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What's Next?

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/27/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Bondage/Fetish/Sex



Cast: Riley Reid/Cadence Lux/Valentina Nappi/Rachael Madori/Samantha Hayes/Mick Blue/Ramon Nomar/Jon Jon/Toni Ribas

Director: Paul Woodcrest & Eddie Powell

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/Trailers

*Bonus Scene #1: Carter Cruise & Michael Vegas from 'Meet Carter'

*Bonus Scene #2: Jillian Janson & Toni Ribas from 'Bound For Sex'


Release Date: 11/3/2015

Runtime: 147 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for 'What's Next?'



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*Audio/Video Levels: Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell's What's Next was enhanced for widescreen viewing, showcasing the attentive style of filming that Woodcrest and Powell have been praised for in their previous efforts, having a crisp and clear viewing that mixes beautifully with the solid camerawork and makes each scene stand out noticeably well. Each of them begin with two stars who were conceivably meant to play the roles of a couple, but not much is mentioned in that respect although viewers are likely to draw that conclusion once they see the context. The intros are brief and to the point, focusing on quickly establishing the storyline and thus rolling into a pre-sex, light bondage inspired act to set things into motion. There was no music used in the introductions, and the New Sensations company watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen, mostly unnoticeable to viewers. The audio was crisp, with no noticeable distortion or inaudible moments from what I could tell. 




*Scene 1:

Samantha Hayes/Ramon Nomar/Mick Blue

The premiere scene in Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell's What's Next? kicks off with a quick segment where we see the gorgeous Samantha Hayes shooting pool with Ramon Nomar, as action gets underway quickly to follow with some sensual roleplay between the two. The roleplay soon moves into the bedroom, steadily picking up as Ramon blindfolds Samantha and mercilessly teases her pussy with a dildo while her arms are bound together with rope. The early teasing runs for about 15 minutes into the scene, giving viewers a great perspective through solid camerawork before Mick Blue steps in to lend a helping hand to their damsel in distress. Samantha remains blindfolded throughout, mashing Ramon's dick down her throat while Mick disrobes in preparation for a doggie style nozzle plunging. A double barreled cock-chugging from Samantha follows up, with both of the guys smacking her body as she drools and spits over their shafts. Action continues well throughout the scene, maintaining an intensified vibe from Samantha that adds to the viewing in droves, as both of the guys take turns drilling her pussy while she hammers the other into her throat. Samantha's vibrator continues to play a large part in the action, as she sporadically grabs at it through the course of the scene in the midst of yelping and screaming for more. Things ultimately wrap up with Samantha dropping to her knees to finish them off via oral sex, both of them draining their jizzwhistles over her face as she smiles and gives a few final sucks to close it out. A solid scene to start the film here; as always, the direction was nothing short of outstanding and the intense feel to the sex combined with the sensuality made for a great watch that kinkier couples may enjoy as much as the solo viewer. 



*Scene 2: 

Riley Reid/Jon Jon/Toni Ribas

Riley Reid is the pimary focus of the second scene in the film, opening up with action already underway as Toni Ribas gropes her and eats her out in the shower to start. The pre-sex foreplay again relies on a more sensually themed styling, teetering on the brinks of hardcore in the moments where Riley drops to her knees and throats her co-star while she chokes on his dong sporadically throughout. After the shower the couple retreat to the bedroom where Toni blindfolds her, again giving her an oral explosion as we get a glimpse of Jon Jon sitting in wait, who plays Riley's "surprise". Jon Jon partakes in the action shortly thereafter, groping and fingering Riley while she lies on the bed with an adorable smile on her face that conveys a convincing level of excitement. Toni then latches a pump-up nipple enhancer to her breasts for enhanced sensation, as Jon Jon puts the same thing on her clit as she moans in bliss in the process of it all. The extra toys are only used for a short time in the scene, moving forward as Riley gives her suitors a double-barreled dick-chuggng to show her appreciation. The guys continue using Riley as their personal playtoy, as the sex accompanies the double blowie with Jon Jon being the first to take the plunge. Riley's playful demeanor plays a large part in making this a memorable watch, constantly giving off a captivating smile as the guys take turns rutting her holes in a variety of different positions. The scene progresses well, with Riley remaining blindfolded through most of it's runtime as Riley's co-stars bring out a few extra props to add to the vibe. Riley continues a top level approach to the scene, ultimately finishing off Toni first by milking his dick to completion into her throat before a beautifully intense final sequence where Jon Jon crams Riley's cooter. The scene closes out shortly therafterafter, as Riley cradles Jon Jon's balls while he squirts out a load of jizz over her smiling face. Awesome. Another top notch effort here from the Woodcrest/Powell gang; a solid watch from front to back that deserves a round of applause for all parties. Riley was as captivating as ever and this scene provided everything from a soft and sensual intro to hard and intense closing sequence. 



*Scene 3: 

Cadence Lux/Rachael Madori/Anthony Rosano

Cadence Lux is next on the docket opening up the scene in full housewife regalia before Anthony rosano steps into view. Anthony gives his eager co-star a rundown on some of the upcoming events in the early moments, moving into the other room and blindfolding her with his tie while he pokes and prods at her tits and pussy to initiate the pre-sex foreplay. This segment runs for around 10 minutes into the scene, establishing Cadence's submissive role befoe Anthony drags her into the bedroom where a shirtless Rachael Madori waits. Rachael's lower half consists of a lingerie styled stocking and garter getup, wasting no tme as she gropes Cadence and sits on her face while Rosano slurps her love muffin as she moans in joy. The sex kicks off with a missionary romp where Rachael plays the role of spotter, cradling Cadence's head while Rosano pumps his dong into her box relentlessly. Rachael takes a missionary penis plunge in the next round of sex, multi-tasking as she slurps at Cadence's pussy while Cadence reminds her of what a "good little slut" she is. The scene progresses nicely as it moves forward, carrying a strong intensity that includes both of the girls getting a decent dicking before Cadence plops herself onto a sybian while Rachael spits at her and tantalizes her by turning it up to the highest power. Things eventually finish up with Rosano giving Rachael one last quick fuck while Cadence sits off to the side with her mouth fully gaped, pulling out of Rachael and busting his nuts into Cadence's mouth to close out the scene. A pretty good scene here overall; there were obviously a few performance issues but Rachael and Cadence averted most of attention from that by offering up a pretty strong level of intensity that translates well in context to the rest of the film. 



*Scene 4: 

Valentina Nappi/Karlo Karrera


The final scene in Paul Woodcrest & Eddie Powell's 'What's Next' opens up as we see Valentina Nappi in mid-blowie, chugging on Karlo Karrera's cock like she's dying of starvation while he pumps his dong into her throat harder and harder upon each thrust. After the blowie, there's again a flurry of sensually themed dominance from Karlo Karrera, holding her up against the wall and manhandling her while we get a few different generous looks at the action. Things slowly evolve into the bedroom in the following moments, where Karlo straps Valentina to the bed, blindfolds her and gropes her body, rubbing her down with oil for some added contrast and spanking her various body parts before whipping out some props. He then stuffs a dildo into her pussy and feeds her his cock for an abbreviated period of time, setting up a missionary fuck to open up the sex. The action heats up lavishly in these moments, as Karlo cuts Valentina's arms and legs from the restraints, tossing in a doggie style dick lunging afterwards, for good merit. Some footplay and various other acts of fetishism are thrown into the scene to add some extra flavor, ultimately capping off as Valentina sheds her blindfold and jerks her co-stars cock over her grassy knoll while the viewer gets a great viewing of it all. A solid scene here that had all the makings of what I'd consider to be perfect for the style of film that this is. Valentina and Karlo seemed to have a great chemistry and the scene had a great amount of sexiness and fetish-themed fun that makes it well worth the price of admission. 




Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell's 'What's Next' from New Sensations caters to a pretty broad demographic of porn fans that, in my eyes spans everywhere from bondage fans, couples, and solo porn watchers alike. Although the bondage portrayed in the film will definitely be considered mild to those who consider themselves experts in the genre, it still adds a nice contrast to the sex and it's certainly a plus for fans who are looking to peak their curiousity rather than fulfill an extreme fantasy. Most all of the performances are strong across the board, and the way it's all filmed is nothing short of fantastic. Extras, as always from New Sensations/Digital Sin, are chock full of goods - including a full photo gallery, a BTS segment, trailers from some of Woodcrest and Powell's other films, and two bonus scenes (see above) to round it all out. Overall, this is a solid watch that I think most fans should thoroughly enjoy; a strong cast with a few newer girls that really kill it. There's a strong focus on fetish and bondage, but the way that the scenes are captured and performed make the translation less about niche and more about quality porn. Give it a look if you see something you like, I think you'll be happy that you did. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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