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Black Snake Oil 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/28/16

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Black Snake Oil 2

Evil Angel/Aiden Starr Productions/Starr Erotica

Genre: Interracial

Director: Aiden Starr


Cast: Julia DeLucia, Mickey Mod, Julie Skyhigh, Proxy Paige, Yhivi, Jon Jon

Length: 128:09 minutes

Date of Production: 2015



Extras: The best extra by far was the 7:20 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. There were also some trailers, a cast list, filmographies, a pop shot recap from the scenes, and website links.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Black Snake Oil 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel. The lighting was solid throughout, often showing shadows or hot spots but still plentiful all the same. The framing and focus by camera operator Aiden were similar to her previous efforts though, admittedly not polished up by any editing that I could tell. The video bitrate varied overall and there were some compression artifacts observed when the movie was played on my big screen television, the company watermark on the lower right hand cover not compensated for as other directors distributed by Evil Angel have learned to do. The aural components of the show were also very basic, the vocals easily heard but only in a flat manner, limited dynamic range provided though some music was added in post production.


Body of Review: Aiden Starr is a female director distributed by Evil Angel, her fairly limited body of work showing she is still trying to find just the right niche to showcase her ideas. Her latest release is called Black Snake Oil 2, each of the four scenes offering up interracial action where white women enjoyed black men as partners. The ladies included extreme queen Proxy Paige, newcomer Yhivi, Julie Skyhigh, and Julia DeLucia, certainly an eclectic bunch. This time, the guys included Jon Jon and Mickey Mod, leaving me unsure when going into the production just how well the action would work. The company website described the movie like this: “Director Aiden Starr’s passions for interracial sodomy and luxuriously lubricated sex come together in the slick “Black Snake Oil 2.” Cute Latina Julia De Lucia deep-throats smooth stud Mickey Mod’s big black cock, which he pries up her flexing anus for a graphic, lube-lacquered butt fuck. His prick makes an echoing pop every time he pulls out of her gaping bunghole. Mickey heavily greases the pussy, boobs and ass of sultry brunette-next-door Julie Skyhigh. He pours viscous oil in her crack as he plows her rectum, and Julie visibly loves getting her butt porked. Mickey creams her grease-sodden, satisfied rear. Delightfully dirty Proxy Paige’s big butt bounces as the heavily tattooed and pierced slut takes a long, deeply nasty anal ride. With hair and bush dyed pink, she utters husky-voiced filth through an oily, orgasmic sodomy session marked by her irrepressible personality. Exotic, all-natural Yhivi looks innocent, but she’s a filthy fucking whore. Black stud Jon Jon eats her in an athletic 69 and dominantly manhandles all her generously greased holes.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



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Scene One: Julia DeLucia, the foreign brunette featured in the center background portion of the front cover, was up first with Mickey Mod, as the Romanian chick opened up her ass yet again for your viewing pleasure. The scene began with naked Julia oiling and and both partners verbally bantering with the director, Mickey’s fingers soon probing her pussy from behind as he dug in deep to massage her snatch, the jumpy camera and slightly askew camera angles kind of strange to say the least. Mickey sported a raging boner during all this and the couple kissed, Julia soon slobbing his knob while applying hand to gland friction and nearly throating him while she looked at the camera instead of him, the gal vaginally mounting his turgid member to actively ride for a few positions with Mickey taking a break to gobble her gash. He stopped when she asked him to fuck her ass, her oiled up pucker offering scant resistance to his thrusting cock though they had no discernible chemistry in what would best be described as a mechanical pounding. As she became warmed up, she slowly started to ride him better during the anal too, pumping her perky ass as he gave her a smaller amount while picking up the pace, her ass draining his dragon of sperm as he beat off all over her torso and she sucked the head clean. The company website described the scene like this: “Cute Latina Julia De Lucia and smooth stud Mickey Mod hook up for a glistening, heavily oiled interracial butt fuck. The big-eyed girl with the BJ lips gets her bod thickly greased, especially her shaved pussy and hot butt. (She says her rear is nice 'because I fuck it a lot.') Julia deep-throats Mickey's dark meat and then fucks it, masturbating her clit. After a pussy pounding, Mickey pries his prick up her flexing anus for a graphic, lube-lacquered fuck. The slick sodomy makes her bunghole gape, and his dick makes an echoing pop every time he pulls out. Julia's butt bounces prettily as it's fucked, till Mickey thickly creams her titties and tongue. 'Chocolate with milk!' exclaims Julia, playing with the spunk.”



Scene Two: Julie Skyhigh, the brunette from Belgium sported on the lower middle of the front cover with nice boobs, then gave Mickey Mod permission to bone her backside. This scene had no tease at all as it began already underway with Mickey muff diving between her legs on the bed. Her eyes were closed and her open bra look from the cover was present though she wore no panties, some kissing between positions with the look of the visual elements making me think the settings were changed during the break too. As he tore into her bald beaver, she held a pocket rocket vibrator against her clit, looking up at him on occasion but again coming across like it was a pay for play scene (little chemistry or heat even if they got off). They gave each other some oral at times but it wasn’t captured very well, the gal looking best with her ass in the air and her head down as he fingered her and rimmed her pucker, more vaginal screwing leading to him diddling her pussy to make sloshing noises followed by her oiled body being readied with more lube for the anal sex to begin. She was very passive during the anal sex and made no eye contact with him, milking his balls dry of semen though his orgasm came from his own hand as he plastered her ass with his manly seed. The company website described the scene like this: “In the opening shot, we see black stud Mickey Mod eating the shaved pussy of sultry brunette-next-door Julie Skyhigh, who's breathing hard with her eyes closed. They share a pussy-flavored kiss and then they're fucking; she adds a vibe and cums, blushing and then howling. Julie sucks big black cock pussy-to-mouth. Mickey fingers her holes and heavily greases her pussy, boobs and ass. A slick, doggie-style butt fuck -- lubed with thick oil and girl cream -- leaves Julie wailing. She takes more sodomy, masturbating hard. He pours more viscous oil in her crack as he plows her rectum, and Julie visibly loves getting her butt porked. Mickey creams her grease-sodden, satisfied ass.”



Scene Three: Proxy Paige, the extreme queen with neon red hair sucking dick on the lower right corner of the front cover, then continued the anal exploits of Mickey Mod, the curvy cutie impressed by his genetic gift. The scene began with them already vaginally fucking on the crappy bed on the same lame set as the last scene, Proxy telling an inquisitive Aiden how he had already been in all her holes. She claimed to be in Berlin though having the “most fun with the Americans”, her generous ass always actively riding as she slid on his pole and her respiration rate elevated, Proxy switching him into her ass only to be announced by Aiden how that was her “2 minutes of vag” before Proxy making it clear that she was planning on switching holes as she saw fit. Proxy had the same kind of fun as she always does, smiling, laughing, and even sharing stories of how she “took advantage of” a couple of American hip hop groups sexually as she blew him, her tongue working to his ass as she stared at the camera. He then rubbed her pussy vigorously as she enjoyed his pecker deep in her pucker, spinning around without losing the cock in a way that few others seem able to do; the gal thrusting her hips while impaling herself on his rod alternating her holes and providing dirty talk along the way. Proxy is always a trip and over the top, her snatch painted pink to match the hair on her head, though this tryst was more about her over the top personality than anything else. If you like that kind of thing, and I freely admit that I do at times, this was far and away the best scene of the movie, Mickey even covering her mouth to shut her up a bit while whispering something to her, the hand choking her a few times and stuffed in her pussy. Proxy almost made it a better scene by stretching her leg out to use her toes on Aiden’s pussy but the director remained behind the camera chatting freely as the couple moved to a titty fuck, more plowing leading him to jerk off on her tits and mouth though the edit points made me think he was having serious trouble working up a load of manly fluids for her to sample orally. The company website described the scene like this: “Fleshy, delightfully dirty Proxy Paige rides Mickey Mod's big black cock, her big butt bouncing. With hair and bush dyed pink, the heavily tattooed and pierced slut pries the meat up her flexible rectum, her big cheeks in your face. Slurping cock ass-to-mouth, she tells of her adventure seducing hip-hop artists and then licks balls and tongues ass. Irrepressible Proxy says, 'I'm squeezing your cock with my butthole,' and she has gasping anal orgasms. Mickey drizzles thick oil on her flexing rump, and her holes make echoing liquid sounds. She utters husky-voiced lust through a greasy anal manhandling. He pumps more oil up her rectum and fucks the gaping sphincter. Mickey also oils Proxy's titties and fucks them before cumming on her boobs and in her mouth.”



Scene Four: Yhivi, the curious looking brunette spreading her ass on the entire left side of the front cover, then paired up with gifted Jon Jon, the two ending the production with a bang showing her growing anal abilities. Yhivi began on her back with her legs spread in the air, her pubic bush prominent as she chatted about “butt sex” with the director, Aiden remaining behind the camera as she offered to squirt some oil on the performer. Jon was sitting over on a bench waiting as Yhivi fingered her ass in the unfinished loft, the ladies finally inviting him to join them as Aiden continued calling the gal a “filthy fucking whore”. When Jon walked over with a fully erect cock, Yhivi started sucking a sizable amount of the genetic gift briefly until Jon knelt between her legs to lick her pussy and ass, spending more time on her ass before fingering her, a standing 69 leading to vaginal fucking though he did most of the work. As he started going deeper, her pussy made a variety of noises but he was in charge and didn’t slow down, slapping her ass as he drilled her in doggy which included getting her face down and ass up as he nearly stomped her with his sneaker clad feet. They then began the anal and she was even more passive, limited eye contact and a series of painful looks on her face ending when he nutted on her face, some post coital head ending the mediocre tryst as he tried to get her to deep throat him all the way, slapping her face lightly before she smiled. The company website described the scene like this: “Dark-haired, exotic and all natural, Yhivi looks innocent, but she's a filthy fucking whore. She flexes her anus, talking about her growing passion for butt sex, and gets her ass generously greased. Black stud Jon Jon fucks Yhivi's face, generating gag spit. He eats pussy in an athletic 69. A choking, slapping fuck makes her whimper. Yhivi stuffs three fingers up her ass and sucks them clean. She masturbates as Jon Jon porks her rectum, which gapes widely. And Yhivi's mouth mirrors that opening, a target for Jon Jon's cum. He grips her mop of hair for more of the dominant face fucking that she clearly loves.”


Summary: Black Snake Oil 2 by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel had some issues with how polished the end product was but it still managed to earned a rating of Watch It Online (our newest rating), thanks in part to the cast of ladies such as Proxy Paige, Yhivi, Julie Skyhigh, and Julia DeLucia. The ladies had varying degrees of anal abilities to be sure but the guys plowed them hard regardless of how passive the gals would be, Proxy serving as the highlight for skill while it was a toss up regarding which of the others had the most appeal. In short, Black Snake Oil 2 was an anal centric title full of interracial sex so check it out and tell your friends what you enjoyed about it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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