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Archangels, The

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/9/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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The Archangels

Arch Angel/Girlfriends Films

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Genre: Gonzo, Interracial

Director: Mimefreak


Cast: Jada Stevens, Rob Piper, A. J. Applegate, Ricky Johnson, Kendra Lust, Stallion, Summer Brielle Taylor, Prince Yahshua

Length: 112:19 minutes

Dates of Production: 9/29/2015 to 12/13/2015


Extras: The best extra was the 6:18 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that amounted to a series of interviews with the cast members, a shout out to yours truly and another included during Summer’s clip. There was also a 3:13 minute pop shot recap and photogallery though neither did much for me.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Archangels was captured in anamorphic widescreen by director Mimefreak for Arch Angel. The solid lighting enhanced the accurate flesh tones of the cast and helped provide plenty of detail here, the editing was generally well done too. There was no company watermark and the video bit rate was decent, my viewing on a large screen television revealing only a very modest number of compression artifacts. The aural components in 1.0 Dolby Digital monaural were fairly basic, not in a bad way mind you but basic, the limited amount of talking and ambient noises blended in with the uncredited musical scoring that fit the action.


Body of Review: Mimefreak is the lead director at Arch Angel these days, his movies garnering him increasing recognition. His latest movie in for review is called The Archangels, a set of scenes featuring a cast of high end talent like AJ Applegate, Jada Stevens, Summer Brielle Taylor and Kendra Lust. While I have long gone on record as adoring AJ and Jada, my appreciation for Kendra is generally accepted and Summer has sure done well of late too.

The company website described the movie like this: “The Archangels are some of the hottest sluts your ever gonna see getting their privates violated and loving every second of it. These gals have the racks and asses that will milk every last drop of cum from any guy willing. Give into these Archangels and experience pleasure you'll become addicted too!!” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Jada Stevens, the sexy Georgian brunette with the delicious ass featured on the far right side of the front cover, was up first with Rob Piper, a muscular black male from New Orleans that has won multiple AVN awards. Jada had short hair, hoop earrings, and a skimpy black bikini outfit that hugged her frame tightly while riding deep inside her ass crack, her sexual self confidence as much a part of her appeal as her juicy ass that she taunted the cameras with during the tease session. The various positions of twerking were strokable enough, the notion that she was playing to her strengths occurring to me more than once as I enjoyed the brief but fun tease, Jada positioning on a gray couch with her head down and ass up when Rob joined her. She kept her stripper shoes on as he peeled her panties down, the man tonguing her ass and gobbling her gash as she licked her lips, not screaming wildly in a faked manner but enjoying his touch. She then resumed her original position to him and he dove into her pussy hard as his balls slapped against her thighs in the doggy, Jada actively pushing back to meet his thrusts and her shoes ditched as she flipped around to slob his knob, the turgid member licked, caressed and nearly throated while she kept great eye contact with him. There was also some hand to gland friction and nut nuzzling but her intensity struck me as yet another plus here, her neatly trimmed pubes acting as a welcoming arrow for him to bone her some more, Jada getting louder but believably so as the tryst continued. That was when I specifically noticed her pierced taint, Jada impaling herself on his genetic gift while her yummy ass cheeks rippled, a myriad of positions with additional oral eventually pushing him past the point of no return to drain his dragon of sperm, Rob nutting in her open mouth as she kept his gaze, some post coital head included.



Scene Two: A. J. Applegate, the attractive blond with beautiful eyes and glorious ass featured on the far left side of the front cover, herself a multi-award winner and top pick for nominations in any given year, was then up next with Ricky Johnson, a black male newcomer already being mentioned as an up and comer male talent in critic circles given the quality of his work. AJ began on a stylish bed in a sheer red nightie, slowly caressing herself to the sultry music while looking right at the camera in a sexually interested manner, her clear stripper shoes looking way too tall as the fabric of her attire nestled deep inside her perfect ass. As the tease continued, she was shown from the front with the fabric pulled to the side to reveal a bald beaver, her all natural body as fetching as ever as she reverted back to the booty tease and then walked into the living room to welcome Rick with a kiss on a gray couch. His hand slid along her side as the other held her face, her hand massaging his growing bulge until she started inhaling his meaty member, the raging boner much to her liking given her facial expressions. He diddled her as she savored his cock too, her small hoop earrings dangling as she peeled off the red outfit to mount him for some active vaginal riding positions, AJ guiding him inside her with her hand. As the scene continued, her smile continued to grow and she maintained solid eye contact with him, her hand rubbing her puffy pussy as she took him to the hilt, the man taking a break to go down on her before resuming his rapid fire porking. Her nipples remained hard and she showed all the right signs of enjoyment, Rick milking his balls dry in her mouth, AJ letting his spunk fall down her torso as she played with it.



Scene Three: Kendra Lust, the busty brunette featured second from the right on the front cover, widely regarded in critical circles as the reigning “MILF of the year” of late, was then paired with Stallion, another black male newcomer who was nominated for “best new male” recently that is finding increasing critical acclaim. She wore her cover outfit and her heart shaped ass seemed to swallow her thong as she teased in front of the wall of light, an aura surrounding her in an artistic manner as she pulled her panties down just enough. There was more boob play this time and her statuesque form sported a landing strip of pubes during the playful manner of tease she offered, her friendly smile including a lick of the lips before her naked form was shown climbing the stairs to hook up with bearded Stallion on the second story of the home. She climbed into his lap after the kiss and he sucked on her bosoms, her attentive nature welcomed by the lucky newcomer as she slowly addressed his throbbing bulge their foreplay was generating. His pants came down and she slowly sucked increasing amounts of him into her mouth, her eye contact elevating the replay value of the scene for me much as it had for the other scenes. She then sucked his balls as she beat his meat, Stallion eventually going down on her as she aurally encouraged him, the white couch soon providing a platform for her to mount him for a variety of active vaginal riding positions, Kendra pumping her ass heatedly as the camera closed in on the mesmerizing sight to behold. The oral and vaginal action showed some chemistry between them and she eventually knelt to be bathed in his spunk, her face and chest showing the results as she smiled that knowing smile of hers and the camera faded out.



Scene Four: Summer Brielle Taylor, the busty blond featured second from the left on the front cover, a gal with generous curves and brilliant eyes and fan favorite, was then up last with the most acclaimed male of the cast, porn royalty in the form of Prince Yahshua, a Chicago native whose name speaks for itself. Summer began by slowly walking up a spiral staircase in her skimpy pink bikini, touching herself slowly as she gave the camera that “fuck me” look of hers signifying sexual confidence. Her panties rode up her ass as the camera followed her, picking back up as she lounged seductively on a white couch as Prince walked into the room. He leaned over to kiss her and she admired his muscular body as much as he appreciated her boobs, her hands caressing his bulge in his pants ever so slightly as he reciprocated. Their sexual tension built up as they removed their attire, knowing glances exchanged between the two as their obvious chemistry was displayed. As she wrapped her lips around his boner to blow him, he placed his belt around her neck, not making it too tight but adding to her pleasure as she took a considerable amount of his rod into her mouth. She nuzzled his nuts and licked the tip while twerking her shapely ass, Prince teasing her pussy with his pecker before boning her like he owned her. Summer was extremely expressive, almost to the point where the obvious chemistry they shared started looking questionable, losing herself in the moment as they bumped uglies in some active riding. When she was on top of him with her ass shaking really well, she fingered her perfect pucker a little, Prince following her lead as she aurally coaxed him onward, her eye contact solid throughout the scene and Prince giving her some head from time to time. In return, Summer licked her lips with desire as she gave that pouty look of hers when she really likes a guy (only a few guys elicit that response as much as Prince), the oral and vaginal action including more kissing here and there as she allowed the waves of pleasure wash over her until he glazed her face with his manly juices. It was a bigger load that landed on her mug and she showed no apprehension regarding it, smiling as she enjoyed giving him some post coital head.


Summary: The Archangels by director Mimefreak for Arch Angel was a lot of fun to watch and fans of the cast will find plenty to enjoy, each performance a stand out to a degree (making picking a “best scene” tricky as each had their own merits). I could tell you that I’d give my left nut to nail any one of the four fuck bunnies or how well matched they were with some of the most capable (and genetically gifted) male performers, led of course by Prince Yahshua, but if you like interracial porn with players that like engaging in it, top name ladies at that, you’ll like this one a lot. I admit a certain level of affection for AJ Applegate and Jada Stevens but don’t overlook Kendra Lust or Summer Brielle’s performances either, Mimefreak kicking ass yet again as he does his own thing rather than follow the beaten path. The technical values were solid, the tease very appealing, and the short BTS feature all added points so I affirm this one earned a rating of Highly Recommended. In short, The Archangels was a showcase of company success stories proving their longevity and quality on a level that others no longer provide so check this one out and let me know what you thought of it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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