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Anal Models 2

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 2/24/16

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Category: Anal



Cast: Janice Griffith/Christiana Cinn/Aspen Ora/Sara Luvv/Mick Blue/Christian Clay/Xander Corvus

Director: Greg Lansky

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 2/29/2016

Runtime: 165 Mins

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*Audio/Video Levels: Greg Lansky's Anal Models 2 from Tushy.com was enhanced for widescreen viewing, showcasing his authentic style of filming and direction with an emphasis on a more erotic style of anal sex. The resolution on the DVD had a crystal clear viewing, and the camerawork seemed to have an extreme consistency within each and every sex scene that can for better or worse, make it all seem rather uniform if you're watching it from front to back like I did. Each of the intros had a light musical piece underneath the narrative opening, aside from the final segment which let the acting give the viewers the description of what was taking place. There was no company watermark on the screen at any time throughout the scenes, and the audio portion contained no noticeable distortion or inaudible moments through any segment. 


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*Scene 1:

Janice Griffith/Mick Blue

Anal, Dildo DP, ATM

The premiere scene in Greg Lansky's second installment of his Anal Models series kicks off as we see Janice Griffith playing the role of a personal assistant to a successful film director, narrating the introductory piece by telling us a bit about the tasks she performs for him on a daily basis. Mick Blue plays the role of the esteemed film director, as we soon find out that he's recently broken up with a long term girlfriend of his, thus leading to Janice offering to heal his wounds by way of some hot anal sex. The intro only runs for a few short moments, establishing the scene quite nicely before Janice approaches her boss in his bedroom, abruptly taking off her clothes as she talks about how his former girlfriend didn't deserve him. The classic black lingerie piece that Janice dawns on the boxcover of the DVD is what we eventually see her dressed in, with action setting in shortly thereafter by way of an intense makeout sesh that leads to a ball-cradling blowjob from Janice to prove her worth as a prominent assistant. The early blowie continues to carry a sensual vibe through it's course, as Janice drools over his shaft longingly while he dittles her pussy simultaneously. Mick returns the oral favor shortly after, taking a face-first dive into Janice's cooter while prodding a buttplug in and out of her asshole at the same time. Sex ultimately sets in with a missionary themed bangout, Janice's plug still lodged in her asshole before Mick pulls it out, rimming her in preparation for the upcoming butt-plunging. Janice's tight bod and gorgeous expressions continue to make the scene translate exceedingly well, maintaining it's sensual themed style for much of it's runtime with brief periods where Mick picks up the pace. The latter stages feature Janice thanking Mick for the anal by way of a primed ATM cock-sucking, reverting to an intensified spoon style buttfuck that eventually rolls into the finale. Things cap off with Janice dropping to her knees as Mick pumps himself to completion, the cum dripping off of her face as she gives a few finishing sucks while staring up at him. --A solid scene here overall that featured a beautiful Janice Griffith along with consecutive Male performer of the Year Mick Blue; there were some excessive close-ups through the course of the sex that didn't seem all that necessary, but the overall composition was strong and the sex had a great energy that maintained a strong sensual theme and solid chemistry. 



*Scene 2: 

Aspen Ora/Christian Clay

Anal, ATM


Hot newcomer Aspen Ora is the primary focus of the second scene in the film, narrating the introductory sequence as she explains that she had to pick up a job babysitting when her parents cut her allowance. The intro continues with Aspen explaining how boring her babysitting job is, so when she feels the need for a little more excitement she calls her boyfriend over for a quickie. Christian Clay plays the role of 'Mr Costello' in the scene, ultimately coming home early from work and catching Aspen and her boyfriend in the act. After he gives her a small slap on the wrist, Aspen seduces her older counterpart, and without much arm-twisting he takes the bait. The action sets up as Christian gives his babysitter a rectal rooting with his tongue, as she whimpers in exhilaration -- Aspen returns the oral favor shortly thereafter with a sensually themed throatfuck, chock full of stringy spit strands for added effect. The scene maintains it's erotic stylings thanks to a lot of kissing between the stars, with some added contrast from Aspen's foul-mouthed dirty talk that floods a lot of the early parts of it all. Sex sets in with a missionary themed pussy blast from Christian, gradually heightening as he plunges his schlong into Aspen's anus early on. Aspen uses her talented oral skills a variety of times as things continue forward, lunging her throat over Cristian's cock from ass-to-mouth while she compliments him on his size and he thrusts her mouth lightly in compliance. The scene progresses pretty well overall, even tossing in a few gapes from Aspen in the later stages as Christian dunks his dong in and out of her hole like cookies and milk. Things ultimately close out in classic Lansky fashion, as Aspen drops to her knees for her close-up while her co-star pumps his cum over her face. -- Another enjoyable scene here with a strong emphasis on a more erotic style of anal sex; Aspen has a natural beauty that fans seem to have taken well to, and this scene managed to capture her quite well in that facet. Although there seemed to be some slowness in it's progression, I'd venture to guess that was probably the scene's aim, but the chemistry seemed solid and there were some strong moments laced througout. 



*Scene 3: 

Sara Luvv/Xander Corvus

Anal, ATM

Sara Luvv encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, again opening up with a narrative piece where she explains her predicament. Sara's been spending a lot of time at her boyfriend's house, with the catch being that it's not actually because she wants to spend time with him - but she's grown an infatuation for his "rocker" roommate, who's played by Xander Corvus. The early stages of the scene feature Sara relaxing in front of the TV with her boyfriend and Xander, as her boyfriend ultimately steps out for a few moments, thus setting up the action. Xander gives no second thoughts once she initiates the action, setting up a knob-slobbing blowie as Sara praises his sizable schlong whenever it isn't lodged in the nether depths of her throat. The blowjob is one of the most solid efforts of the entire film, showcasing a fully hornified Sara absolutely devouring Xander's dong before he props her up on the bed for some introductory missionary style fucks. There's a nice intensity to it all right off the rip, Sara's toes pointed right into the camera as Xander plows her hole, eventually switching it up and plunging her anus in the coming moments. Much of the early sex is missionary, but the intensity keeps the viewing strong, moving forward with a flurry of different positions that maintain a pretty solid vibe. things cap off with Xander winning the award for largest facial blast of the film, pumping his dong and spraying a ferocious load of jizz over Sara's gorgeously smiling face before the screen fades. -- It's evident that pretty much anything we see Sara Luvv in will be worth a watch these days, and this was another good scene to add to the multitudes that she's performed in over the past couple of years. I thought there were some excessive penetration shots that took away from certain parts of the viewing, but the scene's still good enough to enjoy for what it is, especially Lansky's slew of devoted followers.



*Scene 4: 

Christiana Cinn/Christian Clay (Dana Vespoli)

Squirting, Anal, ATM

Dana Vespoli makes a cameo in the final scene of the film, playing the role of a stern madam, as the central focus revolves around beautiful brunette newcomer Christiana Cinn. Dana strictly informs Christiana that the client she's booked for her is more perverted than most of who she's dealt with in the past, as the introductory sequence features Dana testing out Christiana's asshole to see if she's got what it takes. Christiana gets her hole prodded thoroughly by her co-star early on, using a conveniently placed glass dildo to increase her gapes before ultimately coming to the conclusion that Christiana is going to be just right for the job. Dana sends her on her way after a few minutes, thus entering Christian Clay into the scene, who plays the role of "Mr. Santini". Christiana enters a bedroom dawning a classic white lingerie outfit to start, approaching Christian and asking if he's as a big of a pervert as Dana says, andhe obliges. Action sets up with Christiana dry-humping her now naked co-star in a variety of different ways, then dropping to her knees and nibbling his nuts while she pumps his schlong. The upcoming blowie is a solid one to say the least, featuring Christiana slopping up her stud effortlessly in the midst of jamming his rock-hard knob into her throat, moving forward well as Christian returns the oral favor with some tongue plunges to the asshole to prepare her for the anal. Sex ultimately sets in with a missionary style pussy plunge from Mr Santini, as Christiana throws in some dirty talk for added effect; It runs through a variety of different positions and carries a mostly strong intensity that features some early pussy squirts from Christiana, with the anal serving as the ultimate icing on the cake in the most memorable points of the scene. There's a few ATM cock-chugs from Christiana thrown in as well, capping off as her client drops his load into her mouth while she thanks him kindly in the closing moments. -- Another predominantly good scene here for the most part; Christiana Cinn as an absolute knockout and the sex had a nice vibe that made it well worth a whack for those who appreciate a more sensual style of anal sex with a twist. 




Greg Lansky's Anal Models 2 from Tushy.com featured most everything that we've come to know and appreciate from the award winning director, with creative setups and a sensual approach to anal sex that provides an authentic quality. In all honesty, by the end of the film I'd hoped for something with a bit more contrast than what I'd already seen -- aside from the scenarios, the scenes are extremely uniform to one another, and it sort of dulled the overall viewing for me personally. I still wouldn't say that the movie didn't fully achieve expectations, because it did --- I just felt that some parts of it had such an indistinguishable likeness that it brought down my overall opinion on the comprehensive viewing. Extras on the DVD are scarce as always these days, only having a photo gallery from the film along with the bare minimum cum recap and web info. Overall, I'd probably recommend checking this one out online if you see anything you like, noting that the scenes are probably more appealing that way anyways. I don't have access to the Tushy website but I'd suggest it best to watch these in pieces and parts as opposed to front-to-back on a DVD. Watch it Online.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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