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Private Summer School

Studio: Private » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/15/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 3 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: European; All Sex; Teen 18+; Anal

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: shot in 4K Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Frank Thring

Cast: Featuring Anita Bellini with Daisy, Lindsey Olsen, Taissia Shanti, Ally, Leona, Amirah Adora, Tricia Teen, Christen Courtney, Mugur, Renato, Victor Solo, George Uhl, Matt Bird, Mr. Clark. Non-sex performers: Daisy Cake, Dakota, Leona Green, Nina Sunshine

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Languages; Trailers for Merry Christmas With the Family, Trick or Treat, Maids for All, Twerking Teens Shake that Ass, Private.com; Photo Gallery


Private Summer School is the kind of summer school where the girls are hot and horny and they take their fucking lessons outdoors or at the pool. Anita Bellini is the featured starlet and DVD cover girl in this 2 hour and 3 minute flick that’s hot to watch. Directed by Frank Thring and shot in 4K UltraHD, you won’t easily forget these summer school starlets and their school ground sex. I highly recommend this movie. The 5 scenes take you through different scenarios these summer school girls find themselves in. Cover girl Anita has a hot fuck session with 2 landscapers, Matt Bird and Mr. Clark, after she wanders away from the group while chasing butterflies. This hot outdoor fuck features Anita getting her ass hole stretched and enjoying 2 dicks at once in DP action on a picnic table. Another memorable scene features the horny Lindsey and Taissia who run into 2 tourists who want nothing more than to fuck them in the ass. You’ll enjoy watching all these summer school girls get taught a fucking lesson they won’t ever forget.   

Scene 1:  Cross Country Day with Christen Courtney and Mugur

It’s summer time and it’s time for the annual cross country race. Christen is running the race but her mind is on her trainer Mugur. She has been fantasizing about him all year long and plans to get his attention during the race. She wants to fuck him and has a plan to get him all to herself down a side path. She fakes having an injured ankle just as her trainer drives up. He runs over to make sure she is OK, massaging her ankle to make it feel better. He helps her over to the car and leans her against it so he can continue to massage her ankle. He starts rubbing her legs and is soon gripping and feeling her thighs. Christen doesn’t mind it at all, especially when he pulls down her panties and starts massaging her pussy. He starts by fingering her clit and then licking it, making her feel all better. She forgets about her ankle pain and is enjoying his tongue running back and forth on her clit. She is leaning back on the hood of the car with her legs wide open and Mugur is licking her pussy from top to bottom. She grabs hold of his head, feeling the pleasure of his tongue. He promises to make the pain go away. Her ankle feels much better now and she stands up to unzip his pants. She drops to her knees, grabs hold of his cock and jerks it back and forth in her mouth. He tells her she’s doing a great job sucking his cock. This outdoor scene in the woods starts to get hotter as Mugur begins fucking Christen’s throat, pushing his cock further and further in her mouth.

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She leans back over the hood, puts one leg all the way up over his shoulder and watches his cock penetrate her pussy. He fucks her tight pink hole, making her grab hold of him while he thrusts in and out. Christen’s moaning is getting louder and louder as the fucking gets harder and faster. She takes it all, enjoying the trainer she’s wanted to fuck all year. He pulls out and she quickly grabs his dick and puts it in her mouth, gagging on it as her throat gets fucked. She’s ready to get fucked again and turns around in standing doggy position, bent over the hood. This time she hosts his cock in her ass hole, getting it stretched as Mugur plows through her tight ass. She fingers her pussy while he plugs her ass hole and that has a big smile on her face. She looks back over her shoulder at her ass hole getting fucked and it turns her on even more. She moves her anal fucking to the forest floor, lying on her back and getting her ass hole fucked. Mugur moves his cock from her ass hole to her pussy and back, fucking her hard and deep. She takes a hot ATM then rides his cock reverse cowgirl style up the ass followed by a face fucking ATM. Mugur pulls out and jerks off all over her tits, splashing them with cum. Christen sucks his cock and swallows his cum.

Scene 2:  Sex in the Ruins with Lindsey Olsen, Taissia Shanti, Renato and Victor Solo

Every summer, the headmaster makes the girls climb a hill to look at old ruins in the city. He instructs them to climb to the stop of the stairs to get to the ruins. Lindsey and Taissia finally make it all the way up to the top and take a smoke break. While they’re smoking, 2 tourists happen to walk up and they all decide to have some fun. Taissia and Victor and Lindsey and Renato start making out with each other and it’s not long before these fun loving tourists have Lindsey and Taissia horny and ready to fuck. Lindsey sits on Renato’s lap and he puts his hands down her panties, fingering her pussy while sucking her nipples. Taissia is rubbing and jerking Victor’s cock and soon drops to her knees to suck it. Lindsey follows suit, sucking Renato’s dick. The girls decide to share in Renato’s cock with Lindsey sucking his balls and Taissia sucking his cock, but Taissia is soon taking a cock in her pussy as Victor starts fucking her standing doggystyle. Taissia is enjoying the attention of both guys as one fucks her and the other kisses her.

Pretty soon, both girls are being fucked in the ruins, bent over in standing doggy position and leaning up against a tree. Lindsey is getting fucked so hard she is ready to cum, screaming and moaning loudly. The girls suck both cocks right out of their own pussies, licking up their pussy juices and then they go back to getting their pussy fucked and licked. Lindsey bends over doggystyle on all fours on the group and Renato tongues her ass hole right before he stretches it open with his cock, penetrating her tight hole in doggy position. Taissia has been taking Victor’s cock in her pussy but he pulls out and sticks it in her ass hole too. Both girls are getting the anal treatment and they’re enjoying it. Taissia spreads her ass cheeks wide open and Renato spreads her ass hole wide open, plowing through it with his cock. This scene is another hot scene of fucking in the woods that’s full of anal sex. Taissia even takes 2 cocks in a reverse cowgirl DP. She gets on her knees, opens her mouth and takes a hot load from Victor’s cock. Lindsey does the same, swallowing Renato’s cum as he shoots off in her mouth. The 2 girls play a game of cum swapping, sharing cum from mouth to mouth.

Scene 3:  Getting into the School Swimming Team with Ally and George Uhl

In the heat of the summer, the girls all love relaxing by the swimming pool. Ally and her rival for the swimming team hang out at the pool, putting on their bathing suits and getting into the water. George calls them inside to have them swim laps in the pool. He times them but unfortunately Ally isn’t fast enough. George tells her she won’t make the team, but Ally is willing to do anything to make the swim team. She starts rubbing George’s cock. He tells her maybe there is something he can do to help her. She pulls down his pants and starts sucking his cock. She really wants to make the team and she’s on her way to getting a spot. She works his cock in and out of her mouth, making it hard. George tells her how he likes it and she does everything he says to make him happy. After sucking him off, she gets naked and lies back on a bench and lets George eat her pussy. She’s enjoying getting her clit spanked by his tongue. With her pussy all wet now, he pulls her toward the edge of the bench and starts fucking her, holding her leg over his shoulder.

Ally fingers her clit while his dick slides in and out of her wet snatch. She’s on her way to making the swim team as she screams out that she’s cumming. He keeps fucking her pussy then sets his sights on her ass hole, penetrating her hole, spreading and stretching it wide and deep. She greedily sucks his cock in an ass to mouth session then takes more cock up the ass doggystyle. After another ATM session, she rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position up the ass and gets her hole pumped so hard she’s cumming again. George spoon fucks her ass then fucks her throat again until he’s ready to cum, popping in her mouth and all over her face. She sucks his cock and rubs the cum from her face into her mouth.

Scene 4:  Butterfly Sex with Anita Bellini, Matt Bird and Mr. Clark

Anita enjoys a threesome in this outdoor scene with Matt and Mr. Clark. It all starts when the headmaster instructs the girls to go searching for butterflies in the woods. He arms them with nets and tells them to spread out and go searching. Anita wonders away from the other girls and stumbles on Matt and Mr. Clark landscaping the grounds of the school. Her curiosity gets the best of her as she watches the guys take a lunch break. She unbuttons her shirt, letting her boobs hang out, and she walks up to the guys who are surprised and happy to see her. Anita puts on a show for them, bending over and showing them her ass. Then she walks up to the guys and lets them bite both her nipples at the same time. One guy is biting her left nipple and the other guy is biting her right nipple, getting her excited.

She sits on the bench and gets a mouthful of cock, sucking on both dicks. She jerks one in one hand while she sucks the other, keeping the guys excited. She is getting more than she bargained for from these two landscapers. The guys feed her both cocks at the same time, getting her to put them both in her mouth at once and suck on them. Anita lies on the picnic table, opens her legs wide and has Matt eating her pussy while she sucks Mr. Clark’s cock. Her pussy has become lunch for the guys now at Matt fingers her wet, pink hole while licking her clit. Mr. Clark beats her tongue with his cock and fucks her mouth. There’s a great close up of Anita’s pussy that shows just how wet it as from Matt’s tongue lashing. He starts fingering her pussy and ass hole at the same time and this really gets her attention, making her scream on the picnic table.

With her pussy and ass hole all wet, Anita gets fucked by Mr. Clark first, who has her legs open like a pair of scissors across the table. She keeps Matt’s cock in her mouth while her pussy gets slammed. Mr. Clark has his way with her pussy for some time, keeping her moaning. She gets on all fours on the small picnic table and Matt fucks her pussy from behind doggystyle while Mr. Clark fucks her mouth. There is a really hot shot of Anita’s pussy getting fucked from behind and Matt pulls out, making her pussy gape. She gets some anal romance in this scene too when Mr. Clark spoon fucks her ass hole. She keeps Matt’s cock lodged down her throat while her ass hole gets stretched.  The anal fucking doesn’t stop there. She sits on Matt’s cock in reverse cowgirl position, riding his dick up her ass hole and loving it. She takes every inch of it, getting her ass hole stretched in the process. With her ass hole stretched, she’s ready for some DP. She rides Mr. Clark’s cock cowgirl style and Matt penetrates her tight ass hole, giving her a double dose of dick. Both her holes are filled and she closes her eyes, moaning in pleasure. With all of her holes fucked, she gets on her knees between both guys, opens her mouth and accepts their cum loads. Matt and Mr. Clark jerk off and pop in her mouth and she swallows the bounty.

Scene 5:  Exercise My Ass with Amirah Adara, Tricia Teen and Mugur

Amirah and Tricia are getting a good workout in their physical ed course outside in the grass. Mugur is teaching them how to stretch and warm their bodies up. He goes down the line, helping the girls get their bodies in shape. Amirah and Tricia decide they want to see just how fit their sports trainer is, so they walk up to him, start kissing him and grabbing his cock. This athletic threesome has begun and these girls are out to win. Amirah is the first to start sucking Mugur’s cock, but these girls are good at sharing and they share his cock back and forth in their mouths. Tricia is the first to try deep throating his meat and Amirah follows her. The girls strip out of their workout clothes and are ready to try their trainer out.

Tricia bends over in standing doggy position and starts getting fucked from behind by Mugur while Amirah plays with tits. He slams her pussy hard from behind then pulls out and feed Tricia his meat, making her suck her own pussy juices off of his dick. Amirah sucks his cock too then takes her turn getting fucked. He fingers her clit while he fucks her hole, making her scream out in the grass. Tricia turns up the heat by taking his cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl position and Amirah does an ATM right out of Tricia’s ass hole. Tricia’s ass fucking goes on for a long time but Amirah soon gets her turn, getting her ass hole fucked doggystyle. This time its Tricia’s turn for an ATM right out of Amirah’s ass hole over and over again. He stacks the girls in doggy position and fucks them on top of each other in the ass. The drop to their knees and wait for his load and he gives it to them, shooting off in Amirah’s mouth first and then in Tricia’s. The girls do a round of cum swapping and swallowing to end the scene.

Final Thoughts:

Anita Bellini is the standout starlet in Private Summer School directed by Frank Thring. She and her horny summer school classmates, Ally, Amirah Adara, Christen Courtney, Lindsey Olsen, Taissia Shanti and Tricia Teen, loving fucking outdoors and they are eager to learn. I highly recommend this movie. It’s shot in 4K UltraHD, making each scene crystal clear. Anita goes to the front of the class in this DVD with her 2 man take down on a picnic table. She wanders away from the girls who are catching butterflies and comes up on 2 landscapers having lunch. Before long, she becomes lunch, spread out on the picnic table and taking 2 dicks at one time in a hot DP session. Lindsey and Taissia are another pleasure to watch in a group sex scene that has them enjoying outdoor anal romance. Get your hands on this flick. It’s a pleasure to watch.

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