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Bubblebutt Carwash

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/14/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Bubblebutt Carwash (AKA: Teenfidelity’s Bubblebutt Carwash 1)

Kelly Madison Media

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Genre: Teen, Web-to-DVD

Director: Kelly Madison (art direction) & Ryan Madison


Cast: Goldie Rush, Harley Jade, Kelly Green, Sophia Leone; Loni Evans & Kelly Madison (last two in bonus scene only)

Length: 227:48 minutes (171:10 minutes & 56:38 minutes)

Date of Production: 1/1/2016


Extras: The first disc held most of the movie itself and some trailers with a list of the second disc’s contents. The second disc also began with trailers until the selection screen came up to show a POV Fluffing Camera/BTS series of clips for the ladies, the combined running time amounting to 34:28 minutes. There was then a series of text questions and answers by the ladies, a photogallery of stills (polaroids with comments written on the sides), a true photogallery, a BTS photogallery, some trailers, and website spam. Of particular interest was a 29:19 minute long scene starring Loni Evans, Kelly Madison, and Ryan Madison called “Porn Stars 4 Paws” from 11/19/2010 (originally released in “Housewife’s Hunt for Cunt 1” some years ago, episode 361) where the company described the scene like this: “Kelly and Loni are bound and determined to make money for their charity Porn Stars 4 Paws. They put on their bikinis and start lining up the cars for a carwash, when all of a sudden their carefree wet and wreck-less day ends up with them on all fours. What are two Porn Stars supposed to do when they find a guy in need? They fuck his needy cock till he cums in their pussies and sprays them down with his second load!”

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bubblebutt Carwash was shot in anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media. These were newer scenes shot using ultra high definition cameras (4K) so when things went right, the picture looked very crisp, the optimal way to watch them being via the internet on a 4K equipped television. The camera work was hit or miss as was the lighting at times but the flesh tones tended to look accurate and the editing kept in what seemed to be the relevant portions of the scenes. The aural components were decent though, few vocals outside of the usual moaning to be had as the music played during the tease sequences and stopped afterwards. The 2.0 Dolby Digital in 192 Kbps audio bit rate was added in post production from what I could determine, very little to speak about other than some of the music during the tease sequences was well done.

Body of Review: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison have been upgrading their work at Kelly Madison Media for months, the company moving to shoot all new scenes in ultra high definition (4K) format. Their latest release in for review is called Bubblebutt Carwash, the premise of the show was to provide a spotlight on four attractive young ladies getting frisky with Ryan in scenes derived from the company website, each offering a car wash theme. With newcomers like Kelly Greene, Goldie Rush, Harley Jade, and Sophia Leone gracing the screen, the company’s emphasis on very “new” young ladies was secured, I certainly hope to see more of them in time. The double disc set included a full disc of extras to appreciate and four lengthy vignettes, old multi-pop Madison boning the ladies in all sorts of settings before repeatedly letting loose with his ball juice, much to the appreciation of his partners.

The back cover and press release described the show like this: “When you name your car detailing service Bubble Butt Car Wash and employ nothing but the hottest big butted babes, you know you will get repeat customers! These girls are alright at washing cars but their true talent lies at servicing hard cocks. After scrubbing the cars and getting their tits and asses wet we put each of them to work while filling them with load after load. Bubble Butt Car Wash will be receiving a 5 star review from Kelly Madison Media!” and “Sexy girls with curves in all the right places will wash the Winter Blues away in “Bubble Butt Carwash” from Kelly Madison Media. Produced by TeenFidelity, the two-disc DVD is now available from distributor Juicy Entertainment. “Bubble Butt Carwash” takes viewers into the sexy lives of hot teens with big butts who run a car detailing service, and they can’t help but mix business with pleasure. The young vixens show their talent in washing and scrubbing cars while soaking themselves and getting their customers revved up for some impromptu hot sex. Award-winning filmmaker/performer Ryan Madison, directs and produces as he performs opposite 18-year-old cover model Sophia Leone, Goldie, Harley Jade, and Kelly Greene. Adult superstar Kelly Madison co-produces and serves as the movie’s art director. Shot entirely in 4K Ultra High Definition, “Bubble Butt Carwash” features four hardcore sex scenes plus a bonus three-way sex scene on the DVD. “Fans have been clamoring for a new big butt movie, so we’re very excited about this sexy release. We have an amazing group of girls with nice, round butts who know just how to use them!” Kelly Madison said. “Fans will have a lot to cheer about when they see these hot vixens tease the camera with their luscious butts and flirt their way into a hot sex scene with Ryan!” The movie opens with young blonde Goldie, who takes a fast liking to Ryan when he brings his Jeep in for a washing. Soon, sexy Goldie’s teasing proves too much for Ryan, who takes off her bikini bottoms and gives her exactly what she craves! Scene two features Harley, who is sent by Bubble Butt Carwash to clean Ryan’s truck. But when the horny blonde arrives, she wants more than the tip from Ryan – she wants the whole thing! Scene three opens with sexy car washer Kelly Greene whose well-rounded butt proves too much for Ryan, as he takes her inside for a proper banging and a creampie to boot! In the next scene, Ryan calls on Bubble Butt Carwash to take care of his other car. But when fresh-out-of-high-school Sophia appears, it’s immediate attraction between the horny pair, as they hook up in every position until they reach a wild creampie finish. “Ryan is definitely one of my favorite performers I’ve worked with so far!” exclaimed Sophia Leone. “The scene was a lot of fun and better than a typical scene! I love how Kelly Madison Media is more artsy, adding music and slow motion during the editing process. I also love how the sex was more passionate than normal, rather than ‘porny.” I hope to work with Ryan and Kelly again soon!” TeenFidelity’s “Bubble Butt Carwash” two-disc set includes photo galleries, behind-the-scenes footage, POV Fluffing Cam, a cast list, filmographies, trailers, and more.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Goldie Rush, a cute blond with about two dozen credits to her name on the IAFD, was up first as the gal wore a black cowboy hat, loose white shirt, and colorful bikini bottom riding up her small but curvy ass as aging lothario Ryan Madison watched her wash his over sized jeep (a “Rubicon”). The tease was full of slow motion and Goldie twerking, a lot of water applied to her firm young figure as she scrubbed the vehicle clean, even using her ass cheeks to get tough dirt off. The music ended and Ryan pounced on her, swatting her ass and pulling her panties up her ass crack, licking her cheeks and nibbling her as she smiled broadly before they kissed. Her all natural tits appealed to him as much as her pronounced tan line, Ryan choking her and swatting her ass as she bent over the car seat, more slow motion showing the depth of her rippling cheeks nicely. He gobbled her gash and she slobbed his knob in sloppy fashion, her saliva flowing all over before they started a series of vaginal penetration positions. As they continued, their clothing came off and Ryan used her ass cheeks to masturbate, spending most of his time porking her perfect pussy and getting some head with a considerable amount of time spent inside the house after the first part of the scene remained outdoors. She gave him some hand assisted head, the hand to gland friction getting Ryan rock hard to continue working her bald beaver, the gal actively riding him when she was on top. In the end, she milked his balls dry of semen, too many edits used to make it look like a real creampie but the gush of clear fluids would qualify as pissing or squirting depending on your beliefs, Ryan then spending a great deal of time diddling her twat to “show” the creampie. The company website described episode 610 like this: “There's a new car detailing service in town that we couldn't resist hiring! They'll send a hot girl with a fat ass to scrub down your vehicle and then service your cock. Goldie gets wet in more ways than one as she cleans the filth from Ryan's Jeep before being put to work on his cock. He pays her for all of the hard work with a juicy load of jizz in her pretty pussy.” 7/23/2015 (per Goldie’s twitter), 9/25/2015 (release date on the company website)



Scene Two: Harley Jade, a 21 year old blond with blue eyes from Boise, was up next in her second released full sex scene, this time with Ryan Madison as she washed his car. She wore a red & black plaid shirt tied midway, some tight shorts containing her generous ass as she washed the Doge Ram truck. A great deal of time was spent using a garden hose to wash the truck in the driveway but she had fun with it, smiling regularly as the slow motion infused tease ended to show pervert Ryan groping her and otherwise checking out her goodies. She let him have his way as her top came off to reveal some nice boobs, Harley kneeling down to actively blow him with good eye contact, licking his shaft and nuts. Ryan fucked her face so she’d take about half his rod in her mouth, the gal choking on the raging boner a bit before the vaginal penetration positions began against the truck and house, moving inside the truck before he carried her into the house. He gave more head and banged away at her box in a less explicit angle, Ryan swinging her around to show some milky white substance oozing out of her pussy (another less than realistic creampie). The company website described the episode like this: “Harley Jade is another big assed teen sent out by Bubble Butt Carwash to rub down Ryan's Ram and get rammed! She teases him with suds dripping down her tits and ass until he can't take it anymore. They fuck in the bed of the truck before taking it upstairs for a proper fucking and creampie.” & “Ryan Madison never minds getting his truck all dirty because he knows he can find a gorgeous young lady to give it the scrubbing it needs…this time around in Part 3 of the Bubble Butt Carwash series here on Teen Fidelity we’ve got beautiful Harley Jade in her tied-up flannel shirt and a pair of black shorts that look amazing on her sexy round juicy ass! SHe washes Ryan’s truck but then goes to work on his big dick, heading indoors and climbing on top to ride that cock to orgasm slamming her sexy butt up and down and getting those perky breasts in his face. Ryan fucks her deep and then shoots his load inside, giving Harley the creampie she was craving!” 9/19/2015 (per Harley’s twitter account), released 11/11/2015



Scene Three: Kelly Greene, a brand new blond cutie with a sweet ass and lean figure was up next in the last scene of the first disc as she washed the black “soccer mom” SUV of Ryan Madison, the tease much shorter than the other scenes of the movie by far as he couldn’t wait to play with her. He shoved the garden hose she was washing the car with into her shorts and such and pawed her as he explored her body, this being her second credited scene that I’m aware of. While she didn’t have a lot of body art, there was one curious green tentacled creature tattoo on her right wrist, the attractive lady face fucked in super sloppy fashion as her drool slid down her face. Otherwise, her all natural tits looked tasty and she appeared to be no stranger to sucking a cock, her ball licking and eye contact adding to her appeal before the couple started some active vaginal penetrative positions in and around the vehicle and house, moving inside to continue porking her shaven slit for the expected vaginal creampie, though the camera work again reduced the believability of how realistic the snatch shot was, Ryan fishing something out of her cookie as she moaned. The company website described the scene like this: “Ryan just can't keep his hands off the help! But when you name your car detailing service Bubble Butt Carwash, what do you expect? They sent Kelly Greene out this time and Ryan was so impressed he leaves her with a big tip in the form of a deep cream pie.” & “I guess Ryan’s car was getting pretty dirty…well either that or he just pretended it was and maybe threw a little mud on it so he’d have an excuse to head to the Bubble Butt Carwash since sexy Kelly Greene was on scrubbing-up duty there. This is Part 2 of the series here on Teen Fidelity and it’s a doozie, with this horny hottie slipping out of her dripping wet cutoff shorts to get pushed face-first up against Ryan’s truck and take his big hard cock in her hole from behind…Ryan couldn’t even wait to get inside the house before fucking this babe and ended up blasting a load of cum in her hole for a creampie finish!” 10/23/2015



Scene Four: Sophia Leone, the sexy young covergal with the delicious ass and exotic looks, was up last with Ryan Madison, the lengthy scene placed on the second disc apart from the rest of the movie. This is her sixth released scene per the IAFD though she has others online that fans are going to drool over too, the theme of the car wash continuing as she washed Ryan’s car in her jean shorts and midriff shirt outside on the cloudless day, her erect nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt and a fair amount of slow motion applied here too though there was also an attempt to add traditional tease where she looked at the camera, the upbeat music fairly generic. The camera work was about as mediocre as ever, the framing cutting off her head and other body parts regularly and often lacking the steady hand of more polished works but the tease told the basic story well enough, lots of soap suds finding their way onto her fine hardbody. Ryan joined her when the music stopped, perving over her ass and slowly peeling off her clothes while sucking her tits and gobbling her gash, some attention paid to her ass as well. She stroked his turgid pecker through his pants and soon slobbed his knob aggressively, focusing the bulk of her attention on the head though Ryan pushed her to go about half way down, some nut nuzzling and and hand to gland friction added at times. She gave head between positions and even used her feet to tease him at one point, most of the vaginal riding showing her as a passive lay though she proved she could grind her hips and pump actively when she was on top of him. There were edit points that kept the ending vaginal creampie from being considered very realistic but she drained his dragon of sperm with enough energy to make me want to see more, Ryan fingering her after some kissing but after the tease, she didn’t smile a whole lot so claims of chemistry might be sketchy. The company website described the scene like this: ”Ryan needs his car and his cock washed, again. So who does he call? Bubble Butt Carwash of course! Sophia Leone answers the call and rubs down the convertible and his dick like a pro. With the top down and her top off she takes a fucking and earns her creampie tip by riding Ryan hard and fast.” & “His car was looking just a little bit grimy so Ryan Madison called up the Bubble Butt Carwash once again! I get the feeling that if he sees just one bit of dirt on his car he calls them up, knowing they would send a gorgeous girl like Sophia Leone here to come take care of business! This horny Latina honey has an incredible ass, I guess that’s why she works at the Bubble Butt Carwash. After getting all dripping wet washing up Ryan’s whip she heads inside with him to get that wet hairy pussy fucked and creampied in this hot Teen Fidelity scene.” 11/20/2015 (approximate date of release)


Summary: Bubblebutt Carwash by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media was a fun show with a good entertainment value, the youthful newcomers including Kelly Greene, Goldie Rush, Harley Jade, and Sophia Leone. The extras were again impressive, adding a great deal to the fun factor involved here, which enhanced the replay value and strokability, making this one another Recommended for me. In short, Bubblebutt Carwash showed how the Madison’s continue to offer some of the most creative porn starring brand new ladies so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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