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Naughty Rich Girls 13

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/15/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 37 minutes

Date of Production:  2015

Genre: All Sex

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Gianna Nicole, Whitney Westgate, Nicole Aniston, Karla Kush, Rilynn Rae, Xander Corvus

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Trailers for My Girl Loves Anal and My Naughty Massage; Photo Gallery; Interview with Hope Howell and Phoenix Marie


For over 2 hours and 37 minutes, we’re treated to 5 scenes of rich girls who always get their way in Naughty America’s Naughty Rich Girls 13. Gianna Nicole is the movie’s cover girl, rounding out these 5 scenes of naughty sex. Gianna is joined by Whitney Westgate, Nicole Aniston, Karla Kush and Rilynn Rae. Gianna’s scene is the 5th one and starts off with her in the shower. She’s late for a night out with her boyfriend and he’s upset about it. But after she gets out of the shower and drops her towel, they both agree that they can take even more time in the bedroom before leaving for a night out. Karla Kush’s scene is the hottest one of the flick, as she fucks Chad White in the bathroom of a resort. She meets him in the lobby, sitting across from him, and opens her legs wide so he could see her tight, pink pussy. This naughty girl isn’t wearing any underwear and that starts a chain reaction that gets her fucked until she cums. Nicole Aniston is a naughty girl who fucks her sorority sister’s boyfriend, Johnny Castle, in the sorority house. She’s left with a dripping creampie as she hurries him out of the house because there are no boys allowed. Overall, I recommend this movie. It’s a collection of 5 of Naughty America’s webisodes and you’ll enjoy watching these bad girls get the good fucking they’re horny for.

Scene 1:  Rilynn Rae and Xander Corvus

Rilynn tries to wake Xander up. They’re supposed to go meet her parents at the country club today and Xander is still asleep and obviously hung over. Rilynn is frustrated because this has happened before. He was hammered the last time they met her parents on their yacht. Xander isn’t too excited about getting out of bed to get see Rilynn’s parents. She tells him she will do something to get him motivated to get out of bed and go see her parents. Xander asks her what she has in mind. Rilynn tells him she has a feeling he already knows, as she pulls down his underwear and puts his cock in her mouth. Xander starts warming up to the idea after all. She jerks and sucks his cock, then pauses for a minute to kiss him, then it’s back to deep throat cock sucking and spitting. Xander tells her to lick his balls.

Before long, Rilynn is ready to get Xander really excited about meeting her parents on the yacht, she climbs on top of his cock cowgirl style and gets her pussy stretched. Xander starts fucking her hard, making her moan. She tells him she likes it deep inside her as she takes control and stars riding his meat. Rilynn’s big round ass is bouncing up and down on his dick. She begs him to make her cum all over his cock. Rilynn starts fingering her ass hole while Xander pumps her pussy, making her grab hold of the head board.  This cowgirl fucking is hot and Rilynn is really into it. She turns over and lies on her back and gets her pussy eaten then Xander stuffs her pussy again, fucking her and holding one of her legs up in the air. Rilynn tells him to fuck her pussy and fuck her deep inside. The chemistry between these 2 is great especially when Rilynn gets on all fours near the edge of the bed and gets her pussy fucked doggystyle. Xander grabs hold of her ass cheeks and splits her snatch, making Rilynn scream and grab the bed sheets. She begs him to spank her hard. This turns her on even more as Xander pumps harder and deeper in her wet pussy. After the doggystyle fuck, she sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and gets her pussy pounded some more. She fingers her clit while Xander fills her up. Rilynn turns around like a top on his cock, switching to cowgirl position where she gets the hardest fuck of the scene. She screams out that she’s cumming. She falls over onto the bed on her back with her legs wide open. Xander keeps fucking her, holding her leg up over his shoulder. She tells him to keep fucking her right there. She’s cumming again as Xander spanks her hard while plugging her pussy. The sex is hot and sweaty now and the couple turns to a little 69 oral action before Rilynn gets to the edge of the bed again, lying on her back with her legs up in the air. Xander slams her hole until hard, grabbing hold of her tits while he fucks her. Rilynn is creaming out louder and louder until Xander pulls out and shoots a load of cum down Rilynn’s throat. She tells him she waited a long time for that load and now Xander needs to get his ass in the shower.

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Scene 2:  Whitney Westgate and Richie Black

Whitney’s parents are gone for the weekend and she wants to play with Richie tonight. She opens the door to let him in and walks him over to the couch, telling him to have a seat. Richie wonders where Whitney’s boyfriend is tonight. Whitney promises that her boyfriend is no where around and that tonight she wants to be Richie’s dirty little rich girl slut. Richie makes her promise that she will. She straddling him on the couch, sitting on him and kissing him. Richie sits her on the couch and tells her to open that pretty little mouth of hers. He drops his pants and puts his cock in her mouth. Whitney sucks it greedily then they walk over to the wall where Richie pulls down her pants, spanks her ass and starts eating her pussy from behind then fucks her in standing doggy position up against the wall. Whitney holds her ass cheeks open and tells Richie to fuck her pussy. She tells him she’s tired of being treated like a princess and that she wants to be treated like a little slut. He sucks her pussy juices off of his cock, then turns to be fucked some more. They walk over to the desk and Whitney bends over it in standing doggy position and puts one leg up on it. Richie fucks her some more then turns her over on her back and eats her pussy, sending her into ecstasy.

The pussy slamming continues with Whitney sitting on the desk with her leg up over Richie’s shoulder. She wants to be called a dirty little slut. This turns her on. She gets to be the dirty little slut riding on top of Richie’s cock cowgirl style on the couch. She guides his dick deep in her pussy and bounces up and down on his meat. Stopping briefly to deep throat his cock then fuck it again. Now that her pussy is nice and wet and stretched out, she turns over on her back, missionary style and hosts more of Richie’s meat. In between spoon fucking Richie, Whitney sucks her pussy juices off of his meat then rides him in reverse cowgirl position. This quickly turns into doggystyle on the couch and Whitney fingers her clit, screaming in ecstasy while Richie fucks her pussy. She takes more cock lying down missionary style, telling Richie to fuck her pussy and she wants to be his bad girl. Richie promises to cum all over her pretty face. He pulls out and pops in Whitney’s mouth and on her face. She rubs his cock and cum all over her tits. She tells him that was fun and tells him to stay for the whole weekend.

Scene 3:   Nicole Aniston and Johnny Castle

Nicole snoops around on her best friend Maxine’s phone, looking at pics of her hot boyfriend, Johnny. Just then, Johnny starts texting and Nicole answers him, pretending to be Maxine. She texts him to come on over and meet her in Nicole’s room for some fun. Nicole knows that Maxine is going to class and that she’ll have Johnny all to herself. Johnny come over looking for Maxine. He’s excited that they have the whole house to themselves. When he gets upstairs, he sees Nicole and wonders where Maxine is. But Nicole tells him Maxine is in class and she has broken the rules of the sorority house a few times. Nicole reminds him that her parents own the sorority house and that she wants to have some fun with him as long as he can keep a secret. Johnny promises to have fun and keep everything a secret. They start kissing on the bed and Johnny tells her to stand up, rubbing her tits and telling her that today is his lucky day. He starts kissing her pussy and ass from behind with her bent over standing doggystyle. With her in that same position, Johnny starts fucking her from behind, filling and stretching her pussy. Nicole has a big smile on her face, enjoying fucking her sorority sister’s boyfriend. She yells fuck yeah as Johnny slams her harder and harder.

She stretches her legs open wide, bent over doggystyle over the edge of the bed with one leg on the floor and the other leg up on the bed. Johnny keeps pounding her then pulls out and stuffs his cock in her mouth. She licks up her pussy juices. The lies on her side and gets spoon fucked. She sucks him off some more and flips into 69 position, getting her pussy eaten again. She swallows Johnny’s meat while Johnny spreads her ass cheeks open and licks her pussy, making her moan. She goes on a hot cowgirl ride followed by an even hotter reverse cowgirl ride then she gets back into sucking Johnny’s cock, spitting up all over it. She lies back and spreads her leg wide open, gripping her toes with her fingers while Johnny stretches her pussy missionary style. More spoon fucking leads Nicole to beg him to cum in her sorority pussy. Johnny leaves her with a wet creampie dripping out of pussy. Nicole hurries him out of the sorority house reminding him that there are no boys allowed there.

Scene 4:  Karla Kush and Chad White

Karla is having a drink at a resort and talking to her friend on the phone, wishing there were more hot guys there. She looks around the place and sees a hot guy. She hangs up with her friend and goes over to meet him. It’s Chad and he’s on his laptop. Karla sits across from him and introduces herself, opening her legs to show Chad her tight, pink pussy. She isn’t wearing any underwear. This gets Chad’s attention right away and he follows her off to the bathroom. She sits on the countertop and Chad stands kissing her. Karla is a rich girl who is definitely in control. She unzips Chad’s pants, drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock and licking his balls. She sits on the countertop again with her legs open wide. This time it’s her turn to get some oral action. Chad starts tonguing her pussy and clit, driving her wild.

Karla is pinned against the mirror and sitting on the countertop with one leg up over Chad’s shoulder. He sticks his dick deep in her pussy, filling her hole up and keeping her moaning. Her eyes roll back into her head as she looks up at Chad. He fucks her slow and deep, stretching her tight pink hole and fingering her clit. She turns on her side and continues to take Chad’s dick. She’s steaming up the bathroom mirror as she yells out that she’s cumming. After a hard fast drilling deep in her pussy, she drops to her knees again and this time she starts gagging on his cock, sucking and jerking it in and out of her mouth. Chad helps her into standing doggy position with one leg up on the bathroom counter. She pulls her ass cheeks open while his cock stuffs her wet pussy some more. Karla’s doggystyle fuck over the bathroom countertop is the hottest part of her scene. This is one naughty little rich girl who gets her way. Chad sits on the floor and Karla sits on his cock cowgirl style, looking back over her shoulder as her ass bounces up and down on his meat.  She takes her riding to new heights, turning around and sitting on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. Chad goes into overdrive, pumping her fast and furious from below and this gets Karla screaming and cumming again. She moves back to the countertop, sitting near the edge so Chad can stretch her pussy out more. He pounds her hole then pulls out and blows his load all over her stomach. She looks up at him and thanks him for the fun.

Scene 5:  Gianna Nicole and Marco Ducati

Gianna rounds out this installment of naughty rich girls, starting her scene off in the shower. She’s rubbing soap all over her hot body. It’s hot to watch the water drip all over her tits. She opens the shower and calls out to Marco, telling him to go pick out her white dress. Marco is worried that they’re going to be late. He’s been planning this for a whole month and Gianna still isn’t ready. He grabs a white dress and brings it to Gianna and it’s the wrong one. Gianna is upset and Marco gets upset to. He drops the dress on the bathroom floor and storms out. Gianna meets him in the bedroom and apologizes. Marco says he’s not in the mood to go out anymore. She drops the towel from around her body and Marco starts playing with her tits and tells her they should take them time and be late. They start kissing and soon Gianna is stripping Marco out of his clothes and sucking his cock. She’s on her knees deep throating his dick and enjoying it.

He takes her over to the bed and starts eating her pussy. She’s on her back with her legs wide open, rubbing her tits while Marco licks her clit. He pulls her to the edge of the bed and penetrates her pussy, stretching it out and making her moan in pleasure. He starts spoon fucking her hard and it makes her moan louder. She yells out for him not to stop fucking her. Gianna fingers her clit while Marco pounds her pussy, then she gets on top, riding him cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his meat. The cowgirl style ride soon turns into a reverse cowgirl ride. She sucks him off again then gets on all four for some doggystyle pounding. Marco eats her wet pussy then keeps pounding it doggystyle until he’s ready to pop. Gianna tells him to cum all over her ass. He pulls out and shoots off all over her ass cheeks then asks her if she’s ready to go out to dinner, her treat.

Final Thoughts:

Gianna Nicole stars in Naughty America’s flick Naughty Rich Girls 13 and she is one bad girl who gets a good fucking before the night is over. Gianna is joined by Whitney Westgate, Rilynn Rae, Nicole Aniston and Karla Kush in this 2 hour and 37 minute movie that runs through 5 scenes. Flick cover girl Gianna closes the DVD with the 5th scene of the movie. She is taking her time in the shower, upsetting her boyfriend who doesn’t like being late. He has planned a big night out for the 2 of them. Gianna steps out of the shower and drops her towel in front of him, making it clear that they can stand to be even later for a little fun in the bedroom. Karla Kush’s fuck in the bathroom of a resort is the hottest scene of the movie. She entices Chad White by showing him her tight pink pussy in the lobby of the resort. That leads to a steamy bathroom bang that has Karla cumming again and again. Nicole Aniston is being a bad girl when she tricks her sorority sister’s boyfriend, Johnny Castle, into meeting her at the sorority house. It’s no boys allowed at the house and after she fucks him and gets the creampie she wants, she hurries him home before anyone notices. Overall, I recommend this flick. These 5 scenes are from the Naughty America webisode archive and you’ll enjoy watching these naughty girls be bad girls in bed.

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