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9 Mos. Of Naughtiness

Studio: Desperate Pleasures » Review by Sex Reed » Review Date: 3/16/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Pregnant/taboo

Director: Uncredited

Running time: 1 hour, 55 minutes

Condoms: No

Production date: 11/15/2013

Cast: Logan Lace, Sierra Simmons, Tara Ryze, Zoey Carter, “Big John” Noble, JW Ties, and Evan Pepper

DVD extras: Extras were limited to a slideshow.

Video and audio: Video was shot in anamorphic widescreen with a 16/9 ratio. The camera work and audio quality border on amateurish. I mean, it’s fine for what it is, I suppose.

Scene one: Logan Lace and “Big John” Noble

John Noble, or sometimes he’s credited as “Grandpa” in these scenes, plays a photographer taking some sexy photos of pregnant babe Logan Lace. She’s wearing a black, see-through top while he’s photographing her, though she pulls it up to reveal more of her body fairly quickly. She’s a pretty, brunette babe, who looks great even when she’s expecting. While she’s removing her clothes for the photos, he takes his off too, except for his white socks. When he gets her panties off, she reveals a full bush. She lets him finger her and she sucks on his cock. She fucks on top of him, doggy-style, and on her back and it’s a slow-moving scene where the sex feels rote and like both are going through the motions. That may be a physical necessity and it did give the scene a sort of amateur feel.

Scene two: Logan Lace masturbation

Cute babe Logan Lace is back and she’s dressed in a plaid skirt, a white top/black bra combo that goes as far south as the top of her round belly, and pigtails. She talks to the camera about how she’s pregnant so she has a full bush down below because it’s not as easy to shave. I liked hearing her narrate her masturbation because she talked about her bush a lot. She uses a vibrator while she narrates her own pleasure. There were plenty of close-ups of her bush, and of her round belly (with the accompanying stretch marks). She had a nice orgasm, so that’s a bonus.

Scene three: Logan Lace blowjob/handjob

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Logan Lace is back for a third scene, and there was little of a transition between her dressed as a schoolgirl masturbating to supposedly waking up late at night with an urge to suck cock. She’s dressed in a loose-fitting sports jersey and she narrates to the camera that she just had a midnight craving for cock. It’s all shot from the POV of the camera-holder. I think it’s JW Ties’ cock that she entertains, though we never see any more than above his stomach. He does shoot a big load when she strokes and sucks him to a climax. There was some dirty talk that I found usually worked on me, though it often felt forced at other moments.

Scene four: Logan Lace and JW Ties massage

JW Ties doesn’t show his face much while giving pregnant hottie Logan Lace a massage. He rubs her stomach and compliments her tits. She’s in a playful mood so you can see Logan enjoying the attention JW pays to her body. It’s a very short scene (only about 9 minutes). After Logan undresses and gets her body rubbed, she takes out JW’s cock from his pants and says, “Aren’t you supposed to give me the massage?” as she takes his cock from his jeans and starts to rub it. He gets it rubbed and stroked for a few minutes before he gets up on the massage table and fucks her slowly. It’s not the most exciting scene you’ll ever see, but I’d recommend adjusting your settings here as she did say she’s seven months pregnant.

Scene five: Sierra Simmons blowjob

Sierra Simmons looks very cute, but a bit bored, when she’s sitting on a couch in a pink top and black and white, striped skirt. When her faceless guest arrives, she says, “Oh, you’re home, I’ve been having a little craving,” and takes his cock out of his pants to suck on. There’s not a lot of dialogue and the scene is pretty short (again, about 9 minutes). It’s nice to see her suck on a cock and she does have some good oral skills on display here. She’s a pretty ebony babe, and I did like how she regularly made eye contact with the camera. If you were hoping to see her delectable body naked, you’ll need to hit fast forward to the next scene, though.

Scene six: Sierra Simmons masturbation

Sierra is shown in a profile as the scene opens, showing off her pregnant belly. She says she’s 34 weeks along and that she doesn’t have too many clothes that fit now. She changes tops several times and tries, unsuccessfully, to button up a few pairs of cutoff shorts and a pair of jeans. After she settles for a tight-fitting maroon dress, she decides she needs to masturbate and gets her Magic Wand. She lays back and lets it work its magic on her bald pussy. She brings herself to a nice orgasm and says that’s what she needed.

Scene seven: Sierra Simmons and Evan Pepper

As Sierra Simmons and Evan Pepper are winding what is to be their date, she tells him that she doesn’t just give it up on a first date. But, she offers a consolation prize: she’d be happy to jerk him off. Her pregnancy is not as far along as it is in the previous scene, so it’s not immediately clear that she’s carrying. The camera work is a little grating because it moves away from the action on occasion. It’s a slow moving and slow building scene, but your patience will be rewarded. Or at least Evan’s was. After almost 10 minutes, he finally popped.

Scene eight: Tara Ryze and Zoey Carter

Pregnant and punk cutie Tara Ryze (great name, by the way) and Zoey Carter are making out and Zoey asks if she can grind her pussy (behind her panties) against Tara’s belly. That goes on for a few minutes, until Tara comes up with a plan. They’d masturbate for 15 minutes and whoever has the most orgasms can fuck the other with a strap-on. It was enjoyable to watch the two beauties masturbate (though I wish they would’ve at least sat closer together on the couch). Spoiler alert: Zoey wins the competition and gets to fuck Tara with her strap-on. They have the best chemistry on this DVD, for what that’s worth and this was my favorite scene here, for that reason. Plus, Tara had a nice orgasm at the end.

Scene nine: Tara Ryze blowjob

Tara Ryze tells the camera that since she’s gotten pregnant, she has had an uncontrollable urge to suck cock. She looks very sexy in an orange top. When she’s allowed to quench her thirst for cock with JW’s cock, she shows off her very nice oral skills on his long and thin tool. There are a lot of close-ups of her pretty face (and she has a tongue piercing). It doesn’t appear to be very long (and only lasts about eight minutes) but I liked watching pretty Tara suck on cocks. So that was nice. It did end rather abruptly, though.

Final thoughts:

This DVD felt disjointed and haphazard when put together. Though it used only three pregnant women in the movie, I thought some continuity was lost by having, for example, Sierra Simmons go from one scene where she looks like she’s ready to burst at any moment followed by one where she’s barely showing. The camera work was occasionally scattershot and the audio cut out at a few moments here and there. The ladies are all beautiful and sexy and show what limits they’re willing to push on camera. Pregnancy isn’t one of my fetishes, so my thoughts were that I appreciated watching these beauties be freaky on camera while carrying, but I can’t wait to see how freaky they can be without carrying a child. If it’s your kink, though, you’ll enjoy it much more than I did. I don't want to warn anyone to stay clear because it is effective at catering to your fetish. I say stream it, if that’s the case.

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