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Submission of Emma Marx: Exposed, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 3/1/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Emma Marx Exposed

Emma Marx: Exposed
Written & Directed by Jacky St. James
Studio: New Sensations
Running Time: 2hrs 37min
Condoms: None

Cast: Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, Riley Reid, Van Wylde, Sara Luvv, Samantha Hayes, Aidra Fox and Ryan Driller.

Emma Marx: Exposed is the third installment of the Emma Marx Trilogy which also includes: The Submission of Emma Marx and The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries. The series focuses on a powerplay relationship played by Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun. The series has been one of the key works from director Jacky St. James and it has helped continue to establish her as one of the preeminent voices in adult entertainment.

Riley Reid and Van Wylde

Scene 1: Riley Reid and Van Wylde

Ironically, Emma Marx: Exposed starts off with the same pairing as Emma Marx: Boundaries with Riley Reid and Van Wylde. There isn't a whole bunch of set up to this film, something we would have liked to have seen, after-all the series has always been as narrative driven as sex driven.

Riley and Van Wylde have good chemistry and it shows in their fucking. The scenes starts off with Van Wylde giving Riley oral sex, she returns the favor. Riley has always been good with oral, but the oral here is pretty quick. She then goes on all fours and Wylde eats her out from behind before fucking her doggys style. Riley continues to look fantastic and her experience with scene work shows, she really understands all the little things that go into delivering a blockbuster scene. Van Wylde pulls Riley up and fucks her in standing doggy. It's a hot moment, but difficult to maintain.

Riley jumps on top of Van Wylde and rides him for a while before giving some really solid oral. Again, Riley is solid in the oral department  They then spoon and Riley plays with herself ash Van Wylde fucks her. He then pulls out and busts his load on her bush. It's a solid scene, but it doesn't really dovetail much into the broader theme of powerplay. There is some light play at the start of the scene, but it ends up being the kind of scene we're used to in solid couples porn. Well shot, well performed, but ultimately pretty standard sex.

 Penny Pax

As with previous installments of the Emma Marx series, there's a nice interlude of story that shows the current relationship between Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun's characters. While it's not quite montage, these scene-lets are pretty brief. It would have been nice to see them explored a little bit more. Yes, the core of the movie is the sex, but it would be nice to enjoy the deliciousness of the power play. These interludes also set the tone of the final installment of the Emma Marx series which is a lot more morose than previous movies. 

 Penny Pax and Richie Calhoon

Scene 2: Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun 

After the narrative interlude we're into the sex. The focus of this first "Emma Marx" scene is anal. Richie starts things off with some analingus and then plays with Penny's ass with a toy and then ultimately fucking her ass from behind. As Richie is slowly fucking Penny from behind they have some dialogue where they talk about possible sex scenarios. It's unique to have this kind of talking during sex, but pretty representative of how couples actually have sex. Penny hops on top of Richie hand fucks him with a toy in her ass. She then hops off and gives him oral. Penny's oral game is solid and it's the first point in this scene with much energy. Up till this point Richie is a little subdued and it lacked a lot of pop. 

After the oral, Richie gets on top and fucks Penny, who still has a toy in her ass. The fucking here is MUCH better than at the start of the scene and there's more passion and energy. I really like how this part of the scene was shot, Eddie Powell gets the camera in just the right spot to capture the fucking and the interplay between the two. This part of the scene doesn't last long as Richie flips Penny over and then cums on her bush. 

While not a bad scene, this second scene just lacked the kind of excitement and energy these two have shown over the past two movies. As with the first scene there's not much power play going on, it ends up being another solid couples porn scene with a little anal.  

 Emma Marx

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Scene 3: Richie Calhoun, Sara Luvv and Samantha Hayes

After another interlude we've got a flashback scene to a time when Richie's character fucked another woman infront of his submissive. The former sub here is played by Sara Luvv, who looks extremely hot. Richie brings a LOT more energy to this encounter than the previous one, could he be tired of fucking Penny? Sara is tied up and forced to watch as Richie Fucks Samantha. This scene starts out with Samantha on all fours and Richie inserts a wired anal toy into her ass. Samantha seems really into this, even more so when Richie fingers her from behind. Richie then whips Samantha lightly on the ass and eats her out again. He swaps side and get some nice oral from Samantha, after which he collars her. Richie sticks his fingers down Samantha's throat as Sara looks on. The camera work here is fantastic and the heat in this scene FAR outshines the previous scenes. Samantha then hops on Richie and rides him with Sara watching. 

Richie then flips Samantha around and fucks her. The wired anal toy kind of feels like it's in the way during the scene. While it was hot at the start. as the scene goes on, it's less so. Richie holds Samantha down as he fucks her, it's really hot and Samantha seems really into it. She then gives some really nice oral, showing off for Sara. As with all the oral in this film it's top notch. Samantha then hops on reverse cowgirl and rides Richie. Throughout the scene Samantha seems really into what's happening and Richie brings a LOT more heat than in his previous scene. The end of this scene couldn't be hotter as Samantha shakes in pleasure right before Richie blows his load on her.

YES! This is the kind of work we expect from Jacky St. James and Co. THIS is what good porn is all about.

The End of Emma Marx

After an absolutely exclamation point of a scene Emma Marx takes a complete left turn into a space that you just don't see in adult entertainment. Is it a daring move, yes, but it really begs the question, is there territory that's too much of a "downer" for porn to explore? For our money, we turn to porn to be entertained, stimulated, and to escape, by that measure the move to explore grief isn't one which we aren't particularly enamored with.

Emma Marx Threesome

Scene 4: Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, and Aidra Fox

This is a twist on the previous sex scene where Richie Calhoun was showing off for Sara Luvv, here Penny Pax helps direct the action on a threesome with Aidra Fox. The scene starts with Penny unwrapping Aidra like a present and then straddling her so Aidra can eat her out. The pair then 69 each other before Richie gets in on the action kissing Aidra and then eating her out. Richie plays with Aidra's pussy to which she responds quite well. Aidra returns the favor with some nice oral, guided by Penny Pax. If you are a fan of oral sex, this film consistently delivers really fantastic oral. 

As Aidra sucks Richie's cock, Penny lightly flogs her with a cat of nine tais. It's kind of a weak flogging, which fits in with most of the BDSM in this installment of Emma Marx. Form there Penny joins Aidra in oral, which is a nice double oral. Richie then fucks Aidra in standing missionary, with Aidra being very active and vocal from the bottom. Aidra then hops on top of Richie for a fantastic ride.

After the ride there's some light oral before both Aidra and Penny get on all fours for some analingus from Richie, again Richie seems much more interested in Aidra, and ultimately he's joined in the analingus with Penny, which IS really hot.

Richie then does fuck Penny for a bit while fingering Aidra. It's a short fuck before he turns his attention to Aidra, who immediately responds. Richie goes back and forth between the two women before Penny climbs on top of Aidra to make the back and forth even easier. Again, Eddie Powell's camera work here in impeccable, he knows just where to put the camera to capture all the action and the full response to it. Aidra seems to hit a peak of pleasure and then flips around to give Richie some oral. 

They switch to missionary with Aidra playing with herself while Richie fucks her. Richie finally busts his nut on Aidra and Penny (sorta) licks it up. All in all it's a very good scene and Aidra steals it right out from under Penny. Aidra couldn't have delivered a more solid scene.

Penny Pax

After the threesome we're FINALLY treated to a montage of some BDSM. the interplay between Penny Pax and new dom Ryan Driller is the kind of deliciousness which made the previous installments of Emma Marx great. Again it would have been great to see these interludes explored even more as they are erotic, sexy, and have great energy. 

Penny Pax and Ryan Driller 

Scene 5: Penny Pax and Ryan Driller

The interlude of BDSM sets up a very sexy scene between Penny Pax and Ryan Driller. This one starts with Ryan wiping off Penny's lipstick with a slik hanky, it's a hot moment. Penny is then tied down to the bed. Ryan slowly caresses her before pulling down her panties and using a toy on her clit. He then eats her out while he fucks her with the toy. Penny is very engaged in this and seems to genuinely enjoy it. Again this is the kind of sex we'd expect from a movie like this, she's bound and he's using that fact to heighten the interaction. 

Ryan exchanges the toy for his cock and then fucks Penny missionary. Ryan adds the vibrator back in the mix as he fucks Penny, something she seems to really enjoy. They stick with this until Penny cums. Toys are often kind of clunky in scenes (and the anal toy didn't really add much to the scene between Richie and Samantha), but here the toy is really well used. This continues on a bit after she cums which isn't as hot and probably would have been better cut. Ryan then frees Penny from her restraints so she can give him a blow job. It would have been nice to continue to play with the fact that Penny was bound as again the movie moves back into the traditional couples porn space. 

As with all the oral in this film. Penny gives Ryan some fantastic oral including deep throat. If there's one thing that's clear about Jacky St. James, she knows how to direct great oral!  Ryan turns Penny around and then fucks her from behind. The scene heats up a bit with some light choking which boosts both Ryan and Penny's intensity in the scene. Penny then hops on top of Ryan for a really nice active ride which culminates in Penny having an orgasm. Ryan ties up Penny's hands and then fucks her from a spooning position. He brings the toy back into the equation which is kind of clunky, but then he hands it back to Penny to play with while he fucks her missionary. Once the toy is dropped from the equation Ryan blows a nice load on Penny.

This final sex scene between Penny and Ryan is a really good one. There are elements of BDSM that work, especially at the beginning and then things ease into more traditional couples porn sex. The chemistry between Penny and Ryan is better here than it was between Penny and Richie, again Richie came off like he was kind of tired of fucking Penny, which might have been narratively driven, but it wasn't all that sexy.

The end of this scene is really the end of the movie. It's wrapped up with a small bit of dialogue which ties everything together.

Audio & Video: As with the other installments of the Emma Marx series, Emma Marx: Exposed was shot on HD and then down reved for the DVD. A full 1080p version of the movie is available for download on New Sensation's site. Overall the image is a little muddied, it's a simular style choice to the rest of the series, but it's not a look I love. The audio is solid, Dolby Digial 5.1, although the movie overall is fairly quiet and music is used very sparingly.

Extras: Aside from a photo gallery, the only real extra on the DVD is a 49 minute behind the scenes. The behind the scenes feature is a lot of fun and it's driven by Jack St. James who interviews each of the cast members. It's clear from the BTS just how good Jacky is with her talent, they all really open up with her and come off as real people. It's a VERY insightful BTS and well worth watching. It's a fantastic companion to the main feature and its quality absolutely leads to a higher rating for the overall film.

Final Thoughts: In the adult entertainment industry there are very few examples of cinematic triogies. The old joke for porn sequels, which often have nothing to do with their previous installments, is "so many unanswered questions in 1 and 2?!". Here Jacky St. James, along with Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun have created a true adult cinematic trilogy. This series delivers quality acting, directing, camera work and sex.  While the third installment of the series is the most inconsistent, it still delivers a solid level of entertainment including the stand out scenes between Richie Calhoun and Samantha Hayes as well the one between Richie Calhoun and Aidra Fox (and kind of Penny Pax). Overall, Richie seemed much more active and engaged with Samantha and Aidra and the spark that was there between him and Penny that electrified the first two installments of the series, just isn't there.

While the film is very well shot, the slightly dull, dark, and washed out look of many of the sex scenes doesn't work. It's one thing to do mood lighting, but they've taken it a little too far. The biggest issue with Emma Marx: Exposed is the decision to explore grief, it's an absolute boner killer and while it may be a brave choice for Jacky St. James to have made, it was the wrong one. This installment of Emma Marx also seemed to lose site of what made the series such a hit, namely presenting BDSM and powerplay in an accessable way, as a result many of the scenes could easily be swapped into a couples porn series divorced of the power play theme. 

Ironically, it isn't Richie Calhoun and Penny Pax who steal the show in Emma Marx: Exposed, it's Samantha Hayes, Sara Luvv and Aidra Fox who really do. All three of these supporting performers deliver sex scenes that far out rival the films stars. And ultimately it's their work that pushes this final installment of Emma Marx into Highly Recommended territory. While we don't expect Emma Marx: Exposed to snag the kind of awards that the previous episodes did, there's no denying the solid fundamentals, good directing, great camera work and few great scenes of sex.  

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