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My TS Teacher

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by Kitty Stryker » Review Date: 3/14/16

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Genre: Trans porn

Director: Nica Noelle

Cast: River Stark, Danica Dane, Wolf Hudson, Aspen Brooks, Jaxton Wheeler (Bonus scene features Jessy Dubai & JD Phoenix)

Audio/Video: Video was a bit dark at times, audio was mixed. Could've done without the mood making piano music.

Length: 1 hr 40 min

Release Date: 11/25/2015

Extras: there's a bonus scene which is hot, but the audio is terrible! I can't tell if it's an attempt to have relaxing wave sounds but it's just loud and irritating. There's also a cumshots reel if you just want those, and a photo gallery of just the trans women. 

Condoms: Yes

The Cat's Whiskers?: I had really high hopes for My TS Teacher, and I did jerk off to it. What can I say, I'm a sucker for some academic discourse and teacher/student dynamics. The talent was all super cute and the sex was hot. Jaxton Wheeler and Aspen Brooks have a scene that is just SO sweet and so romantic that I both wanted to touch myself and watch a chick flick. 

That said, there were some stylistic things that I found distracting and it really took away from my enjoyment of the film - a lot of fast cuts, uneven sound editing, and a jarring difference between closeup lighting and further away. I was absolutely expecting to see a scene with Wolf, Danica and River all together, and I guess I kind of expected River and Danica to have penetrative sex at the end, both cause porn, and because I felt it'd tie up the storyline a bit more tidily. 

This is a movie with a fair amount of plot. Typically I love plot, but unfortunately the dialogue felt pretty wooden, and the back and forth cuts after each line just made it dizzying and uncomfortable. This is the first film of Nica Noelle's I've seen, so I don't know if that's her style, or just in this film - I liked enough about this movie that I'd like to try some of her other work. I especially liked that there was no sudden "surprise!" moments when it came to the professor being a trans woman. And there's no "sexy teacher/student" stuff, it's more more realistic. There's a lot of denim, but this seems like it was shot in Massachusetts (the leaves, the Boston Red Sox flag) so I'm not surprised. 

Story: Sarah (Danica Dane) is in a relationship with a jealous mechanic dudebro named Dimitri (Wolf Hudson). She finds friendship and fantasy fodder in her professor, Professor Rivers (River Stark), who is also crushing on her shy student. Dimitri is having none of this, though, and it gets weird... and a little classist.

Sex Scene 1: Danica Dane solo (softcore)

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This was a dream sequence, that starts off with River watching Danica shower, and them sweetly making out. It's a very cute scene, especially if you enjoy watching a cute woman soap up her body in the shower. The piano music was straight out of an anime, which you might see as a benefit or a detriment depending on your feelings about anime. There's no sexual interaction between the two outside of a kiss, and it all feels very romantic. 

Sex Scene 2: Danica Dane solo

Danica is in bed thinking of her teacher while masturbating, first under the covers, then through her panties. It's a very cute and innocent masturbation scene, with a reprise of the soulful piano. She's a very pretty woman, and I'm reasonably sure this is her first porn movie, vs her clips4sale. And it was a very genuine masturbation scene- a lot of clit action. I would've liked to see maybe a couple of positions, and more facial expressions, but if this was going for realistic, it was certainly that!

Sex Scene 3: Aspen Brooks & Jaxton Wheeler

River calls her ex, Jaxton, to process her weird feelings about her student. They chat for a while about boundaries and relationships before they hang up because River's bell rang. Anyway, he's in bed with his new girlfriend, Aspen, and while she's a little jealous that he's still talking to his ex, it ends up spurring on the best scene in this film. I may partially feel this way because Jaxton is super super cute to me- muscley, hairy, kind of fuzzy all over. He also seems genuinely into having sex with Aspen- they both seem super into each other. The idea that they're dating is totally believeable. I was reading an interview from 2014 where he said he hadn't worked with a trans woman, but that he might be down. I'm glad he did, because he looks like he's having a great time, and so is Aspen!

Aspen seems to have some cute, small, natural tits, which is a nice shift for trans women in porn. There's a lot of nipple play, and Jaxton gives her a sensual blowjob that gets more enthusiastic as they both get more and more turned on. Then we see some 69ing which is really hot, and the moans feel genuine. I really loved seeing some analingus and some fingers in the ass as prep for Aspen taking Jaxton's cock. The level of care in this scene really came through. I also especially loved watching Jaxton fuck Aspen while jerking off her cock, and that she seemed to have an orgasm but there was no insistance that it be splooge everywhere to prove it. Jaxton had plenty to spare, anyway, when he ejaculated! 

Sex Scene 4: River Stark & Wolf Hudson

Wolf acting as an angry boyfriend is honestly creepily believeable. There were moments I felt pretty uncomfortable during this next scene because he was so believeable. This did not feel sweet, nor did it feel like it was meant to- this was a ravishment scene that starts off kind of violent (she struggles, he forces her close) and ends up with them being kind of switchy and half fighting, half making out. When sheremoves her glasses and tosses them, thats when you know she's throwing down the gauntlet. 

I kind of have a porn crush on Wolf, so I feel like it took way too long to see his beautiful cock, though he does get naked first. I initially was very concerned, because of this, that there was going to be a dramatic "reveal" when she pulled her pants down, or that he'd recoil... but no! That didn't happen! He eagerly starts sucking her cock, which is what I hoped would happen! In fact, neither of them ever mentions it. They just have hot sex, and when I was no longer worried that they'd mess it up with transphobia, I was able to really get into the scene. Lots of kissing, fucking, and orgasms for all.

Sex Scene 5: River Stark & Danica Dane

Danica shows up at River's house with no idea her teacher just fucked her (apparently now ex?) boyfriend. River sensibly doesn't tell her because that would definitely lead to some lesbian processing rather than lesbian sex. Fair! I totally get it, though it's not good poly. Anyway, the whole film has been leading up to this, so when they start making out I got excited. They tear off each others denim and make out some more. There is a lot of making out. Perhaps too much, unless that's your kink. I was kind of ready for the sex to start about 5 minutes before they were.

Does River's student say anything about her cock? Nope! There's a beautiful moment mid blowjob where Danica tells River that she's beautiful, and it felt unplanned, heartfelt, and just really sweet. The smile River gives goes right to her eyes and stays there for the rest of the scene. While it was a bit slow in places, and was limited to making out and oral sex (there's no girlcock in pussy to end the movie, which honestly kind of surprised me), I felt this was a very romantic and couple oriented scene. 


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