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Anal Is My Business 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/10/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Anal Is My Business 2

Evil Angel/LeWood Productions

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Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: Francesca Le and Mark Wood


Cast: A.J. Applegate, Mark Wood, Kate England, Bill Bailey, Anissa Kate, Alena Croft

Length: 179:17 minutes

Date of Production: 2016



Extras: The best of the extras was the 23:04 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, all of the footage showing the AJ Applegate or Alena Croft interviewed by Francesca Le (who remained behind the camera). There was also a 4:38 minute long cum shot compilation from the scenes, three trailers, filmographies, a photogallery, and some websites, a company trailer included as well as a cast list of the ladies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Is My Business 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by co-directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel. The camera work and lighting by the couple were good, the production shot in ultra high definition though this standard DVD was not nearly as high resolution. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using a standard 192 Kbps aural bitrate, the vocals plainly heard throughout the show and no music or other distracting noises getting in the way.


Body of Review: Francesca Le and Mark Wood are a popular directing duo, each starting off as a performer in many productions. Their latest collaboration with Evil Angel is called Anal Is My Business 2, an anal themed movie where a great cast of ladies gave up their asses for our viewing pleasure. Each vignette offered at least some strokability and replay value, the emphasis on quality over quantity making this one stand out from a crowded field. The ladies included my personal favorite of the cast, AJ Applegate, as well as sultry foreigner Anissa Kate, busty blond bombshell Alena Croft, and perky Kate England.

The company website described the movie like this: “In “Anal Is My Business 2,” the perverted pornographers at LeWood Productions present nasty scenarios of sodomy in the business world. Each scene includes a striptease — the beautiful babes slip out of sexy professional attire to show off in stylish lingerie. Big-assed, blonde hotwife AJ Applegate seduces husband Mark Wood, talking about the guy she’s fucking at work. Her buttocks envelop his head as he rims her bunghole, and those thick cheeks flap as she rides cock. A manhandling ass fuck includes sphincter winking and gaping. Blue-eyed blonde Kate England has a private conference with mentor Bill Bailey. She’ll do whatever it takes to advance her career — in this case, giving up her butt and sucking cock ass-to-mouth. Naturally buxom French beauty Anissa Kate welcomes American businessman Mark with Parisian hospitality. He drives his dork straight up her ass, making her wail in orgasm. Blonde, big-assed MILF Alena Croft lets Mark open her anus with a glass toy, and a face fuck makes her drool. He cranks her leg up on his shoulder for a dominant rectal reaming with tit slapping and choking. Alena cock-slaps her own face, takes a sloppy cum facial and cleans his prick orally.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: A.J. Applegate, the blond beauty with the glorious ass and wonderful eyes as seen featured on the entire right side of the front cover, was up first with Mark Wood. Initially, she gave a very short tease where she stripped out of her satin green blouse and tight black skirt in the living room setting, the generic music upbeat enough for her though the montage itself seemed unevenly paced, her ass getting thicker and her bald beaver very inviting. Once the tease was finished, the sex scene took place as a scenario where Mark was her husband and she turned him on by telling him how she fucked a subordinate at work. As the couple sat on the dark green couch, she showed him how she seduced the guy, AJ bending over to lift her skirt and show her yummy ass barely covered in her skimpy panties. This led to her helping Mark pull down his pants so she could slob his knob, his turgid member glistening with her saliva as she aggressively worked the raging boner with some hand to gland friction and nut nuzzling, Mark reciprocating to rim her and gobble her gash. AJ then bent over to put her head down and ass in the air, Mark porking her perfect pucker as he stretched her out “so fucking good” as she put it. AJ then inhaled his boner some more before actively riding his cock in her ass with a great deal of enthusiasm, Mark slapping her most spankable ass as she bounced up and down. She then flipped over for some missionary anal and to sit on his lucky face, easing back down on his rod to pump like crazy as she sought to drain his dragon of sperm for the facial finish. The company website described the scene like this: “Big-assed, blue-eyed blonde hotwife AJ Applegate does a striptease, down to stylish lingerie. Sexy in tight skirt and heels, she tells husband Mark Wood of seducing the new guy at work. He's turned on by her slutty ways, and she's soon sucking his big boner. Her thick ass cheeks envelop his head as she rims her bunghole. His prick goes straight up her butt, taking her breath. AJ sucks tasty dick ass-to-mouth. Her buttocks flap as she rides cock. Getting sodomized on her back, she masturbates to blushing orgasm as Mark chokes her. There's tons of manhandling anal sex and ATM flavor, with AJ's sphincter winking and gaping. Mark cums in the hotwife's mouth.”



Scene Two: Kate England, the cute blond featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up next in the minimalist room, a small white love seat behind her as she stripped her black & blue patterned shirt off along with her black skirt, the editing a bit jumpy as the pretty young lady was soon showing her shaven slit to the mid paced music. In a rarity, Bill Bailey served as the meat puppet this time, no mention of what went wrong as they had a scenario where he was in charge of her at work, Kate making it crystal clear that she really wanted to move up quickly in the company, no matter what it took. This being a porno, the group retreat led to a private interview as he inquired about her goals, her lack of panties not hurting though the “acting” was a bit forced, making me think they were trying to improv a little too hard. They undressed each other and kissed, Kate kneeling down to throat his modest member in a streamer laden blowjob, her eye contact decent enough though Bill seemed more ready to finger her ass than eat it. feeding her the ass flavored digit before he helped get her extra juicy with some vaginal plowing. This eventually led to some passive anal penetration positions, Bill splitting her shitter and spanking her a little as she moaned like he was way bigger than he really was. Kate was occasionally an active anal rider though, milking his balls dry of semen for the anticipated facial of manly fluids. The company website described the scene like this: “Blue-eyed blonde Kate England does a striptease, flaunting sexy lingerie and natural tits. On a business retreat, she tells mentor Bill Bailey she'll do whatever it takes to advance in the company. Flirting becomes making out, and it seems Kate wears no panties! She gives a drooling blow job; Bill rims and fingers her butthole. After a doggie-style fuck of her shaved snatch, he drives his spit-slick prick up her ass. Hot Kate sucks cock ass-to-mouth, lapping with pierced tongue. His balls smack her crack in a doggie-style anal ride. Butt pounding continues as they discuss her career aspirations. The good-attitude employee kneels for a messy cum facial.”



Scene Three: Anissa Kate, the nearly perfect French hotty featured on the upper left corner of the front cover, was up next with Mark Wood, the gal following the formulaic tease in her orange and black top and black skirt as she stripped naked. While her ass was not nearly as sweet as the previous ladies, her sizable tits helped make up for it with her firm hardbody, her eye contact with the camera better than how frequently she maintained said eye contact with Mark in their minimalist scenario where she taught him some French customs. They were on the large white couch and she looked amazing while he looked like he just rolled out of bed after a hard night of drinking, Anissa orienting him to his new job in France the old fashioned way, by pawing him and having sex. She made the first move of kissing him as her hand ran down his leg to stroke his modest member growing in his pants, Anissa soon caressing herself as well to help seduce him. Mark liked her revealing bra and sucked on her tits, flicking his tongue rapidly and savoring both of her boobs while she encouraged him to divide his attention on both of them. She gave him some brief, preliminary oral and he dove into her heart shaped ass, Mark porking her in doggy vaginal while she streamed some dirty talk but remained passive. They then slid into missionary which moved forward to anal missionary, the gal remaining passive at riding until she was on top of him impaling herself on his admittedly modest boner. She sported a small pubic patch and as an inconsistent rider their lack of chemistry weakened the tryst for me, her looks largely working in her favor even if the other factors going into the scene were not as strong. In the end, she knelt in front of him to have her face targeted by him facial, nothing swallowed at all as she looked up at him almost defiantly. The company website described the scene like this: “Naturally buxom French beauty Anissa Kate flaunts her fabulous body, stripping down to stylish lingerie. In sexy business attire, the dark-eyed, tan doll welcomes American Mark Wood to a meeting and shows him French hospitality. First lesson: French kissing! He sucks her tits and asshole; she sucks his hard prick with thick, BJ lips. Mark eats shaved pussy before cranking her legs back and driving his dork straight up her ass. He rubs his cock in her crack and takes her butthole doggie-style. Anissa sucks dick ass-to-mouth, and lots of anal cock riding makes her wail orgasmically. Sodomy makes her tight sphincter gape. Anissa kneels and Mark spunks her face, mouth and boobs.”



Scene Four: Alena Croft, the popular blond bombshell MILF featured in the background of the upper middle portion of the front cover, closed things out in a scene with Mark Wood, her brilliant eyes a major plus for her appeal as the sexually confident woman followed the heavily formulaic tease in the living room to reveal her sheer red bra and sexy classic lingerie in front of the dark green love seat. Unlike the scenarios from the previous three scenes, this was strictly gonzo 101, Mark chatting with her from behind the camera as she masturbated, their verbal bantering not bad at all. She had some minor amount of pubic hair about her neatly trimmed snatch, Alena tasting her finger out of her pussy before he directed her to bend over and tease her own ass, the gal again taste testing her pucker. She then spread herself wide for his tongue and a glass toy, the gal going down on very hairy Mark with her fingers looking almost like she was feeling his taint though she focused mainly on lubing up his raging erection for him to poke her pucker. She was not a very active rider here but she sure looked the part of the MILF in need of anal sex, the sheer joy she seemed to get out of his penetrative positions fairly strokable as her fine ass cheeks rippled with each push of his pecker. In the end he beat off all over her face, another healthy sized load where she gave some post coital head to his liking, the cutie commenting how good his still hard cock tasted to her before the credits rolled. The company website described the scene like this: “Blue-eyed, blonde MILF Alena Croft shows off her busty body in a brief skirt, stockings and heels. Nearly nude, she spreads her shaved pussy and fingers her asshole, seducing stud Mark Wood. He rims her anus and opens it with a glass toy. Alena strokes his erection; a face fuck makes her drool. He plugs his prick straight up her ass, and doggie-style sodomy makes her gasp. With Alena's leg on his shoulder, Mark butt-fucks her, his dominant tit slaps and choking make her flush orgasmically. The slut sucks dick ass-to-mouth and cock-slaps her own face. Alena's huge cheeks mash Mark's meat, and skin-slamming sodomy echoes. After a sloppy cum facial, Alena cleans cock orally.”


Summary: Anal Is My Business 2 by directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel was another decent volume in the series, earning a good rating of Recommended given the strength of ladies cast and the adherence to the actions advertised. Each of the ladies did anal enthusiastically with Mark, AJ and her delicious ass admittedly stealing the show for me though each of the four were worthy of your time, money, and resulting seed. In short, Anal Is My Business 2 utilized the talents of a good cast of ladies in some entertaining anal vignettes, the energy and enthusiasm shown here was well worth checking out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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