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Her 1st Interracial

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 2/10/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: First Interracial


Cast: Sara Luvv/Karlee Grey/Angel Smalls/Pristine Edge/Jon Jon/Mandingo/Prince Yahshua

Director: Mason

Extras: Slideshow

Release Date: 12/10/2015

Runtime: 94 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for 'Her 1st Interracial' from Dark X Films!


*Audio/Video Levels: Mason's 'Her 1st Interracial' from Dark X Films (distributed by Mile High) is the debut release from the esteemed director's new all-interracial line of films. The camerawork was provided by both Mason and her partner JT, focusing on a contrasting look at what we've come to know as being the standard in most of Mason's work, combined with two refreshing gonzo scenes that were primarily what I was expecting the film to be when learning of it. The music in the film is a light melodic instrumental piano piece that resonates decently in the segue into the first scene, but when it plays after the last scene it almost seems like a parody of itself-- considering the barnburner fuck-sesh that takes place prior to it. There are no tease intros used in any part of the film, the camerawork was noticeably strong throughout, and there was no company watermark on the screen at any time on the DVD. The audio portion of the film had no distortion or inaudible moments throughout any segment.  


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*Scene 1:

Angel Smalls/Jon Jon

1st Interracial


The premiere scene in Mason's 'Her 1st Interracial' kicks off as we see a casually dressed Angel Smalls in a posh living room, with performer Jon Jon meeting her acquaintance upon the early parts of the scene. Angel's dressed in a schoolgirl-esque getup with a more believable feel to it than most porn'd up schoolgirl outfits, dawning a tiny plaid skirt with a small white sweatshirt, white knee high socks and white tennis shoes to finalize the look. Jon Jon is seemingly playing the role of Angel's stepbrother, who's apparently had relations with her in the past; the dialogue opens up with Jon Jon mildly confronting her about a black guy he saw her with earlier that day, as Angel tries to assure him that it was a meaningless encounter. Angel puts a stop to Jon's anguish by embracing him with a few kisses, as the action ultimately sets up with a sensually themed cunnilingus sesh in the coming moments. Angel returns the favor with some slopped up blowjob action, with a gradually heightened intensity that moves along nicely once the sex sets in. Positioning runs through a few different looks, achieving a more hardcore vibe as it all unfolds, with Angel playfully pouncing on her co-star in a reverse cowgirl that serves as one of the most prominent parts of the scene. Things ultimately cap off out of a missionary style bangout, with Jon Jon pulling out and pumping himself to completion, as the viewer gets an up close viewing of Angel's face being drenched in jism. Overall this was a solid performance that's well worth a watch; I'd have liked to something that deviated from my expectations a little more, but I still can't complain. The setup was short and to the point, and the scene gained a nice intensity that gave it a bit more of a hardcore vibe than it's primary adversary.



*Scene 2: 

Sara Luvv/Mandingo

1st Interracial


The next scene starts out far differently than the previous one, as our director speaks with the beautiful Sara Luvv in an interview sequence about the upcoming scene and her few previous interracial experiences in the past; as unbelievable as it may be --none of them involve sex.  Sara opens up a little bit about her choosing of Mandingo to be her first black cock, explaining a few details about how she she came to that decision along with her extreme excitement for the events that are about to take place. The action sets in after only a few moments, as we see the cool and debonair Mandingo sitting with his legs crossed on the couch, with Sara dawning a classic black lingerie get-up as she crawls over to him. They share a kiss to start, before Sara gleefully unbuttons his pants, unsheathing his schlong in the coming moments. Sara's joyous expressions translate genuinely, moving forward as she makes her gravest efforts in shoving Mandingo's footlong throbber as deep into her throat as she can. Sara slops him up excessively as she continues sucking, Mandingo thrusting himself deeply into her throat before initiating the sex by lunging his member into her in a missionary style pussy plunge. The action starts and continues with a great energy from both performers, Sara chugging his cock forcefully whenever he exits her hole, constantly worshipping Mandingo's dong through every single second of the scene. Mason's picturesque camera angles flurry the scene, carefully capturing this momentous bangout as it progresses wonderfully in every sense of the word. Things ultimately cap off with Sara scurrying to her knees from a doggie style fuck, while Mandingo dumps his cum into her gorgeously smiling mouth, as she continues grinning ear to ear until the screen fades. Wonderful; from the moment this scene started I knew it was going to be great. Sara's outstanding performance level combined with Mandingo's legendary prowess are likely to make any fan realize this one is going to be good from the second it starts, but I think it was more than that. Sara had an excitement that was so genuine that it makes the viewing even better than it already is, and the hardcore vibe that this scene maintained is in my eyes, what made it excel on levels that few others can. As opposed to the first scene -- this one is the style that I envisioned when I'd first heard about the Dark X line. Well done.



*Scene 3: 

Pristine Edge/Prince Yahshua

1st Interracial

The third scene gives us another scenario inspired introduction, as the beautiful Pristine Edge gets dolled up in the bathroom while an older fella' playing the part of her husband is asking for some help in getting ready for his business meeting. Pristine gives her kind hubby a quick hug before he exits, when she spots Prince Yahshua peeking through the blinds and quickly rushes him out. Prince enters view only seconds later, with Pristine being overly excited to meet up with him, as it's apparent they've been having this little affair for a while. The action sets in with some sensually themed kissing between the two, before they strip out of their clothes and Pristine takes a face-first dive onto Prince's schlong. The blowie is short-lived, moving quickly into a doggie style bangout with intensity levels rising nicely upon it's progression.  The scene continues to get better and better as it goes on, perfectly presenting Pristine's delectable body beautifully as Prince pounds her, her expressions and energy being the key to making this one such a good watch. It closes out with Prince pumping himself to completion over Pristine's mouth, before he says, "This is what bad boys do to good little girls like you." Pristine smiles in captivating fashion before the screen fades. Great scene. In all honesty, I wasn't too sure about this one in the early moments, but it managed a great intensity that I think translated wonderfully in contrast to it's hardcore nature. As expected, Prince did his thing, but this is the first time I've had the honor of reviewing a film with Pristine, and it definitely made me eager to see more.



*Scene 4: 

Karlee Grey/Mandingo

1st Interracial


The final scene in Mason's 'Her 1st Interracial' kicks off much like the second one, with Karlee Grey having a candid chat with our director about her first interracial scene being with Mandingo, who happens to have one of the largest penises that the world has ever came to know existed. The interview segment is massively quick here, with Karlee looking beautiful in a glamorous black lingerie outfit before the camera fades as she approaches her co-star sitting on the couch. Action sets in with some slopped up blowjob action from Karlee, jerking Mandingo with two hands while she stuffs as much of his schlong into her mouth as she can, staring at it in awe whenever it comes out. Karlee absolutely devours her co-star in these moments, forcing her throat over him excessively as he assists her by placing his hands on the back of her head, thrusting even deeper. Sex sets in with a doggie style dick-plunge from Dingo, reverting to a cock-chugging blowie as Karlee's gorgeous expressions give the feeling that she's in absolute black-cock bliss. The scene progresses wonderfully, showcasing a flurry of different positions and even tossing in some titfucks for added effect, relying on Karlee's passionate and captivating expressions in making it a must-see for any and all fans of hardcore interracial. Things ultimately finish off with Karlee being the prime recipient of Mandingo's dick load, endlessly smiling as she continues to deepthroat him when the screen fades. Another top-notch scene here with top-notch talent; Karlee was fantastic throughout the entire runtime of this one and the chemistry is one of the few things that made it excel. This one's right up there with Sara's scene in being the best that the film has to offer. Good stuff. 




Mason's debut release from Dark X, entitled 'Her 1st Interracial' had a front-to-back viewing that almost made it seem like 2 of these scenes were from one movie, and two were from another. In all honesty I was hoping that the whole movie would be like Sara and Karlee's scenes were, but I suppose it offers up a large contrast for fans who enjoy both styles of porn that the film represents, even if they are completely different from each other. It's sort of like Taylor Swift putting out an an album where half of it sounds like Slayer -- it just sort of gives the listener (in this case the viewer) a perplexing impression. That might be an extreme example, but you get the drift. Nonetheless, the scenarios were done pretty well I guess, but the meat and potatoes in this movie were definitely Sara and Karlee's scenes, and I'd be a fool not to recommend it for those alone. I should also mention that once the story driven scenes got moving, they were definitely harder and more gonzo-esque than your typical Erotica X scene, but there was still an uncomfortably large contrast from one scene to the next. Pristine and Angel added a nice pop in performance, helping to make Mason's debut release for Dark X a definite recommendation. At points, it deviates a bit from what I think fans will expect, but it's true to the title in that this is an entirely first interracial female cast, and the sex is solid pretty much all the way through. The top level male talent used here was also notable justificaton in assuring these scenes had great fan appeal, and the proof is ultimately in the pudding, as they say. Extras on the DVD are relatively sparse, even by today's standards, with a slideshow being the lone special feature aside from the typical cum recap and whatnot. Overall, I'd certainly give this one a solid recommendation based on the above info, noting that fans of the girls involved are likely to want it based on celebrating this momentous occasion in their careers alone. So, give it a look if you get the opportunity, online or otherwise. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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