kendra is a goddamn anomaly. Watching her scenes is always a treat and this one gave us a sensational look at her. Overall there seemed to never be a dull moment throughout. The setup was solid, the sex was strong, and the acting from the stars gave it some extra pop that made it even better. 



*Scene 3: 

Layna Landry/Flash Brown

Layna Landry encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, with another fitness inspired scenario where she shows off her flexibility through some various yoga skills while the camera captures some great looks at her in the process. The intro is extremely short, but the viewing perspective is solid and extremely sexual. Eventually her trainer (played by Flash Brown) steps into view, ultimately coming clean in the fact that he's been craving her body since the first day she started training with him. Layna sticks to the timid wife role but shows little resistance as action gets underway quickly to follow. We get some more views of Layna's flexibly fit bod in the early moments, as she does a full split on Flash's face while he gnaws at her pussy to set up her returning the favor with some dick-licking blow-j fun. There's definitely a more pervy vibe here in contrast to the last scene, as Layna continuously mentions that she can't believe he's doing the things he's doing to her, constantly complimenting Flash on his girth before he ruts her in a missionary themed fuck to open up the sex. The sex carries a sensual vibe that likens itself to most of Lansky's work, having a few slow moments but making up for it with amass of different angles to help the viewing. Things ultimately meet their end with Flash unloading his jizz into Layna's mouth, as she says, "I kiss my husband with this mouth, but you taste good." before the screen fades. A solid effort here overall; Layna's body was showcased extremely well throughout the scene and although the set up was a lot like the last one it drew a completely different vibe from the stars that added a nice contrast. 



*Scene 4: 

Angela White/Flash Brown


The final scene in Greg Lansy's Interracial Icon Volume 2 sets up as we see the always insatiable Angela White in all of her busty glory, with the opening sequence setting up the action as she sends a text to Flash Brown about how her husband is away and she's hoping to get a side-piece while he's out. Early moments show Angela in a tight body skirt that perfectly accentuates her curves, giving us a quick slo-mo shot before rolling into a gorgeous sequence where she stands out on a balcony awaiting his arrival in a ridiculously perfect two piece bikini. There are some stunning overhead angles that give viewers a great perspective of the intro, doubling as a tease that lasts all too short of a time before Flash steps into the picture and the two go inside to get the action underway. It all sets up with Angela dragging her boytoy by the cock before setting him on the bed and slopping up his dong, jamming his nozzle into the nether depths of her throat as she giggles playfully and points her ass toward the sky for added effect. Angela's playful demeanor combined with her natural beauty make things even better early on, tossing in some titfucks to set up the opening sex that takes place in a missionary style bangout. Positioning runs through a few different looks, with sex carrying a lighthearted yet intense vibe that translates as well as any scene in the film, if not better. Things ultimately wrap up after Flash finishes up a missionary themed pussy plunge, crawling up toward Angela's upperhalf as she sends him on his way with some finale tit-fucks before he drops his load over her. Overall I loved this scene, if I were being picky I'd say that I wish the opening sequence ran a little longer; it still manages to capture the point - but as you know, seeing Angela White in a tease sequence like this one is so rare that I'd wished it lasted at least a few more minutes than it did. Either way, great performances here that Lansky's direction added volumes to. Good stuff. 



Greg Lansky's Interracial Icon 2 from Blacked.com had a solid comprehensive viewing and noticeably strong cast that carried it well through the course of the film. Chanel and Jade started it with a bang, and the rest of the performers followed suit nicely, with Angela White and Flash bringing up the rear in what I'd certainly say was my personal favorite of the bunch. Tech specs were as strong as usual from Lansky, giving us an array of stunning visuals that mix nicely with the sensually driven sex that flurries the film, ultimately amplifying a movie that's certain to have interracial fans and porn fans in general wanting to have this one in their collection. As a fan of Lansky's work, I'd really love to see him expand on some of his intro sequences - It's not that what we saw in this movie wasn't great, because it definitely was, it's just that I feel like some of them could have been slightly extended to offer up a bit more of a tease vibe, thus heightening the overall effect. Either way, this movie's a rock solid watch that I'd be a fool not to give a full recommendation to. DVD extras include a photo gallery from each of the respective scenes, along with web info to round it out. Fans that enjoy their interracial porn with a bit more sensuality than the norm are certain to find this one a stimulating watch, so give it a look if you find yourself in that demographic. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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