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Family Anal Adventures

Studio: Desperate Pleasures » Review by Sex Reed » Review Date: 1/21/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Taboo (incest fantasy), anal

Director: JW Ties

Running time: 117 minutes

Condoms: No

Production date: August 20, 2015

Cast: Akira Shell, Amy Faye, Camille Black, JW Ties, and Jack Moore

DVD Extras: There are no extras.

Video and audio: Video was shot in anamorphic widescreen with a 16/9 ratio. The video and audio quality are both fine. You won't be dazzled by any camera work but you can see and hear the performers just fine.

Scene one: Akira Shell and JW Ties

Akira Shell, a brunette babe with glasses that is featured throughout the film, enters her uncle’s bedroom and sees he has a small collection of sex toys on a table adjacent to his bed. She decides that while her uncle is away, she’d use the toys for what they’re designed for and starts to masturbate. When JW Ties, playing her father, enters the room, Akira is plenty horny and offers herself to him. She takes his cock out of his camouflage shorts and sucks on it. She gets on her back and lets him fuck her pussy but she says, “Daddy, I want you in my ass.” He’s compliant and notices she left a buttplug up there for him to discover before replacing it with his cock. They fuck missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and reverse. While she’s bouncing on his cock in cowgirl, she has a bit of trouble keeping his cock inside of her before turning around and reversing the position. She sucks him off again, time letting herself enjoy some ATM. Oh, and early in the scene, a voyeur appears to watch the two fucking.

Scene two: Amy Faye and Akira Shell

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Amy Faye was the voyeur who witnessed Akira Shell and JW Ties in the first scene. She drops in and watches them going at it. The following scene begins with Amy masturbating in her bedroom when Akira drops in. Amy confesses she saw what happened in her uncle’s bedroom and Amy and Akira are soon making out. Amy also points out that she has an assortment of toys laid out for their pleasure on her dresser. There are some very hot moments when Amy shoves a dildo up Akira’s ass, and then licks it up. The favor is returned shortly after that. There is some very hot assplay throughout the scene. There is a nice 69 that is shot basically from Akira’s POV that I loved watching because it was several uninterrupted minutes of Akira licking Amy’s pussy. It devolved into some anal fingering, with Akira asking, “Do you like my little finger in your pretty little butthole?” I did.

Scene three: Amy Faye and Jack Moore

This scene opens with Amy Faye and “Uncle” Jack Moore sitting on a couch in the living room. She lets him feel her undercarriage and he’s pleasantly shocked to see that she’s not wearing underwear. It leads to some nice fingering before she asks if she can see his cock, which he gladly takes out. He’s a much older man, among the oldest I’ve seen in porn lately, but he proves that he has learned how to eat pussy along the way, as Amy’s writhing and moans indicate. When they’re fucking anally, with her on her back, she moans “It feels so good in my ass,” he tells her that he can see the pleasure in her face, too. I found the age difference between the two to be something of a turn-on, but the scene wrapped up too quickly for me, with Amy and Uncle Jack having to stop and hide from JW. Like he’d mind.

Scene four: Amy Faye, Akira Shell, and Jack Moore

Amy Faye and Akira Shell are talking once again, to open, the scene. Amy tells Akira that she had just fucked their uncle, and that he had a big cock that felt great inside of her ass. She lets Akira know that Uncle Jack was a great fuck and that she would also enjoy him. They go to find him in his bedroom and Akira starts sucking on his cock right away, saying that she’s disappointed that Amy got his cock in her ass first. Akira gets most of the action early in the scene, bouncing on Jack’s cock in reverse and then offering herself doggy-style. It becomes a little more egalitarian when Akira starts to lick Amy’s pussy while Jack fucks Akira from behind. Amy also gets a turn with Jack’s cock and she lets him in while she’s on her back. There’s lots of dirty fucking and ATM between the three of them. When there is a lull as the three try to regroup for another position, Amy points out, “We make a good team.”

Scene five: Akira Shell and JW Ties

Akira comes looking once again for JW Ties, but this time she’s sad. She looks very cute in a summer dress and headband. She’s sad, though, because Amy got the last creampie in her ass and she wants one. She asks “Daddy” to oblige her, and he’s, of course, willing. She gets his cock erect with some oral action. That transitions into a nice 69 before Akira bounces up and down JW’s cock while it pounds her ass. I liked watching the slow, deliberation that she puts into sucking cock. She uses her saliva, spitting on his cock several times, to provide enough lube for her to bounce on his cock. The scene moves slowly, until Akira starts getting fucked harder while she’s on her side. But her moans get considerably louder as it goes on. And damn if she doesn’t get what she came for.

Scene six: Camille Black and Akira Shell

Akira comes to visit Camille with some questions, because she’s heard that her sister likes anal sex and, despite what we’ve seen in four of the five previous scenes, she’s been curious to experience it herself. Camille agrees to teach Akira the pleasures of butt-loving and gets one of her toys specializing in anal play that she puts into Akira’s ass. I was really turned on seeing these two beauties - both with darker hair, glasses, and hairy pussies – being paired together. It was fun watching them play. One of the hotter moments came when Akira was using a buttplug on Camille, while Camille was using a Hitachi on her pussy. It was almost clinical with their experimentation, but it lead to some wonderful orgasms, the biggest being when Camille uses both a buttplug and the Hitachi on Akira.

Final thoughts:

I’ve found myself growing fond of the almost-DIY nature of JW Ties’ productions. The sex in his scenes comes off as less polished and refined than you might see in porn from a bigger studio. Instead, his focuses on the taboo aspects and, like here, often has an incestuous theme. I find myself attracted to the stars he’s cast in this movie (particularly Akira Shell here). I like that the ladies are all gorgeous and have a kinkiness that you don’t often see. The sex is not as smooth, but the fetishes it covers and the lack of inhibitions, make up for that, for me, at least. If you’re not squicked out by the family theme and like your porn a step above amateur (but not a whole staircase), you would probably enjoy this. I recommend it.

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