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Jay's POV Volume 1

Studio: AE Films » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 1/30/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: POV





Cast: Valentina Nappi/Alexis Adams/Alix Lynx/Samantha Rone/Jay Rock

Director: Jay Rock

Extras: None specified

Release Date: 1/20/2016

Runtime: 155 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Jay Rock's 'Jay's POV Volume 1'!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review for Jay Rock's Jay's POV Vol.1; The Adult DVD Empire website allows for 6 streaming options, the lowest being 160p and the highest being 2160p, known to most as 4K. Adult DVD Empire offers a variety of different streaming and downloading options in their VOD section, including the purchase of specific movies and/or scenes with pricing options varying based on the individual movie or scene that the viewer chooses to stream or purchase. For more info on ADE's VOD options click here. I ran into a bunch of issues when streaming this particular film, noting frequent pausing and/or scrubbing of the player causes large delays, sometimes forcing me to refresh the page entirely, thus creating even more issues because I had to scrub it to get back to the point that I was previously at. ADE does offer the option to watch these scenes by chapter, which is a far more viable option should you be looking to check these out online. For those wondering if it could be my network connection or PC, I viewed this on my HP Envy Touchsmart 23 SE, and I've never had these sort of issues when reviewing other web based scenes or films in the recent past. The video player also doesn't give viewers the option of using the space bar to pause, and if you do pause the video swiftly (like I often do to get screen grabs), it jumps ahead and causes some major headaches if you're making an attempt to watch the scene in it's entirety. In short, this player is far from flawless; while the viewing of the film was crystal clear in terms of definition, I'd suggest a word of caution for those who pause or scrub frequently to jump around in scenes. As far as audio was concerned, each scene included a quick tease sequence set to the sounds of some generic canned porno jams, and there were no inaudible moments or recognized distortion in those parts or any others from what I could tell. 



*Scene 1:

Valentina Nappi/Jay Rock

The premiere scene in Jay Rock's Jay's POV Vol. 1 kicks off as we see the always incredible Valentina Nappi in an abbreviated tease sequence where she's dressed in some porno-casual attire that includes a wifebeater top, a tight pair of blue shorts, and black sneakers to complete the look. The opening tease is as solid as expected when Valentina's involved, running the course of an all-too short 2 minute period before she takes a face-first dive on her stunt cock for a POV themed blowie to open up the action. Valentina wastes no time upon getting started, slopping up her co-star's cock early and often as we get a few different POV angles including some titfucks tossed in before sex sets in at the 10 minute mark with a missionary style bangout. Positioning switches up pretty frequently early on, giving us a few decent views of Valentina mixed in with a lot of close-up penetration shots that tend to flood most POV films due to the difficulty involved in filming a scene like this. Although the scene rarely gives us a solid view of Valentina's facial expressions at the same time that she's getting fucked, it still moves forward pretty well, pulling away frm the "sex shot" sporadically to capture her looking into the lens intently. The cowgirl sequence that comes in the middle stages is probably the strongest part of the scene, showcasing Valentina relentlessly pouncing on her cock with most of her body and face in view, with the rest of the scene being more of the same as energy somewhat declines upon the progression. Things cap off after 36 minutes, coming out of a doggie style fuck that has Valentina scampering upward for the facial, doing a great job in making sure that most of the load lands on her face to close things out. Overall, there was some unavoidable slowness in the scene that tends to drive down the comprehensive viewing, but it's always a joy to watch Valentina nonetheless; unfortunately this one just isn't really indicative of her best work. 



*Scene 2: 

Alexis Adams/Jay Rock


The always adorable Alexis Adams is the primary focus of the second scene in the film, opening things up with a workout inspired tease sequence where she's dressed to the nines in a tight fitness inspired getup that perfectly accentuates her body while still maintaining a casual theme. After Alexis' workout tease she offers up some words of encouragment, rolling into the introductory blowie where she generously slops up her stunt cock and we get a POV viewing of the action. The blowie is pretty solid to start, rolling into a quick titfuck that eventually gives way to the opening sex that sets in with a missionary style bangout from our cameraman. Sex again relies primarily on close-up penetration shots early on, moving into a doggie style dickdown that gives us a slightly better viewpoint as intensity levels seemingly heighten when our director stuffs his thumb into Alexis' butthole for added effect. Things translate rather slowly upon the scene's continuance, again having it's best moments in the cowgirl sequence where we're able to see Alexis' body and facial expressions in all of their glory. Things ultimately run the course of an excessive 46 minutes, closing out with some finale titfucks from Alexis before she gets a facefull of jizz juice and looks to have had enough once the screen fades. Meh. This scene was pretty rough to put it mildly; whether or not it was enjoyable for the performers is a moot point in my opinion, because the viewing just wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination. It's loaded with excessive penetration shots that give the viewer no real perception of what's happening aside from a dick going into a pussy, and it just lacked any good quality that would make it worth recommending to viewers. Aside from the fact that Alexis is a babe, I wasn't into it. 


*Scene 3: 

Samantha Rone/Jay Rock

Samantha Rone encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, looking sensational in another casual style outfit as we open up with an interview segment before rolling into the tease. The candid interview gives us a brief look at Samantha's background in the industry, lasting upwards to 4 minutes before the screen fades for a quick one minute tease that leads into the pre-sex blowjob. Samantha's already naked once the tease begins, thus taking a face-first dive onto her stunt cock for a short-lived blowie that sets up a cowgirl style fuck to initiate the sex. Sex is again showcased by way of a gaggle of close-up penetration shots, but Samantha works with our director pretty well in making sure her face is shown more times than most of what we've seen thus far in the movie. This scene runs for a seemingly perfect 30 minute period, having some wonderfully intense moments that make the viewing far better than either of the first two scenes I watched. Even though it's far from flawless, I thought the shots were better thus making it all translate to the viewer really well. Things cap off with our cameraman busting his nuts atop Samantha's grassy knoll out of an intense missionary style bangout, slathering her stomach with cum as she slurps it off of her finger to close out. I liked this one a lot in comparison to the rest of the film; Samantha is adorable once she gets going - She's one of those girls that really seems to love what she does and it shows in her scenes. Good stuff. 



*Scene 4: 

Alix Lynx/Jay Rock

The final scene in Jay Rock's 'Jay's POV Vol 1' kicks off with another candid interview where fairly new girl Alix Lynx gives us some quick insight into how she got into the business, as well as a few random details about her background and lifestyle. Alix's outfit fits the theme of the rest of the movie, as she's dressed in a porno casual lingerie style top combined with tight jean shorts. The interview is pretty compelling in comparison to most run-of-the-mill pre-scene interviews, I thought  Alix had a really captivating way about her that made me enjoy it much more than the typical interview segment. Eventually the tease sets in after about 5 minutes, giving us a look at an already-naked Alix prancing around the room for a few short moments, before rolling into a massage sequence where she lies face-down and naked on the table while our director gives her a rubdown. The rubdown sets up the pre-sex foreplay, happening after our cameraman has fully 'loosened her up', as a POV themed blowie kicks off the action. Alix's adorable expressions and actions make for a sensational viewing early on, rolling into a missionary style dickdown to initiate the sex. Positioning switches a few times before all is said and done, again having many of the dreaded close-up shots that give the viewer little feedback on Alix's expressions as the sex is happening. Things ultimately close out with a missionary bang, resulting in our director busting a sizable load of nut atop Alix's stomach as she scrounges up a bit of it with her finger and slurps it off as the screen fades. Well, overall I didn't love this scene but it had nothing to do with Alix Lynx; the sex "seemed" like it was pretty solid but again without seeing all of what was really happening I don't think I can really draw a solid conclusion. I have to see at least a little bit of what's happening. There are full 2 minute stretches in this scene where we ONLY get penetration views, and that just doesn't cut it for me personally. That being said, Alix is an absolute beauty; I fucking loved her style & mannerisms and look forward to her future in the industry. I wanted this one to be better but unfortunately I didn't love it.



Jay Rock's 'Jay's POV Vol 1' from AE Films is a fair watch at best, having a great cast of girls that shined sparingly as most all of the sex in the film gives us close-up penetration shots and very few reactionary looks. I enjoyed the opening sequences for the most part, but after the intro blowjob most of the scenes started dwindling, aside from Samantha Rone's which I thought had some promising moments most of the way through. POV movies are extremely tough to direct, and I'm not asking for Jay Rock to have go-go gadget arms (does that reference make me seem old?), I just ask that he doesn't show full 2 minute+ stints of ONLY penetration. There needs to be more than that in my opinion. There seem to be many small details in the movie that are disregarded, and once you get midway through it it really starts to snowball, at least it did for me. As far as I could tell, there are no DVD extras on the hard copy of this film, rounding out the basis by which I'd personally suggest skipping it altogether. A few weeks ago I'd have no problem giving this one a "Rent It", but considering the issues I had with streaming this movie I just can't suggest anyone watching it online, and I'm definitely not recommending it. This movie could have been a lot better considering it's solid cast, but I just didn't think it packed the punch that it needed. Skip It. 



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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