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Misha Cross Cums Clean

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 2/18/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Work Fantasy/Anal/ATM





Cast: Misha Cross/Danny D

Director: Uncredited

Scene Release Date: 2/5/2016

Scene Length: 40:42


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*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based scene review for 'Misha Cross Cums Clean' from the Pornstars Like It Big Website, a subsidiary of Brazzers.com; The Brazzers website allows for several different streaming options, including standard def 320p & 480p, all the way up to high def 720p and "True Life" 1080p. The video player on the Brazzers website is notably the strongest and most efficient video player that I've had the opportunity of reviewing on, giving the viewer full control of both scrubbing and/or frequently pausing the video at any time throughout the scene, posing absolutely zero problems to me in my viewing of the scene. Streaming options also allow viewers to conveniently skip to any part of the action they choose to watch via the 'Jump to Action' command -- When clicking on the 'Jump To Action' command you'll see a variety of different categories on which to click on (everything from positions, to sex acts, to the facial finale), again posing no problems in my usage of it. This is yet another vital tool that makes the Brazzers video player a useful way to enjoy your porn in pieces and parts, rather than watching it from front to back with lagging quality or frequent lapses. This particular review is taken from the True Life 1080p viewing, having a crystal clear viewing of the action that again makes the viewing translate beautifully to the viewer. The Brazzers watermark is located on the lower right hand corner of the screen, being more than noticeable to viewers, but not posing any issues with the perception of the scene even so. The audio portion of the scene was clear and concise with no inaudible moments through any part of it, and there was some music played under the tease intro in the early parts of the scene. 


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*Scene Breakdown:

  • Misha Cross Cums Clean from Brazzers.com opens up with our featured starlet playing the role of what looks to be a door-to-door cleaning lady, approaching the home of Danny D who ultimately grants her permission to tidy up his place for a few extra bucks. The cleaning session that opens up the scene doubles as a nice tease sequence -- Misha's dressed in casual attire as she scrubs and cleans the kitchen, eventually letting loose some clothing when Danny offers a few extra bucks for her to do so. There's a cheesy musical piece that lies under all of this through various points in the action, eventually cutting out when Danny offers her a hefty sum of money to show him her ass, thus setting up the action. After some quick assplay Misha takes a facefirst dive onto Danny's monster throbber, making her gravest efforts in shoving the entire thing down her throat while continuously complimenting his size. It's all set up in a "POV+" formatting, putting the viewer in the drivers seat as Misha slops up Danny's dong by way of a cock-worshipping blowie. It conitnues with Misha giving a hard bend into the camera as Danny rips open her white pants, oiling up her ass as she fondles herself before reverting back to a show-stopping blowjob. 


  • Eventually the stars make their way to the staircase, Danny prepping Misha's hole to be rooted as she strips off her shredded white pants for a standing doggie style dick-plunge that goes straight to her whisker biscuit. The sex seems pretty intense upon the early stages, but it's captured rather passively, having a lot of weird shots that make things translate a little less appealingly than I'd hoped. Anal sets in at around the midway point, offering up some much more effective camera angles as intensity levels rise when Danny absolutely throttles Misha's anus, moving into a rough reverse cowgirl penis pouncing on the staircase. Sex bounces from vag to anal sporadically upon the scene's progression, running through a variety of different positions that maintain a seemingly strong energy from both Misha and Danny. 

  • This all-out ass-railing continues with some of it's best moments being in the last 8 minutes, as Misha uses the bannister to brace herself while Danny plows her asshole with reckless abandon, reverting to some hard and heavy ATM deepthroats from the brunette vixen for added effect. Things ultimately finish off back where they began, with Misha taking the brunt end of Danny's cock in a rough doggie style fuck that results in her scurrying to her knees to lap up an absolutely massive face-lacing of jizz in the closing sequence. Danny then tosses money of the floor, while Misha scampers to pick it up as her face lies riddled with jizz.




Misha Cross Cums Clean from Brazzers.com featured a solid anal bangout from two top tier performers, with a strong emphasis on a rougher style of sex that was carried out well in most all aspects. Some of the camerawork could have been better in the moments where it came out of the early POV angle, but I don't think it really poses any sort of detrimental issue to how strong the action is once it gets moving. I was ecstatic when hearing that Misha won Female Foreign Performer of the Year at this year's AVN Awards, and I think it's scenes like this, as well as countless others that help solidify the fact that she's one of the best there is, anywhere. Overall, I'd give this scene a solid recommendation based on the action provided, noting Danny D's abilities as well as Misha's being the prime cause of it's siginificance. So, give this one a look if you have the chance -- you can click on any of the above posted pictures for instant access to the Brazzers website. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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