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Undisputed 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/4/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Undisputed 2

Jules Jordan Video

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Genre: Interracial

Director: Prince Yahshua


Cast: Nikki Benz, Prince Yahshua, Bella Bellz, August Ames, Eva Angelina

Length: 135:51 minutes

Date of Production: 2016



Extras: Beside the usual photogallery, trailers, website links, and a 4:18 minute long pop shot recap, there was a 10:09 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showed additional tease and sex footage.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Undisputed 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Prince Yahshua for Jules Jordan Video. The camera work by Elliot Clixx and editing by Mecha were again polished nicely, the director getting the right people to capture his trysts as best they could. The lighting was solid and consistent, some surreal touches added via what I presumed to be filters at times but all the action easily seen and the flesh tones accurate, a company watermark displayed in the lower right corner at all times. The aural qualities were presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital, the coding added in post production as the sound appeared to be captured using a camera mounted camera. I could hear the vocals easily enough, the limited music added in during the tease sessions and credits, few ambient sounds included.


Body of Review: Prince Yahshua is routinely considered one of the best male performers in the jizz biz. While a handful of folks may be aware that Prince has been directing for years, he once again brings his “A” game to the world of directing via a world class studio, Jules Jordan Video, his latest title for them called Undisputed 2. I found the first volume in the series to be among Prince’s best works to date, his casting of ladies including four personal favorites of mine to make it well worth adding to my collection. As expected, every scene of the movie included the director at work in front of the camera but it also included anal in every scene and a plethora of top name talent. This sequel had a wider variety of ladies for the man to work with, Eva Angelina on her comeback tour doing anal, booty babe Bella Bellz also opening her pucker for poking, leading MILF Nikki Benz featured prominently, and fan favorite August Ames enjoying Prince’s world renowned manhood too. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Nikki Benz, the popular MILF featured on the entire right side of the front cover, was up first sporting brunette hair for a change as she paraded in slow motion before hooking up with Prince Yahshua. The stylish tease included some black and white photography as well, the camera checking her out in a multitude of angles while she showed just how fit she was, her juicy ass as appealing as ever. The music was familiar enough even if it got on my last nerve, Nikki’s boobs looking like she upgraded them again as they poured out of her bra, her hand finding its way to her panties where she rubbed one out before chatting with Prince in the living room. Their verbal banter focused on her lingerie at first, Prince singing her praises as she bent over on the white couch and lounged to “get ready” for him. She made it clear she wanted him and a quick edit led to him standing before her with a turgid pecker for her to service, Nikki slobbing his knob actively while applying some hand to gland friction, rarely diving deeper than his head but lubing him up sufficiently even when using no hands before he gobbled her gash. Her bald beaver was inviting and unlike some of his lesser peers, Prince always gave the impression that he loved eating pussy, Nikki overacting a little but soon finding his raging erection going ever deeper inside of her wet snatch. While she was not consistently active at riding, she did give more head, her head down, ass up position looking pretty intense as Prince took full advantage of the vaginal pounding, a myriad of positions leading to her ending hummer draining his dragon of sperm to swallow. The company website described the scene like this: “It's no secret that super slut Nikki Benz loves some big black cock. She gets exactly what she's craving in this scene from Prince Yahshua's Undisputed 2! The brunette bombshell prances around in her sexy lingerie - leaving little to the imagination. She knows she's in for a wild ride with this black stallion and she obviously can't wait. She wraps her perfect dick sucking lips around that huge black snake. She plays with herself while taking Prince's cock balls-deep inside her professional hole. Benz is a top notch whore! She screams when she cums on that cock and then obviously asks for more. Face down, ass up. She bounces her huge tits while riding and is always happy to slurp her own cum off his fat rod. Prince deposits a nice gooey, sweet load into her pretty mouth and Nikki Benz LOVES how that shit tastes!”



Scene Two: Bella Bellz, the booty babe featured on the upper left corner of the front cover, was up next in another stylish tease as she showed off her enhanced ass cheeks in a motion manipulated tease, her skimpy outfit barely covering her as the thuggish music simulated gun shots and grunts before she encountered Prince Yahshua. The slow motion portions of the tease were okay though I again found the shaven hairstyle she seems to like a bit off putting, the gal now dying her locks blond instead of the brunette I’m used to with her. The tease led to her slowly engulfing Prince’s raging boner on a gray couch, the gal nuzzling his nuts and spitting on him to lube him up for her hand to gland friction. Bella paid at least as much attention to the camera as Prince this time, not my favorite approach, but I gave her some latitude since she was advertised as doing anal here, the director orally reciprocating once she had warmed him up. He peeled off her panties and rimmed her at length, her expansive tattoos looking like she’s had even more work done of late. Prince started banging her vaginally but she was extremely passive initially, her generic moans not conveying as much heat as I expected from the couple given previous works, her bubble butt bouncing handily as he porked her pussy. Bella sported a small landing strip of pubic hair, her otherwise bald beaver as meaty as ever, the man sucking her toes before she went back to work blowing him for the camera which led to the advertised anal action. He did most of the work here too, the various positions and oral leading to him plastering her mug with his manly seed once she milked his balls dry of the semen she seemed at odds with.



Scene Three: August Ames, the pretty young Canadian with perfect boobs featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up next in the bedroom lotioning up her body before slowly donning her red and white lingerie, her pronounced tan line and DSL’s giving her a pornish look to be sure. Her lean figure looked tight though, her delicious ass and tits pleasing to Prince Yahshua who was soaking in a bubble bath, August reaching into the water to start jerking him off before he came out so she could blow him. She focused most of her oral on the head and had modest eye contact with him but Prince helped guide her to doing what he liked, some hand action included as she spit on his erection to make it glisten with her juices. She gave his balls some attention too and they kissed as she helped him out of the bathroom to go to bed, August resuming her oral onslaught before he took a turn devouring her shaven slit. The audio seemed slightly out of sync at times but he was soon drilling her balls deep, August spreading her legs wide to accommodate his girth. They were doing fine until she started overdoing the vocals, the sounds of flesh slapping together all too familiar as her wet pussy impaled itself on his boner, Prince licking up her flowing fluids before diving back in, August removing her lingerie for the final bouts of boning that showed her put some effort into the tryst, Prince sweating up a storm before their acrobatic flip to the floor scared her. In the end, he gave her a realistic vaginal cream pie that oozed out onto him for her to lick up, the camera showing her yummy ass really well as his seed flowed out of her snatch. The company website described the scene like this: “Do you like perfect tits? Ha - of course you do! August Ames has absolutely PERFECT TITS and she applies a nice, thick cream to soften those babies up. This babe gets all dressed up, including some sexy white thigh highs. She wants to look extra slutty for Prince Yahshua when she surprises him in the bath! She lays those perfect dick-sucking lips around his massive black cock and gets it sloppy and wet, the way daddy likes it! He's sure to tease that pussy too - and she keeps the sexy outfit on while she gets fucked for a while but, just like you want, she ends up butt-ass naked and those glorious tits of hers bounce around while she takes an intense pounding. That perfect pussy stretches out for the big black cock and she rubs herself while taking Prince balls deep! This gorgeous whore can't get fucked hard enough so he pulls out all the stops when he rolls her over and tongues her sweet, perfect starfish while she moans and writhes! A stunning slut like August Ames probably has one of the tastiest assholes ever and Prince laps it up like a big ol' dog before pounding away some more and filling her up with a SUPER THICK CREAM PIE!”



Scene Four: Eva Angelina, the Latina hotty featured on the center of the front cover, was up last as she continued to make her comeback tour, some weird special effects starting off the tease in the familiar home before her seasoned dancing held my entire attention. Her green and black bikini undies did not cover much of her body and her thong was nestled deep inside her tasty ass crack, I admit that I have long appreciated the attractive woman so I was happy to see her work with Prince Yahshua. The tease montage was a bit rushed or disjointed compared to similar efforts she’s been in of late but she exuded a lot of sexual self confidence as she crawled over to reclining Prince on the black leather couch, savoring his rock hard rod as he caressed and spanked her ass. Eva spent the bulk of her time on the head of his cock, tossing off her bra and dog tags, her eye contact decent enough throughout the scene though not her strongest even as I thought she was having fun with him. She licked and sucked his balls along the way and Prince gave her some oral loving in return, the duo quickly moving into some penetrative positions that began with vaginal and evolved into anal as she rode him as best she could once her panties were tossed aside. Eva had a small triangle of pubic hair but barely enough to mention, her aural efforts not going unnoticed as she creamed out when he was plowing her, some taste testing included as she continued the vaginal aspects of the scene. She then had her head down and ass in the air for him to pork her pucker, Eva less active but seemingly enjoying the stretching of her pucker while she held on for dear life. In the end, she demanded his juices and he gave them up to her face, Eva not swallowing though she did give him some post coital head as his sperm oozed down her chin and he dipped his wick back in her ass briefly to conclude the tryst.


Summary: Undisputed 2 by director Prince Yahshua for Jules Jordan Video was a newly released single disc gonzo title that should find a good audience given the strength of the casting and overall chemistry on display. With ladies like Bella Bellz, Eva Angelina, Nikki Benz, and August Ames working Prince Yahshua to the bone, the title earned a rating of Recommended, perhaps a higher rating if you are a fan of the cast. Each lady seemed to have a good time and Prince’s sheer enthusiasm to work with them had to have some impact on the way they jumped him so hard, adding some replay value for me. In short, Undisputed 2 was certainly another solid showcase for genetically gifted Prince Yahshua , the talented man choosing some appealing ladies to mix it up just right for their legion of fans so check this one out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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