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I Blackmailed My Stepdaughter's Ass

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/5/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Family Roleplay/Anal




Cast: Aidra Fox/Marsha May/Casey Calvert/Anna De Ville/Evan Stone/Steven St. Croix/Mark Wood/Tommy Gunn

Director: Kevin Moore

Extras: BTS/Trailers

Release Date: 3/7/2016

Runtime: 189 Mins


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*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review for Kevin Moore's I Blackmailed My Stepdaughter's Ass; The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. The audio elements are very basic, and the Evil Angel watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen being mostly unnoticeable to viewers. This review is based on the 540p Web HD streaming video, showcasing a slight variation on some of the more gonzo driven stuff that Kevin's been putting out for years for Evil Angel. The viewing was crystal clear, and the steady-handed camerawork added well to the overall viewing -- Each scene opened up with a seperate scenario involving a stepfather taking advantage of his younger adversary by way of blackmail, all having a pretty creative feel with some strong acting in the early parts of the movie making those segments stand out. There were points that I thought some more careful editing might do the film more justice, but the overall composition was strong nonetheless. There were no inaudible moments or distortion throughout the audio segment of the film, and the muffled whispers from Kevin were barely noticeable unless you're listening with headphones. 


*Scene 1:

Aidra Fox/Tommy Gunn

Anal, ATM


The premiere scene in Kevin Moore's I Blackmailed My Stepdaughter's Ass opens up as we see Tommy Gunn going through his morning ritual, reading a newspaper as he sips on his coffee before receiving a random text from a blocked number. The subject matter of the text are nude photos of his stepdaughter, shown clearly to the camera as Tommy carries a perplexed expression, continuing to stare at them for a few moments. Aidra Fox plays the role of Tommy's stepdaughter, entering view shortly thereafter as he explains that she has once again missed an important family commitment, which her mother is extremely distraught over. He makes no mention of the text he just received -- Aidra projects her sadness and remorse thoughtfully as the opening segment progresses, exiting after this awkward encounter as the screen fades into later that evening. Aidra's now dressed to the nines in a short blue skirt and tiny black top as she strolls into the front room where Tommy awaits her arrival, asking him for a few bucks to go out to the club. Tommy shows his utter disapproval of her outfit as the second part of the intro continues forward, ultimately revealing to her the nude texts he received earlier that day. The acting here is strong, making things all the more credible, moving forward with Tommy ultimately propositioning his distressed stepdaughter to fuck him in exchange for keeping her secret between them --Aidra timidly consents. The action sets up with Tommy saying, "I want you to show me the real Aidra..." as he stands in front of her with his hard cock inches from her mouth, Aidra opening up slowly as she peers into the camera to break the fourth wall. The intro blowjob continues with a gradually heightening pace, as Aidra continuously stares into the camera while worshipping her stepfathers dong convincingly. All of Aidra's interaction is directed toward the camera when the sexual encounter opens up sets in, with the sex carrying an intense vibe that starts with a missionary fuck where Aidra begs her co-star to go harder and harder. Anal sex starts in at the midway point of the scene as Aidra hops on her stepfathers dong for an anal cowgirl dick ride, progressing fantastically through the course of the scene. Aidra turns the tables a bit at one point, grabbing her phone and snapping some shots of Tommy fucking her so she can have some ammunition for next time. After a flurry of different positions things ultimately close out with Aidra dropping to her knees in anticipation of her facial reward saying, "Cover my face Daddy, please..." -- Nice work here on all facets; the setup had a really original and creative feel to it and the overall composition turned out perfect thanks to Tommy and Aidra's convincing portrayals. Great scene.



*Scene 2: 

Marsha May/Mark Wood

Anal, ATM


Marsha May is next up on the docket, opening up the scene as she's laying on the ottoman next her movie stepfather, played Mark Wood. Marsha's dressed casually, nicely representing an overly sexual tart as she wiggles her ass while leafing through a magazine, as Mark makes his best efforts to keep his eyes on the TV. The dialogue sets in with Marsha asking Mark if he can grab the lotion out of her purse, kindly obliging before she asks how it is that he and Marsha's mother met. Things continue forward with Marsha coyly seducing her stepfather through her various actions, as he ultimately agrees to lend her a hundred dollars to go out to the club. The intro then fades into later that evening, where a drunken Marsha awakens Mark from a dead sleep when returning from the club. After Mark's initial discomfort with Marsha's drunken antics and materialistic "needs", Mark offers to put some thought into buying her the car she's been wanting, in exchange for a little something in return. Once again the dialogue here is performed really well in contrast with the scene, as the sex sets in with a hesitant Marsha grabbing hold of Mark's schlong and stuffing it into her mouth. Once the action sets in, Marsha fully breaks the fourth wall, staring straight into the camera as she chugs on her co-stars nozzle relentlessly, pulling it out of her mouth for some foul-mouthed filthy talk into the camera at sporadic times throughout. The sex sets in with Marsha hopping on Mark's lap for a cowgirl dick-ridin', gradually heightening the pace as Mark thrusts her with authority. Marsha's exaggerated behaviors and overall level of performance make things translate exceedingly well once the sex sets in, moving into anal at the midway point as Mark rims her hole in preparation. Sex stays strong through the course of the scene, as Marsha tosses in some of her trademark animated ATM deepthroats for added effect. Outstanding. Things eventually reach their endpoint with Mark pumping himself to completion directly over Marsha's face, as she stares into the camera expressing her excitement about the new car that she's going to get. -- Another creative take on the stepdaughter/stepfather sex scene here; I loved the way that the dialogue was carried out by the stars, and the sex resonated beautifully thanks to two top notch performers. 



*Scene 3: 

Casey Calvert/Steven St. Croix

Anal, ATM


The always incredible Casey Calvert encapsulates our view in the opening moments of the third scene, fingering herself relentlessly as she lays on her bed, dressed in a pair of pink panties that are pushed to the side with a tight top to complete the look. Steven St. Croix plays the role of Casey's stepfather here in a two part introductory sequence where he uses his camera phone as leverage to blackmail Casey, recording her as she goes to town on herself after she claims she's too submerged in her book to take a look at the dress her mother bought for her upcoming formal. The next day Casey comes out of her bedroom dressed in an alluring black skirt, as she's apparently chosen to overturn her mother's decision in choosing her dress for the formal. Steven's of course a little agitated about Casey's lack of respect for her mother, eventually coming to terms with the fact that she's old enough to wear what she wants, then sending her on her way while making no mention of his new video. The screen then fades into late evening/early morning, as Steven lies on the couch acting like he's asleep while a sly Casey Calvert tries to sneak by him, failing miserably. Steven later propositions his stepdaughter by showing her the footage he shot of her on his phone on the prior evening, thus rolling into a hesitant Casey dropping to her knees for the blowjob. Casey gradually opens up to the act, submissively sucking her stepfather's cock and answering every one of his questions by saying, "Yes Daddy." Sex sets in as we see Casey bent over on the couch for a doggie style dicking, breaking the fourth wall shortly thereafter. Things progress pretty well, with a little less talk from Casey than we saw in some of the previous scenes, and a flurry of cocksucking action in the early parts of it all. Anal comes into play in the middle stages, as a butt-naked Casey Calvert hops up onto her stepfathers lap for a reverse cowgirl ass-blasting. The sex bounces back and forth from anal to vag at many points throughout the scene, with a few sporadic breaks in the action that can mostly be overlooked thanks to some steadfast editing. It all comes to an end with a fairly intense missionary fuck in the final stages, as Casey continuosly coaxes Steven before he pumps his load over her face and she smiles into the camera. -- A nice scene here for the most part; Steven St. Croix's acting was pretty incredible to put it mildly, and although the performance might not have been the all-out hardcore action some may be hoping for, the psychological aspect of it all does wonders for the overall translation. Although I might rank this one at the bottom of the scenes I've thus far watched in terms of action, it still had some great stuff wrapped into it. 


*Scene 4: 

Anna Deville/Evan Stone

Anal, ATM

The final scene in Kevin Moore's I Blackmailed My Stepdaughter's Ass kicks off as we see gorgeous newbie Anna De Ville playing the role of a seemingly sweet and caring stepdaughter who's been stealing from her widowed stepfather behind his back. Evan Stone plays the role of Anna's stepfather here, slowly approaching her in the introductory sequence, then sitting next to her at the table. The dialogue sets in as Evan reminds Anna that it's the third anniversary of her mother's death, asking if she'd mind staying at home with him tonight to keep him company. Anna of course complies with Evan's wishes, with the screen then fading into later that evening, where Evan awaits her arrival. Evan's menacing tone here gives Anna the idea that something's amiss, as he ultimately bombards her with accusations, then revealing that he found a family heirloom that belonged to her mother, which Anna had stolen and was planning to sell. Evan threatens anna with calling the police unless she "does something for him" which ultimately sets up the blackmail. The sheer awkwardness in the early parts of this scene actually play really well to the overall feel, as Evan throws Anna over his lap while fingering her holes and creepily telling her what he's going to do to her. Things then move into a nicely slopped up blowie from Anna, as Evan barks out orders to her while she yanks on his balls like silly putty, drooling over his shaft simultaneously. Sex sets in with a doggie style dicking from Evan, as Anna then interacts with the camera to follow. The sex is pretty solid through the course of the scene, rolling through some creative positioning from Anna and Evan, with some pretty forced dialogue at points. Overall, it runs for about an hour in total, ending with a facial finale as Anna gives the viewer a few last words to close it out. -- I'm not sure that the runtime really did this scene justice; although it had strong points, it had some real drag to it in the middle stages. Evan's dialogue sequences were noticeably strong as expected, but the scene in full sort of wore on me by the time all was said and done. 




Kevin Moore's I Blackmailed My Stepdaughter's Ass from Evil Angel Video is a refreshingly creative take on a pretty saturated genre of adult film, fusing gonzo with "family roleplay" and making for an interesting watch to say the least. The scenes exceeded my expectations in terms of acting, and for the most part they had all of the ingredients to cater to Kevin's more psychological take on the genre. Opening the scenes with a dialogue sequence and then breaking the fourth wall once the sex sets in is a pretty innovative method that I think once perfected, could make for a really interesting take on these scenario driven films that Kevin's been doing more and more of lately. Extras on the DVD include BTS, as well as a few trailers from Kevin's previous works. Overall, I'd give this one a solid recommendation for it's originality and authenticity -- Kevin seems to be covering some uncharted waters and I'm excited to see where his next move takes him. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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