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My First Interracial 6

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/23/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 12 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Interracial; Big Black Cock; All Sex

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Naomi Woods, Goldie Rush, Tali Dova, Natasha Voya, Flash Brown, Jason Brown, Isiah Maxwell

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Info


There’s a reason director Greg Lansky won AVN’s 2016 Director of the Year and it’s evident in his 6th installment in the My First Interracial series. This series also won the 2016 AVN Award for Best Interracial Series and you’ll enjoy watching why. Four hot starlets want to explore their deepest, darkest fantasies and experience big black cock. We get to watch their fantasies play out over this 2 hour and 12 minute flick. Naomi Woods, Goldie Rush, Tali Dova and Natasha Voya are the big black cock virgins who get their holes stretched and filled by Flash Brown, Jason Brown and Isiah Maxwell. Naomi Woods is the flick’s DVD cover girl and gets fulfilled by Flash Brown in her debut film for the studio. She’s a bad babysitter who gets caught fucking her boyfriend on Flash’s expensive couch. When Flash confronts her, she uses the opportunity to apologize by hosting his cock in her tight, wet pussy. Goldie has wanted to fuck her roommate’s black boyfriend for a long time and she finally learns why her roommate gets an orgasm whenever she fucks him. Tali gets approval from her boyfriend to fuck Jason’s big black cock and Natasha flies from coast to coast to fuck her sister’s black boyfriend. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. Lansky has shown time and time again that he knows how to produce high quality porn with enticing starlets. My First Interracial 6 is another pleasure to watch.

Scene 1:  Naomi Woods and Flash Brown

Naomi Woods is a blonde bombshell who lives in a high end part of town, enjoying all the perks that her parents’ allowance gives her. Once her parents cut her allowance off, it becomes a different ball game for Naomi. She picks up babysitting for extra money and starts working her neighbor, Flash, who is an ex-basketball player. He needs her to watch his son when he’s out of town. She’s happy for the work but gets bored in Flash’s big house, so she always calls her boyfriend over and fucks him on Flash’s expensive couch when he’s out of town. This time, Naomi and her boyfriend get caught on the couch when Flash comes back from his trip early. Flash runs Naomi’s boyfriend out of the house and before he can say anything to Naomi, she tells him he turns her own when he gets angry and she wants to apologize. Her way of apologizing is to tell Flash to drop his pants so she can fuck him. She has wanted him for so long. They make their way to the bedroom where Flash tells her she’s been a really bad babysitter. He tells her to get on her knees and suck his cock. When she pulls down his pants, he’s already hard and Naomi can’t believe how big his cock is. She starts sucking him off, keeping her eyes on his while she works his cock in and out of her mouth. She spits on it and rubs it all over his dick, lubing it up. He tells her to squeeze his cock while she sucks it. She leads him over to the bed to continue the cock sucking, jerking his dick and wedging it down her throat.

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She experiences his big black cock for the first time, lying back in missionary position with her legs up in the air. Flash works his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, making her moan louder and louder. Naomi fingers her clit while Flash stretches her pussy. There’s a great close up shot of her pussy being stuffed by Flash’s cock. Naomi has her head pressed up against the wall as she takes more and more of his meat. Her pussy is really wet now as she turns and kneels on all fours on the bed. Flash fucks her doggystyle now, starting slowly at first, working his cock into her wet snatch. She finally takes every inch of his dick in spoon position, closing her eyes and screaming yes, yes. She cums from all the deep penetrating action and kisses Flash. The pussy pumping doesn’t stop there. She climbs on top of his cock in reverse cowgirl position and rides his towering black meat. She seems to really like bouncing up and down on his cock and hosting it deep in her pussy. She tells him she wants to taste it and starts sucking his cock, swallowing her own pussy juices.  After more cowgirl fucking, Flash tells her he’s about to cum. She drops to her knees again and Flash aims his load right in her mouth, filling it up with cum. She sucks his cock some more with cum dripping from her chin. She tells him it tastes really good and she’s so glad she was a bad babysitter.

Scene 2:  Goldie Rush and Jason Brown

Goldie has been best friends with her roommate Lauren ever since they started college. She’s really close to her and is feeling guilty about the dirty thoughts she’s been having about Lauran’s black boyfriend, Jason. Goldie’s room is right next to Lauren’s room and whenever Lauren and Jason have sex, Goldie can hear it, and it’s been turning her on. She is so turned on that she’s been masturbating whenever they have sex. One day when Goldie knew Lauren was gone, she starts flirting with Jason in the kitchen. It only took a few minutes and the next thing Goldie knows, she’s making out with Jason in the kitchen. They move their new found interest in each other to the bedroom, kissing and hugging each other. They both help each other out of their clothes and Goldie starts reaching for Jason’s cock. He spanks her perfect ass then she sits on the edge of the bed and grabs Jason’s dick. She tells him she’s been waiting for his cock for so long, then she starts sucking his balls and eventually works her way up to his cock. She slips his big black cock into her mouth and starts sucking it, jerking it back and forth while Jason grips her by the back of her head and drives his meat down her throat. Goldie spends a long time sucking Jason’s cock. She really enjoys trying to deep throat it and licking his balls.

Goldie is ready to experience his big dick and she lies on her back missionary style while he starts stretching her tight pussy. She tells him it’s so big while he pushes deeper and deeper in her snatch. She tells him he’s hitting all her pussy walls and she closes her eyes and starts moaning. Jason drills harder and deeper, filling her tight snatch up with cock. She starts kissing him, enjoying each stroke of his dick. The fucking gets faster and Goldie’s moaning gets louder. She tells Jason his cock is so fucking deep in her pussy. The on camera action really gets hot when we get a close of shot of Goldie’s pussy as Jason’s cock glides in and out of it, making her pussy gape. She grabs hold of his balls, pulling his cock all the way in her pussy, balls deep. She gets fucked doggystyle and then in a downward doggy until she screams in ecstasy. Goldie turns to getting her mouth fucked now, letting Jason stuff his cock down her throat, making her gag and spit up. His dick is dripping with strings of spit as he chokes Goldie with his meat. She gets into a fast, deep penetrating cowgirl ride on top of his cock that soon gets her the cum load she’s wanted from Jason. He pulls out, she hurries to the floor and he shoots off in her mouth. Goldie sucks his cock and swallows his cum then says she promises never to tell Lauren.

Scene 3:   Tali Dova and Jason Brown

Tali is telling her boyfriend about how her pussy is still stretched out and gaping. We soon learn that’s because she has just been fucked by Jason Brown. This all started two weeks earlier when Tali and her boyfriend talk about having a threesome. Her boyfriend keeps asking her about doing this and she’s starting to get annoyed. She finally agrees to do it and promises to bring one of her girlfriends home to participate. Her boyfriend is excited about it. Tali tells him she has 1 fantasy she wants to experience first, and that is to fuck a big black cock and she knows just the guy who can fulfill her fantasy. Her boyfriend is fine with this idea. Tali meets up with Jason and tells him she has waited so long for this moment. They start kissing in the bedroom. Tali starts undressing Jason and he spanks her ass cheeks. She continues to pull his pants down and grabs hold of his dick, telling him it’s so big. She’s never seen anything this big before and she loves it. She starts jerking his cock and tells him she wants to put it in her mouth. She puts it in her mouth and starts sucking him off slowly at first, telling him his cock is twice the size of her boyfriend’s cock. She is enjoying eating his meat and closes her eyes as she tries to deep throat it. She can’t fit it all the way down her throat but keeps sucking him off. Jason takes a turn feeding her his cock and fucking her throat. It makes Tali’s eyes water. She lies on her back near the edge of the bed and Jason eats her pussy, spanking her clit with his tongue and licking her pussy.

He beats her pussy with his dick then starts to penetrate her. She tells him to go slow because he’s never had a cock this big. Her pussy is so tight, it’s hard for Jason to stretch her open.  He gets in and starts thrusting deeper and deeper down her hole. She moans, telling him it’s so fucking big as he starts fucking her harder and faster. She tells him to fuck her just like that. She loves it. Tali takes a lot of drilling from Jason’s big black cock and it has her about to cum. They slow things down and spoon fuck while Tali fingers her clit. Tali goes from spoon fucking to reverse cowgirl riding, taking every inch of Jason’s cock deep in her pussy and screaming louder than ever. Her hole is stretched and is getting pounding. He tells her he’s about to cum on her face and he pulls out, straddles her and jerks off right in her mouth, letting loads of cum drop down her throat. She swallows and sucks his cock, telling him his cum tastes so good.

Scene 4:  Natasha Voya and Isaiah Maxwell

Natasha needed some time off and so she left New York and decided to visit her sister in Los Angles. She arrives but her sister isn’t there. She’s unpacking but can’t stop thinking about her sister’s black boyfriend Isiah. She has always wanted to fuck a black guy and she’s ready to make her fantasy come true. She slowly undresses in the bedroom and puts on sexy swimsuit and decides to join Isiah out by the pool. They talk for a while and Natasha finds out that her sister is going to be gone for at least 2 to 3 hours. She’s excited about this and tells Isiah that she’s been meaning to talk to him about something. He wonders what it is. She gets close to him and tells him that she’s never been with a black man before and she really wants to try it. She starts rubbing his cock and he pulls her on top of him. The start kissing passionately and take their desires inside to the bedroom where Isiah starts eating her pussy and telling her he wants to get her pussy nice and wet. Natasha is cumming from all the stimulation and falls back into the bed in ecstasy.

They start kissing then Isiah starts stuffing her pussy with meat, telling her it’s tighter than her sister’s pussy. Natasha is moaning loud and telling him his big black cock feels so good as Isiah pumps her hole harder and faster. She tells him it’s in there so deep and she loves it all. This hard missionary fucking continues until Natasha decides to suck his cock, licking up her own pussy juices off of his dick. He tells her to turn her ass over so he can fuck her from behind. She gets on all fours, doggystyle, and Isiah rubs his cock back and forth across her pretty pussy then sticks it in her hole. She tells him she’s never had anything this big. Isiah spanks her ass and slams her hole hard from behind. After a hot downward doggy and more pussy to mouth cocksucking, Natasha rides him in reverse cowgirl, slamming her wet pussy up and down on his hard cock. After rounds and rounds of pussy pumping, Isiah pulls out and pops in and around her mouth. She swallows his cum and starts sucking his cock, licking up all the remaining cum. She quickly wipes her mouth and hurries out of the room before her sister comes home.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a pleasure to watch My First Interracial 6 and I highly recommend you take a look. AVN award winning 2016 Director of the Year, Greg Lansky, hits it out of the park again with the latest flick in his interracial series which also won the 2016 AVN Award for Best Interracial Series.  Naomi Woods graces the DVD cover and makes her big black cock debut for the studio, taking a pounding from Flash Brown in the opening scene of the flick after she gets caught fucking her boyfriend on Flash’s couch. Naomi is joined by Goldie Rush, Tali Dova and Natasha Voya in this highly produced interracial flick that’s a turn on to watch from beginning to end. The four scenes run across a 2 hour and 12 minute timeframe and each scene is set up nicely with its own interracial storyline. The one thing these girls all have in common is their craving for black cock. They just don’t realize how big these cocks are until they begin stretching their tight wet pussies. My First Interracial 6 is an interracial pleasure to watch.


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