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Anal Angel -- Eva Angelina

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/11/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal




Cast: Eva Angelina/Keiran Lee

Director: Uncredited

Scene Release Date: 3/7/2016

Scene Length: 33:19


Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for this scene at Brazzers.com!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based scene review for 'Anal Angel' from the 'Big Wet Butts' Website, a subsidiary of Brazzers.com; The Brazzers website allows for several different streaming options, including standard def 320p & 480p, all the way up to high def 720p and "True Life" 1080p. The video player on the Brazzers website is notably the strongest and most efficient video player that I've had the opportunity of reviewing on, giving the viewer full control of both scrubbing and/or frequently pausing the video at any time throughout the scene, posing absolutely zero problems to me in my viewing of any scene that I've reviewed or watched from them. Streaming options also allow viewers to conveniently skip to any part of the action they choose to watch via the 'Jump to Action' command -- When clicking on the 'Jump To Action' command you'll see a variety of different categories on which to click on (everything from positions, to sex acts, to the facial finale), again posing no problems in my usage of it. This is yet another vital tool that makes the Brazzers video player second to none when comparing it to any site that I've had the opportunity of reviewing on. Perfect for today's era of porn, it gives the viewer full control in moving to any specific part of the scene they should choose to watch, rather than watching it from front to back with lagging quality or frequent lapses. This particular review is taken from the True Life 1080p viewing, having a classic gonzo setup that didn't require any tricks or gimmicks to make it stand out. The camerawork was perfect in allowing the scene to shine for exactly what it was, and that's two great performers simply doing their thing. The tease began with a subdued dubstep style of music that's mostly obscured because of Eva's presence, and there were no audio blunders throughout any portion of the scene. 


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*Scene Breakdown:

  • The scene kicks off as we see the newly returned Eva Angelina in all of her glory, dawning an elegant lingerie outfit with thigh high black leather boots -- Opening moments feature a classically themed gonzo tease, set to a subdued dubstep style of musical intro laying in the background. Eva shakes and sways to the music throughout the first two and a half minutes of the scene, oiling herself up generously in preparatory fashion as the visual alternates from color to black and white for added effect. The tease is as solid as expected considering Eva being it's primary focus, giving us some slo-mo booty shakes before a butt-naked Keiran Lee steps onto set to lend a helping hand. Keiran adds some extra oil to her ass to keep true to the theme, gliding his dong over her butt cheeks as she sits doggie style on the white couch where the tease took place only moments prior. The action gets moving shortly afterwards, with Keiran plunging his schlong into Eva's vag for a solid doggie style bang, as she stuffs her fingers into her asshole -- thanking him with a throat-throttling blowie as the scene progresses. 


  • Anal sex sets in at around the 11 minute mark, having a really intense vibe as Eva continuously finger-blasts her pussy whle Keiran pummels her anus gleefully. Eva goes ass-to-mouth early and often upon the scenes progression, slobbering over Keiran's throbber as she lunges her mouth over him, taking him deep into her throat whenever her mouth isn't spouting dirty talk to him. Eva's bossy demeanor and overall presence in this scene takes it above and beyond any run-of-the-mill web effort by a landslide; her success in the "hayday of porn" was sufficiently justified, and all things considered, she looks as great as she ever has, and she hasn't lost a step in performance level or sluttiness. 


  • Things move forward fantastically through the course of the action, with Keiran pummeling Eva into climax after climax in a variety of different positions, none seeming forced or mechanical in any way. The final moments continue to reiterate everything that makes this scene a home run, as Keiran relentlessly blasts Eva's asshole before glazing her face with jizz, Eva playing with her reward in the final moments before a few seconds of the intro tease serve as the finale. 



*Summary: Anal Angel from Brazzers.com is a clasically themed gonzo scene where performance and heat takes precedent -- the way that good porn is meant to be. Yea, I know it's always nice to see some high production effects put into scenes, but at this day and age where there's so much unnecessary fluff in our porn, it's really nice to see Brazzers putting out simplified gonzo with an emphasis on great sex above all else. Eva Angelina has been the talk of message boards and porn forums for the better half of the time that I've been watching porn, and it's scenes like this (and literally countless others) that give it full justification. I thought the intensity in this scene translated beautifully, and I'd be a fool not to mention Keiran's remarkable ability to give it the extra umph that it needed to take it a step higher. Overall, I will not hesitate in giving this one a high recommendation based on what I've already stated -- If you enjoy good ol' fashioned buttfuckin' with an intense feel and an old school vibe then I think you'll really enjoy this one. Click on any of the above photos to check it out now! COOL! Highly Recommended.  


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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