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Naughty Athletics 21

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/8/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 32 minutes

Date of Production:  2015            

Genre: All Sex; Athletes

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: FeaturingVeronica Rodriguez with Marsha May, Noelle Easton, Holly West, Kendra Khalessi, Levi Cash, Bruno Dickemz, Preston Parker, Ryan Driller and Johnny Castle

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Slideshow; Trailers for American Daydreams and my Naughty Massage; Behind the Scenes with close to 3 minutes of interview footage with Hope Howell


Veronica Rodriguez stars in Naughty America’s Naughty Athletics 21 and she gets quite the workout in this calorie-burning, intense flick. The movie runs over 2 hours and 32 minutes and includes 5 hot scenes of intense fucking on the gym floor. Veronica is joined by in shape starlets Marsha May, Noelle Easton, Holly West and Kendra Khalessi. These girls are all up for a hard workout and they get their pussies stretched and warmed up by Levi Cash, Bruno Dickemz, Preston Parker, Ryan Driller and Johnny Castle. Kendra opens the flick with a hot pussy workout with Ryan. The best part of her scene is when she gets fucked doggystyle over the gym ball she has been working out with. Marsha and Bruno get into a risky fuck session all over the gym equipment, but they have to be careful not to get caught by Marsha’s boss. Flick featured cover girl, Veronica, has a hot pussy workout in the locker room with Levi. She squirts all over his cock when all the pussy stretching makes her cum. She and Levi take their workout to the next level, ending up with a pussy creampie on the locker room bench. There are a few extras in this flick and the overall production quality of all the scenes is great. This is one workout movie you’ll enjoy watching.

Scene 1:  Kendra Khaleesi and Ryan Driller

Kendra over extended herself in her workout and now she needs some extra care. Ryan helps her stretch her legs on the gym floor and he promises to get her back on the main workout floor as soon as possible. She’s lying on her back and Ryan is stretching her legs, things and butt. He tells her to get on her hands and knees so he can help her stretch her back. She gets on all fours in doggy position while Ryan rubs her ass cheeks. Kendra tells him she is really tight right there and it feels good the way he’s rubbing her butt. She tells him to put more pressure there and go deeper and he does. Soon all of the massage work starts to turn Kendra on. Ryan kisses her on the cheeks and then pulls her yoga pants down and really works her ass cheeks. Kendra is feeling fully stretched out now and gets on her knees to suck Ryan’s cock. She tells him she wants to put his big cock in her mouth then se grips it and starts jerking it in and out of her mouth. Ryan helps her by fucking her throat. She grabs his dick with both hands and stuffs it down her throat, gagging and choking on his meat. Now she’s ready to get her pussy eaten, so she lies naked on a gym ball on her back while Ryan fingers her pussy, making her moan. He eats her snatch, licking all over her clit and fingering her hole again, stuffing it with 2 fingers. Her pussy is wet as Ryan fingers her harder and faster while licking her pussy. She bends over the ball in a downward doggy for more pussy fingering and eating then she begs him for his cock.

Ryan starts fucking her doggystyle over the ball. Kendra is really getting a workout now as her hole gets stuffed and slammed harder and harder. She’s bouncing back and forth on the ball, getting her pussy pounded from behind and moaning in pleasure. The pair takes their fucking workout to the mat on the floor where Kendra rides Ryan’s cock in cowgirl position, slamming her ass up and down on his meat. She leans forward and lets Ryan pump her wet hole balls deep, sending her further and further into ecstasy. She tells him he’s hitting her G-spot and she loves it and she’s about to cum. She rides him faster and faster, making herself cum on top of him. She turns around on his cock into reverse cowgirl position, never getting off of his cock and starts riding him again and grabbing his balls. She takes his cock right out of her pussy and starts sucking it while on top of him in 69 position then gets spoon fucked on the yoga mat, hard and deep, until Ryan pulls out and shoots his load on her face and in her mouth. She says yum after swallowing his cum.

Scene 2:  Marsha May and Bruno Dickemz

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Marsha works at the gym and this is the first time she will be locking up and closing up the place at the end of the night. Her boss explains all the things she needs to do before she leaves. She needs to wipe down the equipment, check the bathroom, make sure there are towels around and arm the alarm before she leaves. Marsha is confident she can take care of everything. Her boss leaves and she decides to get a workout in before she closes. She stretches, doing the splits in her pink yoga pants, showing her tight ass. She goes from machine to machine, working her muscles and stretching. She starts doing a standing shoulder press, squatting up and down. She doesn’t notice Bruno who lies on the floor right under her as she squats down on his face. She sees Bruno and asks him what he’s doing there. She surprised to see him and she worried that her boss might see him in there. Bruno assures her that her boss left already and she doesn’t have anything to worry about. He tells her to be spontaneous and do something exciting. He starts spanking her ass cheeks and kissing her. She leans over in a standing doggy against the gym equipment and Bruno starts eating her pussy from behind and spanking her some more. They move over to the bench and Marsha sits on it so she can suck his cock. She spits all over his dick and gets her skull fucked as Bruno thrusts his cock down her throat. She licks his balls then puts his cock back in her mouth, slurping on it and keeping it wet. Marsha bends over doggystyle on the bench and Bruno eats her pussy from behind, licking her wet snatch while she holds her ass cheeks open. She asks him if he likes how her pussy tastes. Bruno likes it and stuffs it with his fingers.

He spits on it and then plugs it with his cock in doggy position over the bench. She tells him his cock is so fucking big as he penetrates her tight, wet hole. He has a firm grip on her ass cheeks and keeps stretching her pussy with his cock. Marsha tells him he fucks so good. She gets her ass spanked over and over while her pussy gets filled. The standing doggy fuck gets harder and faster and Marsha starts screaming out, telling him to fuck her just like that. The camera zooms in for a close up on Marsha’s pussy getting fucked by deep long strokes from behind. He plugs her ass hole with his finger while fucking her pussy and she is enjoying this workout. She lies on the bench on her back with her legs open wide. Bruno eats her pussy some more before stretching it again with his cock, this time in the bicycle with Marsha’s legs up over his shoulder. She tells him to stick his dick deep in her and he does what she wants, sending Marsha to new levels of pleasure. Her wet pussy gets more close up action as the camera gives us a full on view of her pussy getting fucked. Bruno sits on the bench now and Marsha rides his cock cowgirl style, taking control of the fucking workout. She slams her body down on his dick hard and tells him to spank her ass cheeks while she rids him. This cowgirl ride on the bench is hot and things get even hotter when Marsha turns and rides his dick in reverse cowgirl position, cumming as she consumes his cock deep in her snatch. She climbs off and drops to her knees as Bruno aims his cum load in her mouth and tits.

Scene 3:   Holly West and Johnny Castle

Holly and Johnny are outside shooting hoops on the basketball court. She dribbles the ball and shoots for the net trying to score points. She needs some help from Johnny with her basketball brackets. She knows that Johnny does well with the brackets every year and she wants his secrets because there’s a big prize this year. Johnny doesn’t want to share the details with her because it just wouldn’t be ethical. Holly tells him there has got to be something she could do to change his mind. Johnny tells her there are tons of things she can do to persuade him. He puts his fingers down her t-shirt then starts kissing her. Holly says she knew they would work something out. Johnny pulls her shirt up and starts kissing her perky tits and telling her he wants to lick her all over. She starts sucking his cock right on the basketball court, dropping to her knees and taking his cock out of his pants and jerking it in and out of her mouth. He tells her to lick his balls too and she swallows them then makes her way back to his dick, licking it up and down the shaft. He takes his cock and spanks and fucks her tits while she spits on it. She tells him she’s going to fuck his dick so good and she can’t wait. Holly and Johnny get into a little net action as she grabs hold of the rim while Johnny eats her pussy from behind. He tells her it’s time to take her inside and fuck her. They continue the action on the couch where Holly bends over doggystyle on the couch to get her pussy eaten some more. Holly thanks him for helping her with her bracket as she turns over on her back and opens her legs so he can tongue her pussy. She tells him she is so fucking horny and she sucks his cock some more and is ready to fuck.

She gets back in doggy position on the couch and takes Johnny’s meat from behind. She tells him his cock feels so good as it pumps her tight, wet pussy. She tells him to keep it right there. Johnny starts fucking her harder and faster, making her moan louder and louder. The hard, doggystyle pounding continues until Holly decides she wants to suck her own pussy juices off of his dick. She sucks his cock and stays in doggy position for more fucking. The doggystyle fucking turns to deep spoon fucking on the couch and Holly screams out for him to fuck her pussy harder and harder. The please each other in 69 position with Johnny eating Holly’s pussy and Holly sucking Johnny’s cock. The hot workout continues with Holly lying on her side and Johnny plowing deep down in her pussy. She tells him it feels so fucking good and to keep fucking her harder. Johnny eats her pussy before she rides him in reverse cowgirl position, telling him his cock feels so fucking good. She slaps her tits and clit, getting herself off while taking Johnny’s meat. She goes on a hard and fast cowgirl ride, getting her ass cheeks spanked while hosting Johnny’s cock in her pussy. She lies on her back, puts one leg up over his shoulder and gets her pussy stretched some more. Johnny pounds her hole until he’s ready to pop. He pulls out while she moves to her knees and he pops on her tits and face then rubs his dick between her big boobs. She asks him if this means he’ll help her with her brackets more often. Johnny agrees to give her his.

Scene 4:  Noelle Easton and Preston Parker

Noelle is ready for her personal training session with Preston but she is bored by the routines she has to do. She’s being trained in upper body as she learns how to box and hit a ball that’s suspended in front of her. She isn’t having fun at all and wants to do something different. She asks Preston to get her some water and while he’s away she takes off her top. She he brings the water back, she pours it all over her tits right in front of Preston. He knows now that she didn’t come over there to workout at all. She came over there for something else. They start kissing and Preston helps Noelle out of her clothes. He kisses her all the way down her stomach and to her pussy as she stands up in the middle of the gym. She turns around so Preston can eat her pussy from behind with her bent over into a standing doggy. Preston spreads her ass cheeks wide and starts tonguing her pussy. It’s not long before he’s fingering her pussy, making it wet. He takes 2 fingers and stuffs her wet pussy, penetrating it back and forth. She turns around and puts his cock in her mouth and starts sucking it, guiding it down her throat slowly while jerking it back and forth. She looks up at him while trying to swallow his cock hole. Preston holds the back of her head and starts fucking her face, filling her mouth up with his cock. She licks his balls then turns her attention back over to sucking his cock.

The pair get on the gym floor and Noelle rides his cock cowgirl style. She grips her ass cheeks, holding them open while Preston’s cock splits her pussy. Noelle takes control and grinds onto his cock, looking back at her pussy and telling Preston it feels so good. With her pussy all warmed up from the cowgirl pounding, Noelle lies on her side, puts one leg up over Preston’s thigh and gets her pussy fucked balls deep in spoon position. The pussy workout continues, this time with Noelle on her back with her leg up over his shoulder. She takes more cock and is left with a gaping mouth as she closes her eyes in ecstasy. She sucks her pussy juices off of his cock as he stuffs his dick down her throat, making her gag. With her throat fucked, the pair turn to stand and deliver, fucking up against the wall followed by a standing doggy fuck. They slam into each other until Preston tells her to get down, he’s about to cum. He blows his load all over her tits and in her mouth.

Scene 5:  Veronica Rodriguez and Levi Cash

Veronica has just finished up a hard workout and goes back into the locker room to shower. She undresses, grabs her towel and steps into the shower, rubbing body wash all over herself and getting suds all over her. She rubs her ass and pussy with her fingers just as Levi walks into the locker room. He has on his headphones and doesn’t notice Veronica showering across the room. He sits on the bench, listening to music. Veronica finishes her shower and walks over to her locker, which is right next to Levi’s. When he finally sees her he can’t believe it. He realizes that he walked into the wrong locker room. He’s in the women’s locker room and not the men’s. He tries to grab his stuff to leave, but Veronica assures him that he’s OK. It’s no big deal. She doesn’t mind sharing. She asks him to help her dry off. He agrees to and before long, they are kissing each other. She puts her tits in his face and Levi kisses them. She turns around and leans up against the lockers in standing doggy position, putting her ass in Levi’s face. He locks the door to make sure nobody walks in on them, then he starts eating her pussy from behind, making her moan. He fingers her snatch, making her scream louder and louder up against the lockers. Veronica pulls his shorts down and starts sucking his cock and licking his balls.

Now that she’s ready to fuck, she turns back to the lockers, leans up against them in standing doggy position and gets fucked from behind, as she screams out. They take the doggystyle fucking over to the bench and Veronica puts one leg up on the bench while Levi spreads her pussy with his cock. He grips her hair and pulls it back behind her head while stuffing her hole. Veronica is enjoying her doggystyle fucking so much, she starts squirting all over Levi’s cock. She turns around and sucks it all up then sits on his dick in cowgirl position on the bench. She rides him up and down, moaning in ecstasy while Levi grips her around her waist. Veronica’s cowgirl style fucking is the hottest part of her scene. She sucks her pussy juices off of his dick and then rides it in reverse cowgirl position before taking it in spoon position. She tells Levi to cum in her pussy. He pumps her hole then pops inside her, leaving her with a wet creampie.

Final Thoughts:

The hot bodied starlets in Naughty America’s Naughty Athletics 21 get a hot, calorie burning workout that leaves their pussies stretched and fully warmed up. Veronica Rodriguez stars in this steamy movie that runs over 2 hours and 32 minutes over 5 different scenes. Each scene sets up a short storyline in the gym, on the basketball court or in the locker room. Veronica is joined by her hot workout partners Marsha May, Noelle Easton, Holly West and Kendra Khalessi and these girls get their pussies fucked into shape by Johnny Castle, Ryan Driller, Levi Cash, Bruno Dickemz and Preston Parker. Overall, I recommend this movie. With the gym as a backdrop, it’s hot to watch these girls use their yoga mats for more than a leg stretch. Kendra opens the flick and has one of the hottest fucks of the film, with her downward doggy fucking over the gym ball. Marsha is also fun to watch as she fucks Bruno all over the gym equipment, hoping that her boss won’t walk in on them. Flick starlet, Veronica, enjoys getting her pussy worked out in a hot locker room take down that leaves her with a pussy creampie. The production and overall quality of the scenes are great and you’ll enjoy watching these hot bod girls take their workouts to the next level.

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