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Dark Meat 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/21/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Dark Meat 7

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Evil Angel/Belladonna Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo, Interracial

Director: Aiden Riley


Cast: Mandy Muse, Nat Turnher, Lea Lexis, Rob Piper, Valentina Nappi, Jon Jon, Yhivi

Length: 184:55 minutes

Date of Production: 2015



Extras: There was a cast list, a pop shot recap, a photogallery for each of the scenes, some filmographies, trailers, and company websites.

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Dark Meat 7 was presented in the usual anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Aiden Riley for Evil Angel. The movie’s scenes appeared to use a single camera approach with minimal editing, relying more on what transpired between the performers than trying to increase the porn fantasy level of the encounters.. The lighting was often overwhelmingly too strong so the resolution of the camera was way below what I am used to elsewhere, the raw energy captured well enough to partially compensate. Interracial porn is often difficult to properly light so while this was mediocre looking at best, it wasn’t the very worst I’ve seen in the last 35 years. The camera angles were a mixed batch and the relative lack of editing an interesting approach. In any case, the audio was presented in a similar fashion with a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering that sounded hollow with no separation between the channels and no music to bore you with. Still, it was similar to most gonzo titles out at this time, the sonic portion less important to most fans than the visuals.


Body of Review: Aiden Riley is a director at Evil Angel who took over from his wife a few years back, his latest title coming out later this month called Dark Meat 7. The movie has four scenes of interracial trysts, Aiden serving up a diverse quartet of ladies including Mandy Muse, Valentina Nappi, Lea Lexis, and Yhivi, paired with men such as Nat Turnher, Rob Piper, and Jon Jon. Those familiar with Aiden’s works of late will know what I mean when I point out that he took a decidedly minimalist approach to the scenes and how they were shot compared to many of his peers but I’d be misleading you if I said there wasn’t some good material included as a result of his efforts.

The company website described the title like this: “Director Aiden Riley presents four intense interracial encounters starring the kind of girl he loves: natural-bodied, free-minded and driven by lust. Tattooed, slutty Mandy Muse’s big ass cheeks flap and crunch as she fucks Nat Turnher’s big black cock. Her butthole sucks his prick right in and she leans back for maximum anal bliss. Her bunghole gapes with lewd, lube-farting sounds. Shapely sexual athlete Lea Lexis cock-slaps her big boob with Rob Piper’s dark meat, and they get off on graphic 69 before he cum-slops her mouth, face and puffy lips. Naturally voluptuous Italian stunner Valentina Nappi flashes her gorgeous smile, speaking charmingly about her gang bang memories, society’s sexuality and her own. She spreads lewdly for a marathon of sodomy with black stud Jon Jon, whose prick barely fits in her tight sphincter. Face down/ass up, she winks both holes at once. Nat grips fun loving, young Yhivi by the ass cheeks and throttles her down onto his black boner. His spit-wet prick drives up her bunghole for a breathless butt fuck that leaves her deliriously masturbating.” Here’s a very brief look at the cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Mandy Muse, an exceptionally cute gal with a lean body built for speed over comfort and reddish hair, was up first prancing about a small room cordoned off with white sheets while she wore classic black lingerie. Her thong rode deep in her glorious ass while her labia promised to burst forth, the tease replacing any vocals with a musical overture. She fingered her ass and caressed her tattooed body, soon kneeling in front of Nat Turnher’s turgid pecker while she looked over her shoulder for approval to move from nuzzling his nuts to slobbing his knob aggressively. He face fucked her and she nearly throated him, his size not on the scale of Mandingo but his ability to stay hard and use the pipe vastly superior. She applied some hand to gland friction and stuffed her face in his ass a bit to enjoy him fully, the camera not showing her rim him though it seemed like she did. I admit that I prefer the ladies look at their partner as a means of showing more interest than the camera, as if just there for the pay, her vocals coaxing him to pork her pussy hard as she threatened to orgasm when he took her in the standing doggy. Her bald beaver took a pounding to be sure and she loved it as he pulled her hair, her ass cheeks rippling delightfully well before she sucked him clean to move into the anal positions. Mandy was a moderately active anal rider, pushing her ass back to meet the thrusts of his raging boner, the weak technical aspects not diminishing the resulting chemistry for me that much. By the end of the scene, her ass cheeks were reddened from his swats and she had a pronounced anal gape hang time, Mandy farting to the camera before draining his dragon of sperm when she pushed him over his limit during the modified doggy on her stomach position, Nat nutting a wealth of manly fluids onto her face as she opened her mouth to receive them in the poorly lit finale. The company website described the scene like this: ”Tattooed, pale Mandy Muse wears stylish black lingerie, heels and a big smile. She masturbates, flaunting her big, shapely butt. Enter fully erect Nat Turnher: Mandy enthusiastically blows and rims him. He grips her head to fuck her gagging face. Nat plugs his spit-dripping meat in her shaved snatch for a standing, doggie-style manhandling. Her big cheeks flap and crunch as she rides big black cock. Kneeling Mandy's butthole sucks Nat's prick right in and she leans back for maximum anal bliss and slurps tasty ass-to-mouth flavor. Her face alternates joy and intensity through a multi-position ass blasting; Mandy's bunghole gapes with lewd, lube-farting sounds. The intimate sodomy climaxes with cum in her mouth.”



Scene Two: Lea Lexis, a flexible foreign born babe well known for her circus act anal tricks, was up next with her dark hair (she used to be a blond), as she played with some large glass balls on the floor of Aiden’s loft. She licked the balls as part of her coy tease, streaming dirty talk as she masturbated in a black lace lingerie outfit that did little to hide any of her splendid assets. When she bent over and spread her cheeks it was immediately apparent that her pucker had seen a tremendous amount of action, but Lea lubricated the balls to insert into her ass, spending ample time pushing them out as they stimulated her. Just as Lea was the replay act of the female cast, having been in the last volume as well as a fair amount of Aiden’s work, it was no surprise that she was the only one featured on the front cover, the tease leading to her teaming up with Rob Piper, certainly another capable black stud, to revive with flaccid rod with her seductive act. This portion of the show made me think something went wrong with the lighting, the sheer abundance of it weakening the picture (especially when viewed on my big screen television), but Lea poured on her charms and Rob was soon gobbling her gash and ass like he loved it. This inspired the self proclaimed “bad girl” to get off and start inhaling the top portion of his cock, rimming him and fingering his ass until he was rock hard and ready to rumble, Lea actively riding him vaginally in a myriad of positions before additional oral led to him plundering her pucker while choking and slapping her lightly. They continued until she milked his balls dry of semen, Rob dousing her mug with his seed and Lea remaining largely focused on him instead of the camera. The company website described the scene like this: ”Shapely sexual athlete Lea Lexis' stylish lingerie accentuates her big, natural tits and round ass. She masturbates and exercises her winking anus with fetish balls. Lea takes charge of hugely hung black stud Rob Piper with a collar and leash. He eats and rims her from behind, and limber Lea makes it a 69. She deep-throats and sucks balls as she fingers his asshole. Her twat grips and lubricates his fat meat; she calls the ensuing pussy-to-mouth blow job 'so sweet and creamy.' She cock-slaps her big boob and they get off on graphic 69. This is an interracial fuck in multiple, exotic positions. Finally Rob cum-slops Lea's mouth, face and puffy BJ lips.”



Scene Three: Valentina Nappi, one of the most gorgeous young ladies in the world, was up next with a well made face and a string riding up her delicious ass, as she was interviewed by the director. This led to a short bout of her anally masturbating with a sizable toy, enjoying herself before Jon Jon walked in with a superior choice for her. While she did not even come close to throating him, she took a lot of cock in her mouth as her saliva flowed freely down her chest, Valentina more interested in maintaining eye contact with him than looking at the camera. She titty fucked him and he provided her with a series of light kisses, working her boobs and neatly trimmed pussy before easing down to her perfect pucker. They then engaged in some fairly active vaginal and anal riding positions, Valentina well lubed before they went too deep and her muscular control displayed at length with some side trips of her foot fetish stuff leading to the ending anal boning that resulted in him plastering her mouth with his salty fluids, the pile driver position looking amazing as they played to wrap things up. The company website described the scene like this: ”Naturally voluptuous Italian stunner flashes her gorgeous smile, speaking charmingly about her gang bang memories, society's sexuality and her own. Naked but for high heels, she lubes her asshole and plays with glass toys. She gives big, black stud Jon Jon a stroking blow job; he fucks fabulous boobs, eats pussy (shaved labia under a big bush) and tongues bunghole. A doggie-style pounding generates loud queefs! Face down/ass up, she winks both holes at once. His big prick barely fits in her tight sphincter. He sucks toes and takes a two-foot job. Valentina spreads lewdly for a marathon of sodomy. Her butthole gapes dark pink. She tastes toys and cock ass-to-mouth before Jon Jon cums in her pretty mouth.”



Scene Four: Yhivi, a newcomer brunette with a decidedly different look to her, was up last with Nat Turnher, the initial footage of the scene making me wonder why the director did not fix it. The lighting was again so bright as to wash out much of the detail and while I appreciate that she enjoyed using the toys to stretch herself out wide enough to accommodate Nat, her ass has taken much larger in the recent past. That said, her solo efforts in the warm up worked well enough that she took him with ease, his genetic gift too large for her to throat though she put a good effort into the blowjob and became an active vaginal and anal rider once she was able. She remained in her white and blue lingerie while looking tiny next to Nat, her love of sweaty black balls helping her to really spend some time on his as she helped beat him off to completion, Nat exploding on her face to her liking. The company website described the scene like this: ”Fun loving, young cutie Yhivi plays with a butt plug, her natural body in lacy lingerie. Nat Turnher grips her by the hair for a slobbery face fuck. He bends her over for a doggie-style pounding and she grips the sheets in ecstasy. He grips her butt cheeks to throttle her down onto his big, black cock, and Yhivi writhes and groans. A bouncing fuck makes her masturbate and squeal. After a pussy-to-mouth blow job, his spit-wet prick drives up her bunghole for a breathless butt fuck that leaves Yhivi deliriously masturbating. Her ass grips and massages his thick meat, and her anus gapes. Yhivi sucks dick ass-to-mouth and enjoys lots more sloppy sodomy. When finally Nat cums in her mouth, she says, 'Yum.'”


Summary: Dark Meat 7 by director Aiden Riley for Evil Angel had four scenes that some fans of interracial sex will certainly appreciate, the single disc release earning a rating of Recommended for the amount of interracial fuck for the buck strokability it presented. For me, Valentina Nappi and Mandy Muse shined the brightest, my belief that Lea Lexis having been in the last volume weakening her appeal and Yhivi cleaning up well enough but really not my type so your mileage may well vary extra this time. In short, Dark Meat 7 is best suited for interracial enthusiasts that like a minimalist approach more than anything else, the resulting trysts worth checking out as a result.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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