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Asa Goes to Hell

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Kitty Stryker » Review Date: 3/14/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Star feature

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: Asa Akira, Aiden Ashley, Eric John, Dane Cross, Will Powers, Moe the Monster & Rob Piper

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent. No distracting porno music.

Length: 1 hr 45 min

Release Date: 1/27/2016

Extras: 3 full length bonus scenes from other movies that are a DVD exclusive, photo gallery, promo reel, trailers

Condoms: Yes

The Cat's Whiskers?: I really liked this porn, though I don't know if I would watch it again myself. Asa Akira is a fantastic and beautiful performer who is a joy to watch and her showcase is a good collection of types of scenes. I definitely think this would appeal to foot fetishists (I'm not) and spit fetishists (much more my speed). 

I definitely would recommend it to others, mainly because it's shot beautifully, the sex is hot, and the chemistry seems real more often than it seems performative. I appreciated that the scene with Moe and Rob did not use ghetto stereotypes or "big black cock" language- it was gorgeous and intense and romantic and sexy, and it didn't need to lean on tired cliches. The other scene that stood out to me was Asa and Aiden, mainly because they seemed like they could've kept going for multiple other scenes! 

Sex Scene 1: Asa Akira Solo

The movie opens on the nighttime, and Asa walking through a parking lot between some industrial buildings, naked except for a pair of black pumps. No explanation is given for this, but, let's be honest, none is needed. The lighting is dramatic and she looks stunning playing between the light and shadow. 

She comes across a couple who are making out and take no notice of her. She starts masturbating while watching them, first at a distance, leaning against a wall. She spits on her own pussy to start herself off. Super hot! All the moaning Asa is making doesn't make the couple look up from their kissing, so she decides to settle in, sinking down into a squat which offers a really lovely look at her pussy. There was a moment of edgeplay where I wasn't sure if her ass would touch the concrete- it did- I winced a little, I'll admit. Asa didn't seem to mind, instead having a hot thigh-shaking orgasm.

Asa removed one of her heels (a Steve Madden black matte pump, if you were wondering) and fellates it before inserting it slowly into her cunt. I always love a good novelty toy and if you're a foot/shoe fetishist there's some good moments for you in here! After fucking herself with her high heel, she cleans off her cum with her mouth, replaces her shoe, and crawls towards the (still oblivious) couple.

I was curious if this scene would become a threesome- it never does. Asa licks the girl's leg, sneaks a peek up her skirt, and fondles her ass while using her hand to good effect on her own clit. Eventually, she lies down on the ground, pushing her pussy to the sky for one last intense orgasm before picking herself up and walking away into the night. 

Sex Scene 2: Asa Akira & Aiden Ashley

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Asa walks through a green door (nicely inserted, Wicked Pictures) to find a dude in a Venetian mask sitting on a throne with one nipple exposed. At his feet is a cat girl (Aiden Ashley, who honestly looks like she should be at Burning Man) on a leash. Asa and Aiden come close to each other, almost kissing, before maskbro pulls his leash and Aiden back to him. He does seem to give her some slack, though, as the two women begin to engage in some passionate kissing that feels really genuine. There's some mutual nipple play and some neck biting, and a LOT of spit swapping. In fact, this whole movie has a lot of spit. If you're not into spit this may not be the flick for you, just, fyi.

Aiden yanks her leash out of maskbro's hand. Maskbro doesn't leave, though, he just sort of transitions from being this voyeur dude into being an object that Asa and Aiden fuck on, which is intriguing. Like, he doesn't leave his chair, they just use him as a sofa to sit and lean on while they make each other cum. He wouldn't even have a good view of what's happening, and he doesn't really move! I found wondering what his role was supposed to be distracted me somewhat from the sex that was happening, but that's also just me. I watch a lot of porn.

Anyway, there's some cute stimulation through panties that Asa does to Aiden before pulling her panties out of the way and really going to town on the catgirl's shaved pussy. I loved this- the orgasm was definitely real, with Aiden getting visibly flushed and sweaty before having a orgasm. Then she returns the favour, sucking on Asa's labia and clit enthusiastically. There's a bunch more spit swapping, some analingus, energetic fingering, and more using maskbro as a piece of furniture. Asa stuffs Aiden's panties into her cunt at one point, with Aiden verbally and excitedly encouraging her. As a connoisseur of pussy-eating myself, I enjoyed the variety between visually explicit cunnilingus and face buried between thighs cunnilingus. There's also a lot of communication between the two, which I appreciated. There was one moment where Aiden's fishnet got caught on Asa's ear while they scissored and that was some edgy shit, as a fellow femme! 

Sex Scene 3: Asa Akira, Eric John, Dane Cross & Will Powers

The next door on the list is an orange door, behind which are three white men in black wet look hooded zentai suits. There's a black backdrop/floor covering, which is visually nifty but also make every paint chip really noticeable. Also these three men had on literally different shades of black socks, which stood out a lot from their shiny black outfits. Guys in porn, directors of porn, PLEASE for the love of all that's holy, have men remove their damn socks or wear boots.

Asa comes into the center of the circle of white dicks, slapping one of them before squatting down to suck them. I appreciated that slap, which seemed unplanned. There's one long slender dick, one thick dick, and one that seems... whatever the cock version of height/weight proportionate is? It's that. There's a lot of impressive deep throating, gagging, and mouth stretching. She gets multiple dicks in her mouth at one point. There's some breathplay, hair pulling, and lots of cocks rubbing in her hair or on her face while she balances on her heels and plays with her clit. Excellent multitasking.

There was something about these guys being objectified to merely cocks, and the jerking off around each other, with Asa as the point of focus, that was super hot. And they all cum on her face, one by one- there's an amazing amount of cum that ends up stuck in her eyelashes at one point! It's a messy scene, but she seems pretty pleased by it, having a loud orgasm.

Sex Scene 4: Asa Akira & Eric John

Asa now comes to a red door, which opens to a castle type set and a mostly naked man (Eric John) wearing a leather trenchcoat, with a very hard dick. His arms are crossed, making him look pretty forboding. Also, he has a penciled in widow's peak, pointy eyebrows and red contacts- I suspect he's a more subtle Devil character, based on the name of the film? I am probably overthinking it. Anyway he sits on a chair with his dick sticking up and an expression that manages to balance between blank and threatening. 

Is Asa scared? Nah. She strides right up to him and starts blowing his cock, leading to some very attractive poses where you can see her pussy and his cock in her mouth. Nice. There's some more hot deep throating and ball sucking, and a beautiful moment where he licks her shoes and kisses her feet before starting to eat her out. I appreciated that they didn't skimp on the pussy eating in this scene- there's lots of it, and a couple different positions, showcasing Asa's flexibility. Eric jerks himself off with her heels, as well, which is a nice touch. I think my favourite part of this scene was when Eric stops licking Asa's clit and she begs for him to keep going in a very gutteral and genuine way. 

He fucks her pussy for a while in upright mish and doggy, holding her arms and going hard and fast. When they get to anal, Asa slows him down at first before they build up speed. I loved hearing her say "fuck me just like that"- good communication is super sexy to me in a scene. They finish with a barefoot footjob and Eric cumming all over her perfectly manicured toes. Asa licks the cum off her feet before disappearing back into the night.

Sex Scene 5: Asa Akira, Moe the Monster & Rob Piper

So we come to the last door, the blue door. Asa walks through to find herself dressed in a wedding gown, with Moe as her husband to be, and Rob as the best man. They both start making out with her, lifting her poofy skirts to find she has no panties on. Rob eats her ass while she makes out with Moe- eventually this turns into Asa having Rob's face in her cunt while she sucks on Moe's veiny cock. There's a lot of deep throating here, gagging, and Asa seems to be having a grand ol' time.

There's a lot of hot stuff in this scene- spit roasting where one of Asa's shoes falls off with how vigorous the fucking is, lots of deep penetration, lots of lifting Asa into unique positions. There's also glitter/confetti everywhere, which amused me greatly! Rob has a very nice ass, too, which made me glad I got to see a fair amount of it. 

The best bit was where Moe makes some quip about "taking the cake" before taking a handful of wedding cake and smearing it all over Asa's face and chest. I was not expecting a splosh scene, but I was glad to have it! Moe jerks off with frosting at one point, and jerks off while eating cake and watching his "bride" with his friend. It was a really great scene, without any of the competitiveness I normally see in a b/b/g threesome. The scene finishes with them both frosting her face with their cum- she licks her fingers, savoring it. 


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