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TS Fetishes

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/18/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Transsexual   

Director: Venus Lux

Cast: Venus Lux, Eva Lin, Tyra Scott, Charity Bangs, Robert Axel, Will Parks, Robbie Kings 
Length: 86 minutes

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery.      

Condoms: None
Date of Production: ?
Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is good and clear. The video quality is very good and crisp. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.
Overview: TS Fetishes is a film directed and produced by the director-performer Venus Lux. She is making films on her own label Venus Lux Entertainment. Tthis Transsexual Performer of the Year caliber star enjoys being her own boss and making the kinds of films that she enjoys being in.
Scene One: Trans lady Venus Lux and Charity Bangs are already kissing when the scene starts. We can tell that these hotties like each other. Venus is rubbing her panty-covered crotch and soon she is sucking the cutie pie's soft perky tits. Charity's moans sound really nice while she receives her partner's sucking delivery on her breasts. It leads to the women running their hands along the other's bodies. Venus focuses on the woman's ass briefly before her partner sucks Venus' tasty cock with pretty good passion. Next, Charity really gets turned on when the trans woman concentrates on her sensitive pussy with her mouth and then, by fucking it. I enjoyed watching how much Charity is enjoying her fuck. Venus' humping delivery increases in pace as soon as she doggies the woman. I also liked seeing Venus fuck Charity deep. The sight of Charity's inner red pussy got my attention. An exciting fingerfuck by Venus follows. The chemistry between the two hotties can best be seen during the very active cowgirl ride by Charity. Finally, Venus jacks off on the woman's beautiful breasts.
Scene Two: Venus is kneeling in between two strapping guys, Robert Axel and Will Parks. She gives the fella's hot blow jobs and is very good at providing eye contact with a smile at them. Her slutty side comes through well during this cocksucking session. The three-way progresses as Robert eats her asshole while Venus continues to suck Will's well pampered cock. At times, Venus mouth fucked him. Afterwards, the guys took turns fucking her in the ass with Robert giving the most determined screwing delivery. His was passionate while Will's was steady with moments of deep fucking. I will say that as their scene persisted on, Will did get into it more. Finally, he strokes off in Venus' open mouth. Next, Robert did the same thing. Moments later, she jacks herself off to end this very hot scene.
Scene Three: Trans beauty Tyra Scott has her wrists and ankles strapped while she is standing in front of Venus. Ms. Lux is tugging on a leash with a long chain that is strapped around Tyra's neck. Meanwhile, a feather fluffer is run up and down the blonde's beautiful body by the trans fetish performer. Soon, Robbie Kings is standing behind Tyra as he nibbled her ear lobe and caressed her breast. His actions towards her is quite sexy and sensuous. I enjoyed watching them kiss. In the meantime, Venus is caressing Tyra's cock with her long steel fingernails while running her other hand along the woman's torso. Venus continues to tease the woman with her nails as Robbie sets his long dick on top of Tyra's head. The scene gets better as soon as Tyra sucks the man's dick and then, puts her focus on his and Venus' cock simultaneously. Venus continues to be the main fetish domme. Robbie spanks Tyra once in a while. After the blonde hottie gets her ass eaten by the guy, she orally pleasures his meaty hard on while riding Venus' crotch. However, Tyra's cocksucking effort is much more passionate when Venus and Robbie switch positions and roles. Finally, they both cum on the pretty woman's face.
Scene Four: Eva Lin feels down because she and her boyfriend broke up. Venus tells her not to worry as long as she has a toy like she does. Someone who will follow every instruction. Her toy, Will Parks, is on crawling on the floor, a ball gag in his mouth, and with a leash pulled by Venus. Their scene progresses to where the man is sucking Eva's delicious cock and Venus is running her hand along his snatch. His dick sucking effort is much more heartier when she is busy orally working over Venus' penis. I have to admit that the gorgeousness of Eva and Venus made me want to see them fool around together and bypass the guy. However, Will did provide solid effort in the toy role of pleasuring their meaty playthings. The ladies looked good in the top role as they fucked him in the ass and in the mouth. The highlight comes when Eva is riding her friend's cock reverse cowgirl style as the man looks on masturbating. Then, he cums on Eva's crotch while she is still on top of Venus. Soon, Will sucks Eva's cum scented dick while Venus cums on the side of his face. 
Final Thoughts: This film has two major three-way fetish scenes that are kink and domme related. Tyra Scott's submissive role is a memorable one as she pleasures well and gets dommed. Guy toy Will Parks gives a surprisingly very good performance in his scene with Eva Lin and Venus Lux with his highly determined mindset in wanting to suck his way into a very hot scene. Charity Bangs and Venus Lux had good chemistry that made their scene very enjoyable especially since Charity enjoyed herself so much. She is going to be a favorite starlet with the trans ladies. Overall, I recommend this film for die-hard Venus Lux fetish fans.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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