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Big Booty T Girls 5

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Kitty Stryker » Review Date: 3/14/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Trans

Director: Trans500 Studios

Cast: Dubraska Ramirez, Mirela Abelha, Mirella Arango, Raphaelle Cardoso (male talent aren’t credited)

Audio/Video: Video and audio are great - music is a bit like something from a reality TV show on like, Bravo, but at least it only plays during their dance intros.

Length: 2 hrs. 7 mins

Release Date: Feb 04 2016

Extras: Photo gallery

Condoms: yes

The Cat's Whiskers?: This dvd was pretty obviously made up of 4 scenes that went online at some point- there’s a watermark in the corner, and many of the scenes have a Trans500 intro. As for the quality of the sex, I felt like these were all over the map, with Mirela and Raphaelle having fantastic scenes and Dubraska and Mirella, not so much. There's a lot of trans women bottoming, and there's a lot of blow jobs on cisgendered men, but I would've liked to see the couples take more time to enjoy each other and feel each other out. I'd say that since these are obviously clips made for their site, and there's no real extras on the DVD, I would just get a membership to Trans500 rather than buy this particular movie. It's too bad, as these women are beautiful, but I just feel like they needed a little more energy as a whole. On the plus side, there's no slurs (at least that I understand) which is frankly really rare. So it gets an extra half star for that. 

Sex Scene 1:  Dubraska Ramirez

We come to Dubraska shaking her ass in an orange bikini on a balcony. She’s got fantastic legs and a bountiful ass. She does some booty bouncing and gyrates on a chair before our male talent shows up to drip oil all over her butt. He seems appreciative of her ass, rubbing it enthusiastically. There’s some shots of her oiled up glistening behind, and she fingers it a little before we go into a blowjob scene.

The male talent is wearing yellow flip flops. I have yet to decide if that is BETTER or WORSE than off black socks, but it wasn’t great. He does, however, have a nice, thick, uncut cock, which was pretty hot. Seeing Dubraska’s mouth stretched over it was enjoyable. A fair amount of this scene was shot with a POV angle so if that’s your bag there’s a good amount of it. There’s a few sex positions (the expected ones, like doggy and cowgirl, as well as from the side) but I have to admit, between his cock being so thick and the lack of sex sounds from her… I felt a bit like maybe she wasn’t enjoying it that much? He jerks off on her ass. She looks sort of bored. Not a lot of chemistry in this scene.

Sex Scene 2: Raphaelle Cardoso

It takes 15 seconds for the next scene to start, which just seems like bad editing! We have Raphaelle in a hot tub room in a bikini, and I have to say, while the vaguely appropriative feathered headband isn’t so much my jam, her eye contact is smouldering. She has a very nice ass and practical nails, which is always a win in my book. There’s some fun POV of Raphaelle flirting with the viewer while she splashes around in the tub naked- also there’s some underwater shots thanks to a window on the side of the tub, which is kinda nifty.

The male talent arrives (different dude) and he watches Raphaelle shake her ass underwater through the window while jerking off. I enjoy that kind of play on voyeurism and performance in porn. He seems really into her, which is hot- they have some intense kissing and he takes his time worshipping her ass before oiling it up. Now, she looks at the camera a lot, and is definitely showing off a bit (her movements feel played up)- however, it made me feel like she was getting off on performing for me, which I was very much into.

After a blowjob scene with a lot of eye contact, there’s some doggy style fucking in a bed. There’s some dirty talk (not in English, but there’s something in the voice) and they’re both moaning and talking to each other in a way that felt really smutty and hot. We also get some mish and some cowgirl, the latter of which really shows off her thong tan lines. Raphaelle cums all over her belly, and he cums all over her ass. There’s some good closeups her her ass glistening with spunk.

I did have to chuckle when she was trying to pull his underwear down and his legs were spread too wide to get them past his thighs. I don’t know why guys in porn do that so much, that squat. Maybe to make their thighs look better?

Sex Scene 3: Mirella Arango

Mirella is also in some sort of hot tub or pool room dressed in lingerie, which is an interesting stylistic choice but whatever. She wiggles her ass, which is beautifully framed in a garter belt, and gets intimate with some decorative ivy. The male talent comes in and starts eating her ass (well hello to you too!) and she seems like she’s enjoying it, though sometimes her facial contortions and silence makes it hard to read. The now-traditional ass oiling occurs, and there’s some finger-in-ass action.

Mirella is another performer who looks at the camera a lot. In this scene I found it distracting, maybe in part because I couldn’t work out if she was having fun or not and the line between a look that says “I want this dick really badly” and “oh god help me” is sometimes blurry in the world of porn. There’s a lot of spit during the blowjob, which is excellently sloppy, and there’s some gagging as well.

Eventually they go to a bedroom somewhere and there’s more analingus and cocksucking. Mirella takes the male talent like a champ is is nicely vocal at this stage, which I find a lot more sexy. Later she fucks herself on his foot, which is a new one to me. What I DID really appreciate in this scene is that Mirella isn’t hard- a rarity in trans porn, but closer to reality when fucking trans women (at least in my experience). The scene does end a little abruptly without a popshot though… fine with me, but a little surprising.

Sex Scene 4: Mirela Abelha

Mirela is so fucking sexy. There’s something about the way she’s chewing gum while she poses and gyrates in her intro that totally works for me, like a dirty cheerleader. Her Hello Kitty tattoo also totally worked for me. And she’s got a very, very nice ass, which gets oiled up by the cameraman this time. This one also has the pool setting, a different one, though they don’t really take advantage of it.

The male talent comes in and is wearing a knit hat with a pom pom, which frankly is a porn fashion travesty AND impractical for sex because a lot of your heat escapes through your head. Because I am a professional, I took a deep breath and moved on to watching a pretty sweet blowjob scene. I kind of hoped they would rub their dicks together at one point, but that’s fine. I did appreciate the dirty talk while he fucked her face and she jerked herself off.

This scene ends up with her leading him to a bedroom, where they have some beautiful making out while he fingers Mirela’s asshole. They fuck, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and mish. Again, lots of dirty talk which I can’t understand but get the spirit of! Eventually he cums on her ass and the scene fades.


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